Cassel And Company Sets Candidate Services Example For Recruitment Agencies In JHB by justinharrisonmarket


									Cassel And Company Sets Candidate Services Example For Recruitment
Agencies In JHB

Mendham, NJ, 03-July-2012 - Cassel and Company is pleased to announce
that their firm sets the example for other recruitment agencies in JHB to
follow in the area of candidate services. Cassel and Company is focused
on matching candidates with positions in all fields of accounting and
finance. They work with individuals with all experience levels from right
out of university to CFO.

A comprehensive needs analysis is conducted with every candidate to
ascertain goals, vision, and strength. Next, the candidate's application
is proactively introduced into the market. Each candidate is assigned a
dedicated consultant who has acquired extensive knowledge in that
candidate's area of expertise and in current trends in that career field.
This consultant will work with the candidate and manage his/her career
every step of the way from graduation to becoming a major officer in the

For more information about the types of candidates and/or position
available through Cassel and Company, interested persons are encouraged
to visit For a more complete listing of
candidate services and to see why this firm sets the example for
recruitment agencies in JHB, they may visit Members of the
press and/or other interested parties may obtain additional information
about this company and/or the content of this press release by contacting
the following:

Susan Smith

Public Relations

Justin Harrison Marketing

PO Box 311

Mendham, NJ, USA 07945

Phone: + 00 1 973 531 4982

Fax: + 00 1 973 543 5683


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