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									                                          WILLIAM M. FUREY III
                                          (775) 722-7511 |

                                         PHARMACEUTICAL / MEDICAL SALES
   Strategic-minded professional; distinguished as a top sales closer as evidenced by history of exceptional monthly,
                                          quarterly, and yearly performance.

    Accomplished in launching new drugs, while maximizing sales of existing products.
    Versatile leader; experienced working with people at all levels, including physicians and medical specialists, in
    corporate and clinical settings.
    Business-savvy; keeps tabs on competitors, anticipates customer needs, and grows market share.
    Influential communicator with superior interpersonal skills to build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual
    respect; able to articulate product benefits, facilitate decision-making, and close profitable deals.
    Sales strengths include business development, marketing, strategic planning, and management.
    Effective presenter; enhanced understanding of products among physicians and nursing staff via dinner lectures and
    in office programs.

Additional areas of expertise include:

                  Product Launches ~ Market Penetration ~ Market Share Growth ~ Sales Achievement
           Physician Relationships ~ Goal Attainment ~ Territory Management ~ Market Analysis ~ Direct Sales

                                           SELECTED CAREER HIGHLIGHTS
   Ranked in top 20% nationwide and #2 in region Q1 2012.
   Moved up national sales rankings for performance by 4.6% within a month (2009).
   Continued performing at high levels through 2010, achieving 135% of Portfolio Goal Attainment score in Q1 2010.

   Ranked #1 nationwide for exceeding Antara NRx volume goal (124%); May - June / 2007.
   Accelerated market share growth of Factive; achieved 37% in just one year after driving the launch of the product in
   March 2005.
   Surpassed district, regional and national performance in relation to market share for Factive in 2006.
   Skyrocketed the number of new prescriptions for Antara - an increase of 215% from September – November 2007 vs.
   January – March 2007.
   Catapulted YOY (year-over-year) growth for Antara (95%); 2008.
   Distinguished as the District Leader in market share expansion for both Factive and Testim; 2005.

   Presented with multiple recognitions; Nexium Certificate of Excellence Award and Atacand “Personal Best” Certificate
   (3 times).
   Won the Crestor “Reach for the Gold “contest.

    Honored with the Buspar “Quick Shift” Program Award and became member of “Achievers of Excellence” Club.
    Boosted market share for all products in 1997, including growing Serzone market share 27%.
    Crushed the numbers in 1996, driving exponential market share growth for Serzone (231%) and Stadol NS (206%).
    Exceeded sales goal for Buspar in 1995; 113%.
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                                            PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Multichannel message delivery one-stop shop in the Biopharma Industry, providing field sales and service, live video
detailing, inside sales, and service, among other offerings.

Professional Sales Representative: Drove sales of Pfizer products: Lipitor, Lyrica, Celebrex, Toviaz and Chantix. Maximized
call coverage to targeted physicians in partnership with representatives from client company; focusing on increasing sales
and market share.

OSCIENT PHARMACEUTICALS, Reno, Nevada | 2005 – 2009
Commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company which sells and markets products to community-based primary care
physicians though a nationally-dispersed sales force.

Territory Manager: Penetrated market and introduced products (anti-infective and dislipidemia) to physicians. Called on
medical specialties. Identified areas to achieve market share growth through market analysis and strategic planning.

PROFESSIONAL DETAILING INC., Reno, Nevada | 1998 – 2004
Public company (NASDAQ: PDII) providing promotional services to established and emerging companies in the
pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries.

Sales Representative: Presented and sold gastrointestinal and hypertensive products directly to physicians. Reached out
to medical specialties, such as Gastroenterologists, F.P., I.M. Cardiologists, and others. Collaborated with Astra Zeneca
representatives to attain optimal call coverage in target areas.

BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB COMPANY, San Diego, California | 1991 – 1998
Public entity (NYSE: BMY); global biopharmaceutical company committed to discovering, developing and delivering
innovative medicines.

Territory Business Manager: Engaged physicians, decision-makers in hospitals and long term care facilities, and medical
specialists (Infectious Disease, Psychiatrists, F.P., I.M., Pediatricians) to sell central nervous system and anti-infective
products. Authored annual business plan for the territory. Uncovered strategic targets (key physicians and medical
groups) that would produce maximum results in key markets through comprehensive analysis.

Additional roles included Senior Pharmaceutical Sales Representative with ADRIA LABORATORIES and Professional Sales
Representative with RHONE-POULENC RORER PHARMACEUTICALS. Details on request.


                                     Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
                                         NASSON COLLEGE, Springvale, Maine

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