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					Personal Details
      Name:        Jean-Francois Bocchini
      Age:         37 years old
      Address:     BP 10694 Vientiane Lao PDR
      Mobile :     (856) 207 857 160
      Nationality: French
      E-mail:      arclao@laopdr.com

        1988-1992: Sup de Co Montpellier (France)
                  Business School
                  Graduation in finances & budgetary control

        1990      : Certificate of Commercial and Managerial Spanish
                   (Spain Embassy in France)

      1987       : Bachelor of Mathematics and Physics (Evaluation: good)
Foreign languages:
      Spanish: fluent
      English: fluent
Main Professional experiences:

From May 2006: Marketing consultant for “A.S.L. auditing and consulting”,
                 free-lance auditor for Ace Consultant, Lico, Asa Lao
                 (Redaction of methodological approaches for tenders, team advisor for
                 auditing and consulting missions).
2002-2006: executive manager for a garments Factory
            (Naditex, Grombalia, Tunisia)
            (Finance, accounting, staff issues, production control, commercial activities)

2001:       Auditor and administrator for a French NGO working in Ethiopia
            (Atlas Logistique, road units and water tanking).

1999-2000: Manager of retail shop in the department of Gard (ST Hypollite, France)
           (Sportswear and seasonal sales ).

1997-1999: Financial and Administrative Director for a Garment factory
             (Finances and Accounting as well as workforce management)
             (Societe Lauragaise de Confection, Villasavary, Aude)

1996:    Responsible for Banking operations, Budgetary Control for a wine trader in Meze
         (France, EUR 20 millions turnover).

1994-1995: Head of Administrative Department in a Garment Factory
           (SNC Blue Bird, La Goulette, Tunisia)

1994: Budgetary and accounting mission for a firm specialized in electric wiring for cars.
      (Electric cable, Sejoumi, Tunisia).

1992: last training practice (6 months) for the Spanish branch of a French petroleum
      company in Barcelone (Dyneff- Billing 500 million Euros).
      I was put in charge to check and to correct the stock system, to make regularizations
      In order to get a certificate of conformity for Coopers Spanish office (1991 accounts)

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