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An introduction to collecting car brochures.

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Car brochure collecting. Why it is good fun, cheap (sometimes!) and interesting hobby.

What to avoid, where to buy and suggested items to collect.

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Ever since the first car was made manufacturers and tuners have been producing literature to promote their

One of the most interesting aspects of collecting auto brochures is that they provide a unique social history
of the time they were produced.

For example if you have a brochure for a Volkswagen Beetle from the 1960's you will find information
about the time in which it was produced like hairstyles, clothing and popular decor of the time.

Add to this, the fact that most brochures can be bought inexpensively and take up little space to store (unless
you get obsessed!) you have the basis for a popular and rewarding hobby.

However, as with all collecting there are many ways (especially as a beginner) that you can come "unstuck"
and end up spending your hard earned money on inferior, fake or incomplete brochures.

Over the coming weeks, amongst other things I will cover the purchase, safe-keeping and suggested themes
for brochure collections and provide an analysis of a number of my favourite brochures both expensive and
in one case commonly available for less than £4 or $8!

Hopefully you will find my articles both a valuable resource and one that improves your knowledge of this
area of collecting.
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