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									                                Enter and Maintain Orders - LAB

1. Enter and maintain Orders                                      ORE

2. Select patient:                                                (PATIENT NAME or SSN)

3. Action:                                                        N = NEW <ENTER>

  a) Scheduled appointment for patient displayed

  b) <SELECT> appt. if linking to order

  c) EXIT screen if not linking appt. to order

4. Ordering/Authorizing HCP:                                      (PROVIDER NAME)

5. Requesting Location:                                           (MEPRS CODE or CLINIC)

6. Enter the Order Origin: VERBAL//                               <ENTER> = VERBAL
                                                                  H = HANDWRITTEN

7. Select Order Type:                                             L = LAB

8. CHOOSE DEFAULTS, or Press Return for Full Screen Entry

  a) Date/Time of Test (Now, AM, QAM, or Date &Time)              N = NOW

  b) Collection Method: SEND PATIENT TO LAB//                     <ENTER> or ?? FOR LIST

  c) Collection Priority: ROUTINE//                               <ENTER> or ?? FOR LIST

  d) Processing Priority: ROUTINE//                               <ENTER> or ?? FOR LIST

9. Order Comment:                                                 (FREE TEXT FIELD)

10. Select LABORATORY Test:                                       (LAB TEST) <ENTER>
                                                                  ADDITIONAL LAB TESTS CAN
                                                                  BE ENTERED AT THIS TIME

11. Action:                                                       Q = QUIT and ACTIVATE ORDER

 Last Updated: 31 August 2004

                                     Call 953-5458 for class dates and scheduling

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