Top 4 Google Chrome Tips And Tricks by DonDesigner


									Top 4 Google Chrome tips and tricks
According to recent usage statistics, Google Chrome is the second most popular internet browser in the
world, sitting only a few percentage points behind Internet Explorer. So what can Chrome’s millions of
users do to improve their browser experience? Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks.

4) Use Ctrl+K to quickly search Google
How many times have you been sitting on your computer before having a sudden urge to look up
something on Google? While Google is only a few keystrokes and mouse clicks away, why not get there
by pressing only two keys at the same time? Using Ctrl+K, your cursor immediately goes to the address
bar to enter a search query.

Chrome even allows you to use other search engines as your default search tool. To change what engine
you use when pressing Ctrl+K, click on the wrench on the right hand side of your browser window and
click on Settings. Under the Basics tab, find Search, beside which you should see a drop down menu
with several different search engines. Choose the one you like most and save your changes.

3) Open a private browsing window
Whether you’re using a public computer or you’re trying to plan a surprise birthday party, Chrome’s
private browsing window, called an ‘Incognito’ window, will protect your information from falling into
the wrong hands.

To open an incognito window, click on the wrench in the upper right hand corner of your screen and
select New incognito window. Once you’re in the incognito window, none of your cookies, search
history, or temporary internet files will be saved to your computer. However, any bookmarks created or
temporary internet files downloaded will be saved into Chrome.

2) Jump quickly between tabs
If you’re like me, then you rarely have a browser window open with fewer than 5 tabs. Navigating
through all of these tabs with the mouse can be a bit of a pain, so why not try using one of Chrome’s
most popular shortcuts to make navigation a breeze?

Instead of clicking on each tab, try cycling through your active tabs by pressing Ctrl+1 or Ctrl+2. You can
use any number up to 9, and each time, Chrome will navigate to tab in that position on your browser
window. This is a great shortcut for people who don’t like to take their hands of the keyboard when
using their computer.

1) Manage multiple users
If you share your computer with your family or significant other, then Chrome’s ability to manage
multiple accounts is an absolute lifesaver. To add a new user to Chrome, head to the settings menu
(found under the wrench in the top right corner of your screen) and click on the Personal Stuff tab.
Under Users, you should see the ability to add or delete a new user. By adding a new user, you can
customize your Chrome experience down to appearance settings, bookmarks, and – most importantly –
your Google account.

If you’re sick of signing into your Gmail account only to find that your significant other has left his or her
email signed in, then Chrome’s ability to manage multiple users can help keep you sane.

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