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#Learning Goal:

To produce a project which demonstrates your enhanced skills in all areas, focusing on research,
development of ideas and presentation, while learning more about possible careers.

Success Criteria: A Step by Step Plan to success with this cumulative project

* pace your research - use the “deadlines” as a goal setting guide and meet EACH one
* create a profile on career cruising.
* complete the 3 assessments (interests, VAT inventory, learning styles) under the Assessment tab
* select and then cruise through the top 10 or 20 careers that interest you from the personal list provided
* select your favourite for your career fair topic
* read through the male and female interviews of this job and the photo file and its captions
* create a list of questions to use in your interview that weren’t answered in your cruise
* interview in person, over the phone, or on a secured chat someone who is doing this job
* have them sign your interview sheet, record part of the conversation or print out the chat for proof of

5 Paragraph Essay, Brochure and Magazine Article (In THIS order )
* Read and follow the “Project Requirements” as a checklist of tasks for each of the three writing pieces
* Write a rough draft outline in the workspace provided or on back of the rubric page
* Before career cruising the specific job or doing any research, open a WP document and title it
* As you collect data/information for your poster board or brochure, cut and paste the URL for any
sources you use to the Bibliography (you are building it as you go so you don’t forget any sources)
* Research details to fill in your outline with appropriate details
* Refer to the Rubric (level 3 or 4) for a checklist for each task
* Write a good copy of the essay first, then the brochure and lastly, the magazine article (see below)

* You are most ready to write the essay first (after completing the 3 assessments and selecting your career
on career cruising) as you are sharing your personal view, personal interests, strengths, abilities and dreams
that led you to research this career.
* Create an outline like in our LC – refer to notes on intro/conclusion and 3 body paragraphs with proof
* ensure you include a LOT of personal information, personal experience, connections, future life goals and
insights into why this job interests you.

* Select a brochure format in a program you feel comfortable working in
* draft a brochure plan by identifying which panel is the cover, and which panels will hold the 5 key points
* gather information for the 5 key points to summarize in point form
* enhance Brochure with photographs, pictures, maps, diagrams, QR codes (use RedLaser available on
android and I-phone devices to make and scan QR codes)
* use the rubric checklist for brochure and add appropriate graphics to enhance both

Source List for interested applicants
* search the internet for any other websites that may interest someone in your career path and add them to
the websites you researched for reference list

Magazine Article
* You are most ready to write the magazine article LAST (after completing the entire project, brochure
and poster board display - as you are writing with the voice of someone who has successfully gone through
all of the education, volunteer and work experience necessary to get your dream job - the voice you write in
should be self-assured and matured, as it should be 5-10 years in YOUR future)
* consider a “day in the life”, the career paths suggested by Careercruising, and your personal strengths and
preferences before outlining your magazine article. It helps to create a personal timeline with necessary
steps and dates (include required volunteer hours, hobbies, post secondary education, job shadowing,
apprenticeship programs, and any opportunities you could have to network with people in your preferred
* Outline and write a magazine article, remembering your teen audience, and everything covered in our LC
on persuasive voice, creating a hook to interest your reader, stating an opinion and backing it up with proof
GOAL: You want to persuade readers to be interested in following your career path themselves or sharing
it with their friends who have similar strengths/interests to your own. Think of yourself as a “recruitment

Example Time line:
2012: career fair project and graduation from Grade 8
2012-2016: volunteer hours at
2016: graduation from SS
2016-2017: apprenticeship program (am S.S./pm work placement)
2017: job shadow
2018: graduation from College diploma or work placement
2022: graduation from University
2024: graduation with MA
2027: graduation with PhD
2028: internship program……

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