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									Jason Pyeron
NY Metropolitan Area                                                              Phone: +1 (516) 328-3123, E-mail: jpyeron@pyerotechnics.com


1993-Present           Pyerotechnics Development, Inc.
2000-Present           Partner & Sr. Manager
                       Small Business Management. Daily activities include:
                        New client acquisition, and personnel management.
                        Manage a $50k budget, and several lines of credit.
                        Co-authoring several patent applications. Frequent contract negotiations with Fortune 500 companies.
2002-2004              Project Manager
                        Manage enhancements to Bugzilla, an open source, Perl based tool for Quality Assurance (QA) of software development.
                        Rewrote Bugzilla in Java.
                        Generalize Bugzilla for non-software based projects, added security for classified Department of Defense project
                        Integrated messaging (IM/email) to monitor workflow, added hooks for production automation.
2002-2004              Quality Assurance Consultant
                        Analyze clients' procedures and policies in regards to ISO 9001 Quality Management / Assurance (QA) standards.
                        Write documentation on clients' procedures and policies for QA purposes.
                        Advise clients on changes to current practices which have to be made to ensure quality control.
                        Guide in developing QA plan, selecting tools and methods for QA assistance/audit/compliance.
2000,2003-2004         Project Manager
                       Point of Sale Software (POS).
                        Application Service Provider (ASP) and client-server modeled restaurant POS for pizzerias using SQL back-end and EJB
                         & JSP front-end.
                        System also includes network touch screen terminals, networked printers and Internet connectivity.
1993-2004              Computer Technology Consultant
                        Setup customers computers such that my physical presence is not required to assist in administration and/or support.
                        Prepared systems so customers would not have to wait for a tech to arrive or downloads to finish for out of office
                        Use of open source software like VNC, SSH, Perl, etc. for cost effective time efficient telephone/internet based problem
                        Organize infrastructure and computers for security, reliability, and ease of use by clients staff.
                        Develop and implement backup strategies for clients based on needs and budgets.
                        Backup databases, backup systems, offline medical images, backup scheduling, backup tapes and optical media such as
                         DVD and CDR
                        Media cataloging and inventory
                        Manage Unix and PC servers, locally and remotely, use of tools FTP, SCP, RSYNC, etc.
                        Network wiring and designing for Ethernet
2000-2003              System Design Consultant
                       Document & medical record management.
                        Write templates & forms for frequent business operation like proposals and quotes.
                        Organize storage / retrieval of documents and documentation, like invoices, quotes, email, etc.
                        OCR / PDF reference material which is business critical.
                        PDF Storage, Indexing and Retrieval System Design
                        Provided wireless VPN for vehicles so to access enterprise documents on the road.
                        Digital X Ray Management System Design
                        Photo Storage and Retrieval System Design
2002                   System Design Consultant
                       Constituent Management System (CRM). Producing a best of class system to manage constituent correspondence.
                        Target clients: government offices (United States Congress), non-profits, and lobbyists.
                        System will track individual people with associated correspondence (includes postal and e-mail), casework, etc.
                        System will be IBM application server running on Windows NT or Linux.
                        Application written in JSP for both on-line and off-line ASP and Java for client-server.
1999-2002              Project Manager
                       Inventory Control System (ERP). Design Inventory Control System to meet specific needs of clients in southeast Asia.
                       System design features include:
                        International application with multi-lingual support.
                        Written in Java using EJB and JSP with extensibility in mind.
                        Allows for statistical add-in modules.
2001           Project Manager
               S/MIME API.
                Collaborated with VeriSign, Inc. to develop an API which allows mail user agents (such as Pine, Outlook, etc.) to use
                A test suite was also developed in C, C++, Perl, and Java.
                Actual encryption handled through an external encryption suites, such as, Open SSL.
1998-2000      Software Developer
               Instrumentation Software.
                Custom lab instrumentation software written in G (LabVIEW).
                Software written for educational and research labs in engineering and biological sciences.
                Communicates with DAC/GPIB devices and provides high speed high resolution data acquisition and analysis of wave
                Software reports, verifies and certifies data.
1999           Software Developer
                Developed Application Service Provider (ASP) modeled payroll system using Perl, PerlScript on IIS and SQL Server.
                The System allowed for flex time logging and direct export to a financial system on a weekly basis.
1998-2001      Johns Hopkins University – Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Baltimore, MD
               Researcher for Intelligent Optics Lab ARL.
                Provide technical expertise in the design of an interfaced between 802.3 and PECL, ECL, TTL, optical PPM signals.
                The optical PPM signals were used in a free space high speed optical communications system to improve battlefield
                Further duties include reducing error in the system using a Q learning MEMS device (developed by Dr. Cauwenberghs at
                 Adaptive Microsystems Laboratory at JHU) for on-line correction of aberration of optical propagation in atmospheric
               Researcher on Artificial Intelligence under Dr. Cauwenberghs.:
                Vector Based Q-learning is based on The Q-learning algorithm by Watkins '92.
                Q-learning is a more popular and very effective model-free for learning from delayed reinforcement.
                Using a vector based storage for state collection in conjunction of low-pass filters for state set selection, large state
                 and/or action spaces can be managed.
                The storage system is IBM DB2 database (SQL allows for efficient set math).
                Vector modeling allows for more complex learning in more complex environments and navigation of those


               Computer Languages
               C/C++, HTML, Java, JSP, Perl, G[LabVIEW], Pascal, iX86 Assembler
               Engineering Skills
               802.3/11, CMOS, Digital Logic, GPIB, (P)ECL, TTL, VLSI
               System Skills
               DB2, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Unix/Linux, Web Sphere, Windows NT/2000


2002-Present   University of Baltimore – Merrick School of Business (Part-time)
               Bachelor of Arts (BA)
               Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
1996-2001      Johns Hopkins University – Whiting School of Engineering
               Bachelor of Science (BS) - Computer Engineering
                Digital VLSI, Agent Based Simulation, Integrated Electronics
                Grant Writing, Networks and Operating Systems


               Video & Photography
                Using MAC and PC author DVD, VCD, and other media formats (MPEG, etc.)
                Video editing, traditional and digital.
                Black & White photos of architecture, trains, and municipal devices.
               Historic Home Renovation
                Renovating 1880's home
                Welding wrought iron fence
                Antique furniture construction

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