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									A PUBLICATION OF THE MIAMI VALLEY ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY                                                                 DAYTON OHIO
                                                                                                                         MARCH 2003
                                         TECHFEST 2003                                         Cutright, Joe Tarkany, John Chumack, Manning
           March Events                                                                        Butterworth, and Vern Dunlap. Special thanks to
                                       By Alan Zucksworth                                      Ron Sherman for volunteering to organize our
 Frostbite Marathon Stargaze              The Miami Valley Astronomical Society (MVAS)         participation in the event and for providing an
 1 March Dusk at JBSP                  participated in the “TechFest 2003” event held 21-      excellent information sheet on the MVAS. Special
                                       23 February 2003 at the Ponitz Center (Bldg. 12)        thanks also to Lori Cutright for providing the
 St. Alberts the Great Stargaze        on the campus of Sinclair Community College             educational displays and a laptop computer to run
 8 March, dusk, JBSPO                  located in downtown Dayton, Ohio. This event was        the astronomy software demonstrations as well
 General Meeting                       advertised as “A Celebration of Technology in the       as providing a telescope for the solar viewing. Also
 Observatories of New Mexico           Dayton Area commemorating the anniversaries             a special thanks to John Chumack for allowing
                                       of the first flight and statehood” The event provided   us the use of his astrophoto display. John’s display
  by Vern Dunlap
                                       for a showcase of science, engineering, and             attracted a lot of attention during the event. A
 14 March 7:30pm, AO BMD               technology in business, academia, and                   special thanks also to Monica Simmons of the
 AO Public Program                     professional societies in the Greater Dayton Area.      Mars Society for bringing this event to the attention
 18 March 7:30pm, AO BMD               “TechFest 2003” combined a “festival” atmosphere        of the MVAS. Thank you all for helping make this
                                       (where adults, kids, families, moms and pops,           another successful MVAS event.
 Board Meeting                         grandmas and grandpas could have fun sharing
 21 March 7:30pm AO BM                 and learning about technology past, present, and
 Millennicon Presentations             future) with a “serious side” where adults/students       NIAGfest / GreatCon 2003 -
                                       could find information on schools, careers, job
 21 and 22 March, Kings Island                                                                   April 25, 26
                                       opportunities, and technical and professional
 Time TBA on MVAS web site             society membership. There were 62 organizations            The Northern Indiana Astronomical Group
 Messier Marathon Stargaze             with 57 exhibits present at the event.                  (NIAG) consists of the Calumet Astronomical
 29 March Dusk at JBSP                    The MVAS was present at the event to advertise       Society, Fort Wayne Astronomical Society,
                                       our society to the Greater Dayton area and to           Michiana Astronomical Society, and Warsaw
           Future Programs             promote amateur and professional astronomy to           Astronomical Society. The clubs function
                                       the public. We also had MVAS volunteers present         independently, but cooperate to serve amateur
 Centerville Library Program and       to help answer general questions from the public        astronomy in Northern Indiana.
 Stargaze                              regarding astronomy. The MVAS table contained    
 8 April, 19:00, Centerville Library   various astronomical displays and information on
  and Stubbs Park                      the MVAS to hand out to the public. The MVAS

 General Meeting
                                       displays included Lori Cutright’s pop can display         St, Albert’s Stargaze
                                       simulating the weight of a can of pop on the
 11 April 7:30pm, AO BMD               various planets in the solar system (this was a            St. Albert the Great school has requested a
                                       big hit with the kids who stopped by the MVAS           stargaze at JB on Saturday March 8th with a cloud
 AO Public Program                                                                             date of Saturday March 15th. Please try to help
                                       table, as well as with many adults), a “Galilean”
 15 April 7:30pm, AO BMD                                                                       support this stargaze by coming out to JB, perhaps
                                       telescope (a pair of lenses on a meter stick), a
 Board Meeting                         celestial globe, information on the MVAS and on         setting up a telescope or running one of the club
                                       careers in astronomy, monthly star charts to hand       telescopes. The visitors will start arriving about
 18 April7:30pm, AO BMD
                                       out to visitors, demonstrations of desktop              sunset.
 NIAGfest 2003                         planetarium software, astronomical video via the
 25, 26 April                          internet, John Chumack’s astrophoto display, as
                                       well as 2 telescopes. Since the event was indoors         Millennicon requests
 JBSP = John Bryan State Park          the bad weather didn’t really affect us much,             Presentation
 AO = Apollo Observatory               although the only real solar viewing that we were
                                       able to do was limited to Sunday afternoon when              by Ron Sherman
 BMD=Boonshoft Museum of Discovery
                                       the sky finally cleared, at least for a while. Also        The Science Fiction convention Millennicon is
                                       MVAS member Vern Dunlap was impersonating               being held March 21st – 23rd at the Kings Island
                                       Galileo during the event. (Yes Vern, we do have         convention center. The convention program
                                       pictures of this!)                                      director has asked the MVAS to make two or more
                                          “TechFest 2003” was very well attended with          presentations at the convention.
                                       over a thousand visitors attending at various times        The previous Millennicon was in Indianapolis
                                       during the three days of the event. The MVAS            and the local astronomy club gave two
                                       received some good public exposure during the           presentations on getting started in Amateur
                                       event, both among members of the general public         Astronomy and about objects currently visible.
                                       as well as among other TechFest participants. In        The presentation were so well received, we were
                                       fact, we had one of the other TechFest participants     contacted and asked to provide the same type of
  Miami Valley Astronomical            from the University of Dayton volunteer to do a         presentation.
                                       program at one of our general meetings. Also we            The board agreed to make the presentations,
           Society                     had many visitors stop by our table expressing          and the Cincinnati Astronomical Society has been
        Dayton, Ohio                   interest in our society.                                contacted to join the fun.
                                          I want to recognize the following individuals for       Members interested in taking part in these                helping with the event: Ron Sherman, Lori               presentations, please give me a call or email.
The Amateur Astronomer - Miami Valley Astronomical Society Dayton, Oh.                                   March 2003 Page 2

                                             February 14 Board Meeting                            of New Mexico: VLA, Apache Point, and 3
       MVAS Officers & Committee                                                                  Meter Liquid Mirror Telescope: Plus an up
           Chairpersons                      Notes
                                                                                                  date on the 8.4 meter mirrors for the LBT at
                                           by Sec. Joe Tarkany
  President -                                 1. Treasures report 46% of income comes from
                                                                                                  Mt. Graham.The talk will be slides with a
  Ron Sherman - 513-423-7480               Apollo Rendezvous.                                     prize for who retains the most from the talk.
  Vice President -                            2. A MVAS budget for 2003 was recommended.
  John Chumack - 937-256-5014              This came from previous last six-year averages.
                                              3. Expenses year to date for 2003 is $2800            The John Bryan State Park
  Secretary -
  Joe Tarkany - 937-848-5946
                                           income at $2100 with a balance of $ 4100.                Schedule for 2003
                                              4. Solar telescope: the installation of the solar
  Treasurer -                              telescope from Canada should be complete before           The John Bryan State Park Observatory
  Manning Butterworth                      May.                                                   grounds and building is the property of the Ohio
  Membership Director                         5. The 50 cm telescope at the Apollo                Department of Natural Resources. Conducting
  Dave Merelli - 937-426-9461              Observatory attached to the Boonshoft Museum           these events are part of our lease terms for use
                                           is functioning. It is open every clear Friday and      of the observatory. Please help support these
  Observatories Committee -                                                                       important events.
                                           clear third Tuesday of every month. See the
  JB: John Meece - 937-426-1068                                                                      All of these events are Camper Stargazes
                                           schedule one page one for dates.
  AO: Charlie Shirk - 937-264-8246                                                                except the Fall Campout. The Camper Stargazes
                                              6. It was recommended to Bartilize the 50 cm
  Qualifications Committee -               telescope at the Museum if the electronics fail        are held in the parking lot across from the Day
  William Trost - 937-846-1001             again. The electronics now consist of the original     Use Lodge. MVAS members set up telescopes
                                           1969 vintage design. The proposed Bartilize            in the parking lot and another member does a
  Apollo Rendezvous Committee -
                                           system is an up grade and proven way to add            slide presentation in the campground
  Rick Weis - 937-669-5449
                                           ‘GO TO “ to an existing telescope.                     amphitheater. After the slide presentation, the
  Librarian -                                 7. JB lawn mower repair and /or replace is          campers are walked into the park to the telescopes
  Dick Swan - 937-436-2294                 being looked into. Paul Schreiber is helping on        for the stargaze.
                                           this.                                                     The Fall Campout is a club event and park
  John Bryan Observeratory Phone -            8. Observatory member survey is near                event. The park has a hayride for the park patrons
  937-767-8478                             completion.                                            and the MVAS conducts a stargaze for the
                                              9. Eyepieces for the MVAS will be purchased         hayriders.. One of the hayride stops is at the
                                           through Hands on Optics.                               observatory where hayriders can get off the wagon
                                              10. Rendezvous speakers taken care of: Leif,        and gaze with the telescopes set up at the
                                           Terry, Mike Flick, Doug Askew. Dave Toth or Tim        observatory. MVAS members are invited to camp
                                           Puckett may be added. Another addition may be          out in the observatory compound, and typically
                                           Richard Swartz for 2003                                there is a club picnic preceding the hayrider
  AA Editors -                                11. The mailing of the Rendezvous flyer will        stargaze.
  Joe Tarkany - 937-848-5946               include a registration form will be completed soon.       May 3 - Spring Fling Camper Stargaze
  Ron Sherman - 937-423-7480               The mailing list should be the same as last year.         May 24 - Camper Stargaze
                                           Extras printings will available at the Museum and         June 7 - Camper Stargaze
  Printing -
                                           taken to other events. Another amateur astronomy          June 21 - Camper Stargaze
  NCR Corporation
                                           event in Northern Indiana             NAIGfest /          July 5 - Camper Stargaze
  Articles should be sent to:              GREATCON 2003 is April 25,26 and will receive             July 19 - Camper Stargaze
  MVAS 2600 Deweese Pkwy                   a door prize consisting of a free registration for        August 2 - Camper Stargaze
  Dayton, OH 45414                         Rendezvous 2003.                                          August 16 - Camper Stargaze
  or via e-mail:                12. The MVAS is researching insurance                  August 30 - Camper Stargaze
                                           quotes.                                                   October 11 - Fall Campout & Hayrider Stargaze
                                              13. In case of bad weather check the message
                                           board for cancellations of MVAS scheduled
                                           events.             Speaker from STSCI at
                                           board-topics.html                                        Computerfest.
                                              14. At John Bryan State Park supplies have
                                           been purchased to complete the Pier Project                 by Kerry Harman
                                           under the roll off roof. The alignment of the 12-         Computerfest is excited to welcome Inge Heyer
                                           inch LX 200 is a long process and this is near         of the Space Telescope Science Institute to the
                                           completion. Manning Butterworth is working on          Spring 2003 show. Two presentations will be
                                           this.                                                  offered at various times during the show.
                                              15. The rocker box for the 16 inch is finished         A Journey through the Universe with the Hubble
                                           and the telescope will be used during stargazes        Space Telescope - Hubble images showing the
                                           at John Bryan State Park.                              wealth of objects in our Universe, the processes
                                              16. Your membership expiration date is now          they undergo, and the relationships between them.
                                           being printed on the address label.                    Living and Working in Space - includes information
                                              17. Tech fest at Sinclair Community was a           on the Apollo Missions, the shuttle, the HST
                                           success. There were 57 scientific exhibits and         servicing missions,
                                           there were more than “hundreds” of visitors. One          and the new space station. For further
                                           visitor included Galileo GALILEI. Actually it was      information about her presentations, and about
                                           MVAS member Vernon Dunlap claiming to be               the Hubble Telescope in general, visit the Space
                                           Galileo. He explained some practical gradational       Telescope Science Institute web site.
                                           revelations to the visitors.                              The Spring 2003 Computerfest(r), the premier
                                             18. The program for the general meeting              Computer and Technology event in the Miami
                                                                                                  Valley for 28 years, arrives at Dayton’s Hara Arena
                                           on March 14, 2003 will be by Vern Dunlap.              Complex on March 15 & 16, 2003. http://
                                           His presentation will be on: Observatories   
The Amateur Astronomer - Miami Valley Astronomical Society Dayton, Oh.                                                  March 2003 Page 3

  Voice of America Stargazes                              south through Centerville, to State Route 73. Turn    it is possible to observer all 110 Messier objects
                                                          left (east) on SR73. Take SR73 east, through          in a single night. The MVAS will open JB, weather
Pat Freeman                                               Waynesville, to the beach entrance, which will be     permitting, to all members that would like to come
   Well, folks, the weather outside may be awful,         just west of the lake overpass on SR73. Turn left     out and observe, on the weekend closest to the
but we’re still thinking ahead about the warmer           (north) into the park and follow the signs to the     new moon, which is the 29th.
weather! There are three stargazes planned for            beach. Alternately, you can take I-75 south to            Traditionally, we home a trial run to the
the VOA Park in Mason this year. The dates are:           State Route 73 exit (#38), turn LEFT (East) onto      marathon a month before the Messier marathon
   Saturday, April 12 (rain date April 19)                SR73, follow through Springboro and Waynesville,      date called the frostbite marathon. This year, since
   Saturday, May 10 (rain date May 17)                    about 15 miles, to the Beach entrance (left-hand      the new moon came on the first and the last of
   Saturday, September 6 (rain date September             turn just before the bridge over the lake).           March, the frostbite marathon was scheduled for
13)                                                          Editors Note - Caesar Creek stargazes are          the 1st. Unfortunately, the weather was poor and
   All of these dates are at first quarter to full moon   public events jointly supported by the MVAS and       there was no observing on the 1st. so, let up hope
or pretty close to either. Please make a note of          the Cincinnati Astronomical Society                   for good weather for the 29 th, and get some
these dates and/or save this message! We’ve                                                                     telescope time at JB for the Messier Marathon.
done several of these in the past and they’ve been
very well attended and well represented by MVAS.            Notes from the Membership
Come on out and join the fun!                                                                                     Centerville Library Program
   Directions to the VOA Park from Cincinnati:              Director                                               On April 8 th , the MVAS will be giving
   I-75 south from Dayton to Tylersville Road exit,          LOOK AT THE MAILING LABEL ON THE                   presentations at the Centerville Library, starting
turn LEFT from ramp, heading EAST on Tylersville          AMATEUR ASTRONOMER! Your membership                   around 19:00. After the presentations, weather
Road. Turn LEFT (north) onto Cox Road a short             expiration date is now being printed on the label.    permitting, we will do a stargaze in near-by Stubbs
distance from I-75. Follow Cox Road north to              Please use this monthly reminder to keep your         Park. So, please help support this stargaze by
the park entrance on the RIGHT, across from the           membership up to date. If the date does not agree     bringing a scope to Stubbs Park, or assisting with
Frito-Lay warehouse. We typically set up near             with your records, please contact the Membership      the presentations. Topics for the presentations
the fenced-in enclosure behind the building               Director(MD) to correct the error.                    will be about this year’s apparition of Mars, and
complex, as they have a porta-john nearby there              Annual subscriptions to SKY and TELESCOPE          general information about telescopes and getting
and the fence helps block some of the shopping            and ASTRONOMY magazines are available for             started in Amateur Astronomy. Cloud date for the
center lights.                                            MVAS members at a reduced rate of $30 each. If        stargaze in Stubbs Park is April 10th at 21:00.
    Editors Note - Voice of America stargazes are         you aren’t currently getting any of these
public events jointly supported by the MVAS and           subscriptions and wish to take advantage of the
the Cincinnati Astronomical Society                       special rate, send a check for the subscriptions        MVAS Message Board
                                                          you wish to order to the MD, payable to MVAS. If
                                                                                                                    There is a message board on the MVAS web
                                                          you are already getting one or both of these
                                                                                                                site for general public and club use, and is the
  Caesar Creek State Park                                 magazines, just send your subscription renewal
                                                                                                                primary forum to announce club related messages
                                                          notice along with the $30 payment to the MD to
  Stargazes                                                                                                     and notifications. Discussion topics are open to
                                                          renew the subscription at the special rate. The
                                                                                                                the public so questions can be asked and
                                                          magazine renewal does not have to coincide with
Pat Freeman                                                                                                     responded quickly. Several topics are for
                                                          your MVAS membership dates – your MVAS
   In addition to the VOA stargazes, we’ve also                                                                 notifications to inform the membership of
                                                          membership just has to be current at the time of
set up 3 campers’ stargazes this summer at                                                                      important and interesting information. Email
                                                          renewal. To ensure that your subscription
Caesar Creek State Park. Together with the dates                                                                notices of events are becoming harder to place
                                                          continues uninterrupted, please submit the
below for Caesar Creek, we have a full agenda                                                                   because ISP’s are imposing email limits to reduce
                                                          renewal early.
for this summer! The Caesar Creek dates are:                                                                    SPAM, and because people change ISP’s without
                                                             A small number of MVAS T-shirts are available
   Saturday, June 6 (campground)                                                                                informing the Membership Director of the change.
                                                          on a first come basis — XL only, gray or black. If
   Saturday, July 5 (campground)                                                                                The message board will allow members to keep
                                                          enough interest exists, another order for T-shirts,
   Saturday, August 9 (beach)                                                                                   their own email address up to date, or not to
                                                          sweatshirts, and jackets could be made. Again
   Both campground stargazes are set for around                                                                 receive email, or what topics send notifications.
                                                          contact the MD if interested in any of these items
the first-quarter moon. The last one, on August 9                                                                   So, be sure to check the message board for
at the beach, is the annual Perseids Meteor                                                                     notifications, and take a look at some of the topics.
Shower Camp-Out on the beach grounds and is                                                                     If you would like a message board account to be
between first-quarter and full moon this summer.
                                                            Two close conjunctions this
                                                                                                                able to make important announcements and to
   Mark your calendars! See you there!                      month                                               receive email notification of topic postings, send
   Directions to the boat ramp / campground for                                                                 an email requesting a message board account to
                                                             Venus and Neptune will come within 12 minutes
the June 6 and July 5 CAMPGROUND stargazes:                                                                     the MVAS Webmaster. If you are interested in
                                                          of each other on the morning of March 12th, and
   From Dayton, US35 east to downtown Xenia,                                                                    adding more topics or becoming a moderator for
                                                          then on the morning of March 28th, Venus and
to State Route 380. Turn right (south) on SR380.                                                                a topic, email the MVAS webmaster
                                                          Uranus will come within 3 minutes of each other,
Follow SR380 several miles, to Center Road. It’s
                                                          according to TheSky version 5.
marked as “to campground”. Turn right (west) on
                                                             As John Graham pointed out to us on the
Center Road. Take Center Road to the camp
                                                          message board, this would be an excellent
office, tell them you’re with the astronomy group,
                                                          imaging opportunity. John’s figures bring the
and proceed straight through to the boat ramp
                                                          planets closer than TheSky, so perhaps Neptune
parking area. We set up in the grass between
                                                          and Venus will be close enough to image both on
the parking area and the driveway. Alternately,
                                                          the LX200 and Pictor CCD camera before dawn.
you can take I-75 south to exit 38 (State Route
                                                          Uranus and Venus will definitely be close enough
73). Turn left (east) on SR73, and go through
                                                          for CCD imaging before dawn on the 28th. Let’s
Springboro and Waynesville, across I-71, to State
                                                          hope for clear skies.
Route 380. Turn left (north) on SR380. Take
SR380 north 3 or so miles to Center Road. It’s
marked as “to campground”. Turn left (west) on
Center Road. Take Center Road to the boat ramp
                                                            Messier Marathon
parking area as above.                                       No, this is not a series of hockey games, but
   Directions to the campground for the August 9          an all-night opportunity to observe almost all of
BEACH stargaze from Dayton: State Route 48                the Messier objects. Around the middle of March,
Miami Valley Astronomical Society Dayton, Oh.                                                                              March 2003 Page 4

        Please                                                          March Observers Highlites
        Sign Me Up!                                                 2 March ..................................................................................... New Moon 21:36
                                                                    4 March ........................................... Mercury Passes 1.5 Degrees From Uranus
          New Member                                                11 March ...................................................................... First Quater Moon 02:16
          Membership Renewal                                        12 March .......................................... Venus Passes 0.2 Degrees From Neptune
          Individual Membership            $30                      18 March ................................................................................... Full Moon 05:34
          Family Membership                $45                      21 March ..................................................................... Vernal Equinox, 01:00 UT
          Magazine Subscriptions                                    24 March ...................................................................... Last Quater Moon 20:52
          Sky & Telescope                  $30                      28 March ........................................... Venus Passes 0.1 Degrees From Uranus
          Astronomy                        $30                      31 March .................................. Asteroid 4 Vesta At Opposition (5.9 Magnitude)
  Name ________________________________________
                                                                        March Historical Events
  Address _______________________________________
                                                                    1 March 1966 .................................. First spacecraft to impact Venus, Venera 3
  City __________________________________________                   5 March 1979 ............................................ Voyager 1 spacecraft flyby of Jupiter
                                                                    13 March 1781 .................................. William Heschel discovers planet Uranus
  State/Zip ______________________________________
                                                                    17 March 1958 ..................................................................... Vanguard 1 Launch
  Telephone _____________________________________                   23 March 1802 ........................................... First photograph of the Moon taken
                                                                    25 March 1655 ............... Christiaan Huygens Discovers Titan, moon of Saturn
  Email _________________________________________                   28 March 1802 .................................... Heinrich Gibers discovers astroid Pallas
    Add the selected options. Make check out to MVAS and mail to:   29 March 1807 ..................................... Heinrich Gibers discovers astroid Vesta
         MVAS • 3346 Fair Oaks Dr. Beavercreek, OH 45434

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