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					                                       City Purchasing                                 General Information 206-684-0444

                                 Current Contract Information
This contract is not intended for anything that is more properly classified as Public Works.
This contract is limited to only those items expressly provided for in this contract.
Do not use for federally funded purchases without a specific review for your grant funding requirements.
Contract Title                                                                                       Contract #
Electronic Home Monitoring Services                                                                  0000002649
Buyer                     Name: David Stubblefield          Phone: 206-684-0452            E-Mail:
Vendor                    Name                                                       ID#
                                       Sentinel Offender Services, LLC.                            0000318641
Vendor Address            Street City/State:                                         Zip
                               220 Technology Drive, Suite 200, Irvine, CA           92618
Vendor Contact            Name: Alan Velasquez, Vice President

                          Phone:                            Fax:                     E-Mail:
                             1-800-929-8201                 949-453-1554   

WMBE Status               No WMBE ownership

Description                 This contract is a result of a Request for Proposal issued on 01/17/2010

Contract Term             07/01/2010 to 06/30/2015
Future Extension Option   One two-year extension allowed

Freight Terms             FOB Destination, PP & Allowed

Prompt Pay Discount       1%, Net 10 Days

Delivery ARO              N/A
Order Instructions        For Use By: Seattle Municipal Courts             Order Limit: N/A

Contracting Options          This is the only City contract for this product. Unless a separate competitive process is
                          undertaken, this contract must be used when a product is sought that matches contract
                          offerings. Call the Buyer for advice. There is an option to extend for one two year period.

Contract Change History    Contract Start date                                          07/01/2010
                           Change Order #1 –

                           Change Order #2 –

                           Change Order #3
                           Change Order #4-

Comprehensive Contract                   Current Pricing                                     Original RFP

     0000002649v.pdf                    0000002649va2.doc
                                                                                  RFPSMC2649.doc     Addendum 4 RFP

                                       City Purchasing                    General Information 206-684-0444

                                  Current Contract Information

                                   Vendor Emergency Contact Information
Emergency Contact Name                 Alan Velasquez, Vice President
Emergency Phone Number                 949-678-0813; Cell
Back-Up Emergency Phone Number
Contact information for company        See Above
locations areas outside Seattle that
can be called upon in an emergency
Alternative Address


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