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					                                 National PCC Day 2011

                        PCC Leadership Award Winners
Each year during the National PCC Day live satellite broadcast, the U.S. Postal Service
recognizes the outstanding achievements of PCCs around the country. The winners represent
the “best of the best.” Listed below are the high-achieving PCC winners for 2011.
Congratulations to all of you! The award recipients demonstrated the following success factors:

       Creativity, originality and membership involvement
       Positive impact on membership growth
       Effective communications with membership using various channels
       Positive impact on PCC operations
       In depth education for business mailers on postal services, procedures and polices to
        help them grow their business
       Enhanced PCC membership value through educational networking opportunities

PCC of the Year – Greater Atlanta PCC

The Greater Atlanta PCC had an impressive year as a result of the PCC Executive Board
developing events and content focusing on the theme: “America’s Great Partnerships.” They
embraced the theme by taking advantage of the resources available through the PCC Network
and new technology to increase their membership and participation. “America’s Great
Partnership” theme proved to be a winning combination for them. The Greater Atlanta PCC was
selected as PCC of the Year because of the following accomplishments:

       Increased membership by 14.7% and top tier corporate membership sponsorship by
       Expanded the Greater Atlanta PCC executive board from 17 to 20; adding 3 postal
       Used a variety of communication channels – letters, self mailers, postcards, newsletters,
        emails and telephone – to reach all members and increase membership.
       Created a new look and acquired a new webmaster which now generated an increase in
        traffic averaging 15 hits per day.
       The website is mobile enabled to take advantage of QR code technology.
       Implemented the new software, Wild Apricot, to streamline the membership process and
        track statistics quicker.
       Undeliverable as Addressed mail reduced due to the new Wild Apricot software being
       Hosted a joint National PCC Day 2010 event which included a vendor showcase and
        mailer expo attracting over 100 attendees and 16 exhibitors.
       Offered the two workshops for PCC Day plus Move Update Workshop resulting in
        approximately 30 members earning their Quality Mailing Insight Professional Certificate.
       Published bi-monthly PCC newsletter.
       Twenty-four email blasts sent inviting members to events.
       Registration for events now handled on website.
       Promoted mail service provider program in newsletter and PCC Web site.
       Hosted a “How to Work Effectively with the BMEU” seminar, utilizing a panel of experts
        from the Atlanta Postal Service and the Southeast Area office.
       Mail Center Professional Certificate program both winter and spring.
       Sixteen certificates presented for the Mail Center Professional Certificate program
       MTAC members reported the latest postal information directly to the Greater Atlanta PCC
        membership after each MTAC quarterly meeting in Washington, DC.
       Posts presentations on website for easier access to members.
       Hosted educational seminar and tour of postal facility.
       Utilized Headquarter speakers for PCC presentations.
PCC of the Year (<500,000 population and Level 24 or Below Office) – Vermont PCC

For the past five years the Vermont PCC has steadily improved. Their networking, information
sharing, communications, education events and teamwork proved to be a truly winning
combination for Vermont. Their selection as the PCC of the Year (<500,000 population and Level
24 or Below Office) was based on the following accomplishments:

      Expanded the Vermont PCC executive board from 11 to 19.
      Met 10 times this past year with the added benefit of using telecoms to encourage
       participation for those members not able to attend in person.
      Increased attendance by networking and having different local businesses host each
       meeting which included a facility tour. The average attendance increased 50% for their
       National PCC Day event.
      Enhanced usage of the VT PCC website by posting all information—such as upcoming
       meetings, links to member resources, accomplishments and awards, event photographs.
      Provide PayPal option for tickets to events.
      Provided regular updates to members from the various postal and industry publications
       on any regulations or changes being debated and enacted.
      Notified members about how to give the USPS feedback on regulations being
      Recognition of companies who supported the PCC by hosting member meetings,
       sponsoring annual golf tournament, etc., with a logo and link to their company website.
      Communication through education regarding changes, updates, industry trends and best
      Utilized the USPS Sales team, district BSN organization and local chamber organizations
       to reach potential members.
      Established working relationships with the local area Chamber of Commerce and the
       NEMOA (New England Mail Order Association). Shared their webinar/event information
       to members in exchange for them send our notices to their members.
      Actively pursued members from the dissolved Plattsburgh, NY PCC by including them on
       event invitations.
      Continued to share information with neighboring PCCs in NH and NY and promote their
       events to Vermont’s members as well.
      Teamed up with seven other northeast area PCCs in sponsoring the annual New
       England Business Mail Expo in March, with 43 vendors/sponsors, 10 workshops, and 250
      Provided all Vermont postmasters in communications to members, so they can spread
       the word about meetings and events to their mailers; especially those we might not be
       reaching by other means.
      Education through “Lunch and Learn” sessions presented by postal and industry
       speakers with an informal open forum for questions, concerns, practices and

PCC Industry Member of the Year – Dorothy Cottrill – Sacramento PCC

Dorothy has been a member of the Sacramento PCC since 1996 and started as a board member
the next year. She has served in various positions and PCC Co-Chair for more than seven years.
She is committed to the PCC and works very hard to promote and facilitate attendance, interest,
and education. Dorothy embodies the PCC movement in all of her actions and 100% dedicated
to the success of the PCC. Some of her successes and accomplishments include:

      Attended the National Postal Forum (NPF) and served as a presenter.
      Served as a member of the PCC Advisory Committee for the past two years.
      Developed and initiated the “California Gold Rush” program, a mentor based program
       developed to elevate the California PCCs to “Gold” status.

       Lead and initiated telecoms throughout the year with all California PCCs to ensure they
        met Gold requirement.
       Worked with San Francisco PCC, Sacramento PCC and Bay Valley PCC when they first
        held a joint National PCC Day making it a very successful event. This event continues
       Helped North Valley PCC get re-established.
       Has served in various positions at the Sacramento PCC and is always accessible.
       Adapted the Sacramento PCC by-laws to bring them into compliance with Publication
       Lead Sacramento PCC to Premier PCC Gold level in 2007 and every year since.

PCC Postal Member of the Year – Sonya Dulan – Greater Oklahoma PCC

Sonya Dulan has been the guiding force for the Greater Oklahoma (GO) PCC since 1992 and
assumed the duties of the Tulsa (T) PCC in 2009. Her philosophy that an "award-winning" PCC
begins with an active and dedicated PCC Executive Board is very evident in the way she
motivates board members and encourages them to develop fresh new ideas. Her dedication and
superior work ethics has been a contributing factor for the success of both the GO-PCC and
TPCC. Sonya's outstanding accomplishments include:

       Currently working with the Tulsa PCC to bring their membership to the same level of
        success that the GO-PCC has achieved.
       Coordinated all GO-PCC and TPCC executive board meetings and ensured PCC
        activities are conducted within the guidelines of the Pub 286 and local by-laws.
       Active member of all GO-PCC and TPCC sub-committees.
       Coordinated all GO-PCC quarterly membership meetings, educational sessions,
        webinars, facility tours, membership drive meetings, annual membership drive car show,
        annual networking golf tournament, and National PCC Day activities.
       Attendance at 12 GO-PCC events was over 850 and resulted in an 8% membership
       Created and mailed all event flyers and registration forms.
       Contributed to the GO-PCC newsletter editor and the webmaster of the
        www.greateroklahomapcc.org website.
       Promoted PCC events through local media.
       Facilitated the TPCC Mailer's Seminar featuring three educational sessions and a panel
        of experts from the postal service and the industry.
       Worked with the Executive Board to develop strategies and goals for making both PCCs
        award winning and tracked progress to ensure the PCCs stay on track.
       Her aggressive philosophy resulted in GO PCC winning the Gold Premier level in 2010
        and 2011 and the 2010 Silver Level Southwest Area Educational Excellence Award.
       Lead the TPCC to the 2010 and 2011 Gold Premier level.
       Coordinated the GO-PCC 2010 National PCC Day event.

PCC Mentor of the Year – Mid-Michigan PCC

The Mid-Michigan PCC is committed to education, information and communication for mailers
regardless of area or distance. They believe in promoting not only local cooperation and support
of USPS initiatives, but with all other PCCs nationwide. Mid-Michigan PCC has found that
working with other PCCs has increased the sharing of information and ideas regarding ways to
promote USPS products and services, as well as an opportunity to increase the level of education
for those products. Below lists their accomplishment:

       Throughout the year the Mid-Michigan PCC worked with the Great Lakes PCC, West
        Michigan PCC, Lakeshore PCC and Northern MI PCC to create a “working” PCC for each

       The Mid-Michigan board members served as guest speakers as well as facilitators in
        certification programs for PCCs within the Greater Michigan District.
       Worked with all the PCCs in the Greater Michigan District in meeting the criteria for
        premier award status.
       Welcomed and encouraged all PCCs to participate in all the events, especially the “Lunch
        and Learn.”
       Was instrumental in forming a new PCC, Lakeshore PCC, in Muskegon, MI.
       Mid-Michigan postal and industry co-chairs met with Lakeshore PCC executive board to
        guide them with goal setting.
       Provided communication templates to all PCCs in the Greater Michigan District to assist
        in promoting PCC events.

District Manager of the Year – Rosemarie Fernandez, San Francisco District Manager

Throughout her extensive career, San Francisco District Manager Rosemarie Fernandez has
been supportive of the PCC. She has served on the National PCC Advisory Council, and as San
Francisco PCC Postal Co-chair, when she was Postmaster of San Francisco. By accepting this
leadership role, and devoting the necessary time and effort into the success of this organization,
she has consistently led by example.

This tradition continued while she was district manager in Sacramento and then as district
manager in San Francisco in early 2010. She shares her expectations and her passion for the
PCC with her staff and the executive board members. She firmly believes that the cooperation of
the postal and industry members is the only thing that will make the business of mail strong. She
consistently lives her beliefs, by insuring that her staff has the time and motivation to support the
San Francisco PCC.

Rosemarie exemplifies the phrase ‘walks the talk’ by staying engaged with every stakeholder in
the mailing industry, beginning with the local San Francisco PCC Chapter, her staff, community
leaders and the mailing industry professionals she serves. She is also an important part of the
"California Gold Rush" initiative, which was developed to mentor Northern California PCCs in
achieving Gold Level Premier PCC. This was a new idea – that instead of competing against
each other, the California PCCs could cooperate for the benefit of all. She is always willing to
present Postal Service initiatives to the PCC members at local events. Her staff is always
available to participate in events and makes time to meet with customers to resolve any issues
efficiently, timely and professionally. PCC members always appreciate that they have a ‘captive
audience’ with Rosemarie, because they know that once brought to light, issues will be resolved.

Although Rosemarie is the senior executive of a district, she always takes the time to thank and
appreciate the Industry for working with the Postal Service as a team and for assisting small and
medium businesses to grow.

Business Partner of the Year – Admail West – Sacramento PCC

Admail West has been a passionate supporter of the Postal Customer Council for over ten years.
They know the value of PCCs and have been willing to back that belief with an unmatched level
of support, by contributing professional services and financial support. Admail West is a shining
example to all businesses large and small of what can be accomplished through commitment and
passion. Below lists their contributions to the Sacramento PCC:

       Designs, prints and mails the Sacramento PCC newsletter and other collateral marketing
        materials. The Sacramento PCC newsletter is produced monthly – one of the very few
        PCCs nationally that does this. Without Admail West’s support for these services,
        Sacramento PCC would not be able to print and mail a newsletter each month.
       Redesigned and improved the newsletter by adding color printing to the production.

      Handled the mailing list with the utmost security and within the guidelines directed by
       Publication 286.
      Provided consulting services to develop the Sacramento PCC’s website.
      Participated as a vendor at the Sacramento PCC trade shows every year.
      Actively participated in the planning and implementation of all PCC events by designing
       and producing the promotional mailpiece, agenda/programs and participants folders.

Communication Program Excellence Awards:

Greater New York PCC – Gold Award

The Greater New York PCC expanded their communication channels by making them interesting,
fun, and informative to existing members and extended their communications to reach non-
members who might not have been aware of the benefits of the PCC. To promote the networking
aspect of the PCC, every meeting is opened an hour before the formal presentation in order to
serve breakfast and to allow discussion time for members. All these efforts increased
membership by 24.5%. Below are the major accomplishments for the year:

      Coordinated with RED TAG to publish National PCC Day and the FSS Road Trip in the
       RED TAG newsletter.
      Publicized the FSS Road Trip in the northeast Periodicals Focus group email blasts.
      Publicized the PCC in the organizational newsletters of board members.
      Modernized the newsletter with a new look and a “human interest” section.
      Realigned the distribution of the newsletter so that it was mailed prior to monthly
      Added a new member feature and sponsor recognition in the newsletter.
      Featured an “Ask the District Manager” link to the website homepage and published
       answers to the questions at the monthly meetings.
      Continued to encourage members to “Bring a friend for free” and recognize them at the
      Conducted two telephone membership drives.
      Followed up mailings about events with emails directing members and potential members
       to the website for more information and registration.
      Posted all educational presentation on website and added a “Click Here to Provide
       Feedback” link which allowed for immediate feedback.
      Continued to have posters in postal facilities to promote the PCC and to have all events
       posted on website.

Greater Portland PCC – Silver Award

The Greater Portland PCC had a very ambitious year and remained committed to improving and
building on their theme and mission “Bringing the Future…Together.” Their efforts resulted in
providing their members with the most up-to-date information and creating a dynamic
organization. The Greater Portland PCC accomplished the following:

      Conducted 11 monthly membership meetings.
      Maintained communication via 16 separate mailings totaling over 30,000 mailpieces.
      Mailed renewal and membership recruitment letters totaling 3,500 in cooperation with
       BSN and USPS account executives.
      Initiated a mailing list cleansing effort through a calling tree to contact members without
       email addresses – connected with 200 members to update contact information.
      Executed 25 email blasts concerning meetings, tours and event notices and reminders.
      Coordinate 12 monthly conference calls with executive board and special planning

       Completely redesigned the website with improved navigation, more information and links
        to relevant resources.
       Used gopcc.com website to highlight information critical to mailing community including a
        link to the “Mail Service Providers” program.
       Promoted ease of PayPal for event registration and corporate membership renewal.
       Created and distributed an annual calendar utilizing artwork with the theme “Bridging the
        Future…. Together.”
       Developed a new webinar series “Get Connected” with the GP PCC, focusing on relevant
        product offerings.

Greater Oklahoma PCC – Bronze Award

The Greater Oklahoma (GO) PCC realized that quality communications is vital for the growth of
the GO-PCC. By providing clear and relevant information to all membership in alignment with the
PCC Mission of "Sharing information and facilitate the exchange of ideas about new and existing
Postal Service products, programs, services, and procedures that affect all businesses that use
the mail." All of these efforts increased their membership by 8% and their attendance at all
events totaled over 850. The Greater Oklahoma PCC accomplished the following:

       Created color enhancement to GO PCC membership brochure highlighting the mission of
        the PCC, promoted benefits for joining the GO PCC, and included an event calendar.
       Created a GO PCC musical video to promote membership by premiering educational
        sessions, business luncheons, tours, awards, the car show membership event, the golf
        tournament networking event, and charitable efforts in the community.
       Regularly updated the website with all pertinent information on events, Postal Service
        products and services and the newsletter.
       Created six bi-monthly newsletters. Not only were these mailed, but they were emailed
        and posted on the web.
       Mailed 12 event invitation and registration forms.
       Mailed save the date cards for all events.
       Held three facility tours.

San Diego PCC – Bronze Award

With active participation in their PCC events waning, the PCC executive board updated their
goals to improve their existing communications. They decided to not only expand by using
multiple mediums but to more fully involve postal personnel. They also decided to only assess a
cost to their three largest events a year, leaving the majority of their educational seminars free.
They accomplished the following:

       Created a “new, improved and easier to use” website which now contains monthly
        mailing requirements updates, copies of presentations given at seminars and information
        on all events.
       Produced a quarterly newsletter mailed to all members.
       Used emails blasts and hardcopy mailings to advertise all upcoming events and to
        forward the PCC Insider to all members.
       Used “save the date” communications through hardcopy and email.
       Involved Sales and Business Service network personnel in all events.
       Industry and Postal Co-Chairs actively involved in area focus group for the “California
        Gold Rush” initiative and all webinars hosted by the PCC Advisory Committee.
       Developed a marketing flyer for Sales to leave behind with customers.

Education Program Excellence Awards

Tampa PCC – Gold Award

The Tampa PCC focused on offering educational opportunities that were timely, relevant and cost
effective. They achieved this by utilizing tools available through the PCC network and leveraging
postal resources. Their action plan included member surveys, workshops in a box, professional
certificates, webinars, tours and postal consultation. The Tampa PCC achieved the following:

       Implemented an electronic survey to solicit member feedback on the following: their
        industry knowledge level, preferences on seminar types, topics and speaker choices.
        This was used to set the educational agenda for the year.
       Presented eight workshops in a box educational events.
       Created five educational tracks as part of their Professional Certificate Program.
       Awarded 242 certificates to members during the year.
       Three webinars offered as a supplement to the onsite events for those who could not
        attend in person.
       Hosted tour of USPS St. Petersburg Processing and Distribution Center providing
        explanation of the mail flow within the BME and the operation of equipment.
       Featured speakers from all levels of the Postal Service, including officers and district
       Featured educational articles in bimonthly newsletter, including such topics as QR
        Codes, the IMb and changes to postal policies and procedures.
       Partnered with multiple BMEs and MailPiece Design Analysts for educational workshops.
       Established a consultative team of postal experts for all events.
       Introduced Quick Response Codes and reinforced its use in creative ways.
       Hosted a comprehensive vendor showcase to provide PCC members the opportunity to
        learn about new product and services.

Greater Portland PCC – Silver Award

The Greater Portland expanded on the theme and mission of “Bridging the Future… Together.”
They provided a sound and well-crafted information-rich blueprint to continue educating members
and the business community. During the year they accomplished the following:

       Conducted five “Lunch and Learn” using PCC Workshops in a Box.
       Presented 10 “Industry Enrichment” presentations at monthly meetings.
       Conducted two Behind the Scenes Tours viewing Portland’s leading USPS customer
       Produced and hosted the 2010 national PCC Day.
       Awarded 48 Educational Certificates to participants at the 2010 National PCC Day.
       Honored corporate members with annual Pinnacle Awards recognizing their participation.
       Promoted and sponsored 12 monthly seminars, “Business to Business with the USPS” –
        Business Mail Entry Unit classes.
       Designed a vibrant gppcc.com website with dynamic USPS updates and links.
       Developed “Get Connected” webinars to extend our educational outreach to business
        mailers who were unable to attend in person seminars.
       Presented a Mailpiece Design Professional Course to 70 members.

Miami-Dade County PCC – Bronze Award

The Miami-Dade PCC’s goal was to provide quality educational seminars to mailers that would
assist them in growing their businesses and at the same time increase attendance at events.
During the year they accomplished the following:

      Created a calendar of events for the year targeting small/medium business.
      Leveraged internal resources and utilized PCC Board members as facilitators.
      Utilized Postal Service officer as guest speaker at National PCC Day 2010
      Utilized surveys to find out what educational tracks local business wanted and tailor
       upcoming seminars or membership meetings.
      Listed presentations on the website for members to access after the workshop.
      Provided a registration link to members on the website home page.
      Created and mailed holiday cards with the calendar of events for the upcoming year.
      Established partnership with the Sales team and BSN to kept abreast of all PCC events.
      Email blitzes sent out regularly to remind members of upcoming events.
      Created their own workshops in a box to fit their members’ needs.

2011 Premier PCC Award Winners

Bronze Certificates

Akron / Canton PCC
Austin PCC
Capital Area (Harrisburg) PCC
Capitol City (Missouri) PCC
Chippewa Valley PCC
Coulee Region PCC
Des Moines PCC
Erie PCC
Greater Cleveland PCC
Greater Hudson Valley PCC
Greater New Jersey PCC
Greater Omaha PCC
Greater Pittsburgh PCC
Inland Empire PCC
Lancaster / York PCC
Mid-Maine PCC
Minnesota Heartland PCC
Mohawk Valley Regional PCC
Northeastern PA PCC
Pensacola Florida (Panhandle) PCC
San Antonio PCC
Southern Maine PCC
Southern Nevada PCC
Southern Tier PCC
Southwest Florida PCC
Tulsa PCC

Silver Certificates

Central New York PCC
Greater Madison Area PCC
Twin Ports PCC

Gold Certificates

Baltimore PCC
Bay Valley PCC
Buffalo / Niagara PCC
Capital Region (Albany) PCC
Central Arkansas PCC
Central Florida PCC
Central Massachusetts PCC
Central Missouri PCC
Central Ohio PCC

Chicago PCC
Fairfield County Connecticut PCC
Fort Worth PCC
Greater Atlanta PCC
Greater Birmingham PCC
Greater Boston PCC
Greater Charlotte PCC
Greater Dallas PCC
Greater Denver PCC
Greater Hartford PCC
Greater Kansas City PCC
Greater Metro Phoenix PCC
Greater New Haven PCC
Greater New York PCC
Greater Oklahoma PCC
Greater Portland PCC
Greater South Carolina Upstate PCC
Greater St. Louis PCC
Greater Triad PCC
Kentuckiana PCC
Lehigh Valley PCC
Long Island PCC
Los Angeles PCC
Manasota PCC
Miami-Dade County PCC
Midlands PCC of Greater South Carolina
Mid-Michigan PCC
Milwaukee PCC
New Hampshire PCC
North Valley PCC
Northeast Florida PCC
Northern Illinois PCC
Northern Virginia Metro PCC
PCC of Providence
Puget Sound PCC
Sacramento PCC
San Diego PCC
San Francisco PCC
Santa Ana District PCC
Sioux Falls Area PCC
South Central Minnesota PCC
South Suburban PCC
Southeastern Massachusetts PCC
Southeastern Pennsylvania PCC
Tampa PCC
Twin Cities PCC
Utah PCC
Van Nuys PCC
Vermont PCC
Washington Metropolitan (Capital District) PCC


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