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					    Earn $500-1000 Daily With Facebook !

  1. Make 50,000 Facebook Friends In Just 3 Days
  2. Promote Your Stuff

     Make 50,000 Facebook Friends In Just 3 Days

In This Ebook I Will Show You How to Make 5000 Facebook Friends In just
         3 Days Without Any Knowledge And Any Requirements.

                    Follow The Below Steps :
Making A Facebook Account Is Not A Big Deal This Days, Everyone Knows
                 How To Make A Facebook Account.

   When You Making A Account Not Make An Original Named Account.
 Just Pick Any Girl Name Or Any TV Star Girl Name And Fill All Info As A
Girl. Then Go To Google Images And Find Any Girl's Image That Suit For It.

                       Now Register Your Account.

   After That Open Your Facebook Home Page And Go To Find Friends.
 In The List Of The Friends Find Boys And Send Friend Requests To 50-70
                  Boys And Girls And Wait For An Hour.

After An 2 Or 3 Hour Re Back To Facebook And Send Friend Request To 30-
                              40 Peoples.

                             Do It 3-4 Times.

 In Next Day Open Facebook And You Will See That Many Peoples Are
Accepted You r Friend Requests And You Also Get Many Friend Request In
                          Your Account Too.

 Accept All That Friend Requests And Also Send Request To As Many As
                           Peoples That Day.

 In 3rd Day You Can See That You Get Many And Many Friend Request.
Accept It All And After The And Of The 3rd Day You Have 5000 Friends..!!

 Note That You Can Only Make Maximum Of 5000 Friends On Facebook..

             But You Can Make Many Accounts With It.
 So, Make About 10 Accounts In Facebook And 5000 Friends Each. So
             You Have Total 50,000 Peoples To Talk To.

                         Promote Your Stuff
Now You Have Many Accounts In Facebook And Many Peoples To Share Or
              Promote Your Links And Anything Else.

 If You Want To Affiliates The Products Than Go To Clickbank Or CJ And
 Choose The Product You Want To Promote. I Prefer To Choose A Product
                     That Give You $25-30 Per Sale.

  Than Get The Link Of The Product And Share It Daily 4-5 Times With

               You Can Sell Atleast 40-50 Products Daily.
    So, If You Earn $25 For One Sell Than You Can Earn $750 Daily.

 If You Make More Account In Facebook Than You Can Even make More
                     And More Money From It.

    If You Have Question Or Problem Regarding It Than Post It Here.

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