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									Dangers of Smoking – Why You Should Quit

     Dangers of Smoking – Why You Should
                                           Diligence Eke

Dangers of Smoking – Why You Should Quit

Smoking is a very dangerous habit. Unfortunately, tobacco smoking is not illegal and so widely practiced.
Smoking is addictive and thousands of people worldwide die every year as a result of smoking cigarettes,
cigars and pipes. There are severe dangers of smoking:

Cigarettes on an average contain above 4000 chemical compounds and about 500 – or more, are toxic
substances. It’s been suggested that once a stick of cigarette is lit it burns at 2000⁰F. And this high
temperature aids the release of the above stated chemical substances all into one person’s body! I
sincerely do not think this is what any level-headed person would intentionally want to keep piling up in
his body.

The most damaging products inhaled from the butt of any stick of cigarette are:

       Tar: A substance that causes cancer (carcinogen). Tar settles and accumulates on the bronchia
        and bronchioles, and burns the cilia that prevent harmful substances from entering the lungs.
        When this happens you can tell that harmful substances will have a field day traveling down to
        the lungs.
       Nicotine: An addictive substance that increases cholesterol levels in the body. It increases heart
        rate and blood pressure and produces a feeling of relaxation, with an immediate feeling of
        restiveness. This is a continuous cycle and can only be harmful.
       Carbon monoxide: A terribly poisonous gas which is absorbed quickly and gets into the blood,
        significantly reducing the capacity of blood to carry oxygen. The heart then has to work many
        times as much in order to pump a given amount of oxygen (carried by blood) to different parts
        of the body. This leads to fatigue, impairment of vision, etc.

Diseases associated with smoking

Cancer: Smokers are known to develop lung, larynx, mouth and throat cancers more often than non-
smokers. And of course, there is no cure for cancer right now.

Cardiovascular disease: These are diseases that adversely affect the heart (cardio) and blood vessels
(vascular). Cholesterol and fats that are continually deposited on the inner walls of arteries affect their
elasticity, block or narrow them down, and cause formation of blood clots. Heart attacks can also occur.

COPDs: This stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Here you have conditions which last for
quite some time like chronic bronchitis, emphysema, etc.

Below is a list of other dangers a smoker stands to face as a result of his/her smoking habit:

       Lack of energy and poor coordination
       Shortness of breath
       Wheezing
       Poor blood circulation, tissue decay, and amputation
       Infertility and risk to fetus.
       Eye damage from smoke
Dangers of Smoking – Why You Should Quit

       Asthma and other respiratory conditions
       Bad breath, darkened gums, and smelly skin

The list is endless but is enough to persuade any smoker to want to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is
not a very easy thing to do – remember that nicotine which is one of the chemical compounds in a stick
of cigarette is addictive.

However, think about the financial commitments that have to be made for those packets of cigarettes,
cigars and pipes, to be available. Think about the social implications like, bad breath, dirty set of teeth,
etc. Think about the medical bills spent on incessant illnesses. Think about air pollution and damage
done to people around…

You have to quit smoking today in order to prolong your life. There are adequate programs wherever
you live that are aimed at helping you quit the bad habit of smoking. Please look for some of these
programs and enroll in any suitable one.

Quit smoking today and enjoy your life.

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