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Scrapbooking - Scrapbook Ideas, Projects and Crafts galore

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Scrapbooking is so popular these days. Craft ideas and scrapbooking
projects can be found everywhere. Use your crafts to create personal

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Scrapbook Ideas and Projects

Scrap books have always been a popular home based craft. Today there are
so many great ideas for a scrapbook that making them are irresistible.
Scrapbooking has grown in favor in recent years.

Here are some tips on making scrapbooks:

First off, most scrapbook topics should be creative, fun to make and
reflect the artist’s personality. There are a host of topics that many
people choose, but the sky’s the limit. You can make a scrapbook about

Many people choose to make scrapbooks about big events in their lives,
such as a wedding, honeymoon, birthdays, newborn babies and children.
However, don’t stop there, create whatever you enjoy. For instance
creating a scrapbook on the seasons, or if you love a holiday such as
Halloween or the 4th of July, Christmas, Birthdays, any holiday or reason
will do. Ideas for scrapbooking are endless. You are only limited by
your imagination and the craft and scrapbooking project, ideas, articles
and books you find.

There are many products that cater to scrapbooking, such as entire kits
that include the book, some ideas on creating your scrapbook, and the
bubble quotes seen in cartoons to add a funny comment above a picture.
You can also buy these individual pieces separately or make them
yourself. Always keep in mind that a scrapbook is an extension of you
and your loved ones. So have fun, be creative and take pleasure in the
joy of scrapbooking.

I personally have been the recipient of many lovely cards created for me
by my daughter. The thought, time and effort put into these lovely
objects add to my pleasure. I have taken her scrapbooking to another
level - I save them all. I asked her to make me a craft/scrapbook box.
They hold her creations safely and provide me with good storage for these

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