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					   Sellers Have 12 Problems They Want You To
  Solve Before They Will Agree To List With You!

    The presentation is built around the solution to
     each of these 12 specific & unique problems.

(1) People buy solutions to problems.
(2) You present the problem and then the solution.

     Every Product & Service Solves A Problem
      The seller’s #1 problem is NO BUYER!
            You simply show the seller
          how you solve their #1 problem.
What Do Sellers Really Want From Agents?
            That’s Easy… A Buyer!

    This listing presentation will teach you how to
present a list of buyers interested in the seller’s home.

        You will include in the presentation…
(1) The buyer’s address
(2) And even pictures of where the buyers now live!

         Where Will You Get These Buyers?
      Just order the presentation to learn how!
       Our Discussion Flow!
Content Comes With Presentation
          Presentation is 38 pages in length
               due to large font size.
        (The client needs to be able to see it!)

 The presentation is for use on your computer
 notebook, you can upload it to your website, burn
 it to a CD/DVD for distribution, email it to a
 seller or print it for traditional in-home style.

It will take you about 15 to 20 minutes to go through
the entire presentation with your client.
                                   Let’s Begin…
             Sample Presentation
Introducing The ‘12 Reasons Why’ Listing Presentation

 # 1. About The Design
 This sample allows you to see the two different ‘designs’ that
 are used in the presentation. The first design is the cover page
 and the second design are the inside pages.
 # 2. About Printing
 You can print this sample to test the ‘print quality’.
 # 3. About Editing
 You can edit this sample just like you can edit an actual
 presentation. To edit, simply click on the words. The content
 of the actual ‘listing presentation’ is fully editable just like
 the content of this sample!
 # 4. Be Creative When Editing
 You can add text, add new pages, add images, add music, etc…
 absolutely whatever PowerPoint supports.
      Actual Sample Content

       On The Next 5 Pages


Sample content is of the first 5 pages of the
         actual listing presentation.
     Our Discussion Flow!

Section 1
A   About Me
B   About Our Company
C   Testimonies
D   About Our MLS Board

                 Section 2
                 A Our Marketing Plan
                 B Our Pricing Plan

                             Let’s Begin…
       About Me, My Company
      And Our Philosophy On How To Treat Clients Right!

 Professional Designation
 Text goes here
 Company History
 Text goes here
 Client Philosophy
 Text goes here

Experience Is Measured By RESULTS, Not Just Years Of Service!
              What My Clients Have To Say!

Jim & Mary Brown
Text goes here
Doug & Barb Smith
Text goes here
Jerry & Debbie Jones
Text goes here

          Proven Experience You Can Count On!
                About The MLS
   Helping You To Understand Its Role In Selling Your Home!

  Real Estate Companies Join The MLS Board
  Why? To allow agents from other companies the opportunity to
  sell their listings.
  MLS Companies Cooperate With Each Other
  This means any Realtor on the board will be able to show your
  home to their buyers.
  How We Reach MLS Agents
  When we get into our marketing plan for your home, we’ll show
  you how we get MLS agents excited about your home.

So You Have Me, My Company & All MLS Realtors Working For You!
                 The Next Page
 This page is not in the presentation.
 We have it here so we can discuss the next page of the
 listing presentation with you… the agent.
 It is important for you to know this:
 • The next page outlines the actual 12 seller problems.
 Each problem is discussed in detail with the seller.
 Also each problem concludes with what is called a ‘Tie
 Down’ statement.
 The purpose of a tie down statement is to guarantee the
 seller agrees with what was discussed in terms of solving
 the specific problem.
 Tie downs are ‘mini-closes’ that cause the seller to want to
 list with you.

So You Have Me, My Company & All MLS Realtors Working For You!
          There Are 12 Reasons
      Why You Will Benefit By Having Me Represent You!

1. Identify Your Selling Goals!
2. Attract More Buyers!
3. Market “Inside-Home” Effectively!
4. Market “Outside-Home” Effectively!
5. Reach Buyers Through The MLS!
6. Reach Buyers Through The Internet!
                     7. Qualify The Buyer!
                     8. Negotiate With The Buyer!
                     9. Assist The Buyer With Financing!
                     10. Keep The Buyer After The Sale!
                     11. Stay Informed At All Times!
                     12. Determine The Best Asking Price!

Selling Your Home Is So Important That It Deserves A Thorough
              Review Before You Select A Realtor!
       Additional Content

          Is Not Given…


Unfortunately piracy by agents prevent us
  from supplying the remaining content.
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