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									Extra-wide European Walnut Flooring in Stock for The First Time at
                        Urbane Living
           Extra-wide European walnut flooring is now available from Urbane Living

London, UK, July 03, 2012 - For the first time, customers have the opportunity to buy extra-wide
engineered European walnut flooring from trusted supplier Urbane Living.

European walnut flooring is ever-popular thanks to its distinctive grain patterns and warm
colour finish. Meeting growing customer demand for wider planks, Urbane Living can now offer the
floorboards in widths of 240 - 500mm and lengths of 2,000 – 4,000mm as required by customers.

Adam Robertson, co-founder of Urbane Living, commented: “The unique point about these boards
is that they are available for the first time with incredibly wide widths, up to 500mm wide and 2 to
4m in length.”

He added: “They are manufactured to a very high standard with the same timber on the bottom
layer to act as a counter balance layer for added stability.”

Homeowners can rest assured that their floor will last too - European walnut flooring is harder
than American walnut flooring, which makes it less susceptible to dents. It’s also highly sought-
after for its polished finish. Opting for extra wide walnut flooring provides the additional benefit of
allowing users to appreciate the grain of the wood. This varies from piece to piece but can include
more natural wood with interesting knots across the surface, or a smoother dark piece of material
if preferred.

Wider flooring was identified as a key interiors trend at the Dotomex 2012 exhibition - an
international wood flooring trade show which was held in Hanover, Germany earlier this year. The
trend for wide-plank wood flooring fits in with the increasing demand for natural, eco-friendly
flooring options, which looks set to continue to grow in popularity.

The flooring is sold in 1m2 units and is priced at £140.68 ex. VAT ( £168.82 inc. VAT)

Stephanie Goh
Urbane Living
Unit 102, The Light Box
111 Power Road, London W4 5PY
020 7138 3838


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