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Posted by Angella Grey on 26th, April 2012
Girls Weekend Getaway Ideas | Best Girlfriend Getaways

Five Amazing Girl Friend Getaway Spots.
So you're planning a girls-only vacation and you're confused about where to go? Girl friend getaways
are a place where you bond with the most important women in your life. On an all girl vacation, you
tend to form bonds that last over a lifetime and basically just have plain awesome fun without the guys
being around. So, here we bring you five of the best girl friend getaway spots on earth to choose from
for your all girl vacation.
Scottsdale, Arizona
The land of spas is a better name for this paradise where the number of spas per capital is just mind
boggling. Of course, what can be a better girl friend getaway than simply lazing around at spas
enjoying body massages and generally relaxing while talking about everything under the sun with your
girl pals?

Las Vegas, Nevada
This one needs no explanation, but for the benefit of those who doubt, Las Vegas is sin city. Literally.
When was the last time you drank all you wanted, gambled, won and actually loved it? Chances are, a
vacation to Las vegas would put you in close proximity with your girl friends wildest moments. And
nothing can bond a few women together like a night out in Las Vegas.
Amelia Island, Florida
Cooking's in your blood? Don't worry, we've managed to figure out the perfect girly cooking school
vacation on earth. At the Ritz carlton in Amelia Island, Florida, your vacation starts off with
champagne and pastries. Over two days you learn how to cook exotic dishes and BBQ like a pro. The
only downside being, this one's way is too expensive for two. However, the goodies and service more
than make up for it.
All over Italy
What can be a better girl friend getaway than Italy. Consider everything from shopping till you drop,
renting a tuscan farmhouse in the Siena or quite simply booking an apartment in Rome and whiling
away your time amidst a historical backdrop. The upsides to this girl friend getaway would be the best
food, wine and art on earth. Plus, you get an amazing story to tell your friends at dinner parties for
many years to come.

Romantic Weekend Getaways

New York City
Don't want to go far from home, or want a piece of the action where it all happens? Consider a girl
friend getaway to New York. A few hotels offer amazing shopping cards which will give you discounts
and deals at some of the best boutiques and clubs in town. You can literally shop till you drop and tag
your girl friends along to all the places you've ever wanted to go in New York. So now that you know
where to go on your girl friend getaway, you might as well start packing. A few things you need to
know before you choose a place for your girl friend getaway is whether the place you're staying is
women friendly and offers special packages like women themed tours etc. If they do, it would be an
added bonus to your dream girl friend getaway.
Have fun girls !
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