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Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Donors 2010


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									    REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY 2010


Table of Contents
A Shared Vision of Quality
Care, Outstanding Service
and Sustainable Growth
A Vision for the Future
Key Accomplishments
Good Shepherd by the

Financial Highlights
Uncompensated Care and
Community Support
Honor Roll of Donors and
Board Members,
Medical Directors and

On the cover (left to right): Rosauro
A. Dalope, MD, FAAP, physician at
the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation
Hospital Pediatric Unit, Heather
Scanlon, Good Shepherd patient, and
Robert A. Ford, Good Shepherd donor
and volunteer.
A Shared Vision of Quality Care, Outstanding Service and
Sustainable Growth
At Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, the heart of our mission is to           satisfaction scores and developing initiatives to ensure that those we serve
help men, women and children overcome their challenges and achieve their          are treated in a friendly, respectful manner during all points of contact with
maximum potential despite the odds.                                               Good Shepherd.

Last fiscal year, Good Shepherd took this principle out of the therapy gym        Our shared vision is to make Good Shepherd an employer of choice in the
and applied it to our organization as a whole. Despite significant obstacles –    region, by working with our employees, communicating openly with them
a struggling economy, reimbursement challenges and issues relating to patient     and providing fair and equitable pay and benefits. We have already shown
volume – we achieved a consolidated operating margin, including Good              progress on this front, as our employee engagement metrics have increased
Shepherd Penn Partners (GSPP), of 2.1 percent, or $2.4 million. We                substantially since 2008 (see page 5).
provided post-acute care to 60,935 individuals, which represents the most
people served in our storied history.                                             Our shared vision is to grow Good Shepherd in a sustainable fashion.
                                                                                  Operating revenues have grown by 62 percent at Good Shepherd
This achievement is outstanding considering that, as of January 31, 2010,         Rehabilitation Network since 2008. In the past year alone, we opened a
Good Shepherd was experiencing a loss of $1.3 million and was on track to         new rehabilitation hospital for children, expanded our outpatient Pediatrics
end the year deep in the red. We made some difficult decisions to reduce          Program by opening a new donor-supported therapy suite, signed a
expenses and enhance revenues. These initiatives allowed us to right the          management contract with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)
ship and end the year on a positive note.                                         and opened three new outpatient physical therapy locations (see pages
                                                                                  4-7). Moving forward, we will continue this growth by identifying
While tackling the considerable challenges that confronted the organization,      appropriate partners, business lines and geographic areas, with the goal of
Good Shepherd’s management team maintained a focus on the future by               generating revenues to sustain our mission so we can provide services to
completing a months-long strategic planning process. The process                  more people in more places.
culminated in five strategic directions (see page 3) that position Good
Shepherd as a post-acute care leader that is prepared to grow and thrive in       This Annual Report to the Community more clearly defines our shared
a changing health-care paradigm.                                                  vision for Good Shepherd’s future, while detailing the steps already taken to
                                                                                  make this vision a reality.
Our vision for Good Shepherd is shared by those individuals and groups
who have sustained us for more than 100 years. They are the employees,            Thank you to those who share our vision and who share a love for Good
the donors, the volunteers, the elected officials and, above all, the patients,   Shepherd and our mission. Because of you, Good Shepherd will continue to
residents and clients, who together will provide the support, skills and          strengthen our position as the post-acute provider of choice in eastern
energy to make our ambitious vision a reality.                                    Pennsylvania and beyond.
Our shared vision is to provide excellent quality of care, while ensuring the     Thank you,
safety of the people we serve. We will pursue this vision by investing in
state-of-the-art clinical technologies, focusing on infection prevention and
benchmarking patient outcomes data against facilities regionally and
                                                                                  Sally Gammon, FACHE                       Richard E. Drobnicki, CPA
Our shared vision is to consistently provide unsurpassed customer service.        President and CEO                         Chair, Board of Trustees
We will pursue this vision by tracking nationally benchmarked patient


                        A VISION FOR THE FUTURE
                                  Our Mission                                                                                   Our Core
                        Motivated by the divine Good Shepherd
         and the physical and cognitive rehabilitation needs of our communities,                                                 • Compassionate Care
            our mission is to enhance lives, maximize function, inspire hope,                                                    • Excellent Service
                           and promote dignity and well-being                                                                    • Community Partnership
                             with expertise and compassion.

                         Pillars of Excellence
                         At Good Shepherd, we remain steadfastly focused on five pillars—people, quality, service, finance and growth. These
                         pillars are derived from our core values and form the basis of everything we do. Focusing on excellence in these five areas,
                         and measuring our progress on a daily and weekly basis, allows us to fulfill our noble mission of serving our communities
                         with expertise and compassion.

                            PEOPLE                   QUALITY                   SERVICE                   FINANCE                   GROWTH

                                                 Our Strategic Directions
                             As the health-care landscape changes, we must adapt and provide care in the most efficient,

2                                                                                                                          3
                             effective manner possible. These strategic directions, which we adopted in 2010, will allow
                                  us to do just that. The goal is to provide patient- and family-focused programs that
                                    are organized around service line centers of excellence, and then to identify the
                                      right partners, the right collaborative arrangements and the right facilities to
                                              provide outstanding care and service to the people we serve.
Develop service line                                                                                                       Grow in new markets
centers of excellence in                                                                                                   by identifying the
Neurorehabilitation,                                                                                                       “right partners”
Rehabilitation, Pediatric
Rehabilitation and
Medical Care

Create a continuum of care
                                                                                                                           Develop new
that integrates acute and                                                                                                  management
post-acute care                                                                                                            contracts and health

                                              Continue to explore the development of a continuing
                                                                                                                           system partnerships

                                              care hospital, which may include inpatient rehabilitation,
                                              long-term acute care and skilled nursing care, in the
                                              Lehigh Valley

           A SHARED VISION

                        KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2009–2010

                                                                                                                 A Continuum of Care for
    A Growing                                                                                                    People with MS
    Pediatric Program
                                                                                                                 In May 2010, the National MS Society designated Good
                                                                                                                 Shepherd and Lehigh Neurology, a practice of Lehigh Valley
    Last year, more than a century after the organization
    welcomed its first child in need, the Good Shepherd
                                                                                                                 Group, as a
    Pediatric Program reached new heights.
    In July 2009, the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation                                                               Care Center for
    Hospital Pediatric Unit opened its doors, becoming                                                           the treatment
    the first inpatient rehabilitation unit for children in                                                      of multiple
    the region. Last year, 75 children, who are recovering from illnesses, injuries or accidents,                sclerosis. The
    received care at the new unit. In the past, these children would have traveled to Philadelphia or            two organiza-
    farther to receive the acute rehabilitation care they needed. Now, they can receive expert care              tion’s partner-
    from rehabilitation specialists close to their homes and their families.                                     ship is the only
    Good Shepherd’s Outpatient Pediatrics Program also expanded with the opening of the Dornsife                 comprehensive
    Pediatric Therapy Suite. The new space in the Good Shepherd Health & Technology Center                       care center in
    eventually will allow the program to accommodate more than 12,000 additional patient visits                  the Lehigh Valley and one of only 42 in the nation.
                                                   annually. This will help Good Shepherd meet
                                                   the growing demand for pediatric physical,                    Good Shepherd and Lehigh Neurology received the
                                                   occupational and speech therapy, while                        designation because the organizations provide a full
                                                   decreasing its reliance on waiting lists. The                 continuum of care for people with MS. Individuals receive
                                                   suite was made possible by gifts from the                     diagnosis and medical management at Lehigh Neurology.
                                                   HEDCO Foundation (named after the late Hal                    Good Shepherd then offers inpatient and outpatient
                                                   and Ester Dornsife), the David and Dana                       rehabilitation services, as well as wellness programs,
                                                   Dornsife Foundation and the Quest Fund,                       psycho-social support services, fitness opportunities and
                                                   managed by Dody (Dornsife) Jernstedt.                         assistive technologies to maintain independence.

                                                       Top: Kimberly Kuchinski, MD, MPH, cares for Jade Lozano   Left to right: Karen Mariner, chapter vice president, National MS Society;
                                                       Colon, 6 months, at the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation      Jess Dalton, Administrator of Neurorehabilitation, Good Shepherd; Jerry
                                                       Hospital Pediatric Unit. Left: Janelle L. Hiester, MS,    Werner, MS Program Coordinator, Good Shepherd; David Jones, MD,
                                                       CCC-SLP/L, works with Ethan Atiyeh, 4, in the Dornsife    medical director, Lehigh Neurology; and Tami Caesar, chapter president,
                                                       Pediatric Therapy Suite.                                  National MS Society.

An Engaged Workforce                                                                    An Expanding Footprint
                                                                                        For most individuals, convenience is an important factor when
                                                                                        choosing a location for outpatient physical therapy. To meet the
                                                                                        growing demand for outpatient services and to make Good Shepherd’s
                                                                                        quality care available to more people in more communities, we opened
                                                                                        three new Good Shepherd Physical Therapy locations last year.

                                                                                        Good Shepherd opened new sites in Coopersburg and Hamburg, and
                                                                                        we welcomed CORE Physical Therapy in Bethlehem Township as a new
                                                                                        member of the network. Good Shepherd now provides outpatient
                                                                                        rehabilitation care at 20 locations in the greater Lehigh Valley.

                                                                                        Adam Muzalewski, PT, guides patient Lew Thatcher in therapy using the Nintendo Wii™
                                                                                        at CORE Physical Therapy, a member of Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network.

Our staff members provide the care, the quality and the support services that
differentiate Good Shepherd and ensure that we provide the best care possible for
the people we serve.

Thanks to a comprehensive approach to employee relations, Good Shepherd’s
workforce is more engaged than ever. A focus on two-way communication between
administrators and staff and a commitment to transparency has allowed Good Shepherd
to boost its employee engagement scores, as determined by an independent survey
tool. In 2008, our employee engagement stood at the 49th percentile nationally. By
the end of fiscal year 2010, the score had improved to the 64th percentile.

Good Shepherd tracks employee engagement
                                                              EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT
because engaged employees are satisfied and
focused on providing excellent service and care.                            2010
By listening to our staff members, integrating
their ideas and concerns into organizational
initiatives and remaining dedicated to providing
competitive salaries and benefits, we hope to                   2008        64th
continue the positive trajectory in employee                               PERCENTILE
engagement. This interaction among our workforce
will position Good Shepherd as an employee of                  49th
choice in the communities we serve.                           PERCENTILE

Left to right: Harold Gethers, Jr., CNA; Sandy Gerzarowski,
RN, CRRN; Nicole Smith, PT; Katie Collier, MS, CCC-SLP

            A SHARED VISION

                            KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2009–2010

    A Focus on Quality                                                             A Bionic Step Forward
    At Good Shepherd, our goal is to get our patients back to their                                                             Last year, Good Shepherd became the first
    lives as quickly and with as much function as possible. To do                                                               health-care facility in the country to use the
    this, we maintain a constant focus on quality care and patient                                                              Tibion Bionic Leg in the inpatient and outpatient
    safety.                                                                                                                     rehabilitation setting. The Tibion uses robotic
                                                                                                                                technology to help patients regain
    Last year, we increased our                                                                                                 movement and function in a leg
    investment in the clinical                                                                                                  impacted by stroke, spinal cord injury
    technologies that form the                                                                                                  or brain injury. Our
    infrastructure necessary to                                                                                                 patients already are
    provide consistent, safe                                                                                                    benefiting from
    care. Technologies such as                                                                                                  this state-of-the-
    the MediServe clinical                                                                                                      art device. In
    documentation system, the                                                      one instance, an individual with multiple sclerosis went
    Pyxis® Medstation 3500                                                         from walking only 20 feet with the help of a walker to
    and the TheraDoc®                                                              walking more than 250 feet while wearing the Tibion.
    infection monitoring
    system, have improved                                                          Good Shepherd’s expert clinicians have also used
    efficiencies at Good Shepherd and helped ensure that our                       modern technologies, such as the Apple iPad, to improve
    patients achieve better functional outcomes than those at                      function for people with severe disabilities, or to
    similar facilities regionally and nationally (see page 9).                     improve communication or cognition in people with a
                                                                                   host of functional challenges. Our Research Department
    Good Shepherd’s focus on infection prevention is receiving                     continues to assess and modify existing technologies
    national acknowledgement. Last year, Good Shepherd was                         for use by our patients, residents and clients.
    selected to participate in a hand hygiene pilot program by the
    Joint Commission’s Center for Transforming Health Care, a                      This type of foresight has made Good Shepherd a
    national agency dedicated to solving health care’s most critical               leader in the early adoption and use of assistive and
    patient safety issues. Findings from the program will be used to               rehabilitation technologies to improve lives and
    help prevent expensive and potentially deadly hospital-acquired                maximize function.
    infections at post-acute care facilities throughout the nation.
                                                                                   Top: Mary Jane Frick, OTR/L, ATP, guides resident Sally Niles as she
    Neichma Valle, CNA, sanitizes her hands after exiting a patient room at Good   uses the Apple iPad to augment her communication. Right: Jamie
    Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital-Allentown.                                    Kovacs, DPT, and patient Gene Frey demonstrate the Tibion Bionic Leg.

A Collaboration for                                                  A Partnership Gains Momentum
the Children                                                         Good Shepherd
                                                                     Penn Partners
                                                                     (GSPP), our joint
                                                                     venture with
                                                                     Penn Medicine
                                                                     in Philadelphia,
                                                                     recently celebrated
                                                                     its two-year
                                                                     anniversary. Now
                                                                     that GSPP’s
                                                                     start-up phase is
                                                                     complete, the
                                                                     organization is
                                                                     primed to grow
                                                                     and to become a
                                                                     leading provider of
                                                                     post-acute care in
                                                                     the Philadelphia

                                                                     Last year, GSPP provided post-acute care to more
                                                                     than 15,000 individuals and generated an
Recently, Good Shepherd announced that it has entered into a         operating income of $3,938,000, which
contract to manage all medical rehabilitation services provided at   represents a healthy 7.3 percent operating margin.
the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).
                                                                     These numbers are poised to improve into the
Good Shepherd will manage the inpatient rehabilitation at            future, and they reflect the hard work and
Children’s Seashore House, rehabilitation services provided to       dedication of GSPP’s more than 500 employees.
other CHOP inpatients and outpatient rehabilitation in the CHOP      The staff members of GSPP are well-respected in
Care Network.                                                        their professions, and they have facilitated
                                                                     excellent patient outcomes. Independently
For Good Shepherd, this is an exciting collaboration with a          compiled patient satisfaction ratings, functional
premiere health-care institution. CHOP consistently ranks as one     outcomes and ventilator weaning outcomes all
of the top three children’s hospitals in the country by US News &    exceed national benchmarks.
World Report, and its culture of compassion and quality meshes
well with Good Shepherd.

This management contract will connect Good Shepherd’s expert         Top: A multidisciplinary clinical team rounds to discuss patient
rehabilitation care with those children who need it in a broader     issues and coordinate care in the Good Shepherd Penn Partners
                                                                     Specialty Hospital at Rittenhouse. Right: Christopher Gorrell, PT,
geographic area.                                                     DPT, works with Sherline Pluviose, one of three victims of the
                                                                     Haitian earthquake who received care at GSPP.

            A SHARED VISION

                                                        60,935          People Served                                Number of
                                            56,450        2010
                                              2009                      In the past five years, Good                 Employees
                                   40,097                               Shepherd has doubled the
                                                                                                                     Good Shepherd Rehabilitation
                                                                        number of men, women and
                                    2008                                                                             Network employs 1,772
    36,471 35,692 36,633                                                children we serve annually.
                                                                        Last year, more than 60,935                  individuals, including 1,270 in
     2005                   2007                                        people received post-acute                   the greater Lehigh Valley and
                                                                        care at Good Shepherd                        502 at Good Shepherd Penn
                                                                        Rehabilitation Network. This                 Partners in Philadelphia.
                                                                        includes 45,699 individuals
                                                                        in the greater Lehigh Valley
                                                                        and 15,236* individuals at
                                                                        Good Shepherd Penn
                                                                        Partners in Philadelphia.
                                                                        * Does not include the care provided by
                                                                        GSPP staff at Penn Medicine's three acute-
                                                                        care hospitals.

      PENNSYLVANIA                                   Locations
                                                     Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network provides
                Allentown            NEW             services at 49 locations. This includes
                                     JERSEY          37 locations in the greater Lehigh Valley and
                                                     12 locations at Good Shepherd Penn Partners
                                                     in Philadelphia.

Better Results in Less Time                                                                                          Service with a
Last year, patients in the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation                                                              Smile
Hospital achieved better function in less time than at
other facilities regionally or nationally. The functional                                                            Good Shepherd is committed to
independence measure™ (FIM) determines the amount of                                                                 providing unsurpassed customer
progress patients make during their inpatient stay. Length                                                           service to everyone who comes
of stay efficiency combines FIM scores with length of stay                                                           through our doors. We measure our
(how many days before discharge). The higher the number,                                                             patient satisfaction using Press
the better the efficiency of rehabilitation.                                                                         Ganey®, an independent research tool.

             FIM data: July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010
                                                                                                                       GOOD SHEPHERD’S OUTPATIENT
     Good Shepherd                                                                                                    FACILITIES IN THE LEHIGH VALLEY
                                                                                                                      ENJOY CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
         2.82             2.77                                                                                             SCORES BETTER THAN

                                                                                                                     OF SIMILAR FACILITIES NATIONALLY.
                                                                                                                        Press Ganey data: April 1 – June 30, 2010

                                                  SUCCESSFUL WEANING FROM
                                                   MECHANICAL VENTILATION                Breathing
                                                          Health Care Data, Inc. data:
                                                        July 1, 2009 – March 31, 2010    Free
                                                      Good Shepherd                      On average, 87 percent
                                                                                         of patients are
                                                                            Nation       successfully liberated
                                                         87%                             from mechanical
                                                                                         ventilation at Good
                                                                           73%           Shepherd Specialty
                                                                                         Hospital. This is far
                                                                                         superior to the national
                                                                                         average of 73 percent.

                                                                                                                        For up-to-date patient outcomes, visit

               A SHARED VISION

     Good Shepherd Financial Highlights Fiscal Year 2010
     Patient Utilization                                                                                   Revenue Composition by Business Line                                  Expense Breakdown

                                                       2010              2009       % Change

     Rehabilitation Hospital Admissions              1,796             1,738                3.0                                                         Rehab Hospital (1) 56%                                           Salaries and Wages 50%
     LTCH Admissions                                   397               419              (5.0)                                                         Long-Term Care 18%                                               Employee Benefits 13%
     Outpatient Visits                             215,910           204,346                6.0                                                         Specialty Hospital 14%                                           Interest 5%
     Long-Term Care Occupancy Rate                   99.5%             99.6%                0.0                                                         Other Income 4%                                                  Depreciation and
                                                                                                                          2010                          Investment Income 3%                 2010                           Amortization 7%
     Financial Performance                                                                                                                              Gifts and Bequests 2%                                            Accounts Written Off as
                                                                                                                                                        Work Services 2%                                                    Bad Debts 1%
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Supplies and Other 22%
     (dollars in thousands)

     Revenue                                    $ 115,813         $ 104,611
     Less: Amount provided as free care             1,696             2,026
     Revenue available for patient care
        and support                                114,117           102,585              11.0             Rehab Hospital Admissions                                             Outpatient Visits

                                                                                                                                                1,738      1,796                                                           215,910
     Expenses                                                                                                1,553                 1,571                                                                       204,000
                                                                                                                        1,449                                                    184,004   189,685   184,093

     Salaries and wages                              56,653            53,213
     Employee benefits                               14,535            12,010
     Interest                                         5,808             6,054
     Depreciation and amortization                    8,146             7,375
                                                                                                             2006       2007       2008         2009        2010                  2006      2007      2008      2009        2010
     Accounts written off as bad debts                1,494               403
     Supplies and other expenses                     26,042            25,187
     Total expenses                                111,677           104,241              10.0
                                                                                                           Specialty Hospital Admissions                                         Long-Term Care Occupancy Rates
     Available for fundraising, research
         and other                                    2,440            (1,656)          247.0                                                                                     99.8%    99.7%      99.7%    99.6%        99.5%
                                                                                                                                    411         419         397
     Less: fundraising, research and other            1,505                311          384.0                            370

     Surplus (deficit)                                   935           (1,967)          148.0

                                                                                                             2006       2007       2008         2009        2010                  2006      2007      2008      2009        2010

     (1) This item includes the revenues generated by Good Shepherd’s inpatient rehabilitation units and its outpatient programs and services

                                                                                                                                       Good Shepherd Endowment Summary – June 30, 2010
Good Shepherd Endowment Fund                                                                                                           Value (000)
                                                                                                                                       Permanent Endowments                      Principal                  Market
Good Shepherd is deeply appreciative of the community and individual support that allows for the growth of our endowment funds.
Endowments are received from donors with the requirement that the principal remain intact in perpetuity. Income is allocated based     Unrestricted                          $     6,289                $ 6,750
on the purpose of the fund.                                                                                                            Conrad W. Raker-Education                     251                    228
                                                                                                                                       The Linny and Beall Fowler                    242                    218
Good Shepherd Endowment Funds – Investment Objective and Spending Policy                                                                  Endowment for Pediatrics
                                                                                                                                       Joseph and Marjorie Correll                    255                     235
The Investment Committee, which is a subcommittee of the Finance Committee, is responsible for the management and oversight of            Pediatric Chair
all temporarily and permanently restricted, operating and pension investments. The Committee is governed by an investment policy,      Donley Family Pediatrics                    1,656                    1,442
which is applied universally to all of these assets.                                                                                   Dornsife Fund-Pediatric                       100                      111
                                                                                                                                       Romig-DeYoung Community Access              1,129                    1,254
                                                                                                                                       Walter W. and Jacqueline G. Mock              255                      218
Good Shepherd also has an endowment spending policy that is overseen by the Finance Committee and the Board of Trustees. Under
                                                                                                                                          Fund for Pediatrics
this policy, the annual distribution from each endowment account will be five percent of the three year rolling average fair market
                                                                                                                                       Long-Term Care                              1,465                    1,593
                                                                                                                                       Rehabilitation Hospital                       536                      493
                                                                                                                                       Jaindl Family Neurologic                      805                      738
Following is a summary of the existing endowment funds at the end of FY10.
                                                                                                                                       Work Services                                 627                      595
                                                                                                                                       Fleming Family                                364                      306
Endowment and Income Use                                                                                                               Walter Mock, Sr., and Marie Mock Fund         253                      241
                                                                                                                                          for Research and Technology
Unrestricted – Used towards general operations of the entities within Good Shepherd.
                                                                                                                                       Total Endowments                          $14,227                $14,422
Conrad W. Raker Educational Endowment – Used as a funding mechanism for the education and training of Good Shepherd
employees.                                                                                                                             Endowment Funds by Purpose
The Linny and Beall Fowler Endowment for Pediatrics – Provides a perpetual source of funding to benefit all the children served by
Good Shepherd’s Pediatrics Program.

The Joseph and Marjorie Correll Pediatric Chair – Used as a perpetual funding mechanism for Good Shepherd’s developmental                                                      Unrestricted 47%
pediatricians.                                                                                                                                                                 Pediatrics 15%
                                                                                                                                                                               Education 2%
Donley Family Pediatrics Endowment – Used towards supporting operating expenses associated with the Developmental Pediatrics                                                   Long-Term Care 20%
Program.                                                                                                                                                2010                   Technology & Research 4%
                                                                                                                                                                               Neurorehabilitation 5%
The Harold W. and Ester M. Dornsife Perpetual Fund – Used on an annual basis to support the Dornsife Pediatric Center.
                                                                                                                                                                               Rehabilitation Hospital 3%
Romig-DeYoung Community Access – Used for the psychosocial and recreational enrichment of residents through community outings                                                  Work Services 4%
as well as interstate trips including, but not limited to concerts, restaurants, sporting events, amusement parks and recreational
areas. Monies from this fund also will be used to purchase transportation vehicles and equipment for community access by residents.

Walter W. and Jacqueline G. Mock Fund for Pediatrics – Provides income in perpetuity to support charitable care, staff education and
training, salaries, equipment, technology, research and other expenses of the Pediatrics Program.                                      Endowment Funds Cumulative Growth History
                                                                                                                                       (Fiscal Year Ends June 30)
Long-Term Care Endowment – Directed towards operating needs associated with the Conrad W. Raker Center and Good Shepherd               (In Millions)
Rehabilitation Hospital Endowment – Directed towards operating needs associated with the rehabilitation hospitals.                       $3.00

Jaindl Family Neurologic Endowment – Used towards operating costs associated with the Neurorehabilitation Program at Good
Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital.
Work Services Endowment – Directed towards operating needs associated with the Work Services Division.                                   FY05          FY06    FY07    ($0.80)    ($2.50)      FY10
Fleming Family Endowment – Used to support the Assistive Technology and Research programs at Good Shepherd.                                                             FY08

Walter W. Mock, Sr., Ph.D., and Marie S. Mock Fund for Research and Technology – Provides income in perpetuity to support
assistive, rehabilitation and clinical technology, as well as research, throughout Good Shepherd.                                                                                   FY09

              A SHARED VISION

     Good Shepherd Uncompensated Care                                                                                   Partnering for Equality
     and Community Support
     In achieving our mission, Good Shepherd provides services at amounts that are significantly
     less than the cost to provide the actual service, and approximates the following:

     (dollars in thousands)                                                2010                               2009

     Benefits for individuals living in poverty
     Charity care at cost                                                $ 682                              $ 905

     Unreimbursed costs of public programs
     Medicaid                                                             2,376                               2,448
     Subsidized health services                                           2,681                               2,440

     Total quantifiable benefits for individuals                          5,739                               5,793     Good Shepherd has been a part of this community for more
        living in poverty                                                                                               than 100 years, and we are dedicated to improving the health
                                                                                                                        and function of our neighbors and friends. That’s why we
     Benefits to the broader community*                                                                                 provided more than $6,721,000 in total quantifiable
     Community health improvement services                                   56                                  32     community benefit last year. This represents 5.8 percent of
     Health professional education                                          827                               1,296     revenues.
     Research                                                                23                                   0
     Financial and in-kind contributions                                     42                                  50
        to other community groups
                                                                                                                        Last year, Good Shepherd provided free health screenings
     Community-building activities                                           34                                    14   and seminars; we provided educational opportunities for
                                                                                                                        future therapists and nurses; and we worked with Penn
     Total quantifiable benefits for the                                    982                               1,392     Medicine to administer the only residency program in the
        broader community                                                                                               Lehigh Valley for physicians specializing in physical medicine
                                                                                                                        and rehabilitation. We also provided care to men, women and
     Total quantifiable community benefits                                6,721                               7,185
                                                                                                                        children regardless of their ability to pay.
     Community benefits as a percentage of                                 5.8%                               6.8%
       total revenue                                                                                                    Good Shepherd also has continued to play a lead role in the
                                                                                                                        Partnership for a Disability Friendly Community, a community-
                                                                                                                        wide coalition of people with disabilities, service providers,
                                                                                                                        caregivers and funders. Last year, the partnership announced
     * This category represents those community benefit activities that are undertaken by Good Shepherd employees but
     are not otherwise enumerated. They include the hosting of community health screenings and educational sessions,    the results of a needs assessment conducted in 2009 and
     educational opportunities for aspiring health-care professionals and community building activities.                began meeting regularly to develop action plans and
                                                                                                                        brainstorm ideas to meet the unmet needs of people with
     When calculating the benefits that it provides to the community, Good Shepherd conforms to the conservative        disabilities in the Lehigh Valley.
     standards set by the Catholic Health Association (CHA). For more information on the CHA’s standards, visit and click on “Our Commitments.”


Thank you to the following individuals, organizations and foundations whose generous support has strengthened
our mission and positioned Good Shepherd for a vibrant future. This report covers contributions, in part, from
July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.

ANNUAL GIVING                         BENEFACTORS ($25,000 + )                  Mr. and Mrs. Earl V. Mutter
                                                                                Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod
If you would like to make a           Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Beans               The Seth Sprague Educational
donation to Good Shepherd,            Mr. Richard Fleming *                        Foundation
please visit our website              The Girling Foundation                    Dr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Tronzo, MD            Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Dealers        Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wood
make-a-gift or call                      Association
610-778-1075.                         Mrs. Jacqueline G. Mock *                 LEADERSHIP ($5,000 + )
                                      The John E. Morgan Foundation
KEYSTONERS ($250,000 + )              Muscular Dystrophy Association            Anonymous
                                      Tallman, Hudders & Sorrentino, P.C.,      A. Scott Enterprises                                   “It is a privilege for us to support the
Anonymous                                Pa Office of Norris, McLaughlin &      Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.                         great work and enthusiasm that is
                                         Marcus, P.A.                           Alvin H. Butz, Inc.                                    Good Shepherd.”
INNOVATORS ($100,000 + )              United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley   Around the Clock Nursing
                                                                                                                                               – Winnie and Lou Melinsky
                                      Wachovia Foundation                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bennett
Anonymous                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Jay Bruner
Dornsife Family Foundation            AMBASSADORS ($10,000 + )                  Dr. and Mrs. E. Joel Carpenter IV
Hedco Foundation                                                                CC Inc. Construction Services
                                                                                                                                           Good Shepherd’s family of donors is
                                                                                                                                           blessed to include this generous Lehigh
The Jaindl Foundation *               Mrs. Dorothy M. Bachert †                 Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation
                                                                                                                                           Valley couple, well-known for their
Quest Fund of the Marin Community     The Dexter F. and Dorothy H. Baker        Mrs. Susan Gadomski and                                    philanthropy and passion for serving their
   Foundation                            Foundation                                Mr. Robert Gadomski                                     community. This year, Winnie and Lou
The RJ Foundation                     Mr. and Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam, Jr.    Ms. Sally T. Gammon                                        co-chaired Good Shepherd’s highly-
The Harry C. Trexler Trust            The Century Fund                          Health Network Laboratories                                successful 2010 Gala in the Garden
                                      Mr. and Mrs. David DeCampli               Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hess
                                                                                                                                           benefiting pediatrics and made a
                                                                                                                                           significant personal gift to the
PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE ($50,000 + )       Mr. Alfred E. Douglass III and            Mr. Lester B. High
                                                                                                                                           organization. Winnie is a sales director
                                         Mrs. Jill Raker Hudders Douglass       Highmark Blue Shield                                       at Highmark Blue Shield, which was a
Anonymous (3)                         Mr. and Mrs. Roderic R. Fink              The Charles H. Hoch Foundation                             sponsor for several Good Shepherd
U.S. Department of Health and         Mr. Christos N. Kritikos                  Indicon, Inc.                                              events in 2010, including the Gala in
   Human Services                     Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.              Just Born, Inc.                                            the Garden.

                                                                                † Denotes deceased    * Has established an endowment
                                                        HONOR ROLL OF DONORS

                                             The Keystone Nazareth Charitable      Mr. and Mrs. Gunther D. Heussman          Mrs. Nancy L. Armitage
                                                Foundation                         Mr. and Mrs. David D. Hoffman             Autism Society of America-Lehigh Valley
                                             Mrs. Jane R. Kiscadden                Home-Sew, Inc.                            Automatic Data Processing
                                             The Lehigh Valley Community           Mr. and Mrs. John J. Iannantuono          AVI Risk Services, LLC
                                                Foundation                         William Max and J. Lorraine Izer          Miss Virginia M. Bankhard
                                             Lutheran Community Foundation         Joyce E. Kapp                             Mr. Walter E. Bastian
                                             Attorney and Mrs. Blake C. Marles     Keystone Nazareth Bank & Trust            Bearings & Drives Unlimited
                                             Mrs. Wilma S. Mills                      Company, Division of National          Dr. and Mrs. David G. Beckwith
                                             Mr. Frank W. Nikischer and               Penn Bank                              Bessie S. Graham/Allentown Area
                                                Mrs. Judith M. Nikischer           Klunk & Millan Advertising                   Music Appreciation Trust
                                             Penn Medicine                         Lafayette Ambassador Bank                 Polly Beste
                                             PenTeleData                           Orlando Diefenderfer Electrical           Boas Surgical, Inc.
                                             PPL Corporation                          Contractors, Inc.                      Rev. and Mrs. Michael Bodnyk
                                             The Stabler Foundation                ParenteBeard, LLC                         Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Bongiovanni
                                             The Verizon Foundation                Linda S. Perin                            Mary Lynn Bonsall
        “Good Shepherd is a wonderful
                                             Viamedia                              The Pidcock Company                       Maria A. Bouloux
        place. I figure if I can give
                                             Wachovia Corporation                  PNC Asset Management                      Brown Printing, Inc.
        something back, I will.”
                                             Women’s 5K Classic                    Shattuck Hammond Partners Inc.            Buckeye Energy Sources
                 – Dennis Wood                                                     Sodexo                                    Burkavage Design Associates
                                             SHEPHERDS ($2,500 + )                 Stevens & Lee, PC                         Pam Calabrese
                                                                                   Dr. Harold M. Ting                        Callan Associates, Inc.
                                             Allied Building Corporation           The Trumbower Hospital Foundation, Inc.   Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Capurso
Every time Dennis sells a flatbed body for   Aon Risk Services, Inc.               Mrs. Jeanne M. Turtzo                     Mr. Harold K. Cassel
a truck, he makes a donation to Good
                                             B Braun Medical, Inc.                 Rev. Dr. Harold S. and Mary Anne Weiss    Ms. Ana M. Chong
Shepherd as a token of his appreciation
                                             The Bartlett Foundation               Wheels of Time Street Rod Association     Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Clark, Sr.
for care he received many years ago, first
                                             Brown Daub Ford, Inc.                                                           Edward and Natalie Coleman
for a crushed hand, and then for severe
brain trauma after a deer jumped through     Capital Blue Cross                    FOUNDERS ($1,000 + )                      Comm Solutions
the windshield of his car. Dennis works in   Attorney Martin D. Cohen, Esq.                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Confalone
his family’s business, Tamaqua Truck &       Ms. Donna M. Ditzler                  Anonymous (3)                             Mrs. Dorothy H. Cooper
Trailer, and has made 72 such donations      Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Douglass IV    AAA East Penn                             Mr. Bruce Costenbader
over the last 16 years.                      Easton Coach Company                  Mr. and Mrs. Kent Aitchison               Mrs. Naomi I. Costenbader
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Fabian         Alan Kunsman Roofing & Siding             Ms. Mary E. Curtin
                                             Fraser Advanced Information Systems   Mr. and Mrs. Peter Andrews                DBSi
                                             Dr. Richard F. Grunt and              The George and Judith Arangio             Mr. Malcolm M. DeLong
                                                Ms. Sharon Gaiser                     Foundation Trust                       Mrs. Jennie DeMaria

Marie Dowling                               Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Infusino        Maina Pawar
Mr. and Mrs. Anton Dreslin                  Interior Workplace Solutions            Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Dr. Tamar Earnest                           Mr. Mark W. Iobst                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Penske
Easton Hospital                             Italian-American Bocce Association      The Philadelphia Foundation
Mr. Harry T. Eckert                         Rev. and Mrs. John W. Johnson, Jr.      QNB
Miss Lois Elma Eisenhard                    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Jones III          Miss Alma H. Rash
F.L. Smidth, Inc.                           Julian James Advertising Design Inc.    Redeemer Lutheran Church of Allentown
Rev. and Mrs. Charles E. Fair               Kaufman, Hall & Associates, Inc.        Linda H. Repsher
Mrs. Doris C. Fenton                        Mr. Wayne R. Keck                       Edith Ritter
Financial Recoveries                        Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Keinert          Mr. Gregory T. Rodden
First Niagara                               KidsPeace                               Mr. Rolland W. Rodgers
Mrs. Melba Fluck and                        Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Koerber            Ross J. Born Family Charitable Trust
   Mr. Linford M. Fluck                     Jane L. Kohler                          The Salvaggio Family
Forcine Concrete and                        Krasner Family Fund                     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Scheller
   Construction Co., Inc.                   Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Kretlow           Schultz & Williams
                                                                                                                             “Giving to Good Shepherd makes us feel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ford                 Dolores A. Laputka, Esq.                The Wilmer R. and Evelyn M. Schultz
                                                                                                                             good. It’s just something we feel should be
Mrs. Margaretta S. Frankenfield             Lehigh Valley IronPigs                     Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Fretz                 Leona Gruber Charitable Trust Fund      Mr. John Y. Schumacher†
Susan L. Galius                             Mr. Walter and Mrs. Barbara G.          Mrs. Ruth E. Scott                              – Jim Henshaw, board member (left)
Patti Gates-Smith                              Lieberman                            Mrs. Mary Ann Sedlock                           – Bill Brown, treasurer
Mr. Anthony D. Genuardi                     Rev. Donald I. Lindman and              Diana (Dee) Serfass                               Italian American Bocce Association
Ms. Jane Gigler and Mr. William Bernstein      Mrs. Kathleen Lindman                Service Electric Cable TV and
Gillespie Printing                          Miriam Ludwig                              Communications
Mr. and Mrs. Jay R. Golden, Sr.             LW Consulting, Inc.                     Kris and Eric Shafer                        Philanthropy is alive and well at the
Good Shepherd Penn Partners                 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Mayo            Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Shuman, Jr.           Italian American Bocce Association,
Guardian Life Insurance Company of          Lou and Winnie Melinsky                 Mr. and Mrs. Curtis T. Simmons              whose members have been giving $100
   America                                  The Mennonite Foundation                Sandhya Singh                               a month to Good Shepherd since 1990.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Mark Gumz                   Mr. and Mrs. Arlington R. Miller, Jr.   Mr. William H. Spence                       For them, it’s the right thing to do. And
The H & K Group                             Mrs. Sara K. Miller                     Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Spira                  they do it for Good Shepherd and many
                                                                                                                                other charitable organizations, including
H.C. Nye Co., Inc.                          Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Miranda             St. John Lutheran Church of Boyertown
                                                                                                                                Dream Come True, Meals on Wheels and
H.T. Lyons, Inc.                            Mrs. Gertrude K. Moorhouse              St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
                                                                                                                                the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Marna Hayden                                Midge Mosser                               of Nazareth
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Helinsky                Dennis and Stephanie Murphy             St. John’s Lutheran Church of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hoover               Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Nau                 Friedensburg
Hospital Central Services, Inc.             Nyleve Bridge Corporation               Mrs. Arlene N. Swartley

              HONOR ROLL OF DONORS

     Towers Watson                               Bethlehem Area MORA Club                  Great-West Retirement Services             Mr. and Mrs. Cephus W. Long
     Treeline Enterprises, Inc.,                 Mr. and Mrs. Jon T. Breisinger            The Bruce & Adele Greenfield Foundation    Luther Crest Chapel Fund
        t/a Service Master of Allentown          Ms. Vivian E. Brown                       Ms. Barbara J. Gregus                      Mr. and Mrs. Ted Mandes
     Mrs. Anneliese Tunnhoff                     Dr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Bryant, DO        Ms. Fay Ann Grider                         Mr. and Mrs. George S. Maniatty
     USI Insurance Services                      Capozzi & Associates, Inc.                Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Gross              Marshall, Dennehey, Warner,
     United Way of Southeastern PA               Carol A. Carpenter                        Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Hall                   Coleman & Goggin
     Ms. Isabelle T. Vauclain                    Mr. and Mrs. Sam Codi                     Mrs. Elsbeth Haymon and                    Mr. Leighton B. McKeithen III
     Vinart Enterprises, Inc.                    Consolidated Graphic Communications          Mr. Steve Haymon                        Mrs. Margaret G. McMurry
     Mrs. Carolyn Volk                           Rev. M. Blair Couch and                   Mr. and Mrs. Leo Heitlinger                Ms. Grace E. Mealey
     Dr. and Mrs. Nelvin L. Vos                     Mr. Warren Gericke                     Mrs. Anne D. Henuber                       Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore S. Merlo
     Mrs. Sally S. Waterbury                     Mr. J. Bevin Crodian                      Mr. Arthur L. Hilt                         Ms. Laura J. Mertz
     Mr. and Mrs. David L. Weamer, Jr.           Dr. James J. Daley, MD                    Holy Trinity Memorial Lutheran of          Michael Ervin Associates, Inc.
     Weisenberg Lutheran Church of New Tripoli   Daniels BMW                                  Catasauqua                              Mr. and Mrs. Christian M. Milton
     Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Weiss                   Mr. and Mrs. Adam D’Emilio                Dr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Hyman              Monsignor James J. Mulligan
     Mrs. Louise E. Williams                     Mrs. Carol A. Dennis and                  Mrs. Judith T. Imler                       NAI Summit
     Mrs. Alice C. Winter                           Mr. Ray E. Dennis                      iUniverse                                  New Life Lutheran Church of
     Mrs. June L. Wright                         Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries         Mr. Thomas J. Jablonski                       New Tripoli
     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Young                Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dorney             Jacob’s Church UCC of New Tripoli          Mr. James M. O’Hara
     The Brenda C. Zellner Foundation                             Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Jurgielewicz, Jr.   Attorney and Mrs. Joseph J.
     Ziegels Union Church of Breinigsville       Mrs. Theresa Dougal                       Ms. Margaret J. Kahlor                        O’Keefe, Jr.
                                                 Electromed, Inc.                          Mr. and Mrs. George W. Karr, Jr.           Penntex Construction
     PIONEERS ($500 + )                          Embassy Bank for the Lehigh Valley        Dr. Stanley B. Kay                         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Peters
                                                 Mrs. Elaine Emrick                        Mrs. Verna A. Kemmerer                     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Petula
     Anonymous (6)                               Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Epstein           Mr. and Mrs. George W. Kistler, Jr.        Pride Mobility Products Corp.
     Mrs. Klara Aagenes                          Mr. and Mrs. Barry Everett                Doris E. Kleintop                          Receivable Management Services
     Alsace Lutheran Church of Reading           FastSigns                                 Connie Koch                                Dr. James R. Regan, MD
     Dr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Altman               Rev. Dr. William A. Fluck                 Mrs. Alice Kraft-Fitzpatrick               Mr. Joseph G. Robinson
     American Bank                               Franklin Realty Development Corporation   Mr. and Mrs. William R. Kreiter            Mr. Gery J. Robleto
     Mrs. Lisa H. Andrews                        Miss E. Margaret Gabel                    Mrs. Cynthia A. Lambert                    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Roman
     Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Arsht                 Mr. Elmer D. Gates                        Landmark Communities, Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. William L. Rosenberger
     Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Auvil                Mrs. Mary B. Gedney                       Cathy L. Leiber                            Mrs. Thelma E. Rothrock
     Mr. and Mrs. Owen M. Bastian, Jr.           Mrs. Marie C. George                      Mrs. Margaret T. Lemmon                    Dr. Richard Salcido
     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Bauer                Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Glass              Lexus of Lehigh Valley                     Ms. Janet A. Sandt
     Mr. and Mrs. Sanford T. Beldon              Mrs. Ann W. Godshall                      Dr. and Mrs. Harry G. Light, MD            Mr. and Mrs. William Santoro

Mr. James Schaefer and                 Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Weisbecker             Charlie Dent for Congress
   Mrs. Donna Schaefer                 Mrs. Jane L. West                            Christ Lutheran Church of Hellertown
Mr. John M. Schaefer                   West Side Hammer Electric                    Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Schaeffer      Miss Margaret E. White                       Mr. George S. Cochran
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Scheller        Dr. Daniel J. Wilson and                     Mr. and Mrs. John V. Cooney
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Schmidt              Dr. Carol Shiner Wilson                   Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Crokus, Jr.
Rev. and Mrs. William A. Seaman        Mrs. Leda L. Wimmer                          Cura Hospitality, Inc.
Dr. Stephen C. Senft and               Mrs. Rose P. Winter                          Miss Kathryn E. Dilliard
   Dr. Karen E. Senft                  Mr. Dennis K. Wood                           Dr. R. Daniel DiSalvi
Mr. Roger E. Shaffer                   Mr. Alfred J. Young                          Mr. James J. Dooley III
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Sherry         Mr. Carl R. Youngdahl, Jr.                   Ms. Ingrid M. Dressler
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Silverberg                                                    Mr. Donald C. Durn
Mrs. Ida E. Smith                      FRIENDS ($250 + )                            Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Earle
Ms. Susan J. Smith                                                                  Mrs. Sally W. Eckhart
                                       Anonymous (4)
                                                                                                                           “We chose Good Shepherd because it’s been
St. Daniel Lutheran Church of                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Rick D. Eschbach
                                                                                                                           synonymous with quality, compassionate care for
   Robesonia                           ABE Car Care Center                          Mr. and Mrs. James H. Farris
                                                                                                                           more than 100 years. Since our philanthropic
St. John’s Lutheran Church of Coplay   Mr. and Mrs. Houman Ahdieh                   Mr. and Mrs. David Fitzhenry
                                                                                                                           focus is children, the region’s only pediatric
St. John’s Lutheran Church of          Ms. Grace K. Alder                           Mr. and Mrs. C. Daniel Fullmer
                                                                                                                           inpatient rehabilitation facility was a natural
   Hamburg                             Allentown Appliance, Inc.                    Mr. and Mrs. John G. Gallo, Sr.        choice. Our organization and the 52 auto dealers
Ms. Deborah A. Steiger                 Altronics Security                           Mr. and Mrs. Adam H. Gannon            we represent are proud to be associated with this
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Stenhouse       Mrs. Mabert S. Anderson                      Good Shepherd Medical Staff            great institution.”
Mrs. Elizabeth D. Stewart              Mrs. Mary Helen Ashcraft                     Dr. and Mrs. Christopher B.H. Gouw
Mrs. Katherine Thomas                  Auto Dealers CARing for Kids                 Grace Lutheran Church of Macungie
                                                                                                                                  – Tom Kwiatek, executive director
                                                                                                                                  – Bryan Gault, board president
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tillinghast           Foundation                                Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hahn
                                                                                                                                    Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Dealers
Top Star                               Mr. and Mrs. William Bachenberg              Mr. John S. Hayes, Esq.                          Association
Trinity Lutheran Church of Lansdale    Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Baker                  Mr. and Mrs. Roland Heck
Union Lutheran Church of               Mr. Michael Balshi and Mrs. Carolyn Balshi   Mr. and Mrs. William L. Heydt
   Schnecksville                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Becker                   Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hoffmann
UNUM                                   Mrs. Jane C Beitel                           Ms. Jayne L. Hontz
                                                                                                                                 Driven by a commitment to give back to
                                                                                                                                 the community they serve, the members
Vistacom, Inc.                         Mr. David J. Benzak                          Ike’s Service Centers
                                                                                                                                 of the Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Dealers
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph A. Wachsmuth       Ms. Elizabeth P. Bergbower                   ISS Solutions, A Geisinger Company           Association converted their 2010 Auto
Mr. Clifford E. Warfield               Mr. and Mrs. C. Brook Bergey                 Mr. John Carl Johnson                        Show Preview Night into a charitable
Wayne Memorial Hospital System, Inc.   Geoffrey and Wenda Boyer                     Mr. Mark A. Johnson                          gala, benefiting Good Shepherd’s
WEBB Medical Systems                   Calvary Lutheran Church of Laureldale        Mr. John M. Kanard                           Pediatric Program.

                                                             HONOR ROLL OF DONORS

                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Keim              Miss Marguerite Olson                  Mr. and Mrs. J. Linford Snyder
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Kepler             The Honorable Madaline Palladino       Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Snyder
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Kimbrough         Mrs. Reniea A. A. Peters               Mr. Arthur C. Souders
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Harold T. Kirkwood          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pinto, Jr.         St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church of
                                                    Rev. Laura L. Klick                      Ms. Katharine S. Place                    Perkasie
                                                    Mr. Gary M. Koch                         Plants Alive, Inc.                     Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Stahl
                                                    Mrs. Ruth M. Koenig                      Mrs. Dorothy B. Plesser                Mrs. Theresa Stine
                                                    Attorney and Mrs. Jacob Kolb             Mrs. Georgine M. Poole                 Ms. Dorothy E. Stringer
                                                    Mr. Jeff Kolibas                         Ms. Rochelle D. Quiggle                Mr. Randy Stubits
                                                    Miss Anna Kritis                         Mr. Joseph Raia                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Sullivan
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Warren B. Landis            Mrs. Ida H. Reinert                    Sunburst Property Management
                                                    Mr. Walter Leach, Jr.                    Reinhard Insurance Group               Mrs. Gloria A. Szakos
                                                    Mr. Michael Lee                          Mr. Philip M. Remig                    Mr. Anthony Taibi and
 “We were both raised at St. Paul’s Lutheran on     Mr. and Mrs. John Lehner                 Mr. and Mrs. Sidney F. Richard            Ms. Constance Kovar
 South 8th Street and the Good Shepherd Home        Liberty Lutheran Church                  Mr. Reed B. Riker                      Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Trollinger
 was a part of our upbringing. Good Shepherd is     Mr. Thomas E. Lilli                      Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Rinella, Jr.   Joseph and Lorraine Tumolo
 a class act that serves the community in many      Mr. and Mrs. G. Arden Link               Mrs. Shirley M. Rittenhouse            Mr. and Mrs. Stuart G. Ullman
 ways – residents, rehabilitation and pediatrics.
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. James H. Lorenz             Mrs. Joy H. Robinson                   Mrs. Mary E. Unkefer
 We are convinced the Lehigh Valley is a better
                                                    Mr. David Lyons and Dr. Pamela Shields   Mr. and Mrs. Herman P. Rohl            Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Vaughn
 place because of it.”
                                                    Ms. Lorraine M. May                      Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Rummel       Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Viston
          – Rod and Jean Meagher                    Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. McKeon, Sr.        Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Rumore            Mrs. Mary N. Walker
                                                    Mr. Rodney Meagher and                   Mr. Robert P. Ryall                    Mr. Robert Watson
                                                       Mrs. Jean Meagher                     Dr. R. Richard Schall, PhD             Miss Alma E. Wetzel

The Meaghers give both time and treasure            Mr. William G. Meier                     Schindler Elevator Corporation         Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. White
to Good Shepherd. They volunteer at the             Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mengak                Mr. William F. Schmidt                 Willow Brook Land Development
annual Conrad W. Raker Sporting Clays               Mrs. Vesta O. Mershon                    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Sembrot, MD        Corp., LLC
Invitational and made a generous gift to            Mr. Dave Messics                         Ms. Barbara D. Senftleben              Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Witmer
the Pediatrics Program. Jean heads the              Meyers Gun Shop                          Ms. Josephine A. Senseman              Mr. Robert W. Wolf
endowment fund committee at New Life                Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Millenbruch         Mrs. Helen A. Shade                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Wright
Evangelical Lutheran Church in New                  Mr. and Mrs. Arlington R. Miller, Sr.    Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Sheftel            Young Plumbing & Heating
Tripoli. At her suggestion, the church              Mr. Michael L. Millman                   Mr. and Mrs. Larrie Sheftel            Ms. Louise M. Zarrow, CPNP
donated a portion of the fund’s earnings to
                                                    Mr. Michael G. Moore, Jr.                Mr. and Mrs. Milton S. Sheftel         Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Zieger
Good Shepherd. In 2007, Rod spent five
                                                    National Stroke Association              Dr. Edward A. Shelly                   Mr. Paul C. Ziegler
weeks as an inpatient recovering from a
burn injury. The Meaghers are grateful for          North Penn Charitable Foundation         Mr. and Mrs. Roland Sigal              Zion Lutheran Church Packerton
the excellent care Rod received.                    Dr. and Mrs. Walter J. Okunski           Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Silberg           Willing Workers

GOOD SHEPHERD                      Patti Gates-Smith*                    level who have remembered
WOMEN’S CIRCLE                     Marna Hayden*                         Good Shepherd in their will or
                                   Connie Koch                           have created a life income or
                                   Jane L. Kohler*                       insurance gift.
                                   Cathy L. Leiber*
                                   Barbara G. Lieberman                  Anonymous (5)
                                   Miriam Ludwig                         Mrs. Klara Aagenes
                                   Midge Mosser                          Mr. and Mrs. George W. Barclay
                                   Maina Pawar                           Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bauer
                                   Linda S. Perin                        Mr. David K. Bausch
                                   Edith Ritter                          Mrs. Johanna Bees
                                   Diana (Dee) Serfass                   Ms. Ruth I. Bennett
This year, a group of
                                   Mary Jo Serfass                       Lee and Cerf Berkley
philanthropic-minded women
                                   Sandhya Singh                         Mrs. Clara E. Birunas
gathered together to form Good
Shepherd’s first Women’s Circle,   * Member, Active Core Team
                                                                         Mrs. Mildred Bogert and             “Growing up, I saw so much good
membership in which starts at                                               Mr. Robert Bogert                that was done at Good Shepherd. I
$1,000 annually. Together,                                               Robert and Tammy Bognar             knew I always wanted to be a part of
                                   PLANNED GIVING
the members make strategic                                               Mr. Merritt H. Bossard              it. I remember Good Shepherd in my
decisions about the Good                                                 Ms. Phoebe A. Boyer                 prayers daily.”
                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur L. Boyer
Shepherd programs that will
                                                                         Mrs. Grace Breinig                         – Frieda Wahrmann
benefit from their collective
charitable donations. Thank you                                          Ms. Margery Brunner

to the following charter members                                         Mr. Harry Buchin
of the Women’s Circle.                                                   Mr. Hubert H. Bury                       Frieda’s loyalty as a donor dates back to
                                   The 1908 Raker Society is             Mr. and Mrs. Harley E. Bussard           1982. Since then, she has made 97 gifts
Polly Beste                                                              Dr. E. Joel Carpenter IV and             and named Good Shepherd in her will.
                                   deeply grateful for donors, past
Mary Lynn Bonsall                                                           Mrs. Judy Carpenter                   Frieda’s father, The Rev. H.E.C.
                                   and present, who support the
Wendy Body
                                   charitable mission of Good            Stanley and Solveig Cherim               Wahrmann, was called upon in 1920 by
Maria A. Bouloux*                  Shepherd through estate               Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chezik               Good Shepherd founder, The Rev. John
Pam Calabrese                      planning. Their foresight has         Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Clark, Sr.        H. Raker, to serve as administrative
Carol A. Carpenter*                                                      Mrs. Sheila Clark                        secretary and “general helper,” a post he
                                   played an integral role in carrying
Natalie F. Coleman                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Clark           held for more than 40 years. Above,
                                   forward the mission of The Rev.
Marie Dowling                                                            Mr. Edward Coleman and
                                                                                                                  Frieda holds a treasured picture of her
                                   John H. and D. Estella Raker.
                                                                                                                  late father and mother, Emma Louisa.
Dr. Tamar Earnest                                                           Mrs. Natalie Coleman
Susan L. Galius*                   The society welcomes new              Mr. John L. Coleman
Sally Gammon                       members starting at the $1,000        Mr. Alto Rex Cooper

                                                          HONOR ROLL OF DONORS

                                                 Mr. Joseph E. Correll                    Mrs. Ardath Heard                       Ms. Verna K. Lindsly
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cressman                Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Heffelfinger   Mrs. Wilhelmine B. Lysinger
                                                 Mr. Malcolm M. DeLong                    Mrs. Joyce W. Heil                      Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Mangold
                                                 Mrs. Carol A. Dennis and                 Ms. Carol D. Henn                       Mrs. Mabel M. Marks
                                                    Mr. Ray E. Dennis                     Mrs. Mary T. Henry                      Mrs. Viola McGregor
                                                 Sister Millicent J. Drake                Mr. Lester B. High                      Mrs. Sandra Spitzer McKelvey
                                                 Dr. Tamar Earnest and                    Mrs. Velma O. Hinton                    Mrs. Eleanor H. Miller
                                                    Mr. William Earnest                   Mr. and Mrs. David D. Hoffman           Mrs. Sara K. Miller
                                                 Mr. Marc Elstad                          Mrs. John Raker Hudders                 Mrs. Wilma S. Mills
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Engle                William Max and J. Lorraine Izer        Mrs. Jacqueline G. Mock
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Fabian            Mr. and Mrs. Alvin V. Johnson           Mrs. Gertrude K. Moorhouse
                                                 Rev. Charles E. and C. Louise Fair       Mrs. Helen K. Johnson                   Mr. James Morrash
                                                 Dr. Lona Farr and Mr. David Voellinger   Rev. and Mrs. John W. Johnson, Jr.      Mr. John W. Moser and
 “Supporting Good Shepherd is easy because
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Roderic R. Fink             Dr. Peter A. Keblish and                   Mrs. Shirley Moser
 of its commitment to all who require healing.
                                                 Mr. Charles A. Fisher                       Mrs. Ruth Keblish                    Mr. and Mrs. William F. Mosser III
 I was one of those people more than 25 years
 ago. Still today I receive healing from this    Mr. Richard Fleming                      Mrs. Marilyn L. Kelly                   Mr. and Mrs. Edgar K. Muhlhausen

 place and the true Good Shepherd, Jesus         Mrs. Margaretta S. Frankenfield          Mrs. Verna A. Kemmerer                  Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Z. Myer
 Christ, upon whom the organization’s mission    Mr. Harry J. Frederick                   Mrs. Beryl M. Kiefer                    Mrs. Dorothy B. Myers
 is established.”                                Mrs. Elizabeth G. Fronheiser             Mrs. Jane R. Kiscadden                  Rev. Glenn G. Neubauer
                                                 Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert B. Furst       Mrs. Janet C. Kistner                   Miss Elaine H. Newhart
        – Jamie Smith
                                                 Mr. Edgar L. Gehman                      Mr. Robert E. Kline                     Mr. Rudolph F. Nickisher
                                                 Mr. Kermit K. Gehman                     Mrs. Geraldine Knickerbocker            Mr. Frank Nikischer
                                                 Mrs. Bernice Gilbert                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Knipe            Mrs. Judith Nikischer
In 1983, Jamie was an inpatient at Good
Shepherd following a car accident that           Mrs. Kay Gontner and                     Mr. and Mrs. Delbert E. Koch            Mrs. Annie M. Nolf
injured his spinal cord and left him                Mr. Chester Gontner                   Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Koenig          Mrs. Virginia F. Nunan
paralyzed from the waist down. Now a             Mr. and Mrs. David B. Gordon             Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Kretlow           Mr. and Mrs. William E. Omick, Sr.
grateful donor, he has supported the             Mr. Elvin D. Gradwohl                    Mrs. Elizabeth Krieg                    Mrs. Marjorie L. Opdyke
recreational therapy program and, through
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Griffitts, Jr.       Mrs. Charlotte R. Landis                Dr. and Mrs. Morton B. Parmet
his partnership in Around the Clock
                                                 Dr. Richard F. Grunt and                 Mr. Mayo W. Lanning                     Ms. Jean L. Penny
Nursing, he and his colleagues have
supported the Good Shepherd Pediatrics              Ms. Sharon Gaiser                     Mr. Philip G. Le Van                    Mrs. Gloria Pool
Program as a sponsor of the 2009 Golf &          Sally and Larry Gurskey                  Miss Gladys M. Lerch                    Mrs. Betty G. Porter
Tennis Invitational and through donations        Ms. Beryl L. Harrison                    Rev. Donald I. Lindman and              Mrs. Hilda H. Price
to other pediatric fund-raising events.          Ms. Marna Hayden                            Mrs. Kathleen Lindman                Mrs. Grace A. Raker

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reese         Mrs. Jeanne M. Turtzo           Mr. G. B. F. Deily          Mr. James O. Kressley
Mr. Karl R. Reichstadter         Mrs. Luella Vogel               Mrs. Mary R. Delcamp        Mr. Richard W. Kurtz
Mrs. Joanne S. Reider            Mrs. Carolyn Volk               Mrs. Ruth R. Diehl          Mr. Ralph J. Larosh
Mrs. Roby C. Reitz               Dr. and Mrs. Nelvin L. Vos      Mrs. Leah M. Dries          Ms. Mary C. Laubach
Linda H. Repsher                 Miss Frieda L. Wahrmann         Rev. Leland K. Fackler      Mr. John J. Lawrence
Mr. Harry T. Rice                Mr. and Mrs. R. Donald Walp     Mrs. M. Alice Fisher        Mr. Karl M. Lehr
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney F. Richard   Rev. Dr. Harold S. Weiss and    Ms. Florence Y. Flach       Mrs. Marguerite S. Lichtenwalter
Mr. Reed B. Riker                   Mrs. Mary Anne Weiss         Mrs. Christine D. Fortune   Mr. Walter J. Loy
Mr. Gery J. Robleto              Ms. Jessica L. Wentz            Mrs. Anna M. Frank          Mrs. Marianne B. Marine
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Ross      Mrs. Alyce M. Wert
                                                                 Mrs. Hilda Frazer           Ms. Lorraine M. Miller
Miss Doris E. Sandt              Rev. and Mrs. Richard C. Wolf
                                                                 Ms. Mary Jane Fritz         Mr. Robert K. Mosser
Miss Arlean E. Schlear           Mrs. Elizabeth Y. Wolfe
                                                                 Mr. George W. Gangewer      Ms. Mary E. Neuffer
Mrs. Virginia O. Schlechter      Mrs. Dorothy R. Wright
                                                                 Mr. Joseph Garth            Mr. Adin H. Nicholas
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Schucker    Mrs. June L. Wright
                                                                 Mrs. Beatrice L. Gilbert    Mr. John P. Oberholtzer
Mrs. Anna C. Schurz              Mr. Clarence S. Yergey
                                                                 Mr. Frank F. Hausman        Mrs. Eleanor L. Quigley
Mrs. Amelia Segesdy              Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Young
                                                                 Ms. Laila M. Heffner        Ms. May G. Reno
Rev. and Mrs. Eric C. Shafer     Mrs. Doris K. Yourishin-Iero
                                                                 Mrs. Margaret S. Hellyer    Mr. Albert T. Rex
Mr. Richard C. Shafer and        Mr. and Mrs. Roman Zaharchuk
                                                                 Ms. Creda E. Heppe          Ms. Marion K. Rhoads
   Mrs. Norine Shafer            Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Zinner
                                                                 Mr. Benjamin F. Herr        Mr. Ammon H. Rhodes
Mrs. Naomi Shelly
                                                                 Mr. Albert C. Hladish       Mr. Edwin Rohn
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Sherry   The following friends, who
                                                                 Mr. George H. Holtzapple    Mr. Frank Rothdeutsch
Mr. Donald B. Smith              included Good Shepherd in
                                                                 Mrs. Georgiana W. Jackson   Mr. Erwin F. Schabhuettl
Mr. Jamie J. Smith               their estate plans, have
                                                                 Ms. Margaret Jacobs         Mr. John Harold Schaeffer
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Smokler     passed away.
Mrs. Martha J. Snyder                                            Ms. Alverta G. Jones        Ms. Joanna B.F. Schlechter

Mrs. Beatrice E. Spiegler        Anonymous                       Mr. John R. Kauffman, Jr.   Mr. Warren S. Scholl

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stahle       Mrs. Dorothy M. Bachert         Ms. Mary Ellen Keller       Mr. George E. Serfass

Ms. Sandra Z. Staley             Ms. Elizabeth Bergenstock       Rev. Charles K. Kerschmar   Mr. Samuel B. Sexton, III
Mr. William E. Stone             Mr. Arthur Boesler, Jr.         Mr. Claude W. Kline         Mrs. Lydia M. Sommer
Mrs. Gayle D. Stoneback          Mrs. Margaret R Bower           Mr. Edward S. Knisely       Mr. Thomas A. Taylor
Miss Lillian E. Troutman         Mr. Robert R. Clark, Sr.        Mr. Samuel R. Knouse        Ms. Elizabeth S. Taylor
Joseph and Lorraine Tumolo       Ms. Laura S. Cortright          Mr. Jacob W. Kratz          Mrs. Margaret W. Underkoffler
Mrs. Anneliese Tunnhoff          Mr. Charles J. De Hart          Mr. Guy L. Kratzer          Mr. John F. Wieder


     MATCHING GIFT COMPANIES               Mrs. Heather Douglass Andrews   Ms. Gabriella Ciaccio        Mrs. Mary Dreisbach
                                           Ms. Barbara Arndt               Ms. Erica Clarke             Mr. Michael Dries
     Many companies offer a matching       Mr. William Bachenberg          Ms. Judy Clemens             Mr. John Edelman
     gift program to encourage and         Mr. Gary Bachman                Mr. Gary Clewell             Ms. Georgine Edwards
     support the philanthropic giving      Ms. Nancy Bachman               Ms. Heather Coe              Ms. Eddie Ehlert
     of their employees. Good Shepherd     Ms. Alison Baker                Mr. Bruce Cohen              Mr. Peter Eibl
     is pleased to recognize these
                                           Mr. James Bambu                 Ms. Wendy Cole               Ms. Sally Elias
     companies that have made
                                           Ms. Bryanna Rosario Barakat     Ms. Lisandra Collazzo        Ms. Elizabeth Engler
     matching gift contributions.
                                           Ms. Jennifer Barakat            Mr. Robert Conner            Ms. Patricia Engler

     Altria Group                          Ms. Michelle Barakat            Ms. Jessica Cortez           Mrs. Annie Episcopo

     GlaxoSmithKline                       Ms. Gabrielle Barna             Ms. Carmille Costaglola      Ms. Levi Erb
                                           Ms. Nicole Barna                Mr. Israel Cruz              Ms. Amber Erdman
     IBM Corporation
                                           Ms. Tiffany Barndt              Mr. Jordano Cruz             Ms. Sherri Erkinger
     Home Depot
                                           Ms. Elizabeth Barrall           Ms. Karen Csencsits          Mrs. Sherry Farrell
                                           Mrs. Shirley Baum               Ms. Mary Cuccinello          Ms. Rachel Febert
                                           Ms. Sophie Bean                 Ms. Sabine Dasilva           Mr. Ray Federici
     Penn Virginia Corporation
                                           Mrs. Diane Beil                 Ms. Katey Dauble             Mrs. Susanne Feinour
                                           Mr. Nathan Benner               Mr. Chad Davidheiser         Ms. Marie Feinour
     Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
                                           Ms. Lynn Bittner                Mr. Philip Delany            Ms. Carol Fell
                                           Mrs. Jayne Bongiovanni          Ms. Dayanna Delarosa         Mr. Kenneth Fenstermaker
                                           Ms. Kira Boslet                 Ms. Dorothy DeLazaro         Ms. Jolene Fetherman
                                           Ms. Michelle Botelho            Ms. Nicole Delle Donne       Ms. Nadine Fink
                                           Ms. Judy Bowman                 Mr. Franklin DeLong          Mr. Joseph Fischl
     Good Shepherd is blessed to have
                                           Ms. Dixie Buchanan              Ms. Amanda DeMasi            Ms. Emily Flowers
     many volunteers who give their time
                                           Ms. Kimberly Buck               Ms. Suzette Denezza          Mr. Robert A. Ford
     and their hearts in support of our
     mission. To all our volunteers,       Ms. Julianne Budwash            Mrs. Linda Derr              Ms. Diane Fraley

     thank you for sharing, for caring     Mr. Alex Burgdos                Ms. Sharon Devine            Ms. Marissa Frey
     and for giving.                       Ms. Karen Byrnes                Ms. Christine Devitt         Mr. Glenn Fretz
                                           Ms. Rosa Cancel                 Mr. Ben Ditzler              Mrs. Jane Fretz
     Ms. Sandra Ackerman                   Ms. Starline Canfield           Mr. Todd Donnelly            Mr. Bill Fritz
     Mr. William Agriss                    Mrs. Carol Chadwick             Mr. Anthony Dorney           Mr. Chris Gada
     Mrs. Victoria Aitchison               Ms. Carol Christman             Ms. Ann Dougal               Ms. Suzanne Garber
     Ms. Maryalice Amoroso                 Ms. Myrna Chubbs                Mr. Alfred E. Douglass, IV   Mr. Omar Garcia

Ms. Maria Garcia           Mr. Keith Jenkins       Mrs. Shirley McCormick
Mrs. Annette Gardner       Ms. Phyllis Johnson     Mr. Roy McDermott
Ms. Maria Geonnotti        Mrs. Virginia Jones     Mrs. Elizabeth McDonald
Mr. Robert Gilbert         Ms. Andrea Jordan       Ms. Wendy McLean
Ms. Rebekah Gilbert        Ms. Kathryn Karoly      Ms. Sasha Medina
Mr. Raymond Gnatt          Ms. Dee Kates           Mrs. Winnie Melinsky
Ms. Rosalie Goldstein      Ms. Marian Keglovits    Mr. Bryan Meltzer
Ms. Theresa Gonzalez       Mr. Glenn Keiser, Jr.   Mrs. Lauren Messerli
Mr. Steve Gordy            Mrs. Dolores Kelhart    Mr. Steve Miller
Mrs. Rita Granitz          Mr. David Kepler        Ms. Tina Minnich
Ms. Alicia Gray            Mr. Matthew Kerns       Ms. Deanna Molchany
Ms. Jaynni Greenberg       Mr. Michael Kissel      Ms. Tyler Morrell
Mrs. Mary Lou Grigalonis   Ms. Chelsea Klueber     Ms. Joanne Moss
                                                                               “Good Shepherd is great for the Lehigh Valley
Ms. Pauline Gruber         Mr. Joseph Koch         Mr. Raymond Moyer           community. As the president of a successful
Mr. David Guffy            Ms. Stacey Kochanek     Ms. Ann Mulhall             leading business, I think it’s important to give
Ms. Rachel Guffy           Ms. Amanda Koenig       Mr. Michael Nagle           back. I am very humbled to have chaired the
Mr. Larry Gurskey          Ms. Linda Kreithen      Ms. Mildred Nagle           Good Shepherd Golf & Tennis Invitational
Ms. Sally Gurskey          Ms. Barbara Krukowski   Mr. Vincent Napolitano      committee for the past two years.”
Ms. Debbie Hager           Ms. Eileen Krywanis     Mr. Phil Nguyen
                                                                                               – Todd Donnelly
Ms. Marlena Hamm           Mrs. Cheryl Labs        Mr. Tim Nikitin
Ms. Joyce Hazuda           Mrs. Anne Landis        Ms. Ginger Novack
Ms. Deborah Heft           Ms. Anthony Lettorale   Mrs. Jeannine O’Callaghan
                                                                                    In 2009, Todd Donnelly, president of
Ms. Nancy Hernandez        Ms. Kathy Lilly         Mr. Ricardo O’Connor
                                                                                    Viamedia, used his drive, energy and
Ms. Vickiana Hernandez     Mrs. Shirley Lizotte    Ms. Victoria Otto                unbridled enthusiasm to chair the
Ms. Ronnie Hess            Mr. Alan Lucas          Ms. Renee Oxford                 committee for the Golf & Tennis Invitational
Ms. Alexis Hightman        Ms. Suzan Lucas         Ms. Merrilee Patten              for Pediatrics, making it the most
Mr. Michael Hoosier        Mr. Dave Lutz           Ms. Courtney Patterson           successful tournament in Good Shepherd’s
Mrs. Carol Iannantuono     Ms. Jim Madara          Ms. Yahaira Perdomo
                                                                                    history. Then, he repeated the effort in
                                                                                    2010. Under Todd’s leadership, the
Mr. Jack Iannantuono       Mr. Bob Makos           Mr. Harry Person II
                                                                                    committee launched a fund-raising event at
Mr. Jason Iannantuono      Mrs. Elfie Maniatty     Ms. Laura Petterway              Braveheart Highland Pub, which brought
Ms. Suzan Imes             Ms. Carol Mark          Ms. Lauren Piehl                 together friends, donors and Good Shepherd
Ms. Cathy Jaindl Leuthe    Mrs. Debra Martin       Ms. Melida Porras                employees for a night on the town, also
Mrs. Tiffany James         Ms. Natalia Martinez    Ms. Holly Purkey                 benefiting the Pediatrics Program.

                                                           HONOR ROLL OF VOLUNTEERS

                                                  Pastor Gary Rankin                   Ms. Taryn Shaheen                   Mrs. Sally Ullman
                                                  Ms. Louise Rees                      Ms. Bernice Shaneson                Mr. Gabriel Urffer
                                                  Mrs. Dolores Rehrig                  Mr. J. Shauger                      Mrs. Eleanor Veneziano
                                                  Mr. Fred Reichert                    Ms. Eva Sheesley                    Mr. Richard Vorholy
                                                  Ms. Ann Reinert                      Mrs. Judy Sheftel                   Mrs. Carol Vorholy
                                                  Mr. Dennis Repsher                   Ms. Kiana Shields                   Ms. Diane Washburn
                                                  Mrs. Beverly Repsher                 Ms. Joanne Slusser                  Ms. Amanda Webster
                                                  Mr. John Riegger                     Mr. Robert Smith                    Ms. Macy Weidner
                                                  Ms. Carol Riepensell                 Ms. Ashley Smith                    Mr. Mark Weidner
                                                  Mr. Dylan Rivera                     Ms. Kendra Smith                    Ms. Marissa Weidner
                                                  Mr. Bill Robbins                     Ms. Shannon Smith                   Ms. JoAnn Wells
                                                  Ms. Alyssa Robertson                 Ms. Ellen Sockin                    Mr. Kevin Wenck
                                                  Mr. Ron Robinson                     Ms. Diane Sofka                     Mr. William Wentz
                                                  Ms. Margarita Rodriguez              Ms. Mildred Soha                    Mr. Chuck Werkheiser
        “Being named Volunteer of the Year        Mr. Robert Roland                    Matthew Sorrentino, Esq.            Mr. Neil Wetcher
        was such a highlight for me. It made      Ms. Olga Roque                       Ms. Joan Stanton                    Ms. Jim Wickert
        me feel like I’m doing something with     Mr. Charles Roth, Jr.                Mr. Jason Stauffer                  Ms. Lauren Wieser
        my life that counts. I always wanted to   Mrs. Donna Rovito                    Mr. William Stauffer                Ms. Anna Mae Williams
        go into mission work. This is my          Mr. Stan Rugis                       Ms. Kelly Steber                    Ms. Linda Williams
        mission here.”
                                                  Mr. Michael Rutman, Jr.              Mrs. Nancy Steltz                   Ms. Sharon Williams
                – Georgine Edwards                Ms. Roni Santone                     Mrs. Lucille Stephens               Mr. Henry Williams, Jr.
                                                  Mr. Donald Saunders                  Ms. Jane Stone                      Mr. C. Richard Wilson
                                                  Mr. Sam Saxton                       Ms. Jane Storch                     Mr. Bill Wright
                                                  Mr. Anthony Scarcia                  Ms. Jerry Strohl                    Mr. Tim Yenawine
A warm and welcoming smile paired with
a giving heart are just two of the reasons        Ms. Lindsay Schadt                   Ms. Helen Sunga                     Mrs. Michelle Young
Georgine was named the 2010 Conrad W.             Ms. Madison Schantz                  Ms. Nicole Tennant                  Ms. Alice Zahradnik
Raker Volunteer of the Year. Georgine             Mrs. Rita Scheller                   Mr. Stanley Theodoredis             Mr. Jonathan Zavocki
gives of her time selflessly as receptionist      Mr. Bruce Schmidt                    Mrs. Dorothy Thiel                  Ms. Julia Zecchini
at the Conrad W. Raker Center and can             Mrs. Diann Schmoyer                  Ms. Mary Thompson                   Mr. Conor Zellner
always be counted on to help with any
                                                  Ms. Kendra Schmoyer                  Mrs. Mary Kay Thomson               Mr. Paul Zimmermann
project. Last year, Georgine volunteered
                                                  Mr. Brett Schwartz                   Mrs. Helen Trinkle                  Mr. Jeff Zimskind
1,180 hours.
                                                  Ms. Beverly Seibert                  Mr. Cliff Trumbo
                                                  Mr. James Shaheen                    Ms. Shiva Trupp

                                                     To become a Good Shepherd volunteer, visit or call 610-776-3125.
                 We gratefully acknowledge all those who served on Good Shepherd’s Board of Trustees and Work Services Advisory Board,
                                        our facility medical directors and our administrators for fiscal year 2010.

Board of Trustees – Good Shepherd                       Facility Medical Directors                                   Frank Hyland, MSPT, Vice President, Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation Network                                                                                                    Services; Administrator, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation
                                                        Phillip R. Bryant, DO                                             Hospital
Richard E. Drobnicki, CPA, Chair, Allentown                 Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital–Allentown;         Frances Iannaccone, RN, BS, CRRN, NHA, Director of
Sandra L. Bodnyk, BS, Treasurer, Orefield                   Good Shepherd Rehabilitation at Pocono Medical                Nursing; Interim Administrator, The Good Shepherd
David G. DeCampli, MS, Secretary, Orefield                  Center; Chief, Division of Rehabilitation and Physical        Home at Conrad W. Raker Center
Scott A. Baker, MBA, Schnecksville                          Medicine at Easton Hospital                              Cynthia Lambert, MEd, Vice President, Government and
Patrick J. Brennan, MD, Havertown                       Scott K. Epstein, MD                                              Community Relations
Addie J. Butler, EdD, Philadelphia                          Good Shepherd–Wayne Memorial Inpatient                   David F. Lyons, CFRE, Vice President for Development
James J. Daley, MD, Center Valley                           Rehabilitation Center                                    Lisa M. Marsilio, MBA, Administrator, Good Shepherd
Robert E. Gadomski, MS, Bethlehem                       Clinton C. Holumzer, MD                                           Specialty Hospital
Sara (Sally) T. Gammon, MBA, FACHE,                         The Good Shepherd Home–Bethlehem                         Samuel Miranda, Jr., MS, RN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice
    President and CEO, Bethlehem                        Thomas V. Brislin, DO, FACP, CMD                                  President, Chief Nursing Officer
Michael R. Goldner, DO, FACP, Allentown                     The Good Shepherd Home at Conrad W. Raker Center         Ronald J. Petula, CPA, Vice President, Finance
Elsbeth G. Haymon, MEd, Allentown                                                                                    Brent Reitz, MBA, FACHE, Vice President, Pediatrics
Katherine (Kassie) Hilgert, BS, Bethlehem                                                                            Harold M. Ting, PhD, FACHE, Senior Vice President,
Gerald A. Nau, BA, Reading                              Good Shepherd Specialty Hospital Program                          Strategic Planning and Business Development
Edith D. Ritter, MBA, Coopersburg                       Medical Directors                                            Clifford R. Trumbo, FMA, Vice President, Facilities
Gary R. Schmidt, MA, Orefield                                                                                             Management
The Rev. David R. Strobel, M.Div, Bowers                James J. Daley, MD
Sandra L. Jarva Weiss, JD, Easton                       Peter Ender, MD
                                                        Clinton C. Holumzer, MD
                                                                                                                     Good Shepherd Work Services Advisory Board
Daniel J. Wilson, PhD, Allentown
                                                        Jeffrey Marsh, MD
                                                        Jaan P. Naktin, MD                                           Edith D. Ritter, MBA, Chair, Coopersburg
John V. Cooney, MS, Allentown, Trustee Emeritus
                                                                                                                     Louis Belletieri, Allentown
Nelvin L. Vos, PhD, Maxatawny, Trustee Emeritus
                                                                                                                     Benjamin Crowder, Allentown
The Rev. Dr. Harold S. Weiss, M.Div, Allentown,
                                                        Administrators                                               Greg Cunningham, BS, Macungie
    Trustee Emeritus
                                                                                                                     Sara (Sally) T. Gammon, MBA, FACHE, Bethlehem
                                                        Sara (Sally) T. Gammon, MBA, FACHE, President & CEO          Alan Hall, MEd, Bethlehem
Board of Trustees – Good Shepherd                       Anthony B. Bongiovanni, MAM, Senior Vice President,          Michael Heery, Lehighton
                                                            Human Resources, and Chief Performance Officer           Jim Klunk, Allentown
Specialty Hospital                                                                                                   Ray Suhocki, PE, Allentown
                                                        Phillip R. Bryant, DO, Senior Vice President, Medical
Sara (Sally) T. Gammon, MBA, FACHE, Chair, Bethlehem        Affairs, and Chief Medical Officer
Samuel Miranda, Jr., MS, RN, NEA-BC, Vice Chair,        Daniel C. Confalone, MBA, FHFMA, Senior Vice President,
    Allentown                                               Finance, and Chief Financial Officer
Daniel C. Confalone, MBA, FHFMA, Secretary/Treasurer,   Greg Cunningham, BS, Director, Work Services
    Allentown                                           Jess Dalton, MBA, MHA, MSPH, Administrator,
Phillip R. Bryant, DO, Bethlehem                            Neurorehabilitation
Clinton C. Holumzer, MD, Allentown                      Joe Hess, MSA, NHA, Administrator, Good Shepherd
Susan L. Lawrence, MS, CPHQ, Bethlehem                      Home–Bethlehem
Lisa M. Marsilio, MBA, Fogelsville


Inpatient Locations                                                                    Center Valley                         610-797-0999                              Residential Facilities
                                                                                           4883 Route 309
Allentown                              610-776-3100                                    Coopersburg                           610-282-1385                              Allentown                             610-776-3199
    Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital                                                  101 S. Main St.                                                                 The Good Shepherd Home at Conrad W. Raker Center
    850 South 5th St.                                                                  East Greenville                       215-679-4105                                  601 St. John St.
Bethlehem                              610-807-4200                                        622 Gravel Pike, Ste. 110                                                   Allentown                             610-841-4752
    Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital Pediatric Unit                               Easton                                610-250-4232                                  Supported Independent Living Apartments
    2855 Schoenersville Rd.                                                                Easton Hospital*                                                                909 South 6th St.
Easton                                 610-250-4218                                        250 South 21st Street                                                       Bethlehem                             610-807-5600
    Good Shepherd Rehabilitation at Easton Hospital*                                   Hamburg                               610-562-3523                                  The Good Shepherd Home-Bethlehem
    250 South 21st St.                                                                     500 Hawk Ridge Drive, Ste. 2                                                    2855 Schoenersville Rd.
East Stroudsburg                       570-476-3410                                    Kutztown                              610-683-5390
    Good Shepherd Rehabilitation at                                                        333 Normal Ave.
                                                                                                                                                                       Consumer, Vocational and Business Services
        Pocono Medical Center                                                          Laurys Station                        610-262-6773
    206 East Brown St.                                                                     5649 Wynnewood Drive, Ste. 103
                                                                                                                                                                       Allentown                                                     610-433-9910
Honesdale                              570-253-8732                                    Macungie                              484-519-3801
                                                                                                                                                                           Clubhouse of Lehigh County
    Good Shepherd-Wayne Memorial Inpatient                                                 6465 Village Lane, Ste. #5
                                                                                                                                                                           1437 Gordon St.
        Rehabilitation Center*                                                         Northampton                           610-261-4292
                                                                                                                                                                       Allentown                                                     610-776-8350
    601 Park St.                                                                           44 West 21st Street
                                                                                                                                                                           Good Shepherd Work Services
                                                                                       Palmerton                             610-824-7440
                                                                                                                                                                           1901 Lehigh St.
                                                                                           3295 Forest Inn Rd.
Outpatient Locations                                                                   Quakertown                            215-536-2220
                                                                                           134 Mill Road, Ste. 3
Allentown                               610-778-1000                                   Schnecksville                         610-769-7299
    Good Shepherd Health & Technology Center                                               4110 Independence Drive, Ste. 200
    850 South 5th St.                                                                  Slate Belt                            610-863-6966
Allentown - CedarPointe                 484-788-0701                                       422 Blue Valley Drive, Bangor
    1651 N. Cedar Crest Blvd., Ste. 100                                                Souderton – Coming Soon!              215-721-1871
Bath                                    610-440-0362                                       4034 Bethlehem Pike, Telford
    5970 Nor-Bath Blvd.                                                                Stroudsburg                           570-421-6110
Bethlehem Township                      610-867-3606                                       7400 Route 611, Stroud Commons #4
    Priority Care at Emrick*                                                                                                                                                    850 S. Fifth Street, Allentown, PA 18103
    2151 Emrick Blvd., Ste. 102                                                                                                                                            
Bethlehem Township                      610-882-9611                                   Long-Term Acute Care Hospital                                                                         610-776-3100
    CORE Physical Therapy - A member of
        Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network                                           Bethlehem                               484-884-5000                            Good Shepherd serves persons with disabilities on the basis of need regardless of
                                                                                                                                                                       ethnicity, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex or religious creed and is an equal
    3201 Highfield Drive, Ste. F                                                           Good Shepherd Specialty Hospital                                            opportunity employer. Good Shepherd shares in concerns for the environment by
Blandon                                 610-944-6504                                       3rd and 4th Floors, South Entrance,                                         recycling and using recycled products. Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network and
                                                                                           at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg                                        its affiliates are tax-exempt organizations as provided by IRS regulations.
    850 Golden Drive, Ste. 13 and 14                                                                                                                                   Pennsylvania law requires us to inform you of the following: The official registration
                                                                                           2545 Schoenersville Rd.                                                     and financial information of Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network may be
                                                                                                                                                                       obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within
                                                                                                                                                                       Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

*Billing and medical records are handled by these providers, not Good Shepherd. Please contact your insurance carrier to determine the coverage available to you for   Photography: Elizabeth McDonald, Randy Monceaux
services at these facilities.                                                                                                                                          Design: Julian James Advertising Design
                                                                                                                                                                       Editing: Gene Nichols, Patricia Pologruto

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