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             Food Guide
Celebrating Fresh, Local Foods from Clatsop & Tillamook Counties

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                       Join us in celebrating the incredible diversity and bounty
                                                               of our local food system!
Welcome to the North Coast Food Guide, a tool to help you and your family access locally grown, produced and
harvested foods here on the north Oregon coast. Individual consumers, chefs, restaurants, grocers, institutions, and
processors can use the directory to find regional farms, farmers’ markets, farm stands, docks, other agricultural
resources and community gardens. Our hope is that this guide will not only help you find the location of local food
producers, but that it will also connect you personally with the hard working folks that produce our food. Ask your
favorite restaurants and stores for locally grown foods to help our farm and fishing industry keep growing!

                                                                             Table of Contents
              Clatsop and Tillamook Counties: Our Food System……………………….......….……………………..….….......3
              North Coast Producers……...……………………………………………….…...…………………….…..…...….4-20
              Food Roots FarmTable: Market Vendor Incubation Project.............................................................................14
              North Coast Food Web Mobile Gardens Project: Gardens for Everyone........................................................15
              North Coast Farmers’ Markets……...……………………..………….…….….....………………….......……….....21
              Oregon Grown Crop Availability………..…………………………….…..…………………………….…..….……..22
              School & Community Gardens……..…………………….……........................…………………..…...............23-24
              Educational Resources..................................……………………....……………….…………….......……….…..25
              Local Food Guide Definitions....……………………………………..……………………………......…..…….……26
              About Us..........................................................................................................................................................27
              Our Sponsors..................................................................................................................................................28

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The North Coast Food Guide makes every effort to insure that this publication is informative, complete and accurate. It does not
make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy of any of the information contained in this publication, nor as to the
agricultural and business practices of any member farm or the condition or quality of the farm crops produced or sold there.

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                                                 Clatsop and Tillamook Counties

Clatsop and Tillamook Counties have a rich and diverse agricultural and fishing history. Once the counties were dotted with a multitude of small
farms, canneries and docks, but in modern times these counties have seen a decline in the all of these areas. Despite challenges, small to mid-size
locally owned farms, fishers and food production companies still operate here, and we are also seeing an increase in the number of beginning
farmers throughout our region. We hope this guide will help our community take a step towards community food security. Requesting local
products supports our economy by keeping dollars in our region.

                     The USDA calculates that farmers receive less than 19 cents for every dollar that
                     consumers spend on food.

                     The remainder of the dollar goes to other sectors of the food industry, to pay for
                     labor, transportation, energy, packaging, and advertising.

                     Buying locally reduces these costs and returns more of the food dollar to the
                     deserving farmer.


North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
46 North Farm                                                                         A&B Farms
Teresa Retzlaff                                                                       Teresa Reutou
89578 HWY 202                                                                         13500 S. Vick Road
Astoria, OR 97103                                                                     Molalla, OR 97030
Phone: (503) 325-1486                                                                 Phone: (503) 829-2995 Cell: (503) 784-3964
Email: info@46northfarm.com                                                           Email: reutouforest@yahoo.com
Website: www.46northfarm.com
                                                                                      Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower
Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower                                                 Products Available: Raspberries, blueberries, marionberries, sylvan,
Products Available: Eggs, Vegetables, Heirlooms, Specialty Crops, Bedding             strawberries, Siskiyou, black diamond, holl, Chester, boysenberries
Plants, Herbs
                                                                                      Accepts SNAP (through farmers market)
Accepts SNAP (through farmers markets)                                                Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program Vouchers
Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program and WIC Vouchers
                                                                                      Selling at: Cannon Beach Farmers Market and at the farm
Labels: Local, No Spray, Free Range
                                                                                      We have a big variety of beautiful, great tasting Willamette Valley berries.
Selling at: Astoria Sunday Market, River People Farmers Market (Astoria),
Cannon Beach Farmers Market

46 North Farm is located just outside Astoria, Oregon in the community of Olney.
We grow and sell for our local North Coast communities: edible plant starts that      Aldrich Point Dairy
do well in our sometimes challenging coastal growing conditions, herbs, cut           Janice Weaver
flowers, produce and fresh eggs - all locally and naturally grown. Our farm is also
home to many wild creatures: a herd of about 40 Roosevelt elk, many hungry            95162 Aldrich Point Rd.
deer, a plethora of songbirds, frogs and insects, and us. We recognize that we        Astoria, OR 97103
share this land with the local wildlife, and are committed to farming in balance      Phone: (503) 458-6442
with the wild world around us.
                                                                                      Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower
                                                                                      Products Available: Sweet corn, dried flowers, Christmas trees, and wreaths

                                                                                      We sell sweet corn, a variety of dried flowers/arrangements, Christmas trees and
                                                                                      wreaths. A country drive to the farm.

                                                                                      Selling at: Craft fairs

North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
Art Ranch Honey                                                                       Bear Creek Artichokes
Terry Fullan                                                                           Cindy Miles
39450 North Fork Rd.                                                                   19175 Hwy 101 S.
Nehalem, OR 97131                                                                      Tillamook, OR 97141
Phone: (503) 368-7160                                                                  Location: 11 miles south of Tillamook on Hwy 101 at Hemlock
Cell: (503) 440-7526                                                                   Phone: (503) 398-5411
Email: tfullan@nehalemtel.net                                                          Email: bearcreekartichokes@gmail.com
Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower                                                  Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower Farm Stand
Products Available: Honey                                                              Products Available: A full range of N.W. grown fruits and vegetables, including
                                                                                       artichokes, available in season. Nursery specializing in herbs, perennials, pond
Labels: Planeterry Honey “Local Honey”                                                 plants, native plants, trees & shrubs. Bakery specializing in strawberry shortcake,
                                                                                       apple dumplings, and scones. oysters, homemade jams, jellies, vinegars, syrups,
Selling at: Manzanita Farmers Market (in late August and early September), and         pesto
at Harvest Festivals (Lower Nehalem Community Trust Fall Festival)
                                                                                       Accepts SNAP
Encourages Visitors                                                                    Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program Vouchers
Art Ranch Honey produces a local raw honey from the Nehalem Valley. We keep            Selling at: Our location (Open daily: 9-7 summer 9-5 winter), Tillamook Farmers
20 colonies of bees and produce a blackberry honey.                                    Market, 2nd Street Public Market

                                                                                       Encourages Visitors

Becky’s Aqua Gardens                                                                 Blaine Broilers - CSA Option
Becky Williams                                                                       Heidi Daggett
3255 Goeres Road                                                                     31700 Blaine Road
Tillamook, OR 97141                                                                  Beaver, OR 97108
Phone: (503)801-2859                                                                 Phone: (503) 398-2848
Email: beckysaquagardens@gmail.com                                                   Email: blainebroilers@yahoo.com
Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer                                                       Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/CSA
Products Available: Trout, Tilapia, Vegetables, Eggs, Berries                        Products Available: Poultry, Eggs, Beef, Vegetables, Heirlooms, Orchard Fruit,
                                                                                     Berries, Herbs, Mushrooms, Salad Greens
Accepts SNAP (through farmers market)
                                                                                     Labels: Organic, not certified, No Spray, Free Range, Pasture Raised, No
Labels: Organic, not certified, No chemicals/pesticides                              Hormones/Antibiotics, Heirloom/Non-GMO)
Selling at: Food Roots’ FarmTable at Tillamook Farmers Market                        Selling at: At their farm (please request a newsletter for new clients)
Encourages Visitors (by appointment only - please call ahead)                        Encourages Visitors

                                                                                     We raise pastured meat birds (chickens, turkeys, ducks). Members order the
We are an aquaponic Farm this means that we grow fish and vegetables                 number they want per butcher date. For legalities, the birds are sold live and
together. We grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and berries that we will harvest   butchered for free on site. We also sell some of our beef (in holes and halves) and
for you. You can pick-up your produce at the market or call and come on out to       have begun a CSA garden this year (currently full). Our farm is not certified
pick up your order. We also have a selection of starter plants.                      organic, but we follow those practices (no chemicals, certified organic heirloom
                                                                                     seeds only, non-medicated animals raised in their natural setting, etc.) Our
                                                                                     chicken feed is locally sourced (Buxton, Ore) with no soy and non-gmo
                                                                                     ingredients. We are not into labeling, just providing good, safe food in a humane

 North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
Blue Scorcher Bakery Café
Iris Sullivan
1493 Duane Street                                                              Blueberries and Blooms
Astoria, OR 97103                                                              Janna & Danny Crabb
Phone: (503) 338-7473 Cell: (503) 298-3256                                     13555 Ekroth Road
Email: iris@bluescorcher.com                                                   Bay City, OR 97107
Website: www.bluescorcher.com                                                  Phone: (503) 322-0291
                                                                               Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower Value Added/Processed Food
Producer Type: Value Added/Processed Food Producer                             Producer
Products Available: Eggs (from KAP), bread, pastry, soup, salad, sandwiches,   Products Available: Blueberry farm - Fresh blueberries sold in the fields.
pizza                                                                          Blueberries sold by the flat or U-pick.
Labels: Handcrafted, Worker Owned
                                                                               Labels: Local, Sustainable Farming Practices
Selling at: Our Cafe, River People Farmers Market (Astoria), Astoria Coop
                                                                               Encourages Visitors
Encourages Visitors
                                                                               Blueberry farm next to the Miami River, just south of Garibaldi. Blueberries
                                                                               sold by the flat or enjoy U-pick. Blueberry jam sold in several local stores.

Corvus Landing Farm - CSA Option
Carolina Lyddy
8605 Slab Creek Road
Neskowin, OR 97149
Phone: (503) 392-9327
Email: carolina@corvuslanding.com
Website: www.corvuslanding.com
Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower Farm Stand CSA

Products Available: Vegetables, heirlooms, specialty crops, herbs,
salad greens, carrots, peas, beets, potatoes, and 25 other cool-season
crops. Also veggie starts appropriate for coastal gardens.

Accepts SNAP (through farmers market)
Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program/WIC Vouchers

Labels: Organic, not certified, Local

Selling at: Lincoln City Farmers Market, Neskowin Farmers Market,
Farm stand at the farm, Bay House Restaurant (Lincoln City), Trillium
Natural Foods (Lincoln City, Rockfish Bakery (Lincoln City), Grateful
Bread Restaurant (Pacific City)

Encourages Visitors

2012 Farm Stand will run from May 22nd through Thanksgiving, on
Tuesdays from 10 to 4. We have salad greens available self serve
from the farm and through restaurants and Trillium from February
through November.

North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
Coyote Moon Farms - CSA Option                                                      DeNoble's Farm Fresh Produce
Sharon Francis                                                                      Tom DeNoble
2110 Nielsen Road                                                                   PO Box 126
Tillamook, Oregon 97141                                                             Tillamook, OR 97141
Phone: (503) 842-2809                                                               Location: Wilson River Loop
Email: sharon@Coyotemoon.net                                                        Phone: (503) 801-0507
Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower, CSA                                          Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower Farm Stand
Products Available: Vegetables, Herbs, Salad Greens                                 Products Available: Artichokes, carrots, peppers, broccoli, kohlrabi, cauliflower,
                                                                                    cabbage, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, fennel, beans, peas, cucumbers, celery,
Labels: Organic, not certified, No Spray                                            turnips
Selling at: CSA; Coyote Moon Farms: 2110 Nielsen Road                               Accepts SNAP
Tillamook; Our first CSA pick up will start June 14th 2012 and continue this year   Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program vouchers
to October 14 2012. Working on a winter garden, more information to follow.
The box pick up is through subscription only.                                       Labels: Pesticide Free

Don's Waterfall Farms                                                               Foley Peak Angus
Don & Janet Davis                                                                   Karen Kuntz
4940 Brickyard Road                                                                 24755 Miami Foley Road
Tillamook, OR 97141                                                                 Nehalem, OR 97131
Phone: (503) 815-8142                                                               Phone: (503) 322-020265
Email: donswf@centurylink.net                                                       Email: newfsmom@yahoo.com
                                                                                    Website: www.foleypeakangus.com
Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower Farm Stand
Products Available: We grow over 800 varieties of plants & produce,                 Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower, Rancher
including traditional & heirloom vegetables, herbs, & other useful plants           Products Available: Poultry, Eggs, Beef
(i.e. medicinal, herbs for crafts, plants to deter/attract wildlife, etc.).
Berries, specialty crops, bedding plants, salad greens.                             Labels: Free Range, Pasture Raised, No Hormones/antibiotics

Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program and WIC Fruit & Veggie                        Selling at: Our Farm
                                                                                    Encourages Visitors
Labels: Organic, not certified, Local                                               Foley Peak Angus is located at MP 6.5 on the Miami Foley Road where we raise
                                                                                    all natural, grass fed black angus cross cattle. They have access to pasture year
Selling at: Our farm                                                                around & in the winter months are fed hay that was produced here at the ranch.
                                                                                    They are treated with care & kindness, are hormone & antibiotic free. We sell
Encourages Visitors                                                                 replacement heifers & hanging beef by whole or half.
We grow many varieties
of tomatoes, peppers,
salad greens, scented
geraniums, mints, basil,
garlic, etc. We have
starter plants, year-round
climatized for your
coastal gardens! We will
harvest produce fresh for

 North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
Foss Road Beef, LLC                                                              Fosse Farms
Bob & Charlotte Forster                                                          Elaine Fosse
22095 Foss Road                                                                  245 Joe Rockey Road
Nehalem, OR 97131                                                                Raymond, WA 98577
Phone: (503) 368-6327                                                            Phone: (360) 942-3027 Cell: (360) 942-9531
Email: forster@nehalemtel.net                                                    Email: lena@willapabay.org
Website: www.fossroadbeef.com                                                    Website: www.fossefarmsinc.com

Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower                                            Producer Type: Value Added/Processed Food Producer
Products Available: All natural, all grass fed beef                              Products Available: Berry salad dressings, Dips, Marinades

Labels: Naturally Grown, No Hormones/Antibiotics, Local, No Grains               No gluten, no salt, no dairy, no soy, no msg, kosher, organic, vegan

Selling at: Our Farm and online                                                  Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program vouchers
Encourages Visitors (by appointment)                                             Labels: Certified Organic, Certified Gluten-Free
Foss Road Beef is located at 22095 Foss Road, Nehalem. We raise purebred
Herefords which are noted for their superior beef characteristics. Our animals   Selling at: Cannon Beach Farmers Market, Online at website, and at place of
are born and raised here. They are all-natural and all grass-fed, no grains.     business
They have access to pasture all year. We have a limited number of animals
available from August through October 2011. We sell quarters, halves, and
whole and encourage cow-pooling. Please call for a brochure or to visit.

                      What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?
         CSA is a system in which consumers receive food directly from the farmers who produce it. But unlike a
         farmers' market system, supporters of community agriculture actually share in part of the farmers' risk. That is,
         they pay in advance for a share of the farm’s products. Crops that do well will be abundant in the share, crops
         that do less well will be less abundant. For their part, the farmers have a stable income that doesn't depend on
         sunny weather on farmer's market days. Contact the following North Coast CSA Farms to inquire about
         purchasing one for you and your family while supporting your local food economy:

                           Blaine Broilers (Beaver)
                     Corvus Landing Farm (Neskowin)
                      Coyote Moon Farms (Tillamook)
                  Fred’s Homegrown Produce (Nasalle)
                   Green Angel Gardens (Long Beach)
                        Kingfisher Farms (Nehalem)
                          Peace Crops (Nehalem)
                      R-Evolution Gardens (Nehalem)

         *See listings in alphabetical order for contact information

North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
                                                                                         Fred’s Homegrown Produce - CSA Option
                         Buy in Season!                                                  Fred Johnson
                                                                                         201 South Valley Road
  Finding local, in-season foods may seem like a challenge, but                          Naselle, WA 98638
                                                                                         Phone: (360) 484-3345
  it’s easier than you might think.                                                      Email: homegrown@wwest.net
                                                                                         Website: www.fredshomegrown.com
  Visit farm stands, join a CSA, shop at farmers markets and
  make connections with people who produce local foods!                                  Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower
                                                                                         Products Available: Vegetables,
  Eating out-of-season food is an easy way to rack up a huge                             Heirlooms, Specialty Crops, Salad Greens
  carbon footprint — either it’s been transported from far away
                                                                                         Accepts SNAP (through farmers market)
  or it’s been grown in an energy-intensive climate-controlled
  structure. Avoid foods that aren’t in season.                                          Labels: Organic, not certified

                                                                                         Selling at: Fred’s Homegrown Produce, River People Farmers Market (Astoria)
  Canning and freezing are time-honored methods of preserving
                                                                                         Encourages Visitors
  seasonal foods for later enjoyment.

  Buying seasonally also provides an exciting opportunity to try
  new foods and to experiment with seasonal recipes – and it
  simply tastes better.

Gales Meadow Farm
Anne Berblinger
PO Box 1080
Forest Grove, OR 97116
Location: 8740 NW Gales Creek Rd, Gales Creek
Phone: (503) 359-3551
Email: meadow@cohonet
Website: www.galesmeadow.com

Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower
Products Available: Eggs, Vegetables, Heirlooms, Specialty Crops, Bedding
Plants, Herbs, Salad Greens, vegetables starts, hot sauce, pickled beans, pickled
peppers, quince butter

Accepts SNAP (through farmers market)
Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program/WIC Vouchers

Labels: Certified Organic (Oregon Tilth)

Selling at: Cannon Beach Farmers Market, and at the farm

Our farm at the foot of the coast range produces more than 300 varieties of great
tasting and beautiful vegetables and herbs. Many of our varieties are heirlooms.
Our farming practices build the soil and provide habitat for wildlife including native
plants, insects, birds, and microbes. We have been certified Organic by Oregon
Tilth since 2001.

 North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
The Garibaldi Cannery LLC
Kelly Barnett
PO Box 890
Garibaldi, OR 97118
Phone: (503) 322-3344
Email: thegaribaldicannery@hotmail.com

Producer Type: Dock Sales/Stand Value Added/Processed Food Producer
Products Available: Fresh and frozen locally caught and processed seafood
tuna, ling cod, rockfishes (snapper and bass), petrale sole, halibut, shrimp,
crab, and salmon.Homestyle Canned salmon and tuna (The Blade's Best
brand), homemade smoked salmon pate, smoked tuna and salmon

Accepts SNAP

Labels: Salmon Safe

Selling at: 606 Commercial Garibaldi and our Outlet store is at 603 Garibaldi
Ave Garibaldi

Encourages Visitors

The Garibaldi Cannery is at the site of the old Olson Oyster Cannery in the
Garibaldi Boat Basin. We specialize in services to the fishermen and fresh
seafood for the consumer. Wholesale and retail live seafood featured.

Golden Orchard                                                                       Green Angel Gardens - CSA Option
Pat Golden                                                                           Larkin Stentz
15253 NW Mason HIll Road                                                             PO Box 1229
North Plains, OR 97133                                                               Long Beach, WA 98631
Phone: (503) 647-5769                                                                Location: 6807 Sandridge Road, Long Beach, WA
Email: pats.golden@gmail.com                                                         Phone: (360) 244-0064
Website: www.golden-orchard.com                                                      Email: larkinstentz@mac.com
                                                                                     Website: www.greenangelgardening.com
Producer Type: Value Added/Processed Food Producer
Products Available: Honey, Preserves, Marinade                                       Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower
                                                                                     Products Available: Eggs, Vegetables, Heirlooms, Specialty Crops, Herbs,
Labels: Local, All natural, non-GMO, Gluten-free, no corn sweeteners, fat free,      Salad Greens, Lavender Soap, Lavender Massage Oil, Lavender Pepper Mix
no preservatives
                                                                                     Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program/WIC Vouchers
Selling at: Manzanita Farmers Market, Tillamook Farmers Market, The Buttery
(Cannon Beach), Tillamook Creamery                                                   Labels: Organic, not certified, Local, No Spray, Free Range

Since 1843, six generations of our family have farmed in the northwest corner of     Selling at: Green Angel Gardens Farm Store daily 9-6
Oregon. Golden Orchard, located on the gentle south slope of the Tualatin            Columbia Pacific Farmers Market, Long Beach, WA Friday's 3-6
Mountains, produces a distinctive collection of gourmet peach preserves. Our
low-sugar Peach Butter is a light, aromatic blend of the sweetest peaches and        Encourages Visitors
the finest spices. Peach Marmalade is PEACHES with a delicate zest of savory
oranges. Our low-sugar Pepper Jelly and Jalapeno Marinade are "a little sweet
with a little heat". Golden Orchard products are all natural and gluten-free, with   Green Angel Gardens is a Sustainable Living Center featuring BioIntensive food
no corn sweeteners and no added salt, fat, colors or preservatives.                  production, Wind Turbine, composting humanure, solar hot water system, rain
                                                                                     water catchment system, yoga and meditation classes.
                                                                                     Located on Sandridge Rd. just north of 67th street, look for the signs.

 North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
GroundScore Farms                                                                  Handy Creek Bakery
Stacy and Mike Spencer                                                             Linda DeGayner
46905 Hwy. 22                                                                      P.O. Box 475
Hebo, OR 97122                                                                     Wheeler, OR 97147
Phone: (503) 392-4572                                                              Location: HWY 101, 495 Nehalem Blvd., Wheeler
Email: groundscorefarms@gmail.com                                                  Phone: (503)368-2253
                                                                                   Email: lindawd@nehalemtel.net
Producer Type: Farmer, Value Added/Processed Food Producer
Products Available:                                                                Producer Type: Value Added/Processed Food Producer
Poultry, Eggs,                                                                     Products Available: Baked goods; Cinnamon rolls, Bread ,Cookies ,Pies,
Vegetables, Berries,                                                               Pastries,Cakes
Specialty Crops,
Herbs, Salad Greens,                                                               Selling at: Manzanita Farmers Market and Handy Creek Bakery
Mushrooms (coming
soon), Raspberry                                                                   We are open 8AM to 3PM -Thursday thru Monday; we also serve breakfast

Labels: Organic, not                                                               IKO Farms/Jo's Country Market
certified                                                                          Yvonne Robinson
                                                                                   300 E. Columbia River Hwy.
Selling at:
GroundScore Farms,                                                                 Clatskanie, WA 97016
Yellow Dog Espresso,                                                               Phone: (360) 957-3098
Hebo (Farm Stand),                                                                 Email: suchandsuch@hotmail.com
Neskowin Farmers
Market                                                                             Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower
                                                                                   Products Available: Watermelon, cantaloupes, onions, corn, peaches, pears,
                                                                                   apples, nectarines, cherries, peppers, heirlooms, berries, salad greens, organic

Jacobs Creamery                                                                     Kingfisher Farms - CSA Option
Lisa Jacobs                                                                         Jeff Trenary
235 Macomber Road                                                                   PO Box 308
Chehalis, WA 98532                                                                  Nehalem, OR 97131
Phone: (503) 621-7910                                                               Location: Nehalem Valley
Email: jacobscreamery@gmail.com                                                     Phone: (503) 368-6763
Website: www.Jacobscreamery.com                                                     Email: kingfisherfarm@nehalemtel.net

Producer Type: Farmer/Value Added/Processed Food Producer/Cheese Shop               Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower CSA
Products Available: A wide variety of aged cheeses, fresh cheeses and               Products Available: Carrots, onions, arugula, beets, salad greens, spinach,
European style dairy products, farm fresh chicken eggs and a variety of custards    tomatoes, beans, peas, potatoes, zucchini, broccoli, heirlooms, organic products
Labels: Free Range, No Hormones/antibiotics, Naturally grown
                                                                                    Accepts SNAP (through farmers market)
                                                                                    Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program Vouchers
Selling at: 235 Macomber road Chehalis, Wa 98532; Cannon Beach Farmers
                                                                                    Labels: Organic, not certified, Local, No Spray
Encourages Visitors
                                                                                    Selling at: Astoria Sunday Market, Cannon Beach Farmers Market, Manzanita
                                                                                    Farmers Market, Mother Nature's (Manzanita), Manzanita Fresh Foods,
Handcrafted fresh artisan cheeses. We have a small herd that provides the
                                                                                    Manzanita Deli, Newman's at 988 (Cannon Beach), Stephanie Inn (Cannon
freshest milk. Each week we work diligently to provide the best variety of aged
                                                                                    Beach), The Irish Table (Cannon Beach), Wayfarer (Cannon Beach), Fishes
and fresh cheese in European style diary as well as old-fashioned pudding - just
                                                                                    (Cannon Beach), Sweet Basil (Cannon Beach), Rising Star Cafe (Wheeler),
like Grandma's.
                                                                                    Higgins (Portland), Nostrana (Portland), Wildwood (Portland), Screen Door
                                                                                    (Portland), Ciao Vito (Portland), ClarkLewis (Portland), LaPellah (Vancouver),
                                                                                    Roots (Vancouver), 360 (Vancouver) DeCarli's (Beaverton)

                                                                                    CSA available June - October, call for details

 North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
Lance's Farm Vittles                                                               Linda Brand Crab
Lance Waldron or Tammi Lesh                                                        Patricia Edwards
18700 Miami-Foley Road                                                             20 W. Cherry St.
Bay City, OR 97107                                                                 Chinook, WA 98614
Phone: (503) 322-2226                                                              Phone: (360) 777-8476
Email: waldronlc@hotmail.com                                                       Email: Linda@marketnavigators.com
                                                                                   Website: www.marketnavigators.com
Producer Type: Rancher/Value Added Producer
Products Available: Dairy, Poultry, Eggs, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Icelandic fleeces,     Producer Type: Dock Sales/Stand
roving, machine spun and hand spun yarn                                            Products Available: Dungeness Crab,
                                                                                   Fresh and Smoked Fish
Accepts SNAP (through farmers market)
Labels: Local, No Spray, Free Range, Pasture Raised, No Hormones/antibiotics       Selling at: Cannon Beach Farmers Market, and at 20 W. Cherry St., Chinook,
Selling at: Cannon Beach Farmers Market, Manzanita Farmers Market,
Tillamook Farmers Market, 2nd Street Public Market (Tillamook), Mother Natures     Encourages visitors
                                                                                   At Linda Brand Crab, we supply our customers with fresh local Salmon, Halibut,
Encourages Visitors (by appointment)                                               Tuna, Rock Fish, Blackcod, Ling Cod, Oysters and Clams. We hand select,
                                                                                   process and package all of our seafood here at our commercial kitchen at 20
Lance's Farm Vittles offers grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured poultry, milk-fed    West Cherry Street in Chinook, WA. We also have a Retail Seafood Store at the
pork, suckled veal and wool products. All meat is sold fresh frozen and contains   same location.
no hormones or antibiotics. Beef, lamb, pork and veal are sold as wholes,
halves, and as a variety of individual cuts. Chickens are sold as whole fryers/
broilers only. We sell our products at the Tillamook, Manzanita, and Cannon
Beach Farmers' Markets during the summer and directly from the farm year
round and through a CSA (revolutiongardens.com). Visitors to farm by appt. only.

Longevity                                                                          Love Warrior Gardens
                                                                                   Brooke Duling
Hank Tallman
                                                                                   1290 Irving Ave.
123 Laneda
                                                                                   Astoria, OR 97103
Manzanita, OR
                                                                                   Phone: (503) 791-4624
Phone: (503) 368-3800
                                                                                   Email: baduling@gmail.com
Email: hatallman@yahoo.com
Website: longevitymanzanita.com                                                    Producer Type: Farmer/Value Added/Processed Food Producer/ Herbalist
                                                                                   Products Available: Nettle Pesto, Kale Pesto, Chive Blossom Vinegar,
Producer Type: Farm Stand                                                          Elderberry Honey Syrup, Huckleberry Honey Syrup, Mineral Tonic Vinegar,
Products Available: Vegetables, beef, heirlooms, lamb, orchard fruit, berries,     Yarrow Tincture, Hawthorne Tincture, etc.
herbs, salad greens, organic products, tinctures, salves locally grown and made
                                                                                   Accepts SNAP (through farmers market)
We offer a complete selection of local produce, fruit, berries, herbs,
                                                                                   Labels: Organic, not certified, Local, No Spray, Wild
medicinal products and teas as well as beef and lamb. Are you a local
grower or gardener? We will buy your produce! Check us out seven days
                                                                                   Selling at: River People Farmers Market (Astoria) and through phone
a week, one block from the beach in downtown Manzanita.
                                                                                   and email orders.
Labels: local, no spray, no chemical fertilizers                                   Encourages Visitors

                                                                                   Love Warrior Gardens produces small-batch medicinal foods from local wild
                                                                                   plants and organically home grown produce. Pesto and food available May -
                                                                                   October, and year round for tinctures.

 North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
Lunasea Gardens                                                                     Meadow Harvest
Hank Tallman                                                                        Brian Tallman & Sage Walden
79184 Estate Drive                                                                  19350 Barber Road
Nehalem, OR 97131                                                                   Nehalem, OR 97131
Phone: (503) 368-3276                                                               Phone: (503) 368-5078
Email: hatallman@yahoo.com                                                          Email: meadow-harvest@hotmail.com
Website: www.lunaseagardens.com                                                     Website: www.meadowharvest.com

Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower                                               Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Rancher/Value Added Producer
Products Available: Vegetables, heirlooms, orchard fruit, berries, basil, herbs,    Products Available: Beef, lamb wool for spinning & felting, hand-spun yarn, knit
salad greens                                                                        items
                                                                                    Labels: Local, No Spray, Pasture Raised, No Hormones/antibiotics
Labels: Local, no chemical pesticides or fertilizers
                                                                                    Selling at: River People Farmers Market, Mother Natures
Selling at: Cannon Beach Farmers Market, Manzanita Farmers                          (Manzanita), T-Spot Yarn & Tea (Manzanita), Astoria Coop (Astoria)
Market, Longevity (Manzanita), Lunasea Gardens
                                                                                    Encourages Visitors
Encourages Visitors

                                                                                    We are a small family farm raising all animals ourselves from birth to butcher.

More than a Cracker                                                                 Nehalem Bay Pie Company
Jan Skelton                                                                         Billie Schrum
25430 Wilson River Hwy.                                                             11070 Ocean Way
Tillamook, OR 97141                                                                 Nehalem, OR 97131
Phone: (503) 842-7386                                                               Phone: (503) 368-3632
Email: morethanacracker@yahoo.com                                                   Cell: (503) 801-4863
Website: www.morethanacracker.com                                                   Email: nehalembaypiecompany@yahoo.com
Producer Type: Value Added Producer                                                 Producer Type: Value Added/Processed
Products Available: Crackers in six delicious blends:                               Food Producer
Three in wheat blends: Savory Herb, Ginger Spice, Cocoa Coffee                      Products Available: Homemade pies-
Three in Gluten/Dairy free blends: Savory Herb, Ginger Spice, Cocoa Coffee          berry, fruit, cream
Accepts SNAP (through farmers markets)                                              Accepts SNAP (through farmers markets)
Labels: Local, mostly organic                                                       Labels: Local
Selling at: Manzanita Farmers Market, Tillamook Farmers Market, Tillamook           Selling at: Manzanita Farmers Market,
Cheese - Retail Store, Blue Heron French Cheese (Tillamook),Great Northern          Cannon Beach Farmers Market, Vino's
Garlic Company (Manzanita)                                                          (Manzanita), Sand Dune Pub (Manzanita)
Our crackers are premium handcrafted: Savory, nutty, spicy crackers, lavished
with nuts and seeds sweetened with dried fruit and molasses. Delicious by
themselves and terrific served with your favorite cheeses, veggies, fruits, wine,
beer, coffee and teas, No butter, eggs or oils (no unnecessary fats). A
compliment to any cheese, fruit, dessert and salad tray. Low sodium, low sugars,
cholesterol free, low saturated fat.

 North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
 Food Roots FarmTable at Tillamook Farmers Market:
                   A Micro-Farmers to Market Incubation Project!

Set up as a micro-enterprise consignment stand for both youth and adult food producers in Tillamook County, FarmTable is
a great place to get started as a market vendor. Here at FarmTable, you’ll begin marketing your products and business,
network with other agricultural producers, make new customers and expand your business skills (including market product
display, customer service, and direct marketing)! If you are interested in becoming a seasoned or weekly farmers market
vendor, but would like to get some more experience under your belt before increasing your production, start-up costs, and
time input, than consider being a 2012 Food Roots FarmTable Vendor.

Food Roots FarmTable runs from 9 am to 2 pm during regular market hours at the Tillamook Farmers Market - come find us
to say hello this market season! By purchasing products at FarmTable, you are supporting micro-farmers of all ages and your
community food organization, Food Roots to continue its many programs and projects (including this local food guide!).

For more information and to fill out a FarmTable Vendor Application, go to www.foodrootsnw.org/farmtable. You can also
call Food Roots’ Microenterprise Coordinator at 503-815-2800 or email microbiz@foodrootsnw.org

North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
     North Coast Food Web’s Mobile Gardens Project:
                                           Gardens for everyone!

In our area, one in four of our residents is eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and a
shockingly high number of our children are eligible for free and reduced meals through the schools.
As North Coast Food Web seeks to support and strengthen the food network (production, accessibility, self-reliance  etc.) in
our region, we are always searching for new outreach and educational tools…hence- MOBILE GARDENS!

We are creating mobile organic gardens in used/discarded (always legitimately donated) shopping carts. Carts will be
organized in a “mobile garden library” and loaned out to families, schools, retirement homes, markets and other community
entities for a season at a time with instructions, materials, and support provided to grow food. The scale and mobility of the
project suits our community’s size and limited access to sunlight, and it is our hope that these factors, combined with the
charismatic nature of the project, will promote community involvement, access to fresh food, physical fitness, education,
empowerment, and stewardship.

For more information, visit www.northcoastfoodweb.org or call (503) 325-8573

North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
Nevør Shellfish Farm                                                                   OK Ranch & Retreat
Travis Oja                                                                             Doug & Mary Lee
P.O. Box 9                                                                             21400 New Miami River Road
Netarts, OR 97143                                                                      Bay City, OR 97107
Phone: (503) 278-1782                                                                  Phone: (503) 322-3546
                                                                                       Email: okranch@oregoncoast.com
Producer Type: Farmer/Grower
Products Available: Oysters                                                            Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower, Rancher, Value Added/Processed
                                                                                       Food Producer
Accepts SNAP (through farmers market)                                                  Products Available: Poultry, beef, eggs, lamb, pork
Selling at: Garibaldi Cannery, Bell Buoy Seaside, Manzanita Farmers Market,            Accepts SNAP (through farmers market)
Tillamook Farmers Market
                                                                                       Labels: Organic, not certified, Local, No Spray, Free Range, Pasture Raised, No
Orders will be filled all year. For orders smaller than 20 dozen please visit one of   Hormones/antibiotics
the markets listed above.
                                                                                       Selling at: Manzanita Farmers Market, My Mobile Meat Market (call or email for
                                                                                       our newsletter and for mobile market hours)

                                                                                       Encourages Visitors

                                                                                       The OK Ranch is a small ranch in Tillamook County. We operate in a sustainable
                                                                                       fashion and emphasize the humane treatment of our animals and poultry. We
                                                                                       raise our birds and animals on pasture where they get lots of fresh air and
                                                                                       sunlight. Our pasture has not been exposed to artificial fertilizers or chemicals in
                                                                                       the last 10 years; our feed is locally produced and free of antibiotics, growth
                                                                                       hormones, and animal by-products. Our animals are also processed in a Humane
                                                                                       Certified facility under USDA inspection.

Oregon Coastal Flowers                                                                  Peace Crops
Patrick Zweifel                                                                         Emily Fanjoy
9455 Kilchis River Road                                                                 PO box 219
Tillamook, OR 97141                                                                     Manzanita, OR 97130
Phone: (503) 815-3762                                                                   Phone: (503) 333-4406
Email: sales@flowersbulbs.net                                                           Email: Emily@peacecrops.net
Website: www.flowersbulbs.com                                                           Website: www.peacecrops.net
Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower                                                   Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower, Value Added/Processed Food
Products Available: Fresh cut calla lilies, fresh cut hydrangea, bulbs: calla lily,     Producer, CSA
gloriosa lily, foxtail lily, cannas, sandersonia, other specialty bulbs.                Products Available: Honey, Vegetables, Heirlooms, Orchard Fruit, Berries,
                                                                                        Herbs, Salad Greens, Jams, pickles, preserves
Labels: Zcallas, Oregon Best Specialty Growers
                                                                                        Accepts SNAP (through farmers market)
Selling flowers for weddings and other occassions                                       Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program & WIC Vouchers

Encourages Visitors                                                                     Labels: Organic, not certified, Local, No Spray

Zcallas - Specializing in New Zealand bred calla lilies & coastal hydrangea. Our        Selling at: Tillamook Farmers' Market, Manzanita Farmers' Market (June 15-
calla lilies yield taller, stronger stems, brighter colors & more marketable heads.     Sept 15 and by appointment). We offer responsibly grown local produce from
Our coastal hydrangea have larger heads & brighter blooms & boasts of our world         right here in north Tillamook county.
famous antique hydrangea.

 North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
                                             Buy from a Local Farmer!
   Support your local economy:

      •   The USDA estimates that off-farm costs account for
          80% of every food dollar spent in the U.S.
      •   Buying directly from farmers enables them to keep
          80 to 90 cents of each dollar spent
      •   Produce in the U.S. travels an average of 1,500 miles
          before it reaches your plate
      •   Buying locally reduces shipping cost and fossil fuel
      •   Locally grown food is harvested when ripe; it is fresher and more flavorful
      •   Buying local food enhances economic development by keeping more of the consumers’
          food dollars in the local economy

Reiff Family Zoo                                                     R-evolution Gardens
Dawn Reiff                                                           Ginger Salkowski
1307 2nd Street                                                      PO Box 582
Tillamook, OR 97141                                                  Manzanita, OR 97130
Phone: (503) 801-3523                                                Location: 77281 Hwy. 53 (Nehalem)
Email: dawnreiff@ymail.com                                           Phone: (503) 368-3044
                                                                     Email: info@revolutiongardens.com
Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower                                Website: www.revolutiongardens.com
Products Available: Eggs, Vegetables, Berries, Rabbits (New
Zealand and California Rabbits - great for pets and 4-H projects).   Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower CSA
                                                                     Products Available: Poultry, vegetables, heirlooms, eggs, berries, specialty
Labels: Organic, not certified
Encourages Visitors and school field trips                           Accepts SNAP (through farmers markets)
Selling at: Our home                                                 Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program Vouchers

                                                                     Labels: No till, hand farmed, artisan, local, spray free, off grid, beyond organic,
We are a small farm. We care for our animals so they have the        heirloom
best life possible. We love our family farm!
                                                                     Selling at: CSA, Manzanita Farmers Market, Cannon Beach Farmers Market,
                                                                     Longevity (Manzanita), Mother Natures (Manzanita)

                                                                     Farmers' Markets: Cannon Beach, Manzanita R-evolution Gardens is a 5 acre,
                                                                     off-the-grid organic produce farm located in the Nehalem River valley. We grow
                                                                     our food by hand using the highest quality natural soil amendments. We also
                                                                     offer workshops on how to grow food, raise animals, build with natural local
                                                                     materials, use renewable energy, and live sustainably.

 North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
Salal Ridge Dairy Goat Farm
William & Debbie Dillon
14415 Irish Rd.
Cloverdale, OR 97112
Phone: (503) 801-4538 Cell: (503) 801-3336
Email: dillondillon2@gmail.com

Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower CSA Value Added/Processed Food
Products Available: Kids & Milking does, Buck service, Goat Milk Soap,
Meat Goats

We are a small goat farm. We allow visitors to come and experience milking and
making cheese and soap. People can call ahead to make an appointment for a
Labels: Local products, no middle person
Encourages Visitors (By appointment. Please call or email to make
inquiries about our dairy goats and farm or to arrange a date and
time to come to the farm)
Selling at: Our Farm

Salal Ridge Farm is located in the forest foothills of the Little
Nestucca River Valley. We live off the grid, primarily using solar
energy, striving for sustainable and renewable practices on the

Seaberry Farm                                                                    Tillamook Bay Boathouse, LLC
Cheryl Krueger                                                                   Darus Peake
44305 Aeolian Way                                                                PO Box 163
Neskowin, OR 97149                                                               Garibaldi, OR 97118
Phone: (503) 392-5858                                                            Location: 500 S. Biak
                                                                                 Phone: (503) 322-3600
Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower                                            Email: boathouse@oregoncoast.com
Products Available: Honey, Orchard Fruit, Berries, Herbs                         Website: www.tillamookbayboathouse.com

Labels: Organic, not certified, Local, No Spray                                  Producer Type: Dock Sales/Stand Value Added/Processed Food Producer
                                                                                 Products Available: Wild Oregon products only; Salmon, Albacore Tuna,
Selling at: Neskowin Farmers Market                                              Dungeness Crab (live or cooked), Local rockfish, Oysters and Steamer clams.

Encourages Visitors                                                              Labels: Organic, not certified, Salmon Safe

                                                                                 Selling at: Manzanita Fresh Market, Pirates Cove Restaurant
                                                                                 (Rockaway Market), Karla's Smokehouse (Rockaway), Bear Creek
                                                                                 Artichokes (Tillamook)

                                                                                 Encourages Visitors

                                                                                 Only custom cannery in the Tillamook area. Large smokehouse for fish! Finest
                                                                                 seafood "Dead or Alive."Visitors can enjoy picnic tables, crab cooking, fish
                                                                                 filleting and watching the fish boats unload.

 North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
Tillamook Meat, Inc.                                                                 Trask River Poultry
Matt Freehill                                                                        Carrie Moore
405 Park Ave.                                                                        6390 Beeler Rd
Tillamook, OR 97141                                                                  Tillamook, Or 97141
Phone: (503) 842-4802                                                                Phone: (503) 809-9141
Email: damadbutcher@yahoo.com                                                        Email: traskriverpoultry@gmail.com
                                                                                     Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower
Producer Type: Value Added/Processed Food Producer                                   Products Available: Chicken, Turkey, Goose, Duck, Salad Greens, Chicken
Products Available: Poultry, beef, lamb, pork, rabbits, buffalo, jerky (beef,        eggs, Duck eggs
turkey, buffalo), smoked sausages (potato, polish rings, hotdogs) hams (bone-in,
boneless, nugget hams) bacon, pepper bacon                                           Accepts SNAP (through farmers market and Food Roots FarmTable)

Accepts SNAP                                                                         Labels: Organic, not certified, Local, Free Range, Pasture Raised, No Hormones/
Labels: USDA Choice Certified Angus Beef, Organic Grass Fed Beef
                                                                                     Selling at: Food Roots FarmTable, Tillamook Farmers Market
Selling at: Tillamook Meat, 405 Park Ave (Tillamook)

All products are minimally processed using only the highest grade meats and
spices. Licensed mobile slaughter service. Game processing. Find us on               Trask River Poultry is a small farm located off of McCormick Loop on family
Facebook.                                                                            owned, Traskview Dairy. All poultry and waterfowl are free range, grass fed, and
                                                                                     supplemented with Non GMO, no soy, local feed. We do not use any hormones,
                                                                                     antibiotics, or chemicals. A small number of heritage turkeys are raised for
                                                                                     Thanksgiving and Christmas. Goose and duck are based on availability. Broiler
                                                                                     chickens, chicken eggs, and duck eggs are for sale throughout the year. Call to
                                                                                     order or schedule a visit.

Troll Fisheries LLC                                                                  Walluski Organics - CSA Option
Jay Beckman                                                                          Vicki Bergerson
PO Box 1159                                                                          36511 Cadonau Lane
Cannon Beach, OR 97110                                                               Astoria, OR 97103
Phone: (503) 717-2468                                                                Phone: (503) 470-5530
Email: eseafood@pacifier.com                                                         Email: walluskiorganics@hotmail.com
Website: www.ecolaseafood.com
                                                                                     Producer Type: Farmer/Grower, Farm Stand, CSA
Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower Value Added/Processed Food                     Products Available: Vegetables, eggs, heirlooms, berries, salad greens,
Producer                                                                             organic products, tomatoes, peppers, basil, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, kale,
Products Available: Salmon, tuna, halibut, crab smoked seafood                       beans, peas, bok choy, cilantro, strawberries, lettuce, blackberries, spinach,
                                                                                     corn, squash, beets, turnips, chard, onions, garlic
Selling at: Ecola Seafoods Restaurant & Market (208 N Spruce, Cannon Beach)
                                                                                     Labels: Local, Organic (not certified), No Spray
We catch our own and feature local seafood. Ecola Seafood Restaurant and
Market is a locally owned business specializing in fresh northwest seafood           Selling at: Farm Stand (at bottom of property on corner of Christians Lane)
products, many of which are caught by the owner, who has been a commercial
fisherman on the Oregon Coast since 1977. We have been in the seafood                Encourages Visitors
business for over 13 years and are able to select the freshest and highest quality
product available for our customers eating pleasure. Eat in, take it to go or buy    We are a five acre family farm just 3 minutes from downtown Astoria. We
fresh fish to cook in your own kitchen. Not sure how to cook it? Just ask and our    primarily grow indoors in our 3,000 square feet of greenhouse space to stretch
chef will gladly give you some pointers.                                             our coastal growing season. This is our first year offering CSA shares and are
                                                                                     serving 21 families. We are very excited.

 North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
West-Davies Farm                                                              Willapa Hills Cheese
Cheryl West-Davies                                                            Molly Cullan
37457 Labiski Lane                                                            PO Box 274
Astoria, OR 97103                                                             Doty, WA 98539
Phone: (503) 325-7998                                                         Location: 4680 State Route 6, Chehalis, WA 98532
Email: gray_day_dairy@yahoo.com                                               Phone: (360) 827-1486
                                                                              Email: admin@willapahillscheese.com
Producer Type: Rancher, Value Added Producer                                  Website: www.willapahillscheese.com
Products Available: Lamb, rabbits, various custom pies
                                                                              Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower, Value Added/Processed Food
Labels: Pasture Raised, No Hormones/antibiotics
                                                                              Producer, Farm Store
                                                                              Products Available: Dairy, Eggs, Lamb, Pork, Fresh and aged cheeses and
Selling at: Call or email to place orders
Lamb to be ordered before September each year
                                                                              Accepts SNAP (through farmers market)
Rabbits when available: please call or email to get on a waiting list
                                                                              Labels: Local, Pasture Raised, No Hormones/antibiotics, Natural

                                                                              Selling at: Cannon Beach Farmers Market, Wayfarer Restaurant and EVOO
                                                                              Cooking School (both in Cannon Beach)

                                                                              We milk sheep on the farm and produce a variety of fresh and aged sheep milk,
                                                                              cow milk and sheep/cow blended cheeses. Our chickens provide fresh eggs
                                                                              daily. Lambs and our heritage breed Tamworth pigs are available seasonally
                                                                              live or butchered. We milk sheep on the farm and produce a variety of fresh and
                                                                              aged sheep milk, cow milk and sheep/cow blended cheeses. Our chickens
                                                                              provide fresh eggs daily. Lambs and our heritage breed Tamworth pigs are
                                                                              available seasonally live or butchered.

Yellow Fir Gardens
Ron & Karen Kaser
3380 Yellow Fir Road
Tillamook, OR 97141
Phone: (503) 842-3332
Producer Type: Gardener/Farmer/Grower
Products Available: Vegetables, salad greens.

Accepts SNAP (through farmers market)

Selling at: Our Farm; 9 miles south of Tillamook on Hwy. 101, turn west on
Yellow Fir Road and go one mile to 3380 on right. Also selling at Tillamook
Farmers Market, and to The Schooner Restaurant (Netarts)

 North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
                               North Coast Farmers Markets
At our regional farmers markets, you have the opportunity to develop a farm-direct relationship with your food producers;
asking them questions about their growing practices, find out about other locations and places they sell to, and support their
businesses through local purchasing power. Our North Coast farmers markets also believe that locally produced healthy
food should be available to everyone - no matter their income level. SNAP/EBT Cards (formerly called Food Stamps), FDNP
(both Senior and WIC), and WIC Fruit and Veggie vouchers are accepted at the various regional markets listed below. See
each market listed for specific information on which federal assistance food dollars are accepted (you can also find this info
listed next to each producer in this guide, as applicable).

Astoria Sunday Market                    Cannon Beach Farmers Market
12th St. from Marine to Exchange St.     Hemlock and Gower Streets
Sundays, 10 am to 3 pm                   Tuesdays, 2 pm to 5 pm
May 13th through October 14th            June 12th through September 25th
Contact: Cyndi Mudge                     Market Manager: Jennifer Williamson
Phone: (503) 325-1010                    Phone: (503) 440-6013
cyndi@astoriasundaymarket.com            info@cannonbeachmarket.org
www.astoriasundaymarket.com              www.cannonbeachmarket.org
                                         SNAP ACCEPTED
Manzanita Farmers Market                 *FDNP and WIC Fruit & Veggie Vouchers at approved fresh food vendor booths
467 Laneda St.
Fridays, 5 pm to 8 pm
                                                                       Neskowin Farmers Market - NEW! (first full season)
June 15th through September 21st
                                                                       Wayside Neskowin Market Place Store
Market Manager: Laura Swanson
                                                                       Saturdays, 10 am to 4 pm
Phone: (503) 368-3339
                                                                       May to October
                                                                       Market Manager: Nancy Hadley
                                                                       Email: neskowinfarmersmarket@gmail.com
*FDNP and WIC Fruit & Veggie Vouchers
at approved booths                                               River People Farmers Market
                                                                 13th and Duane St.
Tillamook Farmers Market                                         Thursdays, 3 pm to 7 pm
2nd and Laurel Ave.                                              June 21st through October 4th
Saturdays, 9 am to 2 pm                                          Contact: Kristin Frost Albrecht
June 16th through September 29th                                 Phone: (503)325-8573
Market Manager: Lauren Karl                                      info@riverpeoplefarmersmarket.org
Phone: (503) 812-9326                                            www.riverpeoplefarmersmarket.org
TillFM@yahoo.com                                                 SNAP ACCEPTED
www.tillamookfarmersmarket.com                                   FDNP and WIC Fruit & Veggie Vouchers
SNAP ACCEPTED                                                    at approved booths
FDNP and WIC Fruit & Veggie Vouchers at approved booths

North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org 
                                         Oregon Grown Crop Availability
       The chart below indicates availability of Oregon grown produce and is based on growing seasons throughout Oregon. Not
       all types of produce listed below are grown in Tillamook or Clatsop County. The local growing season may vary slightly due
       to cooler temperatures.
                                                                      Honey                        April - November
    Fruit or vegetable       Typical crop availability
    Apples                   Late August - November                   Melons (Cantaloupe/Musk) July - September
    Artichokes               August                                   Onions                       May - November
    Green Beans              Mid June - Mid October                   Peaches                      July - September
    Beets                    Late July
                                                                      Peas                         Late July - September
    Blueberries              June - October
                                                                      Peppers                      July - October
    Boysenberries            Late July - August
                                                                      Plums                        September
    Cabbage                  Late July - End of October
                                                                      Popcorn Ornamental Corn      September - November
    Carrots                  August
    Celery                   August                                   Potatoes                     July - November
    Corn (sweet)             Mid-July                                 Pumpkins                     Mid September - October
    Cucumbers (Slicing)      July - October
                                                                      Raspberries                  July - September
    Cucumbers (Pickling)     July - Early October
                                                                      Strawberries                 Mid May - September
    Dill                     July
    Eggplants (Dusky)        August                                   Squash (Summer & Winter) July - December
    Gourds (Ornamental)      September - November                     Tomatillos                   July - October
    Hazelnuts                Mid-October
                                                                      Tomatoes                     July - October

North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
                                            School Gardens
 Not all of these gardens are open to the public. The gardens operate independently and
 most are volunteer run. Please call for information in advance of visiting or if you are
 interested in being involved in any of these gardens.

 Astoria Middle School Greenhouse          Astoria High School Greenhouse   Food Roots East School & Community Garden
 1100 Klaskanine                           1001 West Marine Drive           3905 Alder Lane
 Astoria, OR 97103                         Astoria, OR 97103                Tillamook, OR  97141
 Coordinator: Jennifer Rasmussen           (503)325-3911                    (503) 815-2800
 (503) 325-8573

 Food Roots Learning Garden & Orchard      Gray School Garden               Oregon Youth Authority Camp T Garden
 at Tillamook Jr. High School              785 Alameda Avenue               6820 Barracks Circle
 3906 Alder Lane                           Astoria, OR 97103                Tillamook, OR 97141
 Tillamook, OR  97141                      Coordinator: Grace Laman         (503) 842-2565 ext 221
 Phone: (503) 815-2800                     (503) 325-7275                   Contact: Tracy Hightower
 Coordinator: Emily Ritchie
                                                                            Tillamook Options Program School Garden
                                                                            (School District 9)
                                                                            2515 3rd St.
                                                                            Coordinator: Shiras Stamps-White
                                                                            (503) 842- 7538

North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
                                       Community Gardens
 Bay City Arts Center         Beaver Community Church                 Camp Magruder                CCA Regional Food Bank Garden
 Community Garden             Nestucca Valley Pass It On Ministries   17450 Old Pacific Hwy.       2010 SE Chokeberry Ave.
 5680 A Street                24425 Bunn Creek Road                   Rockaway Beach, OR           Warrenton, OR 97146
 Bay City, OR  97107          Beaver, OR  97108                       97136                        Coordinator: Marlin Martin
 (503) 377-9620               (503) 398-2803                          (503) 355-2310               (503) 325-1400

Emerald Heights Community Garden        Friends of Clatsop Community Gardens
Corner of Mitschner Rd. & Towers Rd.    www.clatsopcommunitygardens.org
Astoria, OR  97103                      (FCCCG) promotes multi-generational and cross-cultural participation to produce local,
(503) 680-9953                          nutritious food and a healthy environment. We strive to assure food security for the entire
Manager: Jennifer Rasmussen             community through education and donations to area food banks. 

Hammond Garden                Hope Garden                  Manna House Garden                      Lower Nehalem Community Trust
Pacific Drive                 (at First Lutheran Church)   at Lighthouse Christian Church          FOGG Garden - Alder Creek Farm
Hammond, OR 97121             725 33rd St.                 888786 Dellmoor Loop                    Underhill Road
Manager: Sharon Anderson      Astoria, OR  97103           Warrenton, OR 97146                     Nehalem, OR  97131
(503) 861-9806                (503) 338-0041               Manager: Alex Berg                      (503) 368-3203
                                                           (503) 791-7291

Oregon Youth Authority       Pacific City Library                                              Seaside Christian Church
                                                                 Railroad Park
Camp T Garden                Garden for Sharing                                                Manna House  Garden
                                                                 Ave. J and Hwy 101
6820 Barracks Circle         6200 Camp St.                                                     88786 Delmoor Loop
                                                                 Seaside, OR 97138
Tillamook, OR  97141         Pacific City, OR  97135                                           Warrenton, OR  97146
                                                                 Jan Barber, Manager
(503) 842-4243x326           (503) 965-6163 / (503) 392-3341                                   (503) 738-5182
                                                                 (503) 717-5017
                             Contact: Barbara Triplett

Sunset 'Sunny Hunt' Pool Garden          Tillamook County Master Gardeners             Warrenton Community Center Garden
1140 Broadway                            Demonstration Garden -Tillamook               170 SW 3rd St
Seaside, OR 97138                        County                                        Warrenton, OR 97146
Manager: Kristin Albrecht                Fairgrounds                                   Manager: Jane Francis
(503) 325-8573                           4603 3rd St.                                  (503) 470-0885
                                         Tillamook, OR  97141
                                         Phone: (503) 842-3433
                                                                                       Victory Garden at Lake Marie
                                                                                       South Front Street
                                                                                       Rockaway Beach, OR  97136
                                                                                       Phone: (503) 355-8236
                                                                                       Between Washington and Minnehaha Streets

North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
                                      Educational Resources
American Community Garden Association             Clatsop County OSU Extension                   EVOO - Clatsop County
www.communitygarden.org                           2001 Marine Drive                              188 S. Hemlock
A bi-national organization that promotes the      Astoria, OR 97103-3427                         Cannon Beach, OR. 97110
formation and expansion of national and           (503) 325-8573                                 1-877-436-EVOO (3866)
regional community gardening networks,            http://extension.oregonstate.edu/clatsop       cell: 503.440.2793 fax: 503.436.8999
develops resources in support of community        Providing: Master Gardening classes,           www.evoo.biz/ info@evoo.biz
gardening and greening, encourages research       January – March, Rent-a-canner for $1 a        Providing: Cooking School, Catering,
on the impact of community greening, and          day, and year-round Nutrition Education.       Culinary Gifts, Specialty Foods &
conducts educational training programs to                                                        Wines.
further community gardening and greening.

Food For Oregon                                                                                  National Sustainable Agriculture
www.foodfororegon.oregonstate.edu                                                                Information Service
Food for Oregon is a database of local and                                                       www.attra.org
regional community food resources in our                                                         A great source for the latest in
state. The aim is to increase Oregonians’ food                                                   sustainable agriculture and organic
security by improving access to local,                                                           farming news, publications, and
sustainable food resources. The database                                                         information about sustainable farming
includes community gardens, nutrition                                                            internships and education resources,
education programs, faith-based efforts,                                                         organic farming, livestock, soils and
community kitchens, farmers’ markets, food                                                       composting, horticulture crops, pest
policy councils, advocacy organizations, and                                                     management, marketing, business and
much more.                                                                                       risk management.

OSU Small Farms Program                                                                          Slow Food North Coast
www.smallfarms.oregonstate.edu                    Tillamook County OSU Extension                 www.slowfoodnorthcoast.org
Oregon Small Farms provides information           2204 Fourth St.                                Slow Food North Coast is a new group
for the commercial small farmer as well as        Tillamook, OR 97141                            of local farm & food fans from South
the small acreage landowner. It is hosted by      (503) 842-3433                                 Pacific County in Washington, and
the Oregon State University Extension Small       http://extension.oregonstate.edu/tillamook     Clatsop and Tillamook counties in
Farms Program.                                    Providing: Master Gardening classes,           Oregon that is in the midst of forming a
                                                  January –March, Rent-a-canner for $1 a         Slow Food Convivium.
                                                  day, and year-round Nutrition Education.

             And Stay tuned for North Coast Food Web and Food Roots’ North Coast Farmer/Gardener Resource
             Guide:  This great new publication will provide beginning and existing farmers a list of resources and tips to
             help them grow their maritime farms into successful businesses!

North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
                                   Food Guide Definitions
   Farm-direct: Sales made directly from a farmer to a customer.
   Farm Direct Nutrition Program (FDNP): Distributes coupons to low income families enrolled in WIC and
   Senior. These coupons are used to purchase fresh fruit, and vegetables directly from authorized farmers at
   farm stands and farmers markets.
   Food Security: When all citizens are able to obtain a safe, personally acceptable, nutritious diet through a
   sustainable food system that maximizes healthy choices, community self-reliance, and equal access for
   Grass-fed, Pasture-fed: When animals are provided a diet of freshly grazed pastured during the growing
   season and stored grasses during the winter months or drought conditions.
   Organic: Label used under the authority of the Organic Foods Production Act that established national
   standards for the production and handling of foods labeled as organic.
   Permaculture: (PERMAnent agriCULTURE or PERMAnent CULTURE) is a sustainable design system
   stressing the harmonious interrelationship of humans, plants, animals and the Earth.
   SNAP: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program. SNAP
   recipients use their EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) Card to purchase eligible foods from grocery stores
   and farmers markets who participate in SNAP. SNAP benefits support low-income consumers to purchase
   more healthy foods for their families.
   USDA-inspected meat processing: Meat that is slaughtered and processed in a USDA-inspected facility for
   sale to the general public.
   Value Added: Value added agriculture is a process of increasing the economic value and consumer appeal
   of an agricultural commodity. In simpler terms, it is a change in the physical state or form of the product
   (such as milling wheat into flour or making strawberries into jam).
   WIC Fruit & Vegetable Program: WIC stands for Women, Infants & Children and is a program (like FDNP)
   that distributes vouchers to low-income families enrolled in WIC. Vouchers are used to purchase fresh fruit
   and vegetables directly from authorized farmers and grocery stores year-round.

          We wish to thank Meyer Memorial Trust, and our community partners from both
                Clatsop and Tillamook Counties for their assistance with this guide.

North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
                                                   About Us
  Together, Food Roots and North Coast Food Web are working to support expansion and
 diversification of north coast regional food production and access to that food. This food
guide is one of our many projects to support our food producers and consumers, and in turn
our region’s economy. Please share this guide with your friends, neighbors and co-workers!

                               Food Roots,                 North Coast Food Web,
                        Tillamook County                    Clatsop County

                                    Programs and Special Projects:

 •         School & Community Gardens                  •    River People Farmers Market (Astoria)
 •             Education & Outreach                    •                School Gardens
 •            Community Development                    • “Food Talk” on Coast Community Radio
 •         Economic & Micro-enterprise                 •   North Coast Food Web Community
                      Development                                             Listserv

              website: www.foodrootsnw.org                     website: www.northcoastfoodweb.org
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North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org
North Coast Food Guide www.northcoastfood.org

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