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                                   MichaelmasTerm 2006 Volume XXVIII Number 3

Cooley Graduates as
Supreme Court Clerks
                       The Thomas M. Cooley Law School Alumni Association wishes to announce that its 2007
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alumni mentors needed

                        Alumni Mentoring Success Story
                        Thomas M. Cooley Law School offers a mentoring           Michigan but really wanted to move to New York
                        service, matching current students and recent grad-      City to work in corporate law.
                        uates with experienced attorneys. You can be a           “I met with her for lunch when she was visiting
                        wonderful partner for a new friend from Cooley in        the city twice. She eventually took the New York
                        several ways. You may mentor a first-year law stu-       bar, passed it and moved to New York. We
                        dent to give that person advice and encouragement        stayed in touch over her first year and a half in the
                        in their career. You can also help a senior-level stu-   city. A position in my group opened up and we
                        dent or new graduate who is entering a new pro-          wound up hiring her! She has now been with Citi-
                        fessional environment and is looking for your help       group Trust for two years and has proven to be a
                        as they start their career.                              valuable asset to the company.
                        Mentoring makes a direct impact on students’ fu-         “This just goes to show that the mentoring
                        tures. As a mentor, you'll help law students as          program really works. I’m grateful for the
                        they establish their careers. You’ll provide the stu-    mentoring program bringing us together. So,
                        dents with a contact in the legal community who          thank you! If you ever see any more good fits for
                        has an expressed willingness to give them time           me, just let me know. I'd be happy to continue to
                        and answers to questions about law school, the           participate in the program.”
                        legal field, and the professional environment.
                                                                                 Please volunteer for the Alumni Mentor Program
                        In turn, as a mentor you'll benefit knowing that         by going to
                        you’ll be helping new, up-and-coming lawyers by          alumnimentor.htm on the Cooley website, or
                        giving them the benefit of your experience and           call the Cooley Alumni Relations Office at
                        contacts. Through mentoring you'll build personal        (800) 243-ALUM for additional information.
                        relationships with those who will be your peers in
                        practice. Most importantly, mentoring allows you         Through mentoring you'll build
                        to give back to the legal community.
                                                                                 personal relationships with
                        Mentor Heather Burns noted, “I want to let you
                        know about a mentoring program success story.            those who will be your peers in
                        You may see in your records that about three             practice. Most importantly,
                        years ago, a fellow graduate, Jill Robertson, was
                        assigned to me as my mentee. She was from
                                                                                 mentoring allows you to give
                                                                                 back to the legal community.
  Benchmark                                                                                        from Cooley
                                                                                       letterCooley’s Alumni
                                                                                       A Salute to
                                                                          Even a brief glance at the table of contents on the next page
                Terry Carella
                                                                          shows the extraordinary nature of Cooley’s alumni and the
                                                                          support they provide to the school. Through their type of
             Sharon Matchette
                                                                          work, unique life experiences, and diverse geographic loca-
        Contributing Writers                                              tions, our alumni possess a breadth and level of participation
    Seyferth, Spaulding, and Tennyson
                Tom Garikes
                                                                          common only to a few national law schools.
            Rosemary Horvath                        In our travels this past fall, my staff and I had the chance to catch up with alumni in Chicago; Washington
                Darryl Parsell                      D.C.; New York City; Newark, New Jersey; and northern Michigan, as well as in Lansing, Grand Rapids, and
                 James Robb
                                                    Rochester Hills. At these alumni events, we learned of the immense goodwill held by our alumni, who told us
                                                    time and again how grateful they are for the opportunity they had to gain their legal education at Cooley. Many
           Image Creative Group
                                                    alumni demonstrated that goodwill in a tangible way. Some made financial donations to Cooley, the amount of

                                                    which increased again this year. Other alumni volunteered as moot court judges or helped us recruit new stu-
              Kim Kauffman                          dents, mentor those students, or assist them in finding jobs. In this issue, we recognize and thank them publicly.
            Cover Photography
                                                    We also came to appreciate how the vast differences in background and careers of our alumni contribute to make
                 Call for                           Cooley so special. In this issue of the Benchmark, you will learn about a Cooley graduate, now a professor here, who
               Submissions                          has organized a peer mediation program, and about other Cooley graduates who manage cities or work in advanced
     The Benchmark is seeking submissions           scientific fields. You will learn about still other alumni in the class notes section. We have always known that a Cooley
      and story ideas from graduates. We
     are looking for stories on a variety of
                                                    education is not limited merely to the law but that, instead, a Cooley education prepares our students for a wide
subjects including, but not limited to, graduate    range of pursuits. Every issue of the Benchmark is proof of this proposition. We are proud of the
    achievements, international law, cultural
                                                    accomplishments of our alumni, both individually and collectively, for it is through their accomplishments that the
           diversity, legal information
       helpful to practitioners, unique law         reputation of the school continues to improve. We are also grateful to our alumni who so generously contributed
      practices, advice to prospective law          their time and financial resources to make Cooley such a great school. Thus, we salute the Cooley alumni and
 students, and special events. If you would like
to author an article, reprint an article you have
                                                    dedicate this issue to them.
              authored for another
publication, or share a story idea, please write,
                  call, or e-mail:
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 e-mail if you have any             in referring to the Grand Rapids and Oakland University campuses. The precise term used by the American
 problems.                                            Bar Association is "acquiescence" to refer to the status of those campuses.

                                                                         cooley graduates as

                                                                   2     supreme court clerks
                                                                        Cooley graduates perfect the art of analysis
                                                                        before justice.

                                                                        clerking the country

                                                                   5    While Brian Orsborn is leaving the winter
                                                                        weather of Michigan behind him, he’s planning to
                                                                        take the experiences of his education at Cooley
                                                                        Law School with him to build a successful career.

                                                                        a supreme opportunity

                                                                   6    Just steps from their alma mater, nine former
                                                                        Cooley students are working in one of the most
                                                                        respected positions in the field – as law clerks.

                                                                        cloning food-producing

                                                                   10   animals
                                                                        Cooley graduate Dr. Gary Weaver is an expert
                                                                        in the field of science.

                                                                        public service
        school news
                student awards
                graduation highlights
                graduates: fitzgerald class
                faculty briefs
                                                                   12   Brad Heffner is known as the Ithaca, Michigan
                                                                        city manager, but a few times a year he sets city
                                                                        government aside and makes room for boys
                                                                        sports pairings.

                                                                        alumni golf benefit
        alumni matters
                alumni news
                class notes                                        14   We cordially invite you to participate in the 18th
                                                                        Annual Alumni Memorial Scholarship Golf Benefit
                                                                        at the Country Club of Lansing, Monday, August 13.

                                                                                                   BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006   1

               Cooley Graduates as

Clerks                                                          Cooley Graduates Perfecting the Art of
                                                                Analysis Before Justice

    Some attorneys view law clerking as a life-long career; others see it as a shorter-term
    experience critical to their ultimate legal pursuit. Regardless, most would tout a law clerk
    position as one of the most rewarding experiences in the field.

    During the 25 years that Michael F. Cavanagh has served as a    the court’s seven Supreme Court Justices. Nine of the Supreme
    Michigan Supreme Court Justice, he has seen great change.       Court’s current law clerks are graduates of the Thomas M.
    And while the changes have ranged from new laws to a            Cooley Law School – more than any other law school.
    growing dependence on office technology, one area that          “Cooley’s top students can match the top students at any
    hasn’t changed is the need for knowledgeable, hard-working,     other law school,” Justice Cavanagh said. “And the school’s
    deadline-oriented law clerks.                                   (diversity) demographics are amazing.”
    “Law clerks serve a very important purpose,” Justice            In addition to a high grade point average, lawyers who
    Cavanagh said. “They add another look to the process and an     possess writing skills, research ability, and a good personality
    independent view that is crucial to our work.” The Michigan     are individuals who may have what it takes to become a law
    Supreme Court currently employs 24 law clerks who support       clerk, said Justice Cavanagh.

                               “Serving as a law clerk is an invaluable opportunity,”      ing them in developing a positive reputation within
                               Cooley President Don LeDuc said. “Whether the               the community and exposing them to the widest
                               position is a long-term career choice or a launching        variety of court cases possible.
                               point to another position, it provides individuals with a   Cooley prepares its students for the job of a law
                               sense of accomplishment and a wealth of experience.”        clerk with specific coursework and research tasks.
                               The position also provides the Michigan Supreme             “Cooley provides a fabulous educational founda-
                               Court with a great deal of knowledge and know-how.          tion for this level of legal analysis,” Alane said.
                               “I’ve been very fortunate with the men and women            It is a job that primarily involves research and
                               who have served as law clerks for me,” Cavanagh             review as a case initially makes its way to the
 “From murder                  said. “While they all have had different personalities,     Michigan Supreme Court. And it is that review
and mayhem to                  they’ve all been hard workers who have given much           that helps shape the future direction of the case.
                               to this court.”
  U.C.C. cases,                Case in point: Two of Justice Cavanagh’s senior
                                                                                           “It’s important that they (the law clerks) don’t
                                                                                           just spit back what I’d like to hear,” Justice
   they see the                law clerks, Cooley graduates Natalie Alane                  Cavanagh said.
    gamut while                (Chase Class, 2002) and Mary Chartier-Mittendorf
                                                                                           Cooley Law School and the experience of serving
                               (T. Johnson Class, 2002), recently announced plans
  serving here.”               to leave the Supreme Court later this year to open
                                                                                           as a law clerk in the Michigan Supreme Court
 Justice Michael F. Cavanagh                                                               also prepare lawyers with the ability to jump at
                               their own law firm in Lansing. It is with mixed
                                                                                           opportunities within several different career paths.
                               emotions that Justice Cavanagh sees their plans
                               developing and the approaching date when he’ll              While Alane and Chartier-Mittendorf plan to spend
                               be working with a new staff.                                their careers in private practice, Mark Sands
                                                                                           (Needham Class, 2004) plans to follow the course
                               “I value the service that our law clerks provide and
                                                                                           of many law clerks, including Justice Cavanagh –
                               I’ll miss them,” Justice Cavanagh said. “But new
                                                                                           a one-time U.S. Court of Appeals law clerk, by
                               ideas are good and with a new staff come new
                                                                                           becoming an assistant prosecuting attorney
                                                                                           following his stint with Justice Stephen J. Markman.
                               The duo’s experience with the Michigan Supreme
                                                                                           Sands credits not only Cooley’s education through
                               Court will help them just as it has helped law clerks
                                                                                           coursework and class discussions for his early
                               before them, according to Justice Cavanagh, by help-

                                                                                                                 BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006          3

                                  career success, but also credits unique opportunities         As James Duquet (Needham Class, 2004), a law
                                  at Cooley, such as serving as a teaching assistant, for       clerk for Justice Maura Corrigan, said of his
                                  framing the path to his current career.                       education from Cooley, “I wouldn’t have my
                                  A position as a public defender is a logical step for a       job without it.”
                                  law clerk, according to Justice Cavanagh. In fact, he         The following list summarizes the current
                                  credits his clerkship with providing him with the             employment of Cooley graduates as law clerks
                                  broadest exposure to cases of all kinds, stating that         with the Michigan Supreme Court (see related
    “Law clerks add               he was never more conversant with all aspects of the          story for mini profiles).
    another look to               law as he was when he left his clerkship.                     Chief Justice Clifford W. Taylor
    the process and an            Some Cooley graduates who serve as law clerks with            Bruce Edwards – senior law clerk
                                  the Michigan Supreme Court have no desire to leave            Donna Hellman
    independent view              their current positions. It’s the career that is perfect      Kimberlee Hillock
    that is crucial to            for them.                                                     Justice Michael F. Cavanagh
    our work.”                    For more than nine years, Bruce Edwards (O’Hara               Natalie Alane – senior law clerk
                                  Class, 1983) has been the right-hand man of Michigan          Mary Chartier-Mittendorf – senior law clerk
    Justice Michael F. Cavanagh
                                  Supreme Court Chief Justice Clifford W. Taylor. It’s a        Justice Maura D. Corrigan
                                  serious job, one in which Edwards’ ability to reason          James Duquet
                                  and identify legal issues of all kinds is a must. And it is
                                                                                                Justice Stephen J. Markman
                                  a job that always offers something new around the
                                                                                                Mark Sands
                                  corner because the issues are always changing. In
                                  short, this position isn’t for the individual who likes a     Justice Elizabeth A. Weaver
                                  routine and that suits Edwards just fine.                     Sima Patel
                                                                                                Nick Rebant
                                  But regardless of their career focus and future plans,
                                  graduates point to the skills learned at Cooley Law
                                  School as a key to their current success.

the Country                                                 Coveted Positions at Every State, Level of Justice

“I had just hoped to make law review in some capacity,” Orsborn said. “Becoming
editor-in-chief wasn’t a goal until later. It has become my favorite thing about law school.”

Cooley Graduate Lands Coveted Role                       Like many Cooley students, Orsborn has taken
with Florida Supreme Court Justice                       a different road to a law degree than others.
                                                         After graduating from high school in Columbus,
                  While Brian Orsborn is leaving the
                                                         Ohio, Orsborn served in the U.S. Coast Guard
                  winter weather of Michigan behind
                                                         where he was required to learn and enforce
                  him, he’s planning to take the
                                                         several laws along the country’s waterways.
                  experiences of his education at
                  Cooley Law School with him to          Orsborn later returned home and attended Ohio
                  build a successful career.             State University where he graduated with a
                                                                                                              “Once I arrived
Orsborn will begin a two-year clerkship with Florida
                                                         degree in political science. Then, Orsborn joined    on campus, I was
                                                         the working world, serving as an environmental
Supreme Court Justice Peggy Quince in September
                                                         consultant, which required him to learn the
                                                                                                              determined to
following a four-month externship with the same
office. He expects that this clerkship will expose him
                                                         nation’s environmental laws. In part, it was these   make good use of
to many aspects of the law, more than any other
                                                         life experiences that led Orsborn to envision a
                                                         career in law as a possibility.
                                                                                                              that opportunity,
position available to a new attorney.
                                                         Orsborn, 34, cites three reasons that contributed
                                                                                                              study hard, and
It is from that experience that Orsborn plans to
launch his career; one that he expects eventually will
                                                         to his desire to become a lawyer:                    succeed.”
lead him to work in private practice as an appellate     1. An ability to analyze situations
attorney. And he credits Cooley with providing him       2. A love of reading
the opportunity to achieve his goals.
                                                         3. An ability and fondness for memorizing
“They provided me with an opportunity,” Orsborn              regulations
said. “Once I arrived on campus, I was determined
                                                         And he cites one main aspect of Cooley’s
to make good use of that opportunity, study hard,
                                                         training for positioning him for future success:
and succeed.”
                                                         the school’s Research and Writing department.
Orsborn is currently serving his fourth term as          It is through this department that Orsborn
editor-in-chief of Cooley’s law review, an accomplish-   believes he built the skills needed to become a
ment that he hadn’t even thought about as a              top-level lawyer and it is through this department
possibility when he arrived on campus.                   that Orsborn would advise students to focus
“I had just hoped to make law review in some             most of their attention.
capacity,” Orsborn said. “Becoming editor-in-chief       “They work you hard here, but they teach you
wasn’t a goal until later. It has become my favorite     through that work,” Orsborn said.
thing about law school.”

                                                                                                                 BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006   5
    Supreme        A

    Cooley Graduates Share Insights into Clerking for Justices
    with Michigan’s Highest Court
    Just steps from their alma mater, nine former Cooley students are working in one of the most respected positions in the field – as law clerks for
    Michigan Supreme Court Justices Michael F. Cavanagh, Maura D. Corrigan, Stephen J. Markman, Clifford W. Taylor, and Elizabeth A. Weaver.
    Benchmark recently invited them to share insights about their careers, education, and role models; the following are brief profiles:

                                                     process of law school your top priority,        working with Jim Graves (Sinas, Dramis,
                                                     not something you do on the side.               Brake, Boughton & McIntyre) several
                                                     Best Cooley memory:                             years ago. Jim epitomized everything a
                                                     I have a lot of great Cooley memories, but      lawyer should be. He is wise, sincere,
                                                     a defining moment for me was when               and kind, and he has a masterful sense
                                                     Professor Phil Prygoski called me a few         of civility. His ethics are impeccable. His
                                                     weeks after first-term exams to tell me         style of practice is easy to aspire to.
                                                     that I received the book award in
                                                     Constitutional Law I. As every first termer
                                                     knows, waiting for those first exam results
                                                     is excruciating. Having no previous feed-
                                                     back or benchmarks of progress (these
    Name: Natalie Alane,                             were the days before midterms), it is easy
    law clerk for Justice Michael F. Cavanagh        to convince yourself that you failed every
    Age: 36                                          test. That phone call, which was complete-
    Hometown: Orange Park, Florida                   ly charitable, gave me relief, boosted my
    Year Graduated from Cooley:                      confidence, and reflected well on Cooley.
    Chase Class, 2002                                It was just a very kind thing for him to do,
    #1 reason for becoming a lawyer:                 and it has always stuck out to me.
    In every law office I worked in, it drove        Hobbies/Interests:                              Name: Mary Chartier-Mittendorf,
    me crazy that I could not actually do the        I have an incurable love of backpacking.        law clerk for Justice Michael F. Cavanagh
    lawyering. I was dying to jump right in,         I travel and hike as much as I can, including   Hometown: Pawtucket, Rhode Island
    but the only alternative to violating laws       in the snowy, winter months. I also love        Year Graduated from Cooley:
    and ethical rules was to go to law school.       gardening and proudly tend a large organic      T. Johnson Class, 2002
    Advice for prospective law clerks:               garden of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and      #1 reason for becoming a lawyer:
    Eat, drink, sleep, and live law school.          herbs every year. Then I cook with              There isn't only one reason. Like most
    Absorb everything, and let law school            everything I grow.                              people, after reading To Kill A
    absorb you. Hone your analytical mind by         Legal role model:                               Mockingbird, I found myself admiring
    reading and rereading cases and question-        While there are many superb attorneys in        Atticus Finch and wanting to correct
    ing the analyses. Make the educational           the Lansing area, I had the pleasure of         injustice in the world. As I got older,

lawyers like Morris Dees continued to keep                                                      Kill), and Rudy Baylor (The Rainmaker).
me interested in the law. There are lots of                                                     Now, having met plenty of real lawyers,
careers that I think are interesting, but this                                                  I have to say it's my boss, Justice Maura
one combined my interest in the law with                                                        Corrigan. We don't always share the same
my love of people and talking. It seemed                                                        view on things, but she has a brilliant legal
like the perfect profession for me, and I am                                                    mind, she always strives to reach the result
lucky that it has actually turned out to be!                                                    that she believes justice and the law
Advice for prospective law clerks:                                                              require, and she is one of the hardest
Really embrace the experience. Clerking                                                         working people I've ever met. I admire
gives you an opportunity to participate in                                                      that, and I hope to take that same passion
landmark cases; enjoy every minute of it.                                                       for the law into practice after my clerkship
Best Cooley memory:                                                                             is over.
                                                 Name: James Duquet,
Winning a national moot court
                                                 law clerk for Justice Maura D. Corrigan
competition with my good friend, Blair
                                                 Age: 28
Lachman, and our coach Professor Ron
                                                 Hometown: Ferndale, Michigan
Bretz. Of course, winning was a great
                                                 Year Graduated from Cooley:
experience, but spending time together
                                                 Needham Class, 2004
made it all the better. Professor Bretz was
                                                 #1 reason for becoming a lawyer:
the perfect coach – intelligent and knowl-
                                                 To be able to help people with their
edgeable, while also being enthusiastic and
                                                 problems. Legal problems can be very
energetic. I was lucky to spend time with
                                                 daunting to people not familiar with the
such a smart and talented man.
                                                 system (and even those who are).
Legal role model:
                                                 Advice for prospective law clerks:
So many lawyers have been amazing
                                                 It involves a lot of reading and writing and   Name: Bruce Edwards,
role models. At Cooley, Dean John
                                                 generally sitting at a desk in front of a      law clerk for Justice Clifford W. Taylor
Nussbaumer and Professor Ron Bretz
                                                 computer. If you like to be on your feet       Age: 50
were invaluable resources to help guide me
                                                 and interact with people at work, then         Hometown: Haslett, Michigan
through law school and into practicing law.
                                                 clerking probably isn't for you. On the        Year Graduated from Cooley:
I served as Dean Nussbaumer's teaching
                                                 other hand, most clerkships are temporary,     O’Hara Class, 1983
assistant for almost three years and learned
                                                 and the experience can be invaluable.          #1 reason for becoming a lawyer:
so much about practicing law in an ethical
                                                 Best Cooley memory:                            I like analyzing and reasoning things
manner. Dean Nussbaumer is a hard-
                                                 Although we didn't win, I really enjoyed       through.
working, caring, intelligent person whom
                                                 going to the National Environmental Law        Advice for prospective law clerks:
I admire tremendously. I was lucky to have
                                                 Moot Court Competition at Pace Law             Paying attention to detail, thinking in a
two great supervisors at work - Guy Sweet
                                                 School in White Plains, New York.              logical manner, and having a good
at the Ingham County Prosecutor's Office
                                                 Hobbies/Interests:                             memory are essential.
and Tom Yeadon at the East Lansing City
                                                 I'm really an outdoors person (all the         Best Cooley memory:
Attorney's Office. Both are great litigators
                                                 fun Michigan stuff: boating, tubing, biking,   Making my last tuition payment and
and great people who always took the time
                                                 camping), but during the winter I turn         graduating cum laude. Also, when I started
to share their experience. And, of course,
                                                 into a bit of a TV/movie-junkie. I read so     at Cooley in May 1980, the building did not
Justice Cavanagh has been a wonderful
                                                 much at work that I need brain candy           have air conditioning. I had night classes
role model these last four years. He is the
                                                 when I go home.                                and it got very warm in the classrooms. By
perfect judge because he is smart, hard-
                                                 Legal role model:                              the next year they installed air conditioning
working, ethical, and fair. He has also been
                                                 Before getting to law school, it was           and it was much easier to pay attention in
terrific to work for because he is person-
                                                 probably an amalgam of the fictional           classes that were not hot.
able and fun. He has a wonderful sense of
                                                 characters Atticus Finch (To Kill a            Hobbies/Interests:
humor, and I'll leave his office with a lot
                                                 Mockingbird), Jake Brigance (A Time to         Spending time with my wife and two
of great memories.

                                                                                                                             BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006   7

    daughters whom my wife home-schools.           often (I imagine) with little gratitude (or     credit when it is due, and it is very clear
    Reading the Bible, swimming, following         even cooperation) from their clients, and       that he values the input of his clerks. Even
    current affairs, and listening to good music   with less financial reward than they            if he initially disagrees with my take on a
    (mostly late ‘60s early ‘70s classic rock).    deserve.                                        case, he is always willing to listen to the
                                                                                                   reasons for my suggestions. Many bosses
                                                                                                   could learn from his example.
                                                                                                   I thank Colleen Olson for working so hard
                                                                                                   on the paralegal program at Northwestern
                                                                                                   Michigan College as well as all my legal
                                                                                                   professors who cared enough about the
                                                                                                   profession to devote their time and energy
                                                                                                   to impart their knowledge to others.
                                                                                                   The greatest influence so far, however,
                                                                                                   has probably been Julie Clement who used
                                                                                                   to be Lansing's Prehearing Supervisor and
                                                                                                   is now a full-time professor at Cooley. By
    Name: Donna Hellman,                           Name: Kimberlee Hillock,                        striking the verbiage and re-organizing
    law clerk for Justice Clifford W. Taylor       law clerk for Justice Clifford W. Taylor        several reports, she fine-tuned my writing
    Age: 46                                        Age: 36                                         skills. Without her help, I probably would
    Hometown: Albion, Michigan                     Hometown: Traverse City, Michigan               not have my current job.
    Year Graduated from Cooley:                    Year Graduated from Cooley:
                                                                                                   I recall a case I worked on in Prehearing
    Rutledge Class, 2000                           Paterson Class, 2002
                                                                                                   that involved two Traverse City lawyers.
    #1 reason for becoming a lawyer:               #1 reason for becoming a lawyer:
                                                                                                   While these two attorneys both advocated
    I needed a mental challenge and a career       I wanted to make a difference.
                                                                                                   admirably on behalf of their clients, they
    change that wouldn't mean a big pay cut;       Advice for prospective law clerks:
                                                                                                   did so with a civility that exemplified their
    Cooley's scholarship and weekend pro-          Do well in your research and writing
                                                                                                   honorable profession. Four years later, I
    gram made it possible for me to go to          classes. Apply first to the Court of Appeals
                                                                                                   am still struck by the decorum and respect
    law school.                                    Prehearing Division. You will gain valuable
                                                                                                   they showed to the court, each other, and
    Advice for prospective law clerks:             skills there that will help you in your         each other's clients. I strive to emulate
    Practice humility! Be able to let go of your   clerkship; most Court of Appeals judges         their behavior.
    preconceptions about what the law is and       hire their clerks from Prehearing, and the
    should be, and be able to edit your writ-      Supreme Court Justices often hire from
    ing and let go of words you have written.      the Court of Appeals.                           “Hone your analytical
    Best Cooley memory:                            Best Cooley memory:                             mind by reading and
    Sometime during my first year when I           I have many good memories from Cooley,
    realized how many very interesting people      but the best was probably graduation day.       rereading cases and
    were enrolled in the weekend program,          Hobbies/Interests:                              questioning the
    and how dedicated those people were to         Spending time with my family, reading,
    changing careers and improving their           remodeling my house, and landscaping.
                                                                                                   analyses. Make the
    own lives.                                     Legal role model:                               educational process
    Hobbies/Interests:                             You mean other than my boss? Seriously
    Kayaking, riding horses, poetry, and           though, I am impressed with how dedicat-
                                                                                                   of law school your
    gourmet food.                                  ed he is to his responsibilities. He is often   top priority, not
    Legal role model:                              the first one at work and usually the last to
                                                   leave. Even when he is out of the office, he
                                                                                                   something you do
    State Appellate Resource Center attorneys,
    especially Susan Meinberg, who seems           maintains constant contact. I have never        on the side.”
    particularly good in her advocacy. They        seen him lose his temper or his sense of
    are doing a job I would never want to do,      humor. He is quick to give praise and

Name: Sima Patel                                Name: Nick Rebant                               Name: Mark Sands,
law clerk for Justice Elizabeth A. Weaver       law clerk for Justice Elizabeth A. Weaver       law clerk for Justice Stephen J. Markman
Age: 28                                         Age: 25                                         Age: 31
Hometown: Denver, Colorado                      Hometown: Midland, Michigan                     Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Year Graduated from Cooley:                     Year Graduated from Cooley:                     Year Graduated From Cooley:
Boyles Class, 2005                              Fisher Class, 2007                              Needham Class, 2004
#1 reason for becoming a lawyer:                #1 reason for becoming a lawyer:                #1 reason for becoming a lawyer:
Knowledge and power. Knowledge is               The law covers everything in society.           As cheesy as it may sound, I want to do
power and the lay person has a very             To have the opportunity where you can           something with my career that benefits
limited knowledge of the law even though        learn so many parts of the law is exciting.     society. As a law clerk, I have the chance to
his/her life is affected by it. The common      Advice for prospective law clerks:              participate in the development of the law in
sense rational is not necessarily the legal     Develop writing skills and read a number        this state. As (hopefully) a prosecutor in
rational. I was intrigued by that and wanted    of briefs to help gain understanding about      the future, I will have the opportunity to
to know more.                                   the different sides to an argument. Then,       protect society from its worst elements.
Advice for prospective law clerks:              learn to question everything, develop           Advice for prospective law clerks:
Identify the issues and then start digging      your own arguments, and write it.               Take advantage of the opportunity. In
deep. Learn why and how and keep                Best Cooley memory:                             no other field do you have as much of an
asking questions until you learn everything     After I got my first grades back and I          opportunity to play a role in the develop-
you possibly can about the issues and how       realized that all the stories they told us at   ment of the law as you do as a judicial
they connect with one another. Only once        orientation weren’t going to come true.         law clerk.
you have that information can you form an       Law school is hard and those first grades       Best Cooley memory:
opinion about the issue and then form a         reaffirmed that I belonged.                     Participating in moot court and mock trial
recommendation. Students also need to           Hobbies/Interests:                              competitions. Specifically, when Tanesha
hone their writing skills. The ability to       I like to cook. I had to develop that skill     Scott and I made it to the regional finals of
communicate is crucial.                         through law school. I also like to watch        the Texas Young Lawyers Association Mock
Best Cooley memory:                             movies and listen to a lot of music.            Trial Tournament and when Trisha Werder,
I had a really good time at Cooley, but         Legal role model:                               Mark Nawrocki, and I participated in the
my best memory would probably be                One of the people that always stood out         Environmental Moot Court Competition in
competing in moot court competitions.           in my mind was James Madison, Father of         New York.
It’s thrilling.                                 the Constitution. He played a big role in       Hobbies/Interests:
Hobbies/Interests:                              history.                                        I'm a huge baseball fan, and a Detroit
I am lucky enough to live in Traverse City,                                                     Tigers fan in particular.
Michigan – a truly gorgeous place. I try to                                                     Legal role model:
take advantage of all the region has to offer                                                   Cooley Professor Patrick Corbett really
by cross-country skiing, snowshoeing,                                                           set a standard for me during law school as
kayaking, and hiking.                                                                           someone I would like to emulate both
Legal role model: Gandhi                                                                        personally and professionally.

                                                                                                                                 BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006   9

     Which came first?
          The chicken or the egg?
     Reprinted with permission of the University of Maryland-College Park       What’s your opinion of the FDA ruling?
     Cooley Graduate is Expert in Science                                       Their conclusion that meat and milk from some species of animal clones
     Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that       – so far cattle, swine, and goats – and their non-cloned offspring are
     it has approved consumption of meat and milk from some species of          safe to eat is a good one. FDA experts have carefully studied all available
     cloned, food-producing animals. Here Dr. Gary Weaver, Director of the      scientific reports about animal cloning for more than five years.
     Program on Agriculture and Animal Health Policy, Center for Food,          Concerns have been raised about the safety of meat and milk from
     Nutrition, and Agriculture Policy (CFNAP) at the University of             clones, but the FDA reported in a new scientific publication that meat
     Maryland, answers questions about the decision, about the safety of        and milk from cloned animals and their non-cloned offspring are indistin-
     consuming meat and milk of cloned animals, and the science of cloning.     guishable from those of traditional animals consumed by Americans
     A licensed veterinarian, Weaver has been head of pathology at a            every day. In fact, the only way to positively identify a clone is to certify
     veterinary diagnostic laboratory, a mycotoxin researcher, a practicing     that it has virtually the same genetic material as another animal that is
     veterinarian, and a lawyer and legal consultant on animal health issues.   not its identical twin. The FDA, therefore, concluded that food products
     He has served as expert in bioterrorism and counterterrorism for the       from cloned cattle, swine, and goats are as safe for people to eat as
     FDA and the intelligence community.                                        those from non-cloned animals.
                                                                                How does cloning work?
                                                                                In animal cloning, the genetic material from the male donor with the
                                                                                desirable traits is not diluted as it is in natural reproduction, when all
                                                                                genetic materials from donor and recipient are randomly mixed. Cells
                                                                                used in cloning are typical animal cells consisting of the relatively small,
                                                                                dense nucleus (containing virtually all of the cell’s genetic material)
                                                                                residing with other cell parts in the larger, surrounding cytoplasm – all
                                                                                enclosed by the cell membrane. The newest, most promising cloning
                                                                                method first isolates a donor animal cell nucleus, then places it into a
                                                                                recipient’s egg with its nucleus removed. The resulting embryo is
                                                                                transferred to a female to carry to term.
                                                                                How are cloned animals different from traditionally
                                                                                bred animals?
                                                                                Adult cloned animals — plus their non-cloned offspring — are the same
                                                                                as traditional, non-cloned animals born to other traditional, non-cloned
                                                                                animals. Cloned animals used for meat and milk have only traditional
                                                                                animal genes. They have a mother; they do not develop in a test tube
                                                                                or incubator. In addition, clones are used to reproduce non-cloned
                                                                                offspring that also have only traditional animal genes.
                                                                                Is a cloned animal the same as a genetically modified
                                                                                organism, or GMO?
                                                                                There is nothing genetically modified because cloned animals contain
                                                                                only their own species’ traditional genetic material. There is nothing
                                                                                genetically added or subtracted either. Cloned animals and their non-
                                                                                cloned offspring are not genetically modified organisms because GMOs
                                                                                (aka, genetically engineered organisms or transgenic organisms — here,
                                                                                transgenic animals) all contain deliberately added foreign genes.

Why are people concerned about cloning?
The many reports of what may possibly go wrong with animal clones
have proved to be not much more than exciting scientific fiction when
compared to the rather dull findings that cloned animals are the ordi-
nary animals people have raised and consumed for millennia.
Also, some organizations claim that animal cloning is unnatural human
intervention, but that bridge was crossed many centuries ago. For mil-
lennia, people have closely controlled domestic animal reproduction to
develop specific animal breeds for companionship, food, and work.
Today, all breeds of cattle, dogs, cats, pigs, horses, chickens, plus all
other domestic animals are the direct result of intensive, unending,
human intervention using selective animal breeding programs. None of
today’s domestic animal breeds would ever have developed using only
natural selection and random breeding. There would be no Holstein
cows for superior milk production or Angus cattle for high-quality beef.
There most certainly would be no Siamese cats or Chihuahua dogs if
humans had let “nature take its course.”
Will successful animal cloning bring us closer to being
able to clone a human being?
Cattle cloning procedures do not necessarily work in other animal
species. Furthermore, the U.S. is only one small part of a growing
global scientific research effort to understand animal cloning. Sadly,
some recent U.S. public policies and opinionated activism threaten
our scientific leadership in this and other areas of research.
Are there any benefits to cloned animals over
traditionally bred livestock?                                                 See the CFNAP report on Public Attitudes Towards Animal Cloning:
                                                                              Topline Results from Recent Consumer Survey at
Cloning allows livestock producers to reduce, by years, the decade or
so now required to get superior animals to market with the newly-
identified, superior genetic traits of male animals which are then placed     Dr. Weaver holds a Ph.D. in veterinary pathology (comparative pathology
in artificial insemination breeding programs.                                 program) from the University of Minnesota, a D.V.M. from the University of
                                                                              Illinois, and a B.S. from Northern Illinois University. He also received his J.D.
USDA prime beef – currently about three percent of all beef steaks –
                                                                              from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School. He is a member of the Michigan
could become our only grade of beef – and at affordable prices! Also,
                                                                              Bar Association, the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, the veteri-
fewer superior dairy cows could produce the same quantity of milk
                                                                              nary medicine honor society Phi Zeta, the agriculture honor society Sigma
while making less animal waste.
                                                                              Gamma Delta, and is a licensed veterinarian.
It is noteworthy, however, that few cloned animals will actually be
                                                                              CFNAP has unrestricted gifts from both the Aurora Foundation and Viagen
consumed by Americans any time soon, because they are too expensive
                                                                              to study cloned animals and their products. Weaver reviewed more than 200
to eat. For now, all cloned animals will likely be breeding stock that pass
                                                                              peer-reviewed, scientific papers about cloning, published from 1952 to date.
along their superior traits to their non-cloned offspring, which will end
                                                                              His conclusions about the food safety of cloned animal products are based
up on American dinner tables in time.
                                                                              solely on the FDA recent peer-reviewed scientific paper.

 What’s the concern?
           What’s your opinion?
                                                                                                                            BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006           11

Public Service
     Cooley Alumnus Combines City Manager,Volunteer Roles
     By Rosemary Horvath.
     Morning Sun Staff Writer
     Reprinted with permission of the Morning Sun

                          It might surprise          “My job is to make sure the press on the            went into professional sports careers. He’s
                          Ithaca, Mich., sports      field is credentialed,” the Gladwin, Mich.,         worked with players who retired from
                          fans to see Brad           native said. He organizes trophy presenta-          sports and got administrative jobs with
                          Heffner with victorious    tions too.                                          professional Michigan teams. Heffner said
                          teams after state          “I make sure interviews go smoothly. Some           “to meet these people and to hear their
                          football finals. Heffner   kids are talking to TV and print reporters          stories” have been memorable experiences.
                          is known as the Ithaca     for the first time. I do the same thing for         “It’s neat to see guys in the pros like Chris
     city manager, but a few times a year he         semifinals and finals for MHSAA basketball.”        Webber and know I ran a press conference
     sets city government aside and makes room                                                           he was in during high school,” he said.
                                                     Heffner sometimes recognizes sports fans
     for boys sports pairings. For it’s then that
                                                     from Ithaca at playoffs. He follows local           Heffner sees great players whose teams
     Heffner takes on another job — that of
                                                     team sports but then concentrates on                never make the finals. And he sees great
     organizing press conferences between
                                                     statewide teams when tournaments begin.             teams without strong players.
     winning teams and some 30 major sports
     outlets.                                        “The best part is that I always deal with a         “I’d like to tell all the players they should
                                                     happy occasion. It’s a good memory for a            feel proud,” he said. “Because there are
     Since 1990, Heffner has assisted the
                                                     team even if they lose,” he said. “They’re          thousands of kids who never have the
     Michigan High School Athletic Association.
                                                     always in the top three spots in their division.”   opportunity to do this.”
     The last 13 years he’s assisted tournament
     administration.                                 Heffner looks back on players he’s met who          Heffner, 35, has worn many hats related

to sports. From 1993-1996, he coached            public service leadership. Heffner’s intern-   While in public administration, Heffner
football at Coleman High School.                 ship was spent working for the city of Mt.     recognized so much of what he had to
When he attended Albion College, he              Pleasant, Mich., in planning and zoning,       do related to law.
worked for the Sports Information                human resources, and grants.                   With encouragement from an attorney
Department. He did statistician work and         “The institute was modeled after President     friend, Heffner passed an entrance exam
led press conferences for the NCAA               Ford’s ideals of being a public servant,”      and enrolled at Cooley Law School. He
Division III World Series Baseball in Battle     Heffner said. “That program is what drew       received a Juris Doctorate in 2006.
Creek. He also worked with NCAA girls            me to Albion College.”                         Heffner says his wife Peggy, a teacher
basketball and several other sports.             Heffner’s interest in public service was       at Ithaca Public Schools, and their two
Albion College afforded him opportunities        influenced by his grandfather who held         children, ages 6 and 8, “graduated with
to pursue his other interests. Majoring in       public office in Gladwin County, Mich.         me. I couldn’t have done it without the
political science, Heffner enrolled in the       “At one time I had political aspirations,”     support of my family.”
Gerald R. Ford Institute for Public Policy and   Heffner said. “But I’d rather help behind      Heffner has been an active member of
Service. It allows students to explore policy    the scenes than be an elected official. You    Gratiot Area Chamber of Commerce,
issues and prepare them as future leaders.       can get more done. But I knew early on a       Michigan Municipal League, and Rotary
Based on the example set by the late U.S.        career in public service was what I wanted     International.
president, the Ford Institute emphasized         to do in some manner.”

                                                                 BENCHMARK                                           BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006   13
                          We cordially invite you to participate in the 18th Annual Alumni Memorial
                          Scholarship Golf Benefit at the Country Club of Lansing, Monday, August 13.

 Golf                     Thanks to the generosity of all of our past participants, more than $68,753 has
                          been raised over the past eight years through the Annual Golf Benefit. We need
                          and look forward to your support in 2007!

                          Schedule of Events

                          The event is a scramble format.
                          11 a.m.       Off the Grill lunch buffet. Cash bar available.
                          12:30 p.m. Shotgun start
                          6 p.m.        Generous selection of dinner Hors d’oeuvres

                          Contests & Prizes!
   Monday,                Hole-in-One • Closest-to-the-Pin • Longest Putt • Longest Drive
                          • Hole Challenges • 50/50 Drawing • Door Prizes
 August 13, 2007          Sponsorships
                          Many unique opportunities exist to be a part of the Thomas M. Cooley Law
                          School’s Alumni Association’s 2007 Annual Golf Benefit. Sponsorship prominently
                          places your name and/or firm in front of over 144 golfers during the day’s event.

Country Club of Lansing   GENERAL EVENT SPONSOR                $15,000
                          Your company will be listed as the presenter of the golf outing. Includes: Entry
2200 Moores River Dr.     fees for (3) Teams***
  Lansing, Michigan       EVENING SPONSOR            $5,000
                          Be an elite corporate sponsor and receive prominent recognition for your support.
                          Includes: Entry fees for (2) Teams**
                          LUNCHEON SPONSOR              $2,500
                          Includes: Entry fees for (1) Team*

                          CART SPONSOR            $2,500
                          Includes: Entry fees for (1) Team*

                          REFRESHMENT SPONSOR               $1,000
                          Includes an exclusive recognition opportunity using company banner and/or name
                          on the refreshment carts and/or a display on the driving range (an 8’ table with
                          two chairs will be provided if desired). Includes: Luncheon and evening reception
                          for two guests.
                          DRIVING RANGE SPONSOR                  $1,000
                          Includes an exclusive recognition opportunity using company banner and/or a
                          display on the driving range (an 8’ table with two chairs will be provided if desired).
                          Includes: Luncheon and evening reception for two guests.
                          PUTTING GREEN SPONSOR                $1,000
                          Includes an exclusive recognition opportunity using company banner and/or
                          a display on the Putting Green (an 8’ table with two chairs will be provided if
                          desired). Includes: Luncheon and evening reception for two guests.
                          PRIZE SPONSOR           $1,000
                          Includes an exclusive recognition opportunity using your company banner and/
                          or display in the Registration area (an 8’ table with two chairs will be provided if
                          desired). Includes: Luncheon and evening reception for two guests.
FLAG SPONSOR                   $600
Includes an exclusive recognition opportunity using your company or personal name imprinted on the pin flag for the
sponsored hole for you to keep. Includes: Luncheon and evening reception for two guests.
HOLE-IN-ONE SPONSOR                       $500
Includes a place to display your product. Includes: Luncheon and evening reception for two guests.
TEE SPONSOR                 $200
Includes: Sponsorship acknowledgement printed on a Tee sign on the course.

Golf Packages
There are many ways to be a part of the day’s events. Each golf package includes driving range, a round of golf, prizes,
refreshments on the course, lunch for the number of persons specified in the package and dinner Hors d’oeuvres.
PLATINUM CORPORATE TEAM                            $3,500
Be an elite corporate sponsor and receive prominent recognition for your support. Includes: Entry fees for (2) Teams;
Off the Grill Buffet and Evening Reception; Choice placement of a company Tee sign on the #1 Tee; Company
acknowledgement throughout the day; VIP pass that includes a VIP cart and complimentary bar on the course and
during the reception.
GOLD CORPORATE TEAM                           $2,500
Showcase your support and receive a premier package. Includes: Entry fees for (1) Team; Off the Grill Buffet and
Evening Reception; Choice placement of a company Tee sign on the #1 Tee; Company acknowledgement throughout
the day; VIP pass that includes a VIP cart and complimentary bar on the course and during the reception.
BRONZE TEAM                $800
Share your support and enjoy an afternoon of great golf and food. Includes: Entry fees for (1) Team; Off the Grill
Buffet and Evening Reception; Company Tee sign.
INDIVIDUAL GOLFER                    $150
Enjoy an afternoon of golf, Off the Grill Buffet, beverages throughout the day and evening reception.
HORS D’OEUVRES RECEPTION                             $50
If you are unable to join us for the entire day, we invite you to attend our evening reception at the Country Club of
Lansing beginning at 6 p.m.

Contact Us
Call the Alumni and Development Office for information at (800) 243-ALUM, or in Lansing call (517) 371-5140,
ext. 2045. Please visit our website for more information on the benefit and to download a sponsorship/registration form.

*** Entry fees for (3) Teams – Off the Grill Buffet and Evening Reception, choice placement of a company Tee sign on the #1 tee, company acknowledgement
throughout the day, VIP pass which includes a VIP cart and complimentary bar on the course and during the reception, logo and corporate profile posted on the
Cooley website with a click-through to your website, logo displayed on a welcome banner, recognition of your company at the evening reception, and company profile
e-mailed to all golf participants and displayed in the event program.

** Entry fees for (2) Teams – Off the Grill Buffet and Evening Reception, choice placement of a company Tee sign on the #1 tee, company acknowledgement
throughout the day, VIP pass which includes a VIP cart and complimentary bar on the course and during the reception.

* Entry fees for (1) Team – Off the Grill Buffet and Evening Reception, choice placement of a company Tee sign on the #1 tee, company acknowledgement throughout
the day, VIP pass which includes VIP cart and complimentary bar on the course and during the reception.

Federal law dictates that donations will be reduced by the value of golf and food.

The following attire is prohibited on club premises: tennis shorts (except around the tennis courts, pool, and patio area); swimsuits (except around the pool and patio
area); and jogging shorts. Denim is prohibited in all areas of the club, golf course, and practice facilities. (Country Club of Lansing is a spikeless facility.)

     school news

     student awards
     Malewska/Wissmuller Scholarship                                    After law school, his ambition is to become both                    time and came to Cooley Law School,
     Granted to Student Bill Amadeo                                     a practicing attorney and a professional writer.                    commuting every weekend from Chicago, to

                                                                        "I'm proud to receive this award and honored                        attend weekend classes.
     Dale Malewska (McAlvay Class, 1984) presented
     the fourth annual Dale Malewska/Robert                             that Mr. Malewska selected me to represent this                     Ms. Castro’s childhood dream of becoming
     Wissmuller Fund Scholarship at the Honors                          scholarship,” Amadeo said. “I want to dedicate                      a prosecutor has kept her focused. She has
     Convocation of Michaelmas Term 2006. The                           this accomplishment to Dolores Gandia who not                       worked for the Cook County State Attorney’s
     scholarship was awarded to The Pillar’s staff                      only taught me how to write but always told me                      Office in several capacities, including her extern-
     writer and current student Bill Amadeo.                            I would make it into law school. I know Mrs.                        ship. She did her externship on the weekends
                                                                        Gandia is watching over me and I will be eternal-                   while working full time during the week.
     Mr. Malewska founded the scholarship in
                                                                        ly grateful to her for the lessons I learned from                   Although she has juggled a hectic schedule of law
     2002 in memory of his father-in-law, Robert
                                                                        her inside and outside of the classroom."                           school, commuting, working full-time, and raising
     Wissmuller. Since Mr. Malewska had a career in
     the newspaper business, preference was given                       2006 Markowitz Scholarship                                          her daughter, she has achieved the Dean’s List
     to students who worked on the law school’s                         Awarded to Claudia E. Castro                                        for several terms. In addition, Ms. Castro also
     student newspaper, The Pillar.                                     The 2006 Markowitz Scholarship has been                             managed to be very involved in competitions,

                                                                        awarded to Cooley Law School student Claudia                        mentoring, and participating in the Volunteers
     The students who applied for this year’s
                                                                                                                                            Income Tax Assistance Program.
     Malewska/Wissmuller Fund Scholarship furnished                     E. Castro (Fisher Class, 2007). Ms. Castro said
     a variety of information, including résumés and                    she is most appreciative of the opportunity                         “I am very proud of my success at Cooley and
     financial information, that was reviewed by Mr.                    Cooley Law School has afforded her.                                 it (the Markowitz Scholarship) makes me
     Malewska and his designee. The scholarship’s                                                                                           appreciate it even more. Being awarded the
                                                                        Ms. Castro had to overcome many obstacles to
     basic requirements are that the grantee must be                                                                                        Meryl Markowitz Scholarship not only helped
                                                                        get through her education. The Meryl Markowitz
     a currently enrolled student who has earned at                                                                                         relieve some of the burden of tuition, but
                                                                        Scholarship made the difference in allowing her
     least 30 credit hours at Cooley, who is a student                                                                                      afforded me the honor of being recognized for
                                                                        to complete her final term, after a very long and
     of good character, and is in good academic                                                                                             my hard work. What made the scholarship
                                                                        challenging road. Cooley administrators said that
     standing.                                                                                                                              more special was that it was to be awarded to
                                                                        Ms. Castro truly exemplifies the hard-working,
                                                                                                                                            someone active in public safety and law
     Mr. Amadeo’s interests since childhood have                        determined, and dedicated student who has a
                                                                                                                                            enforcement. It is not about the money, it is
     been writing and sports. He became the sports                      need and is willing to do whatever it takes to
                                                                                                                                            about the love of the art — to seek justice for
     editor for his high school newspaper, and held                     achieve her dream to defend the rights of people.
                                                                                                                                            the people and the victims who have had their
     the same position during his college years at his                  Ms. Castro is a first-generation college graduate.
                                                                                                                                            public safety jeopardized.”
     undergraduate schools. He expanded his writing                     She has raised her daughter, 15, on her own
     to include poetry and screenplays. At Cooley, he                                                                                       Meryl Markowitz was a May 1998 graduate
                                                                        while pursuing her undergraduate studies at
     found that writing for The Pillar was a natural fit.                                                                                   of Cooley Law School with a background in
                                                                        Loyola University in Chicago. She worked full
                                                                                                                                            public safety and an incredible zest for life.

     1. Alumni Relations Director Darryl Parsell, left, congratulates Bill Amadeo, who won the Malewska-Wissmuller Scholarship. 2. Alumni President Julie Clement, left, greets Claudia E. Castro, winner
     of the Markowitz Scholarship. 3. Nimi Estrella Iyalla-Ipaye, left, winner of the Keith Miller Scholarship, is congratulated by Alumni Relations Director Darryl Parsell.

1. Michaelmas Term 2006 Convocation 2. Alumni President Julie Clement, center, with Distinguished Student Award winners Rick Frank, left, and Terry Angle. 3. Leadership Achievement Award
Winners, from left, Rick Frank, Terry Angle, Rose Yazdani, and Olivier Lindemann, are joined by Associate Dean of Enrollment & Student Services Paul Zelenski.

Just three weeks before the July 1998 bar                        who need assistance while following a similar                    accomplishment, leadership, and extracurricular
examination, Meryl took a break from her                         path. The most recent recipient exemplifies that                 activities in the decision to grant the Disting-
studies and was killed in a motorcycle accident.                 kind of person. We owe a debt of gratitude to                    uished Student Award.
Her parents established the Meryl Markowitz                      Mr. Miller for assisting both her and Cooley to                  Terry Angle will sit for the February 2007
Scholarship to honor her memory and to help                      achieve the mission of helping others through                    Michigan Bar Examination. Angle is seeking a
students like their daughter: women who are                      the practice of law.”                                            position at the State Appellate Defender’s
dedicated to public service and public safety                    Ms. Iyalla-Ipaye stated, “As a mother of two                     Office or in private practice doing appellate
and who share Meryl’s enthusiasm for life.                       struggling through law school, finances often can                work. Later in his career, he would like to
The scholarship winner is chosen each year                       be a stumbling block on one’s path. For this very                specialize in death penalty litigation and teach
by Professor Julie Clement, who attended law                     reason, I am truly grateful to have been the recip-              in the southeastern United States.
school with Meryl and was a close friend.                        ient of the Keith Miller Scholarship. Receiving this
                                                                                                                                  Mr. Angle noted, “I'd just have to say that I'm
If you knew Meryl or would like to help other                    scholarship brought me a step closer to achieving
                                                                                                                                  very pleased to receive the Distinguished
women like her, please consider contributing to                  my lifelong dream of being an attorney.”
                                                                                                                                  Student Award from the Cooley Alumni
the Meryl Markowitz Scholarship fund. To do so,                  Previous Miller Scholarship grantees include                     Association. I have been fortunate to have been
please contact the Development Office at 517-                    Sherri T. Fleming (Iredell Class, 2001) in                       able to participate in a variety of student organi-
371-5140, ext. 2014 or e-mail                  Michaelmas Term 2000, Cassandra McCrary                          zations and events supported by Cooley alumni
Keith Miller Scholarship Granted                                 (Johnson Class, 2002) in Hilary Term 2002,                       members. I have had the wonderful opportuni-
to Nimi Estella Iyalla-Ipaye                                     Amy Ignash (Paterson Class, 2002) in                             ty to represent Cooley students as I attended
Nimi Estella Iyalla-Ipaye (Boston Class, 2007)                   Michaelmas Term 2002, and Lisa Marie Johnson                     classes here and I only hope that I can continue
is the latest winner of the Keith Miller Scholarship             (Boyle Class, 2005) in Michaelmas Term 2005.                     that representation as I soon join the ranks of
at Cooley. Professor Charles Senger presented                    Fisher Class Distinguished Student                               the Cooley alumni.”
this year’s Miller award at the Honors                           Awards Presented                                                 Rick A. Frank will sit for the February 2007
Convocation of Michaelmas Term 2006.                             The faculty, staff, and students of Cooley Law                   Indiana Bar Examination. He would like to prac-
Cooley graduate Ken (Keith) Miller (Copeland                     School gathered in the auditorium on Nov. 10 for                 tice in Indianapolis as a criminal law specialist
Class, 1989) established a scholarship to                        the Honors Convocation of Michaelmas Term                        and litigator. Eventually, Frank’s plans include
benefit current Cooley students, with the first                  2006. Alumni Association President Julie A.                      founding his own law firm, becoming a judge,
grant given in 2002. Mr. Miller worked his way                   Clement (McDonald Class, 1998) was on hand to                    and teaching law.
through law school and wanted to give assistance                 bestow Distinguished Student Awards to Terry B.                  “Winning the award is a great way to cap off
to current students following the same path. The                 Angle and Rick A. Frank of the graduating Robert                 my law school experience at Cooley,” he said.
scholarship requirements are that applicants must                A. Fisher Class.                                                 “It is an honor that I humbly and graciously
be Cooley Law School students in good standing,                                                                                   accept.”
                                                                 The 11 students nominated for this term’s
employed full-time, have a G.P.A. of 2.0 or above,
                                                                 Distinguished Student Award furnished a variety                  The Alumni Association is proud and pleased to
have earned 60 or more credit hours, and have
                                                                 of information, including résumés and letters of                 give recognition to these outstanding members
demonstrated financial need.
                                                                 reference that were reviewed by the Executive                    of the Fisher Class and extends its best wishes
Professor Senger stated, “Mr. Miller worked his                  Committee. Nominees were also personally                         for their continuing success.
way through law school, knows how hard that                      interviewed as part of the selection process.
can be, knows from his own success how                           Members of each graduating class were
worthwhile it can be, and wants to help others                   evaluated on the criteria of character, academic

                                                                                                                                                       BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006               17
     school news

     Record Number of New Attorneys Participate
     in Cooley’s Admission Ceremony for July 2006
     Michigan Bar Examinees
                                                                                                              to get a taste of the Cooley community and its
                                                                                                              New attorney Randall Mattson related, “First, I
                                                                                                              would like to tell you that it was done very
                                                                                                              well. I asked Professor Bretz to do my nomina-
                                                                                                              tion because of the impact he had on me
                                                                                                              throughout my law school career. I believe that
                                                                                                              the swearing-in is the last solemn occasion you
                                                                                                              participate in before starting a new career. The
     Successful examinees from the July 2006              Gary Bauer (Green Class, 1988); Gerald Padilla      person who nominates should be someone
     Michigan Bar Examination were admitted as new        (Edwards Class, 2006) and Min-Cheng Chen            who knows you and believes that you should
     attorneys in a ceremony held on November 6           (Edwards Class, 2006), sponsored by William         be a lawyer. Professor Bretz has expressed his
     in the sixth floor auditorium of the Cooley Law      Burt Burleson (Mundy Class, 1986); Kari Harris      belief in my abilities on several occasions and I
     School Temple building. Over 250 faculty, family,    (Starr Class, 2005) sponsored by Timothy Havis      couldn’t think of a better person to do it. He
     and friends were able to share the moment when       (Fead Class, 1999); Randall Mattson (Edwards        served as a professor for me in two classes and
     these candidates became members of the State         Class, 2006) sponsored by Professor Ron Bretz;      as my supervisor on two externships.”
     Bar of Michigan and socialized at a reception held   Catherine Mullhaupt (Edwards Class, 2006)
                                                                                                              Among the new lawyers in the Group Motion
     by the school following the ceremony on the          sponsored by John H. Bauckham; Rico Neal
                                                                                                              to Admit made by Ingham Bar Association
     sixth floor.                                         (Boyles Class, 2006), sponsored by Laurin
                                                                                                              President Judge Ball were the following Cooley
     The program was provided with the assistance         Thomas; Jennifer Racine (McAllister Class, 2006),
                                                                                                              graduates: Brynn Hart Anderson (Edwards
     of the Ingham County Clerk’s Office and the          sponsored by Thomas E. Lane (Blair Class, 1983);
                                                                                                              Class, 2006), Stuart Black (Edwards Class,
     Ingham County Bar Association. Associate Dean        Kyle Sauer (Edwards Class, 2006), sponsored by
                                                                                                              2006), James Edokpolo (Boyles Class, 2005),
     James D. Robb welcomed the admittees and their       Professor Peggy Rostorfer (Hooker Class, 1993);
                                                                                                              Fred Alan Greenawalt (Starr Class, 2005),
     guests on behalf of the law school and acted as      Thomas Daniel Siver (McAllister Class, 2005),
                                                                                                              Bryant Greene (Boyles Class, 2005), Brian
     master of ceremonies. The Honorable Richard D.       sponsored by James Anthony Siver (Kavanagh
                                                                                                              Harrant (Smith Class, 2003), MaryEllen Hayes
     Ball, Ingham County Bar Association President        Class, 1981); Harilaos Sorovigas (Swift Class,
                                                                                                              (Cross Class, 2004), Nicole Herron (Edwards
     (Campbell Class, 1976), was responsible for the      2004), sponsored by Norman D. Shinkle; and
                                                                                                              Class, 2006), Jennifer Hetu (Edwards Class,
     convening of the court while the Honorable           Aaron Sumrall (Edwards Class, 2006), sponsored
                                                                                                              2006), Essie Jones (Cross Class, 2004), Jason
     William E. Collette, Judge of the 30th Judicial      by Anthony Flores (McGrath Class, 1992).
                                                                                                              Katz (Edwards Class, 2006), Lainie Little
     Circuit Court, granted the motions to admit          Among the newly admitted alumni was Harilaos        (Edwards Class, 2006), Paula Ramsey (Edwards
     the new attorneys.                                   (Harris) Sorovigas, accompanied by his guest and    Class, 2006), Robert Robinson, Jr. (Reid Class,
     Many of the admittees and sponsors were              wife Stella Sorovigas (Swift Class, 2004). They     2006), Elizabeth Stomski (Edwards Class, 2006),
     graduates and faculty of Cooley Law School.          said that the swearing-in ceremony for the newly    Eric Van Steel (Edwards Class, 2006) and Alfred
     Sixty-three new attorneys entered the legal          admitted to the Bar was always a memorable          Wai-Lung Yeung (Boyles Class, 2005).
     profession at the ceremony, with 30 of the           event. Harilaos Sorvigas said, “Cooley, as the
                                                                                                              It was a great honor for the faculty and staff
     group being Cooley alumni.                           leading law school in the legal profession, pro-
                                                                                                              of Cooley Law School to share this joyous
                                                          vides the resources to hold such a special event.
     The Cooley graduates who were individually                                                               event with these new attorneys and their
                                                          Its culture and reputation is key to the local
     sponsored included the following: Tara                                                                   guests. Our congratulations and best wishes
                                                          community and to the legal profession. The
     Black (Edwards Class, 2006) and Raquel Olivo                                                             go to these newly admitted attorneys, their
                                                          event, once again, was well organized and
     (Edwards Class, 2006), sponsored by Professor                                                            families, and friends.
                                                          successful. Cooley brings the opportunity for
     Terry Cavanaugh; Howard Brauckmuller
                                                          other law school graduates and their families
     (Edwards Class, 2006), sponsored by Professor

                      2006 Adjunct Award Goes To                              Previous recipients of the Griffith Award are: Rick Griffith (posthumously),
                      Professor Steven Owen                                   Robert Stocker, Eugene Krasicki, Karen Bush Schneider, Judge Randy
                                                                              Tahvonen, Michael Behan, Andrew Quinn, Janice Cunningham, and Donald
                      Lansing attorney Steven Owen has been named
                      the winner of the Frederick J. Griffith Adjunct
                      Faculty Award at Cooley Law School. Professor           The recipients represent a diverse group. Included on the roster are
                      Owen has taught elective courses at Cooley since        big-firm and small-firm attorneys, Assistant Attorneys General, and a Circuit
                      1990, including Alternative Dispute Resolution,         Court Judge. Women are represented, as are African Americans. One
Mortgages & Land Contracts, and Modern Real Estate Transactions.              recipient is a Cooley Law School graduate.

The Frederick J. Griffith Adjunct Faculty Award was established in            The Griffith Award Selection Committee consists of Associate Deans Chuck
1997 to recognize the contributions of Cooley adjunct professors to           Cercone and William Weiner, and Professors Charles Palmer, Ernest Phillips,
the mission of the law school. The award was created to honor the             Otto Stockmeyer, and Ann Wing. Significantly, all of the professors on the
memory of the late Frederick J. Griffith, a former adjunct professor at       selection committee served as adjunct professors at one time or another in
Cooley. The award was funded by contributions made in his memory              the law school’s history.
by the family, friends, and associates of Professor Griffith.                 Student reviews of Professor Owen and his class are very positive:
The award carries with it a cash award and a memento acknowledging            “The best course I’ve had in law school,” “Most enjoyable class I have had in
the recipient’s selection. Instead of the common framed certificate, the      law school,” “It is helpful to have a practicing attorney teach a skills course
memento is a commemorative ceramic tile, which was specifically               such as this. Professor Owen’s use of personal examples and real-life situa-
commissioned, designed, and produced for this award by Detroit’s              tions brings ‘life’ to the concepts being presented.”
renowned Pewabic Pottery.                                                     In such classes as Mortgages & Land Contracts, he appeals to all levels of experi-
The award recognizes that member of the adjunct faculty whose                 ence in the field. One student said, “He conveyed the material so well that even
service best reflects the character and attributes of Professor Griffith:     a non-homeowner like myself was able to understand it,” whereas a classmate
dedication to the law school; excellence in teaching; passion for             exclaimed, “I have been in the business for years, and I learned a ton!”
persuasive advocacy; compassion for law students; and optimism                Professor Owen also wins acclaim for his interpersonal skills. Students have
about life and the future of legal education.                                 referred to him as a “peaceful and accommodating teacher.”
Emeritus Professor Otto Stockmeyer indicated that the award fits in           Bookstore Online Catalog
directly with Cooley’s objectives. “Our mission is practical legal
                                                                              Browse the Cooley Bookstore Catalog for official Cooley clothing, gifts, and
education. Who could be better at imparting legal education with a
                                                                              kids wear.
practical orientation than practicing lawyers and sitting judges who teach
                                                                              Go to: and view Cooley's best-sell-
elective courses in their specific fields of law and practice? Our cadre of
adjunct professors is an invaluable resource for our students and our         ing t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and more in a variety of colors, sizes, and fabrics.

institution. Therefore, it is altogether fitting and proper that we pay       Check out the kids’ section for infant, toddler, and youth clothing. We have a
tribute to our adjuncts by honoring one of their number at this occasion      large selection of gift items ranging from travel mugs, blankets, and alumni items
each holiday season.”                                                         to executive gifts such as business card holders and portfolios.

Professor Owen is a 1973 graduate of Michigan State University and            Use the catalog to browse through the items, then place your order via mail,
graduated from the Notre Dame Law School in 1976. He is a share-              fax, or phone. There is something for everyone at the Cooley bookstore.
holder in Lansing’s largest law firm, Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, P.C.
He has also been a partner in a smaller firm, Shram, Behan & Owen,
and was Development Director and General Counsel for Granger
Planning and Development, L.L.C.
His fields of practice include commercial loan transactions, financial
institution operations and regulation, general real estate law, and estate
planning. Outside of the practice of law, Mr. Owen has served over
the past 25 years on the elder board and other committees of Trinity
Church in Lansing. He and his wife, Jayne, serve on the board of direc-
tors of Love & Respect Ministries, a marriage ministry headquartered
in Grand Rapids.

                                                                                                                              BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006            19
     school news

     Award-winning peer mediation program based                              “The essential element of the
     at Cooley Law School
                           An award-winning program to train K-12
                                                                             Facilitative Mediation Process is that
                           students to use words – instead of fists – to     the mediator doesn’t come up with
                           solve disputes is turning out to have benefits
                           far beyond the classrooms and playgrounds
                                                                             the solution, the disputants do.”
                           for which it was originally intended.             Elements of the program include the Facilitative Mediation
                           The Cooley Law School/Lansing School              Process, in which disputants are guided toward creating their own
                           District Peer Mediation Partnership, directed     solutions; Restorative Justice, in which disputants determine how
                           by Professor Nancy Wonch, is in its 14th year     to repair harm that has been done; and Peace Circles, which fea-
     of operation. The last five years of the partnership have featured a    ture an orderly and non-judgmental process of airing thoughts on
     unique collaboration with Cooley Law School students, who have          a particular theme such as anger or fear.
     stepped in to assume the mentoring positions originally held by         Wonch said they meet with students on a monthly basis.
     Lansing, Michigan-area attorneys.                                       Elementary school training takes place in the school, as does
     The original beneficiaries — disputing students and the schools they    middle school training when that grade level is involved. High
     affected — are still benefiting from the program, but so are a sur-     school participants meet at Cooley, giving the mediators not only
     prising array of other K-12 students, the Cooley students who train     a break from school, but an up-close look at the very role models
     them, veteran peer mediators leading the program, and others.           Wonch would like them to emulate.

     Wonch’s involvement in peer mediation began in 1994 when she            Occasionally the group is called on to make a bigger presentation.
     was tapped for a “switch day” at her son’s Lansing, Mich., elemen-      Recently the group did a presentation on conflict management
     tary school and asked to present a skill that the teacher wouldn’t      to middle school students from across the state for a Michigan
     normally teach, such as juggling.                                       Supreme Court/State Court Administrators’ Office program.

     “Well,” recalls Wonch, who was a private practice attorney at the       Actual peer mediation sessions within the public schools are car-
     time, “the only thing I can juggle is my calendar, so I had to come     ried out under the supervision of each building’s adult volunteer.
     up with something else in order to participate!”                        One of the most interesting aspects of the program lies in the
     She had come across some peer mediation materials in her reading        unusual student populations that it affects. Volunteer peer
     and decided to teach conflict management, an introduction to the        mediators aren’t always the all-A, class president types, and the
     concept of resolving disputes by talking things out. The presentation   students seeking help aren’t always the ones you’d expect either.
     went well, and Wonch, who at the time was president of the              Wonch recalls one stand-out experience. A troubled fourth-
     Ingham County Bar Association, decided to get the association and       grader who was “a regular” in the principal’s office was tapped
     her colleagues involved.                                                to train in peer mediation. In a matter of weeks, the student went
     Wonch made a presentation at a gathering of Lansing school              from top troublemaker to top troubleshooter, becoming the
     principals and four signed up for the inaugural program. Wonch set      principal’s right-hand person for stopping disputes and getting
     about training some of her colleagues who, although eager to help,      students to solve their problems.
     found themselves subject to the vagaries of their private practice      School officials regularly report back on the effectiveness of the
     calendars.                                                              program. But often news of the program’s success comes
     At one point, the program was up to 17 schools, although this           through less official channels.
     has varied widely over the years. Currently there are five Lansing      Wonch recalled a conversation in the bleachers at a school sport-
     elementary buildings and one high school participating.                 ing event when two athletes were grousing about a wrong done
     The program is straight-forward. Professor Wonch and a colleague,       to one of them by another student. One asked the other, “So,
     Ann Smiley of Mediation Management Services, train 25 or so             what are you gonna do about it?” Half-expecting to hear some
     Cooley students each September in the ways of peer mediation and        posturing about retribution, Wonch was stunned — then delighted
     facilitative conflict management. Wonch, Smiley, and the Cooley         — when the victim said, “I’m taking it to peer mediation!”
     volunteers then train K-12 student volunteers in participating          And at Eastern High School in Lansing, star athletes are among
     Lansing schools to become peer mediators.                               the students volunteering to be peer mediators. A program that

1. Professor Nancy Wonch (standing) talks over some peer mediation concepts with area high school students. 2. Cooley students Karman Dhuga,
left, and Nimi Iyalla-Ipaye, pass on their peer mediation knowledge to high school students in a lively interactive training session.

could have been doomed by an “uncool” tag among                          more set in their ways they become. By the time they
teens, now has credibility among the very population it                  get to adulthood, most folks are pretty darn stubborn.
seeks to serve. Mediators include athletes, academic                     In the 14 years that Wonch has been involved with
achievers, troubled students, and others who don’t fall                  peer mediation, she’s also learned that control issues
into any easily defined categories. Wonch, Smiley, and                   play a role. Oftentimes, the adults in charge are so
the Cooley student volunteers work with all of them.                     accustomed to making all the rules — and from a
Many peer mediation-type programs exist across the                       unilateral decision-making framework — that they
nation, with a basic transferable process as their com-                  feel threatened by young people making decisions.
mon theme. The Facilitative Mediation Process is the                     But it’s now, when mistakes are typically non-life
method of choice, Wonch said.                                            threatening, that students need to learn to make
“The essential element of the Facilitative Mediation                     those decisions, Wonch urged. “They have to be able
Process is that the mediator doesn’t come up with the                    to weigh consequences,” she explained, so that they
solution, the disputants do,” she explained.                             have ingrained the life skill of identifying problems,
This is the hardest part of the training process —                       weighing and choosing solutions, and living with the
particularly for adults, who just want to solve the                      outcomes.
problem and go on about their business.                                  In 2006, the program was honored by the Alternative
But the key to the success of the process is both                        Dispute Resolution Section of the State Bar of Michigan
ownership and patience, Wonch explained. When the                        with the Nanci Klein Award for dedication to peer
disputants create the solution, they are said to “own it,”               mediation education. In her work with peer mediation,
and are much more likely to abide by it. In order for                    Wonch has also earned several honors, including
the whole thing to work, however, the adults involved                    Lawyer of the Year from Michigan Lawyer's Weekly in
have to possess the patience to let the process play out.                1997, the State Bar of Michigan Champion of Justice in

It simply takes more time to talk problems through than                  1998, the Rotary Vocational Service Award, and the
it does to impose a solution.                                            Friend of Education Award from Delta Kappa Gamma
                                                                         Sorority in 2001. She is a member of Cooley’s
It’s not just the day-to-day, in-school peer mediation
                                                                         Professionalism Department.
that takes time, the training is also time-intensive. Not
surprisingly, different age groups take different amounts
of time to train. What is surprising is that it’s the adults              “They have to be able to weigh consequences,”
who are the hardest to train!                                             she explained, so that they have ingrained
It takes about six hours to train elementary students,
12 to train middle school students, 16 hours to train
                                                                          the life skill of identifying problems, weighing
high school students …. and 40 to train adults. It’s not                  and choosing solutions, and living with the
just that problems get more complex as people get
older, Wonch said, it’s that the older people get, the

                                                                                                                                               BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006   21
     school news

                                                                       graduation highlights
                                                                           Michael Ostrander, below left, delivers the valedictory address and Lisa Esser, below right,
                                                                           celebrates both graduating summa cum laude and winning the President’s Achievement Award.
                                                                           Fitzgerald Class graduates (below, center) congratulate each other. Professor Mable Martin-Scott
                                                                           (bottom, left) accepts the Beattie Award for Excellence in Teaching from Cooley President
                                                                           Don LeDuc. Reginald M. Turner Jr. (bottom right with President LeDuc) served as the
                                                                           commencement speaker.

     Fitzgerald Class
     Commencement ceremonies for the Fitzgerald Class were held
     Sept. 17, 2006 at the Wharton Center for Performing Arts.
     The invocation was given by Associate Professor Martha Moore.
     Senior Michael Ostrander was chosen by his fellow graduates to
     deliver the valedictory remarks.
     The Commencement speaker was Reginald M. Turner Jr., the 63rd
     President of the National Bar Association.
     Lisa Esser, summa cum laude, was the recipient of both the James E.
     Burns Memorial Award and the President’s Achievement Award.
     The Burns Award is given to the student who graduates with the
     highest grade point average in the class, while the President’s
     Achievement Award goes to the student who had the highest
     percentage increase between incoming index and graduating G.P.A.
     Professor Mable Martin-Scott won the Beattie Award for Excellence
     in Teaching, an award voted on by members of the graduating class.

September 17, 2006
                                              graduates fitzgerald class
The Degree of Masters         Anthony H. Chapman,          Belkis Fabiola Guardado       Frank Mazzarella III           Sarah Elizabeth Shearer,
of Law                           CUM LAUDE                 Lisa Ann Gunter               Janene McIntyre                   CUM LAUDE
Natchia Jules                 Frank Samuel Checho          Charles Brian Hadad,          Kari Lynn Miles,               Ryan Scott Shipp
Laurie Beth Schmidt           Carlo Alejandro Chialastri      WITH DISTINCTION              WITH DISTINCTION            William Paul Slough,
Marvin D. Sharon              Lakisha C. Clayton           A. Ari Hakakzadeh             Mickey R. Miller                  CUM LAUDE
The Degree of Juris Doctor    Sarah MacDonald Coleman      Walli Haley                   Natalia Moore                  Jessie W. Smart Jr.
Obinna Ikechukwum Abara,      Christina Ann Corcoran       Tashfeen Haq                  Lawrence Emilio Moscoso        Cynthia Leoma Smith
   WITH DISTINCTION           Nickolas Adam Daniels,       Tara Jo Hills                 Shenique Alicia Moss           Monique Nicole Smith
Bassam Saleh Abdallah            WITH DISTINCTION          Paul Robert Hoffer            S. Yasmin Multani              Roger M. Smith
Justin Eli Abrell             Craig Aaron Davis            Mandisa Shukura Holder        Robert Harrison Myers Jr       Kimberly Lauren Stout
Jacquelyn Lenore Alexander,   Daphene Rochelle Davis-      Jamshid Al Huque              Shodai Nakano                  Renita Maratita Taimanao,
   LEADERSHIP ACHIEVE-           Bradfield                 Christopher Mark Jacobson     Erik Thomas Necciai               WITH DISTINCTION
   MENT AWARD                 Brendon Keith DeBolski       Shani O’niece Johnson         Tania Nemer,                   Jennifer Lee Thompson,
Mustafa Mohammed              Tracey Loretta DePass                                         WITH DISTINCTION               WITH DISTINCTION
                                                           Christopher Keefe Jones
   Ameenuddin, CUM            Amy Jean DeRouin,                                          Mercy A. Obamogie              Sondra Latrell Timpson
   LAUDE                                                   Mushir Kadri
                                 CUM LAUDE                                               Andrea Veronica O’Connor       Christopher Todorovski,
Jennifer Ann Armstrong                                     Debra Sue Kauten                                                CUM LAUDE
                              Geeta Lata Devaraju                                        Michael D. Olsen
John Robert Arne                                           Donald E. Kennedy                                            Marcelina Treviño-Savala,
                              Robert Benjamin Duke Jr.                                   George U. Oparanozie
Kristin J. Atherton                                        Kimberly Michelle Kery                                          WITH DISTINCTION
                              Cordelia Mary Elias                                        Gertrude Opoku-Mensah
Jared Clayton Austin,                                      Soomi Kim,                                                   Jacob Dance Twiggs
                              Akia Yvonne Embry               WITH DISTINCTION           Michael Allen Ostrander
   WITH DISTINCTION           Regine Emile                                                                              Ryan Paul Tyler,
Nixon Odiaua Ayeni                                         Marie Martha Kolp,            Karl Edward Victor Paananen,      CUM LAUDE
                              Lisa Michelle Esser, SUMMA      WITH DISTINCTION              WITH DISTINCTION
Blair Samuel Balden,             CUM LAUDE, PRESI-                                                                      Bryan James Ure
   MAGNA CUM LAUDE                                         Chinwe Omena Kpaduwa          Sergio Paneque                 Mary Valladares
                                 DENT’S ACHIEVEMENT
David Michael Barry              AWARD                     Courtney Anne Krause          Alisa Lois Parker              Dawn R. Veit
Robyn Olivia Bass,            Whitney Marie Ezis           Marsha Kraycir                Aditi R. Patel                 Carlos D. Villarreal
   CUM LAUDE, LEADER-         Carol Ann Farnese,           Suzanne Marie Krohn           Avani V. Patel                 Khaliah Judsena Walker
   SHIP ACHIEVEMENT              CUM LAUDE                 Diea Diane Kroulik,           Maria Angela Pavone            Diego Javier Weinsetel,
   AWARD                      Catrina Farrugia,               WITH DISTINCTION           Alicia A. Phillips-Kelly          CUM LAUDE
Joseph Robert Baznik,            WITH DISTINCTION          Leigha Marie Landry           Christopher Gregory Pollard    David Edward Wells
   WITH DISTINCTION           Dirk F. Fenner               Avar Patrice Laws-Wright      Mia Clarissa Porter            Julie Marie Wescott
Alex John Beachum,            Ruzena L. Fisher             Tracy M. Lawyer,              Daniel John Rasschaert         Kamilah Demetria Williams
   CUM LAUDE                                                  CUM LAUDE
                              José Luis Flores                                           Susan K. Reed                  Karol Witold Wince,
Jerry Darrell Beckham,                                     Warren W. Lee
   WITH DISTINCTION           Omar Rashad Fortune                                        Daniel Joseph Renfro              CUM LAUDE
                              Bruce C. Freiberg            Donald G. Leggett             James Allen Ribel              Ronald Joseph Winter
Nicole E. Bergeron,
                              Kimberly Jane French         Timothy J. Lessman            Michael Thomas Rittenhouse     Timothy Jon Wrather
                              Nicole Kristine Frey         Julie Lillrose (Churchill),   Dondell Michelle Roberson      Ryan Christopher Wurtzel
Nicole Lynn Beyerle
                                                              WITH DISTINCTION
Joseph A. Black               Iniv Gabay,                                                William P. Robinson            Agatha K. Wygodzki
                                 CUM LAUDE                 Apriliana YuQing Lim
Jose Luis Blanco                                                                         Kevin Vaughn Rogers Jr.,       Walter Carl Zacharias III
                              Pooja A. Gadkar              Jeffrey Wayne Linick,            WITH DISTINCTION
Preston Kauihou Blevins                                       MAGNA CUM LAUDE                                           Anne Zeitoun
Heather Lynn Bradshaw-Arne    Randhir Singh Garcha                                       Vieng Rouppasong,              Lois J. Zitano
                                                           Ilya Alexander Lipin,            CUM LAUDE
Katie Ruth Branham            Alicia Alaine Garcia            WITH DISTINCTION
                              Alana Marie Glass                                          Matthew Wayne Rowland
Caroldean Brocci                                           Steven Michael Lochbiler
                              William Joseph Godfrey,                                    Michael Leonard Rutkowski
Brandy Michelle Brooks                                     Jennifer Alene Longo
                                 CUM LAUDE                                               Tiffany Ann Ruttkofsky
Patricia Sofia Brown                                       Malgorzata Lorelli
                              Amanda Laurel Goerge,                                      Josephine Vitina Sangiorgio
Sara Beth Bryant                 CUM LAUDE                 Shawn Keith Louden
                                                                                         Spencer Adam Sattler,
Joanna Brylewska              A. Claudia Gómez             Christine Sue Louie              WITH DISTINCTION
Kim Marie Bulloch             Jeremy Michael Goodman,      William Thomas Luce           Michael Bret Schnepper
Stacy Renee Bynum,               WITH DISTINCTION          Hugo Madrid                   Mandy Jill Schoepf
  WITH DISTINCTION            Jacob Jackson Graff,         Robinjit Kaur Mahal           Shivani Shailesh Shah,
Gabriel Lauchlin Cameron,       CUM LAUDE                  Zakaria M. Mahdi                 WITH DISTINCTION
  WITH DISTINCTION            James Mark Green,            Daniel Patrick Marnen         Stephen Patrick Sharpe
Adam Alden Campbell,            CUM LAUDE                  Jonathan W. Marotta

                                                                                                                BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006       23
     school news

                                                                                                    faculty briefs
                    Paul Carrier                     Spoke, on Oct. 19, 2006, on “Cyber Bullying         Liability Reform and Tort Compensation Act of
                    Associate Professor              and Other Computer Crimes Involving Teens,”         1988, also known as the “Westfall Act,” which
                    Authored, an article,            Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools          provides immunity from suit to a federal
                    ‘Outsourcing and the Conflict    Conference, in Grand Rapids, Mich.                  employee sued in state tort actions when the
                    with Federal Policy on           Spoke, on Oct. 12, 2006, on "Federal                employee’s conduct is certified by the Attorney
                    International Government         Computer Fraud and Abuse Act," at Washtenaw         General to be within the scope of the employee’s
                    Procurement Obligations: A       Community College, in Ann Arbor, Mich.              job when the alleged tort occurred.
                    Countdown to Pre-emption?’       Spoke, on Oct. 5, 2006, on "State Cybercrime                            David L. Finnegan
in 8 T.M. Cooley Journal of Practical & Clinical     Laws," at Washtenaw Community College, in                               Associate Professor
Law 133 (2006).                                      Ann Arbor, Mich.                                                        Published, an article,
Invited, to judge several national rounds (includ-   Spoke, on Sept. 28, 2006, on "Various Federal                           “Applied Comparative Law
ing one in French), for Canada’s 2007 Philip K.      Laws on Electronic Evidence Gathering," at                              and Judicial Reform,” in the
Jessup International Moot Court Competition in       Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, Mich.                           Thomas M. Cooley Journal
March 2007.                                          Spoke, on Sept. 21, 2006, on "Searching and                             of Practical & Clinical Law,”
Named, the co-director for Cooley’s 2007             Seizing Computers — the Fourth Amendment in                             Vol. 8, Issue 2 (2006).
Toronto Study Abroad Program.                        Cyberspace," at Washtenaw Community College,        Attended, the conference, “Conducting
                    Mark Cooney                      Ann Arbor, Mich.                                    Empirical Legal Scholarship Workshop: The
                    Associate Professor              Spoke, on Sept. 19, 2006, on "Identity Theft,"      Advanced Course,” Feb. 9-11, 2007, at the
                    Published, Stringing             for the Michigan Trial Lawyers Association's        Washington University School of Law in St.
                    Readers Along, Vol. 85,          People's Law School 2006, at Cooley Law School,     Louis, Mo.
                    No. 12 Mich. B.J. 44             Lansing, Mich.                                      Participated, in the debate on Kelo v. City of
                    (December 2006).                 Spoke, on Sept. 15, 2006, on "A Review of           New London, 125 S. Ct. 2655 (2005), sponsored
                    Elected, to founding             Michigan Cyber Crime Laws," for the Michigan        by the Federalist Society at Cooley Law School,
                    board of the Michigan            Judicial Conference, at the State Bar of Michigan   Nov. 1, 2006.
Supreme Court Historical Society's                   Annual Meeting, Ypsilanti, Mich.                                        Anthony Flores
Advocates Guild.                                     Spoke, on Sept. 6, 2006, on "Cyber Bullying                             Associate Professor
                    Patrick Corbett                  and Other Computer Crimes Involving Teens,"                             Attended, the Advanced
                    Professor                        at Okemos High School (9th-12th grade),                                 Mediation and Advocacy
                    Spoke, on Jan. 10, 2007,         Okemos, Mich.                                                           Skills Training — ABA Section
                    on “Searches and Seizures –      Attended, on Aug. 15, 2006, SUMIT_06                                    on Dispute Resolution
                    How Limiting is the Fourth       Symposium, at the University of Michigan,                               Program, Oct. 19-20, 2006,
                    Amendment?” at Lansing           Information Technology Security Services, Ann                           in Toronto, Ont.
                    Eastern High School, Lansing,    Arbor, Mich.                                        Consulted, Child Protective Services Training,
                    Mich.                            Attended, on July 13, 2006, a High Technology       in Detroit, Mich., Nov. 30, 2006.
Spoke, on Dec. 13, 2006, on “Cyber Bullying          Crime Investigations Association Conference, at     Interviewed, on WILX-TV Channel 10 (NBC)
and Other Computer Crimes Involving Teens,”          the Troy Police Department, Troy, Mich.             for a news story on “Adultery Equals Life in
at Haslett High School, Haslett, Mich.               Attended, on July 13, 2006, the Michigan            Prison,” on Jan. 18, 2007.
Spoke, on Nov. 29, 2006, on “Searches and            Electronic Crimes Task Force Conference, at the                         Mara Kent
Seizures – How Limiting is the Fourth                Michigan Information Technology Center, Ann                             Associate Professor
Amendment?” American Bar Association/Law             Arbor, Mich.                                                            Attended, the ABA annual
Student Division – Cooley Law School, at                                 Mary Phelan D’Isa                                   conference in August 2006, in
Lansing Sexton High School, in Lansing, Mich.                            Professor                                           Honolulu, Hawaii.
Spoke, on Nov. 12, 2006, on “Cyber Bullying                              Published, “When Can the                            Honored, with the Award
and Other Computer Crimes Involving Teens,”                              Attorney General Certify                            for Outstanding Faculty
Student Leadership Services Conference,                                  That an Employee Was                                Scholarship, by the Cooley
Bellaire, Mich.                                                          Acting Within the Scope of      Legal Authors Society, in November 2006.
Spoke, on Nov. 8, 2006, on “Cyber Bullying                               His Employment?” in Issue 2
and Other Computer Crimes Involving Teens,”                              ABA Preview Of United
Michigan High Tech Crimes Investigation              States Supreme Court Cases, p. 104 (Oct. 30,
Association, in Ann Arbor, Mich.                     2006) 2006-2007 Term. Professor D’Isa’s article
                                                     previewed a complicated tort case reviewed by
                                                     the Court involving the Federal Employees

                      Joseph Kimble                   Attended, the ABA mid-year meeting in Miami                                  Norman E. Plate
                      Professor                       and the annual ABA meeting in Hawaii.                                        Associate Professor
                      Named, as the winner of         Spoke, at a symposium, Jurisdictional Trends &                               Attended, the Rock
                      a prestigious Burton Award      Mechanisms in International Law, presented by the                            Mountain Legal Writing
                      for legal writing for his work  Cooley International Law Society in 2006.                                    Conference, March 9-10,
                      in redrafting the Federal Rules Scheduled, to teach a course on the                                          2007, in Las Vegas, Nev.
                      of Civil Procedure. The award   International Criminal Court, at Cooley’s Study                              Presented, ‘Elementary, My
                      will be presented at a black-tieAbroad Program in Toronto, in 2007.                                          Dear Watson,’ an
ceremony at the Library of Congress.                                        Dan Matthews                      “Elementary” Approach to Teaching Basic Legal
Published, an article in Trial called "Hunting                              Assistant Professor               Skills, at the Rocky Mountain Legal Writing
Down Nouners." The article was reprinted in the                             Published, an article, "A         Conference, March 9-10, 2007, in Las Vegas, Nev.
Michigan Bar Journal.                                                       Fight to the Death: Slaying the                        Chris A. Shafer
Spoke, as one of the featured speakers in the                               Estate Tax Repeal Hydra," in                           Professor
"Access to Justice" Series at Phoenix School of                             Whittier Law Review (28                                Attended, the State Bar
Law. He spoke about plain language and                                      Whittier L. Rev. 663 (2006).                           of Michigan Environmental
redrafting the federal rules.                                               Established, a Volunteer                               Section winter meeting on
Spoke, about the federal rules at the annual          Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program at                                      air pollution law, on Feb. 3,
dinner of the Cooley Legal Authors' Society.          Cooley's Rochester/Oakland University campus                                 2007, at Cooley Law
Spoke, about jury instructions as part of a panel     to prepare tax returns for low-income taxpayers                              School, Lansing, Mich.
at the annual meeting of the Association of           in Pontiac. Fourteen students and one graduate          Delivered, a paper, “The Proposed Great
American Law Schools.                                 completed the IRS certification training course.        Lakes — St. Lawrence River Compact and
Spoke, about drafting as part of a panel at the       On their first night, Feb. 7, 2007, they prepared       Sustainable Water Resource Agreement: Are
University of Houston Law Center and another          tax returns for 30 clients. The program continued       They Constitutional?” at the MSU College of
panel at South Texas College of Law. The panels       throughout February.                                    Law International Law and Policy Crossroad
were sponsored by Scribes — The American                                    Helen Mickens,                    Conference, Dec. 2, 2006, at Shedd Aquarium
Society of Legal Writers. Cooley Law School is                              Professor and                     in Chicago, Ill.
the home school of Scribes, and Kimble is the                               Associate Dean                                         William Weiner
executive director.                                                         Named, one of the recipients                           Associate Dean and
Organized, the seventh Golden Pen Award for                                 of the Alumni Distinguished                            Professor
the Legal Writing Institute. This year's winners                            Achievement Award from                                 Presented, the “Phil & Bill
were two California justices who chaired the                                Kalamazoo College, on Friday,                          Show,” a U.S. Supreme
committees that revised California's civil and                              Oct. 20, 2006.                                         Court Update, as part of
criminal jury instructions into plain language.                             Nelson P. Miller,                                      the Ingham County Bar
Ended, his three-year term as president of                                  Assistant                                              Association Luncheon
Clarity, an international association promoting                             Dean/Associate                    Lecture Series, Nov. 1, 2006, and Nov. 8, 2006,
plain legal language.                                                       Professor                         in Lansing, Mich.
                      Dorean Koenig,                                        Invited, by the ABA's
                                                                            annual Equal Justice
                      Authored, a sidebar of                                Conference, to conduct a          Faculty members
                      work being done on interna-     workshop featuring Cooley’s Legal Assistance            come to Thomas
                      tional death penalty standards, Center partnership with the Grand Rapids Bar.
                      for the spring issue of Human Collaborated, with Cooley professors, Donald              Cooley with years
                                                      Petersen and Christopher Hastings, and Associate
                      Rights Magazine. Professor
                      Koenig is the co-chair of the   Dean Marion Hilligan on a bioethics article             of experience in the
death penalty committee of the Individual Rights      'Superhuman: Biotechnology’s Emerging Impact            practice of law. They
and Responsibilities (IRR) Section of the American on the Law' for publication in the Cooley Law
Bar Association.                                      Review.                                                 combine “real world”
                                                      Conducted, Hispanic Center workshops on
Named, in 2006, to chair a subcommittee
drafting a statement of international death           immigrant rights and duties during ICE                  knowledge with
penalty standards.                                    immigration sweeps.                                     exceptional academic

                                                                                                                                BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006            25
     school news

     GIVING TO COOLEY IN 2006                                   Mickens and Helen P. Mickens (Bushnell Class,             Tennyson Inc.; State Bar of Michigan; Duane Strojny;
                                                                1980); John R. Nussbaumer; Joseph J. Piperato III         Such Video, Inc; Strickland Family Foundation;
     HONOR ROLL OF DONORS                                       (McAlvay Class, 1984); Sandra Soifer                      Thomas Gennara Photography; Thomson West;
     Increased Giving in 2006 Improves                       Temple Club – $1,000+                                        Thrun Law Firm P.C.; Gerald Knauerhase and Evelyn
                                                               Virginia P. Allen (Wing Class, 1982); American             K. Tombers (Lawrence Class, 1991); Gina Torielli;
     Cooley’s Programs                                                                                                    University of Michigan - Michigan Radio; Nancy A.
                                                               Student Assistance; Association of Independent
                                                               Colleges & Universities of Michigan (AICUM);               Wonch (Kelly Class, 1978)
     Thanks to the support of many Cooley alumni,
                                                               Edward O. Blews, Jr. (Copeland Class, 1989);             Cornerstone Club – $250+
     faculty, staff, and friends, 2006 was another
                                                               Jeanette R. Buttrey (Turner Class, 1991); Butzel           Anonymous; Marylynn Bain; Donald Baron; Gary P.
     outstanding year for Cooley's fund-raising                Long; Peter B. Cagle (North Class, 1980) and Mary          Bauer (Green Class, 1988); Cherie L. Beck (Flannigan
     program. We received $381,117 in gifts from               Cagle (Bushnell Class, 1980); Terry and Michael            Class, 1999); Jeffrey Bracken; Gus H. Breymann;
                                                               Carella; Paul J. Carrier; Sean F. Carroll (Turner          Tammy L. Brown-Asher (Moore Class, 1993); Gary
     607 donors, up from $336,592.78 received
                                                               Class, 1991); Church Kritselis and Wyble L.L.C.,           R. Campbell (Flannigan Class, 1999); Canteen
     from 513 donors in 2005.                                  Rush Clement and Julie A. Clement (McDonald                Services; Capital Area United Way, Inc.; Charles P.
                                                               Class, 1998); Cooley Alumni Association; James             Cercone; David G. Chopp (Moore Class, 1993);
     We are grateful to our alumni and friends who
                                                               Randall Davis; Frank DiGiacomo (Fellows Class,             Kathleen A. Conklin; Lee W. Davis (Stone Class,
     demonstrated their belief in Cooley’s mission             1997); Cindy E. Faulkner (Durand Class, 1992);             1996); Detroit Tigers, Inc.; Mary E. D'Isa; Margaret
     of providing knowledge, skills, and ethics. Your          Adam W. Fitzgerald; Thomas Garikes; Andrew P.              Doyle; Joseph F. Dursi, Jr. (Fellows Class, 1997);
                                                               Gozinsky (Carpenter Class, 1993); N. Victor                Gerald B. Eisman (Ransom Class, 1978); Michael R.
     gifts have allowed us to hold the line on tuition,        Hatami; Healthy and Fit Magazine; Pamela Heos and          Foreback ;Virginia R. Frezell; Hon. James Giddings;
     making legal education more affordable. They              Jeff Brancheau; Aletha L. Honsowitz (Witherell             Greater Lansing Symphany; Stephanie Gregg; Erwin
     have allowed us to support clinical activities and        Class, 1990); Ieva A. Inglis, Pater D. Jason; R.           Harvath; Al Kirsch; Henry D. Kopicko (Starr Class,
                                                               Joseph Kimble; David Kirsch; LexisNexis; Robert T.         2005); Dale E. Malewska (McAlvay Class, 1984);
     outreach programs, improve our library collec-            Meeks (Christiancy Class, 1977); Nelson P. Miller;         William C. Mathewson (McAlvay Class, 1984); Valerie
     tion, upgrade our facilities, and enhance our             Lon Mitchell; Robert E. Mitchell; Ernest A. Phillips;      J. McArdle; Howard O. Mischel, Michael Molitor;
     overall teaching and scholarship.                         Radisson Hotel; Joseph D. Reid; Wallace D. Riley;          Palace Chrylser-Plymouth-Jeep, Inc.; Alex Paoletto;
                                                               James D. Robb; Eldonna M. Ruddock (Hooker                  Darryl J. Parsell (Wiest Class, 1979); Robert A.
     In 2007, we hope that you will give to Cooley so          Class, 1993); Clyde P. Selig; Allen M. Soifer; Michele     Pecchio (McAlvay Class, 1984); Philip J. Prygoski;
     that we may continue the impressive progress we           S. Teny Borsellino (Ostrander Class, 1994); Charles        Danny R. Quesenberry; Hector L. Ramos Vega
                                                               R. Toy (Kavanagh Class, 1981); Steven A. Transeth          (Paterson Class, 2002); Thomas C. Rombach (Morse
     have made. Every gift makes a real difference in          (Wing Class, 1982) and Janice K. Cunningham-               Class, 1987); Charles J. Senger; Michelle A. Simmons-
     the lives of our students and is an investment in         Transeth (Mundy Class, 1986); Reginald Turner;             Brown (Durand Class, 1992); Miguel A. Terc
                                                               Joan P. Vestrand; Paul Zelenski                            (Swainson Class, 2003); Thomas M. Cooley Law
     their careers as future lawyers, business profes-
                                                             Pillar Club -- $500+                                         School Dept. of Civil Procedure and Evidence; Gerald
     sionals, public officials, and community leaders.                                                                    Tschura; Cynthia M. Ward; F. Georgann Wing (Felch
                                                                Allstate Foundation; Dawn C. Beachnau; Carey S.
                                                                Bernstein (Montgomery Class, 1992); David Berry;          Class, 1977)
     We proudly list below our alumni and friends
                                                                Gordon C. Boardman (Marston Class, 1978); Lynn          Century Club – $100+
     who so generously supported our students by
                                                                S. Branham; Capital Region Community Foundation,          Anthony R. Alvarado; Amway Grand Plaza Hotel;
     a gift to Cooley in 2006. To those of you listed:          Mary Ann Cartwright (Graves Class, 1977); James           Nicholas Ancel; Auto-Owners Insurance; Timothy
     we appreciate what you have done for us, and               P. Colbert (Campbell Class, 1976); William D. Cox         M. Ayres (Goodwin Class, 1982); Backbone
                                                                (Witherell Class, 1990), Thomas W. Cranmer; Hon.          Chiropractic, L.L.C. & Massage Therapy; Evan B.
     we offer you our sincere thanks.
                                                                Brent V. Danielson (Cooley Class, 1976); Jack Davis;      Barenbaum (McDonald Class, 1998); Hon. Steven
     2006 Annual Giving List by Giving                          Delta Theta Phi Foundation Inc.; Downtown YMCA            M. Basha (Wiest Class, 1979); Elizabeth S. Beckley
                                                                Wellness Center; Gerald A. Fisher; Eric Fitzgerald;       (Montgomery Class, 1992); Brendan T. Beery (Snow
     Club Level                                                 Hon. John W. Fitzgerald; Susan R. Fortino-Brown           Class, 1998); Laurie K. Berner (Cushing Class, 2000);
     Charter Club -- $100,000+                                  (Morell Class, 1985); Audra A. Foster (Fellows            Bernick Omer Radner & Ouellette, P.C.; Kathryn A.
       Dennis E. Benner (Potter Class, 1980)                    Class, 1997); Judith A. Frank (Mundy Class, 1986);        Bielefeldt (Steere Class, 1995); Hon. Gregory D. Bill
                                                                Richard C. Henke; James T. Heos (Cooley Class,            (Dethmers Class, 1981); Patricia Birke; Susan M.
     President’s Club -- $10,000+
                                                                1976); Keith J. Hey; James M. Hicks; Impression 5         Brady; R. J. Brennan, Jr.; Hon. Thomas E. Brennan,
       A.D. Johnson Foundation
                                                                Science Center; Ingham County Bar Association;            Sr.; Diane J. Britt (Chandler Class, 1983) ; Arthur A.
       National City Corporation
                                                                Jewell Media Services; Eileen Kavanagh; Peter M.          Busch (Wing Class, 1982); Robert M. Buzaitis
       Lawrence P. Nolan (Cooley Class, 1976)
                                                                Kempel; Dermot F. Kennedy (Wing Class, 1982);             (Cushing Class, 2000); James L. Carey; Brian C.
       G. Michael Stakias (Campbell Class, 1976)
                                                                Kim Kauffman Photography Inc.; Lisa Kirsch-Satawa;        Casterline (Wilson Class, 2001); Karen Chadwick;
       Hon. Richard F. Suhrheinrich
                                                                Lawrence J. Kish (Marston Class, 1978); Kresge            Mary Chartier-Mittendorf (T. Johnson Class); Gary
       Vlasic Foundation
                                                                Foundation; Nell M. Kuhnmuench (Marston Class,            R. Chopp (Kavanagh Class, 1981); John C. Colpean
       James J. Vlasic (Ransom Class, 1978)
                                                                1978); William I. MacDonald (Bushnell Class, 1980);       (Ransom Class, 1978); Colleen L. Conlin (Ransom
     Dean’s Club -- $5,000+                                     Hon. Jane E. Markey (Dethmers Class, 1981)                Class, 1978); Dart Bank; Delta Dental; Hon. Hudson
       Anthony H. Gair (Potter Class, 1980)                     and Curt Benson (Mundy Class, 1986); Ann M.               E. Deming; Patricia L. Dorsey; Ruth M. Drago; Hon.
       Marion M. Hilligan (Johnson Class, 1989)                 Marks (Jay Class, 2000); Hon. Jeffrey L. Martlew          H. Kevin Drake (Bushnell Class, 1980); John B. Earle
       Bernard T. Kennedy (T. Smith Class, 1985)                (Campbell Class, 1976); Michigan Athletic Club; M.        III (Montgomery Class, 1992); Robert C. Ellis (Morse
       Don LeDuc                                                Ann Miller; Lawrence W. Morgan; Mayer                     Class, 1987); M. Dennis Esmay (Campbell Class,
       MacDonald Broadcasting                                   Morganroth; Steve Tole; NuUnion Credit Union;             1976); Farhat & Story, P.C.; Norman Fell; William L.
     Founders’ Club – $2,500+                                   Charles A. Palmer ; Nora J. Pasman-Green; Brian L.        Ferrigan (Cooley Class, 1976); Michelle A. Flewelling
       Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan; David G. Cotter      Petrequin (Fellows Class, 1997); Marjorie P. Russell      (Chandler Class, 1983); Patrick L. Fuller (T. Smith
       (Cooley Class, 1976); Foresight Group; Catherine         (Chandler Class, 1983); Steven H. Schinker (Durand        Class, 1985); Thomas R. GarlandII (Copeland Class,
       Groll (Montgomery Class, 1992); Image Creative           Class, 1992); William E. Schoettle; Stephanie M.          1989); John M. Gear (Cross Class, 2004); Michael J.
       Group, L.L.C.; Arnold and Lynn Markowitz; Charles        Sewak (Hooker Class, 1993); Seyferth Spaulding            Gibson; John D. Golden (Potter Class, 1980); Karl

  Gotting; Grand Rapids Student Bar Association;         Class, 2002); Stevie Barachkov; Bear Associates;          Levenson; Nancy Lewis; Vickie S. Lewis; Elizabeth A.
  Phyllis D. Groenewoud (Christiancy Class, 1977);       Patrick A. Beatty (Needham Class, 2004); Ronda            Lindsay-Ochoa (Iredell Class, 2001); Jodi D.
  Remo Grua; Karl E. Hand (Moore Class, 1993);           Beck; Andrea Bell; George M. Betts (Moore Class,          Copenhaver-Liukkonen (Needham Class, 2004);
  William C. Hawley (Swift Class, 2004); Stephen M.      1993); Patricia S. Boguslawski (O. Smith Class,           Deborah A. Liverence (Bird Class, 1995); Gary M.
  Haynes; Terry E. Heiss (Carr Class, 1984); Jeanne      2003); Richard J Boruszewski; Richard I. Bowles;          Lobel (Cushing Class, 2000); Lynne M. Loren; Richard
  M. Heran (McAlvay Class, 1984); Paul C. Hillegonds     Hon. Thomas E. Brennan, Jr. (Marston Class, 1978);        Lowe Carol Lycos; John D. MacRitchie; Elva Maguire;
  (Miles Class, 1986); Donald E. Hood (Krinock Class,    Ron Bretz; Gordon W. Briggs; Daniel R. Brown;             James Malinowski; Linda Markham; Sunita M. White;
  1991); Ronald Horowitz; Rose Houk; Bradley F.          Sandra Brown; Carrol A. Buck; Kathryn J. Burt;            Susan M. Maul (Bird Class, 1995); Joseph D.
  Hubbell (Paterson Class, 2002); Bruce D. Hunting       Matthew D. Busby; Christine M. Campbell (Potter           McCormack (Turner Class, 1991); Kelly J. McDoniel
  (Dethmers Class, 1981); Vivian Jackson-Boko; Byron     Class, 1980); Diane Canning; Elissa A. Caropreso          (Toy Class, 2003); Dan L. McNeal; Lee McNew; Kevin
  J. Johnson (Felch Class, 1977); James A. Johnson;      (Snow Class, 1998); Mike Carr; Dennis W. Carter           J. McQuillan (Chandler Class, 1983); Marcie K.
  Charles Kleinbrook (Grant Class, 1987); Dorean         (Swift Class, 2004); Terrence F. Cavanaugh; Emily         McWayne (Edwards Class, 2006); Jessica L. Merritt
  M. Koenig; Patrick G. Kruse; Raymond B. Lail           Cave; Chappell Gardens Club; Min-Cheng Chen               Mark C. Miller (McAllister Class, 2005); Bill D. Morris
  (Ostrander Class, 1984); Wendy Lawrence; Henry         (Edwards Class, 2006); Erica L. Cicchelli (Rutledge       Amy M. Moya (Swainson Class, 2003); Mary Jo
  J. Legere, Jr. (Carpenter Class, 1993); Loomis Ewert   Class, 2000); Dennis E. Cichon; Clara's Lansing           Murtaugh (Kuhn Class, 1995); Brianne L. Myers; Alice
  Parsley; Davis & Gotting, P.C.; George W. Loomis;      Station; Beverly A. Clark; Mary M. Clark; Martha          M. Myron; Stephen V. Nielsen (Lawrence Class, 1991);
  Ashley E. Lowe; Suzanne E. Lowe (Long Class,           Climo; Marlene W. Coir; Joseph A. Collins (Felch          John F. Nocita (Turner Class, 1991); Christina T.
  1981); Scott Mandel; Salvatore Marabondo               Class, 1977); Robert G. Collins (Adams Class,             Novajosky (Stone Class, 1996); Cristy N. Oakes
  (Whipple Class, 1985); John H. Marks; Kathy A.         1997); Mary Anne Coon; J. Mark Cooney                     (Edwards Class, 2006); Michael J. O'Connor
  Martin (Weadock Class, 1999); Mable Martin-Scott;      (Montgomery Class, 1992); Edward S. Cooper                (Sherwood Class, 1986); Marcella Pajak; Geraldine
  Kenneth J. Mattern (Iredell Class, 2001); Daniel       (Copeland Class, 1989); Patrick E. Corbett; Dominic       Parfitt; Carey R. Parks (O'Hara Class, 1983); Donald
  Matthews; Thomas A. Matthews (Marston Class,           J. Cornelius (Kuhn Class, 1995); Anita E. Cote;           Petersen; Norm Plate; Rowland Plutchak; Barry V.
  1978); Patrick D. McCoy (Ransom Class, 1978);          Edward O. Cousineau (Stone Class, 1996); Sara M.          Price (Moore Class, 1993); Jill K. Pullum; Martha H.
  Keeley A. McDonald-Riddle (Sharpe Class, 1998);        Covill (Edwards Class, 2006); Michael P. Cox and          Quain; Elizabeth H. Rainey (Paterson Class, 2002);
  Douglas J. McFadden (Marston Class, 1978); James       Hillie Van Asdonck Cox; Barbara A. Craft (Ransom          Nancy L. Ramsey; Susan Rankin; Michael Reed; Frank
  C. McLaughlin (Morell Class, 1985); D. Daniel          Class, 1978); Kelly L. Crosser (Blair Jr. Class, 2001);   Rehor; Carol E. Reiss (Chandler Class, 1983); Allan G.
  McLellan; Merck Partnership for Giving; Merrill        Jeffrey Cuthbertson; Eugene E. Dalebout; Bernice A.       Richens; Ronald Richmond; William R. Roberts
  Lynch & Co Foundation Inc.; Midwest Epoxy; Gerald      Davenport; Brent A. Davis (Voelker Class, 1997);          (Wilson Class, 2001); Amanda L. Roggenbuck
  D. Miller (Green Class, 1988); Robert C. Miller        Colleen M. Davis (Toy Class, 2003); Kimberly Dean;        (Swainson Class, 2003); Joan E. Rosema David (Jay
  (O'Hara Class, 1983); Martha Moore; Monty C.           Mary Ellen Debelak; Valerie Debler; David Dee;            Class, 2000); Gale Rosen; Grace L. Ross; Michael
  Moyer; Myers Nelson Dillon & Shierk, P.L.L.C.;         Katharine E. Dierks; Robert J. DiVito (Lawrence           Rubner; Alecia M. Ruswinckel (Swainson Class, 2003);
  Joseph Nelson; James A. Newton (Blair Class,           Class, 1991); Sally C. Dow; Judith Dzierbicki; Vickie     Brett J. Rycus; Ruth L. Sablich; Harry Saites; John W.
  1983); Thomas B. North (Long Class, 1981);             Eggers; Telford E. Elders (Turner Class, 1991);           Schmieding (Moore Class, 1993); Valinta Schnable;
  Monica Nuckolls; Kimberly O’Leary; Lucille H.          Walter L. Eschtruth; Michelle R. Esperance                Suzanne M. Schramski; Shirleyetta Sernick; Michael
  O'Connor (Moore Class, 1993); Barbara H. Olson;        (Weadock Class, 1999); Kathryn Falk-Fehrman;              Sexton; Christopher A. Shafer (Hooker Class, 19993);
  Gail Pamukov; Peter G. Pangis (Hooker Class,           Jerome A. Fallon; J. Michael Fedewa; Susan A.             Lawrence Shanker; William M. Sherman; Briget Sierra;
  1993); James Papazian; Bunnie M. Perrine; Stephen      Fedewa; Andrea H. Fenn (Long Class, 1981);                Jodi E. Silberman; Robyn A. Sisti Devine (Moore Class,
  H. Pierpoint (Miles Class, 1986); Michael W. Podein    Margaret A. Fischer (Steere Class, 1995); Leah K.         1993); James A. Siver (Kavanagh Class, 1981); Kim
  (Wiest Class, 1979); Alan R. Pollack; Brenda           Fitch; Hon. E. Thomas Fitzgerald; Paul J. Gallo           Smith; Norm Smith; Kirsten K. Sparks (Swift Class,
  Popplewell (Adams Class, 1997); Darin S. Portnoy       (Moody Jr. Class, 1996); Eric P. Galuszka (Paterson       2004); David L. Steeno (Campbell Class, 1976);
  (Witherell Class, 1990); Stephen H. Pottinger          Class, 2002); Robert L. Gariepy (Graves Class,            Daniella Steger; Annette Steinborn; Larry Stephens;
  (Krinock Class, 1991); Christopher M. Quick            1977); Martha M. Gasparovich; Margaret J. Gentry;         Jeanne Stieglitz; Otto Stockmeyer; Crystal Stokes;
  (Lawrence Class, 1991); Andrew Quinn; Richard          Hon. Jacqueline P. George (Campbell Class, 1976);         Donald C. Stolz; Allen R. Stout (Long Class, 1981);
  A. Randall (Long Class, 1981); Daniel Ray; Rhoades     Stephen J. Gobbo (Bird Class, 1995); Donald               Phillip A. Strehle (Champlin Class, 1987); Philip C.
  McKee PC; Linda M. Rhodus (Long Class, 1981);          Gochberg; Ed Graves; Jason J. Guari (Steere Class,        Strother (Fellows Class, 1997); Natasha M. Summit
  Lauren A. Rousseau; Sally Rutledge; Marisa             1995); Zead A. Haddad (O. Smith Class, 2003);             (Voelker Class, 1997); Karl Suni; Jerry Sutton (Cooley
  Saltzman; Gale Schiamberg; Stephen Schuesler;          Maroun J. Hakim (Marston Class, 1978); Lisa K.            Class, 1976) and Linda L. Sutton (Dethmers Class,
  Michael Serling; Margie Simmons; Laura A.              Halushka; Patricia A. Hand; Michael R. Hasse              1981); Kathy Swedlow; Amy Swope; David J. Tarrien
  Simoldoni (Moore Class, 1993); John P. Smirnow         (Lawrence Class, 1991); Christopher Hastings; Hon.        (Chase Class, 2002); Robert J Taylor; Marie S.
  (Ostrander Class, 1994); Dennis Smith; Patricia        Janet A. Haynes (Kavanagh Class, 1981); David W.          Templo-Capule (Wilson Class, 2001); Amy Timmer
  Smith; Ross T. Smith (Needham Class, 2004);            Heeke; Jane E. Hegarty; Robert Henige; John C.            (Pratt Class, 1988); Jack G. Trommater; Christopher
  Sandra S. Snapp (Hooker Class, 1994); Vincent P.       Herbstreit; M. Diane Hodson (Wing Class, 1982);           R. Trudeau (Chase Class, 2002); James R.
  Spagnuolo (Wiest Class, 1979); Shirley Spangler;       Carol M. Hogan (Manning Class, 1984); Helen B.            Underwood (Weadock Class, 1999); Sandra K. Van
  Heather R. Spielmaker; Ronald L. Starr; Robert J.      Holihan; Janice L. Hunt; Mulumebet Hussein;               Enk (Manning Class, 1984); Beady Waddell; Joseph
  Stommel (Turner Class, 1991); Student Bar              Lawrence Isaacson; M. Charlotte Israel; Robert P.         Wald; Shannon N. Walker (T. Johnson Class, 2002);
  Association, TMCLS; John Taylor; Laurie A. Taylor;     Jacobson; Erin M. Jerick; C. Bernard Johnson; Debra       Travis A. Walker (Rutledge Class, 2000); Keith R.
  Gil Wanger; Bruce Wein; William P. Weiner and          Johnson; Shannon Kahne; Joan H. Kane; Kirk D.             Ward; Marlene R. Watson; Tracey D. Weaver;
  Paula Latovick; Mardelle Weymouth; David C.            Kaplan (Stone Class, 1996); Forrest Kelsey; Eric C.       Dionne E. Webster (Edwards Class, 2006); Michael F.
  Whipple (Butzel Class, 1979); Louis E. Wirbel;         Kennedy; Kent County Defenders; William H.                Wein; Ingeborg Weinberger; Jerrold Weiss; Carol
  Shelley K. Woodworth; Ken Wyniemko Foundation;         Kerbin, Jr.; Raymond C. Kinzel; Vicki Kirsch;             Welch; Brandi N. West (Reid Class, 2006); Tara
  Sherida Wysocki                                        Thomas A. Klug (Campbell Class, 1976); Gwen V.            L.Whitaker (Toy Class, 2003); Willis & Willis PLC;
Cooley Club – Up to $99                                  Knight; Sheldon L. Knoespel; Garry J. Kregelka            Wilson and Brown Law Offices, P.L.L.C.; James
  Frank Aiello; Hon. Louise Alderson (Sherwood           (Paterson Class, 2002); Jenny L. Kronk (Pratt Class,      Wilson; Mary Jane Wilson; Patricia M. Wilson; Erin
  Class, 1986); Richard J. Allen; Joseph J. Allessie     1988); Sylvia Kruger; Stephen P. Krupp (Steere            Wiseman; David Wood; Jeffrey J. Wood (O'Hara
  (Witherell Class, 1990); Robert L. Anderlie (Morell    Class, 1995); Cynthia J. Kruska; Michael Kukielka;        Class, 1983); Scott Wood; Eric T. Wooden (Durand
  Class, 1985); J.V. Anderton; Kimberly Armbruster;      Dawn M. LaCasse (Carpenter Class, 1993); Lansing          Class, 1992); Pamela Wynn-Quada (Stone Class,
  William Arnold; J. Sumner Bagby; Glen R. Baker         Lugnuts; Joni D. Larson; Jeffery B. Lesperance            1996); Hannah J. Yancy; Kelly Yarboro; Marc E.
  (Ostrander Class, 1994); Elie Banna (T. Johnson        (Johnson Class, 2002); Brooxie N. Letts; Helen N.         Yonker (Ostrander Class, 1994)

                                                                                                                                   BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006             27
     school news

     2006 Annual Giving By           1980                        1984                        1989
     Graduation Class                Potter Class: $105,146.86   McAlvay Class: $3,575.00    Copeland Class: $1,150.00
                                       Dennis E. Benner            Jeanne M. Heran             Edward O. Blews, Jr.
                                       Christine M. Campbell       Dale E. Malewska            Edward S. Cooper
     Cooley Class: $14,820.00
                                       Anthony H. Gair             William C. Mathewson        Thomas R. Garland, II
       David G. Cotter
                                       John D. Golden              Robert A. Pecchio         1989
       Hon. Brent V. Danielson
                                     1980                          Joseph J. Piperato, III   D. Johnson Class
       William L Ferrigan
                                     Bushnell Class: $3,861.08   1984                          Marion M. Hilligan
       James T. Heos
       Lawrence P. Nolan               Hon. H. Kevin Drake       Carr Class
                                                                    Terry E. Heiss           1990
                                       William I. MacDonald                                  Witherell Class: $1,800.00
                                       Helen P. Mickens          1984                          Joseph J. Allessie
     Campbell Class: $11,746.80
                                     1980                        Manning Class: $48.72         William D. Cox
       James P. Colbert
                                     North Class                   Carol M. Hogan              Aletha L. Honsowitz
       M. Dennis Esmay
                                       Peter B. Cagle              Sandra K. Van Enk           Darin S. Portnoy
       Hon. Jacqueline P. George
       Thomas A. Klug                1981                        1985                        1991
       Hon. Jeffrey L. Martlew       Dethmers Class: $705.93     T. Smith Class: $5,200.00   Turner Class: $2,706.00
       G. Michael Stakias              Hon. Gregory D. Bill         Patrick L. Fuller          Jeanette R. Buttrey
       David L. Steeno                 Bruce D. Hunting             Bernard T. Kennedy         Sean F. Carroll
     1977                              Hon. Jane E. Markey       1985                          Telford E. Elders
     Christiancy Class: $1,200.00      Linda L. Sutton           Morell Class: $606.70         Joseph D. McCormack
       Phyllis D. Groenewoud         1981                          Robert L. Anderlie          John F. Nocita
       Robert T. Meeks               Kavanagh Class: $1,648.40     Susan R. Fortino-Brown      Robert J. Stommel
                                       Gary R. Chopp               James C. McLaughlin       1991
     Felch Class: $589.95              Hon. Janet A. Haynes      1985                        Lawrence Class: $730.55
       Joseph A. Collins               James A. Siver            Whipple Class                 Robert J. DiVito
       Byron J. Johnson                Charles R. Toy               Salvatore Marabondo        Michael R. Hasse
       F. Georgann Wing              1981                        1986                          Stephen V. Nielsen
                                     Long Class: $513.40         Mundy Class: $1,007.00        Christopher M. Quick
                                       Andrea H. Fenn              Curt A. Benson              Evelyn K. Tombers
     Graves Class: $548.40
       Mary Ann Cartwright             Suzanne E. Lowe             Judith A. Frank           1991
       Robert L. Gariepy               Hon. Thomas B. North      1986                        Krinock Class: $200.00
                                       Richard A. Randall        Miles Class: $300.00          Donald E. Hood
                                       Linda M. Rhodus             Paul C. Hillegonds          Stephen H. Pottinger
     Marston Class: $1,966.86
                                       Allen R. Stout              Stephen H. Pierpoint      1992
       Gordon C. Boardman
       Hon. Thomas E. Brennan, Jr.   1982                        1986                        Montgomery Class: $4,158.00
       Maroun J. Hakim               Wing Class: $3,118.31       Sherwood Class: $179.24       Elizabeth S. Beckley
       Lawrence J. Kish                Virginia P. Allen           Hon. Louise Alderson        Carey Scott Bernstein
       Nell M. Kuhnmuench              Arthur A. Busch             Michael J. O’Connor         J. Mark Cooney
       Thomas A. Matthews              M. Diane Hodson                                         John Burns Earle, III
       Douglas J. McFadden             Dermot F. Kennedy         1987                          Catherine Groll
                                       Steven A. Transeth        Champlin Class
     1978                                                          Phillip A. Strehle        1992
     Ransom Class: $11,088.66        1982                                                    Durand Class: $2,548.95
       John C. Colpean               Goodwin Class               1987                          Cindy E. Faulkner
       Colleen L. Conlin               Timothy M. Ayres          Morse Class: $515.00          Steven H. Schinker
       Barbara A. Craft                                            Robert C. Ellis             Michelle A. Simmons-Brown
                                     1983                          Thomas C. Rombach
       Gerald B. Eisman              O'Hara Class: $130.00                                     Eric T. Wooden
       Patrick D. McCoy                Robert C. Miller          1987                        1993
       James J. Vlasic                 Carey R. Parks            Grant Class                 Hooker Class: $3,111.38
     1978                              Jeffrey J. Wood             Charles Kleinbrook          Peter G. Pangis
     Kelly Class                     1983                        1988                          Eldonna M. Ruddock
       Nancy A. Wonch                Chandler Class: $1,366.71   Green Class: $525.00          Stephanie M. Sewak
                                       Diane J. Britt              Gary P. Bauer               Christopher A. Shafer
                                                                   Gerald D. Miller            Sandra S. Snapp
     Butzel Class                      Michelle A. Flewelling
       David C. Whipple                Kevin J. McQuillan        1988                        1993
                                       Carol E. Reiss            Pratt Class: $54.33         Moore Class: $1,285.58
                                       Marjorie P. Russell         Jenny L. Kronk              Tammy L. Asher
     Wiest Class: $768.10
                                     1983                          Amy Timmer                  George M. Betts
       Hon. Steven M. Basha
                                     Blair Class                                               David G. Chopp
       Darryl J. Parsell
                                       James A. Newton                                         Karl E. Hand
       Michael W. Podein
                                                                                               Lucille H. O'Connor
       Vincent P. Spagnuolo

  Barry V. Price               1998                            2003                                  John W. Fitzgerald
  John W. Schmieding           McDonald Class: $240.00         Swainson Class: $478.30               Michael R. Foreback
  Laura A. Simoldoni             Evan B. Barenbaum               Amy M. Moya                         Judith A. Frank
  Robyn A. Sisti Devine          Julie A. Clement                Amanda L. Roggenbuck                Michael J. Gibson
1993                           1998                              Alecia M. Ruswinckel                Phyllis I. Groenewoud
Carpenter Class: $1,970.10     Snow Class: $105.93               Miguel A. Terc                      Keith J. Hey
  Andrew P. Gozinsky             Brendan T. Beery              2003                                  James M. Hicks
  Dawn M. LaCasse                Elissa A. Caropreso           O. Smith Class: $45.00                Marion M. Hilligan
  Henry J. Legere, Jr.                                           Patricia S. Boguslawski             Aletha L. Honsowitz
                               1999                                                                  Vivian Jackson-Boko
1994                           Flannigan Class: $709.65          Zead A. Haddad
                                                                                                     Peter D. Jason
Ostrander Class: $1,403.60        Cherie L. Beck               2003                                  Peter M. Kempel
  Glen R. Baker                   Gary R. Campbell             Toy Class: $69.33                     R. Joseph Kimble
  Raymond B. Lail              1999                              Colleen M. Davis                    Paula Latovick
  John P. Smirnow              Weadock Class: $158.72            Kelly J. McDoniel                   Don LeDuc
  Michele S. Teny-Borsellino     Michelle R. Esperance           Tara L. Whitaker                    Dan L. McNeal
  Marc E. Yonker                 Kathy A. Martin               2004                                  Helen P. Mickens
1995                             James R. Underwood            Cross Class                           M. Ann Miller
Bird Class: $68.50                                               John M. Gear                        Lawrence W. Morgan
  Stephen J. Gobbo                                                                                   Monty C. Moyer
                               Jay Class: $527.00              2004
  Deborah A. Liverence                                                                               Joseph Nelson
                                 Ann M. Marks                  Needham Class: $165.00
  Susan M. Maul                                                                                      John R. Nussbaumer
                                 Joan E. Rosema-David            Patrick A. Beatty
                                                                                                     Charles A. Palmer
1995                           2000                              Jodi D. Copenhaver-Liukkonen
                                                                                                     Darryl J. Parsell
Steere Class: $185.56          Rutledge Class: $41.70            Ross T. Smith
                                                                                                     Nora J. Pasman-Green
  Kathryn A. Bielefeldt          Erica L. Cicchelli            2004                                  Ernest A. Phillips
  Margaret A. Fischer            Travis A. Walker              Swift Class: $125.10                  Stephen H. Pierpoint
  Jason J. Guari                                                 Dennis W. Carter
                               2000                                                                  Plante & Moran PLLC
  Stephen P. Krupp                                               William C. Hawley
                               Cushing Class: $265.26                                                Brenda Popplewell
1995                             Laurie A. Berner                Kirsten K. Sparks                   Philip J. Prygoski
Kuhn Class: $63.40               Robert M. Buzaitis            2005                                  Danny R. Quesenberry
  Dominic J. Cornelius           Gary M. Lobel                 McAllister Class                      Thomas C. Rombach
  Mary Jo Murtaugh                                               Mark C. Miller                      Marjorie P. Russell
1996                                                                                                 Charles J. Senger
                               Wilson Class: $211.70           2005
Stone Class: $582.33                                                                                 Amy Timmer
                                 Brian C. Casterline           Starr Class
  Edward O. Cousineau                                                                                William P. Weiner
                                 William R. Roberts              Henry D. Kopicko
  Lee W. Davis                                                                                       F. Georgann Wing
                                 Marie S. Templo-Capule        2006
  Kirk D. Kaplan                                                                                     Shelley K. Woodworth
  Christina T. Novajosky       2001                            Reid Class
  Pamela Wynn-Quada            Blair Jr. Class                   Brandi N. West

                                 Kelly L. Crosser              2006                                   Every gift makes
                               2001                            Edwards Class: $196.69
Moody Jr. Class
  Paul J. Gallo                Iredell Class: $106.70            Min-Cheng Chen                       a real difference
                                  Elizabeth A. Lindsay-Ochoa     Sara M. Covill
Adams Class: $213.40
                                  Kenneth J. Mattern             Marcie K. McWayne                    in the lives of
                                                                 Cristy N. Oakes
  Robert G. Collins
  Brenda Popplewell
                               T. Johnson Class: $163.40         Dionne E. Webster                    our students and
                                  Elie Banna
                                  Mary Chartier-Mittendorf
                                                               The Cooley Continuity Club
                                                               (Giving over ten consecutive years)
                                                                                                      is an investment
Voelker Class: $26.80
  Brent A. Davis
                                  Jeffery B. Lesperance
                                  Shannon N. Walker
                                                                 Virginia P. Allen
                                                                 Anthony R. Alvarado
                                                                                                      in their careers
  Natasha M. Summit
                               Paterson Class: $501.23
                                                                 Marylynn Bain
                                                                 Gary P. Bauer
                                                                                                      as future lawyers,
Fellows Class: $2,950.40
  Frank DiGiacomo
                                 Eric P. Galuszka
                                 Bradley F. Hubbell
                                                                 Dawn C. Beachnau
                                                                 Cherie L. Beck
                                                                                                      business profes-
  Joseph F. Dursi, Jr.
  Audra A. Foster
                                 Garry J. Kregelka
                                 Elizabeth H. Rainey
                                                                 Gordon C. Boardman
                                                                 David G. Chopp
                                                                                                      sionals, public
  Brian L. Petrequin
  Philip C. Strother
                                 Hector L. Ramos-Vega            Michael P. Cox
                                                                 Brent V. Danielson
                                                                                                      officials, and
Sharpe Class
                               Chase Class: $75.40
                                                                 Mary E. D'Isa
                                                                 Margaret Doyle
                                 William H. Kerbin, Jr.
  Keeley A. McDonald-Riddle      David J. Tarrien
                                                                 H. K. Drake
                                                                 J. Michael Fedewa, Jr.
                                 Christopher R. Trudeau          Norman Fell

                                                                                                      BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006   29
     alumni matters

     alumni news
                         Trés chic! C’est magnifique!                 Alumni Appreciation: Admissions
                         Comme splendide!                             “Cooley Law School is fortunate to have supportive alumni who volunteered to
                         These words were echoed during “An           help the Admissions Office at recruitment events around the country in 2006,”
                         Evening of Good Taste,” in the Cooley        said Assistant Dean of Admissions Stephanie Gregg. “We appreciate the unique
                         Law Auditorium at the Cooley Law             perspective that alumni add when speaking with prospective students. We want to
                         School Alumni Association’s Wine             acknowledge all of our alumni who attended alumni receptions around the country
                         Tasting & Silent Auction on Saturday,        last year, and especially those who took the time to chat with prospective students
                         Nov. 18, 2006. The event was attended        who were invited to join alumni at several of these receptions. The feedback from
                         by alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of    the incoming students who have spoken with Cooley graduates has been positive —
                         Cooley.                                      they enjoyed learning more about the law school and about the practice of law.”
                         Wine can be intimidating. Knowing            Alumni receptions were held in Phoenix, Ariz.; West Palm Beach and Tampa, Fla.;
                         which bottle of red or white to order        Rochester, Grand Rapids, Indian River, Traverse City, and Lansing, Mich.; Seattle,
                         from the wine list at a restaurant can       Wash.; Dallas, Texas; Toronto, Ont.; Atlanta, Ga.; Denver, Colo.; New York City,
                         often be a shot in the dark for those        N.Y.; Newark, N.J.; Washington, D.C.; and Chicago, Ill.
                         who don’t know about wines. Which
                                                                      Thanks to the efforts of the Alumni Student Recruitment Committee, the follow-
                         bottle of red perfectly compliments that
                                                                      ing alumni worked with Deputy Director of Admissions Tony Alvarado at various
                         hearty steak? Or which bottle of white
                                                                      events last year: Robert DiVito at the LSAC Law School Forum in Atlanta, Ga.;
                         will please those with the most discern-
                                                                      Adam Filthaut at the University of Tampa and Marcia Langlois at Stetson
                         ing of tastes? It can all get just a bit
                                                                      University, as part of the Florida Law Caravan; Donald Hood and Richard Reister at
                                                                      the LSAC Law Forum in Dallas; and Beverly Smith, at the University of Texas/San
                         Thanks to Dusty’s Cellar, well-known         Antonio, Texas.
                         wine consultants from Okemos, our
                                                                      Alumni who recruited with Assistant Director of Admissions Allen Chung includ-
                         friends and guests were treated to an
                                                                      ed Joe Collins at the Greater Western NY Law School Fair in Buffalo, N.Y.; Rose
                         evening of good tastes from the vine-
                                                                      Billeci at the LSAC Law Forum in Boston, Mass.; Maurice Williams and Tiffany
                         yards of Australia, France, Italy, and the
                                                                      Foskey at the LSAC Law Forum in New York, N.Y.; and Oneika Duncan at the
                         United States. It was an evening of hors
                                                                      Mid-Atlantic HBCU Recruitment Fair, at the University of District of Columbia in
                         d’oeuvres and Champagne, Burgundy,
                                                                      Washington, D.C.
                         Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon
                         Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot         The following alumni represented Cooley Law School at the school’s Open Houses
                         Noir wines. It was an evening that           held at each of Cooley’s three campus locations in March and October 2006: Ron
                         produced wine experts and wine               Grim, Harilaos (Harris) Sorovigas, Michelle Esperance, Demetrius Ford, Markeisha
                         enthusiasts.                                 Thompson, Phil Vera, David Campbell, Jim Amberg, Maureen Burns VanHoven,
                                                                      Lisa Pohl, Pat Gelderloos, Jim Siver, Cynthia “Jill” Goodell, Darryl Parsell, Colleen
                         The evening concluded with the naming
                                                                      Davis, Palmer Parrott, and Barbara A. Shutler.
                         of three raffle winners who won prizes
                         of $1,500, $750, and $250. Thanks            Members of the Alumni Student Recruitment Committee in 2006 included the fol-
                         to the Silent Auction consisting of 30       lowing alumni: Co-Chair Larry R. Betz, Co-Chair Laurie Berner, Brian Casterline,
                         items and a raffle, a total of $10,000       Allen Chung, Joseph Collins, Colleen Davis, Robert DiVito, Michael Ellis, Vaughn
                         was raised for the Cooley Law School’s       Fisher, Demetrius Ford, Ron Grim, Helen Haessly, Elizabeth Lindsay-Ochoa, Dr.
                         Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund.            Gary Lobel, Helen Mickens, John Nocita, Palmer David Parrott, Darryl Parsell,
                         With special gratitude, we thank the         Audra Ricketts-Belmamoun, Barbara Shutler, Jim Siver, Harilaos (Harris) Sorovigas,
                         family of Thomas M. Cooley, Charles          and Maureen Burns VanHoven. Staff members included William Arnold, director of
                         and Mary Ellen Toy, Bruce and Virginia       the Enrollment Programs and Student Services Department; Terry Carella, director
                         Allen, and Mary Ann Cartwright for           of the Communications Department; and Ms. Gregg. Many of the committee mem-
                         their special underwriting of gifts for      bers live far from Lansing but they are able to participate in the regularly scheduled
                         this event.                                  meetings via conference call.


                                                      U.S. Supreme Court Swearing-In
                                                      The Special Events Committee of the TMCLS Alumni Association invites you to join us for
                                                      a Group Admission to the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday, Jan. 14, 2008. Limited space is
                                                      available and will be filled first come, first served. Look for details in the next issue of the
                                                      Benchmark. For further information on admission requirements, please go to the USSC
                                                      website at and click on Bar Admissions.

Special Events Committee                              In Michigan, we have had several alumni and             Washington, D.C. alumni, and other events are
                                                      alumni/student mixers in Grand Rapids and               being considered. Lara Edelstein (Steere Class,
Hello from the Special Events Committee of
                                                      Rochester (Oakland campus), as well as Indian           1995) is heading up the committee working on
the Alumni Association. The Special Events
                                                      River, Traverse City, Lansing, and the State Bar        this project. More details will follow as plans
Committee is made up of alumni from across
                                                      Alumni Reception in Ypsilanti. If you would like to     are finalized.
the country. From Florida, Lara Edelstein; from
                                                      have an alumni mixer in your area, please contact       We all have memories of Cooley and of the
Michigan, Rhonda Ames, Julie Clement, Michelle
                                                      the Alumni Office by e-mailing or     friends that we made while at Cooley. Alumni
Esperance, Stephen Gobbo, Cassandra Green,
                                                      calling (800) 243-ALUM. It is always easier to put      events are a way to re-connect with those that we
Jeff Haarer, Aletha Honsowitz, Michelle Johns,
                                                      on a mixer if local alumni are involved in planning     may not have seen for a long time. We are con-
Linda Mullins-Kisabeth, Amanda Roggenbuck, Lisa
                                                      and hosting — another reason for joining the            tinuously looking for events that alumni would be
Pohl, and F. Georgann Wing; and from South
                                                      Alumni Special Events Committee.                        interested in and are willing to assist with planning
Carolina, Tynika Adams. We are always looking
for new members and especially those from other       The Special Events Committee also worked on             events in your area. To that end, we developed a
states. We meet via conference call, so it is easy    our very popular golf outing in July 2006 and the       survey that alumni may fill out indicating the kinds
for alumni from across the country to join us.        successful wine tasting event held in Lansing in        of activities that you would like to see for alumni
                                                      November 2006. Both of these events have sig-           in your area. Please e-mail or
We have an active committee. In conjunction with
                                                      nificantly increased the money in the Alumni            call (800) 243-ALUM to obtain a survey.
the Alumni Office, we have hosted successful
                                                      Memorial Scholarship Fund. We are currently             We hope that as the Special Events Committee
alumni mixers across the country in the following
                                                      working on a Lansing Symphony event in May.             grows, we can offer more opportunities for
areas: New York City; Newark, N.J.;
Washington, D.C., Indianapolis, Ind.; Atlanta, Ga.;   At the national level, we are in the planning stages    alumni to gather together, share, reminisce, and
Denver, Colo.; North Carolina; Las Vegas;             for a Thomas Cooley alumni swearing-in ceremo-          enjoy reuniting with friends, faculty, and staff of
Chicago; Philadelphia; Phoenix; Toronto; Palm         ny at the U.S. Supreme Court. Cooley alumni will        Thomas M. Cooley Law School.
Beach; Seattle; Tampa; and Dallas, Texas.             be sworn in as a group to practice before the           Aletha L. Honsowitz (Witherell Class, 1990)
                                                      Supreme Court. A reception will be planned with         Chair, Special Events Committee
                                                                                                              Lisa Pohl (Kuhn Class, 1995)

                                                                                                                                  BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006             31
     alumni matters                                                                                                                                                        21

            “…there are lots of ways to support Cooley — holiday wreath program, wine

     News from October Annual                               for Rochester and Grand Rapids, balancing the           dollars to support Cooley’s professional explo-
     Alumni Meeting                                         attendance among the three campuses.                    ration program, which is an alternate admissions
                                                            Last year, Cooley has opened the third and              program that uses the essay portion of the LSAT.
     The membership of the Thomas M. Cooley Law
                                                            fourth floors of the Cooley Center.                     The LSAT essay portion is graded and is used to
     School Alumni Association met on Saturday, Oct.
                                                            Improvements were also performed on the                 predict success in law school.
     21, 2006 at the Cooley Center in Lansing, with 56
     alumni, faculty, staff, and friends in attendance.     Temple Building. The Board of Directors has             The inauguration of the Thomas Cooley Society
                                                            approved the purchase of the Grand Rapids facili-       was held last February. Top donors were invited
     President Diane Britt called the meeting to order
                                                            ties. Cooley’s tuition fee is still one of the lowest   and a donor wall was unveiled. To be included in
     at 7:30 p.m. She introduced President and Dean
                                                            among private schools. The externship program           the donor wall, one must have cumulative lifetime
     Don LeDuc, the faculty and staff guests, the
                                                            is continuing to expand. President LeDuc                gifts to Cooley of a minimum of $2,500. From
     Executive Committee members and the commit-
                                                            thanked the alumni because many of our stu-             January 1 to October 31, 2006, Cooley is ahead
     tee chairs. Alumni Relations Director Darryl
                                                            dents are placed with them and they do an excel-        60 percent from where it was last year. Cooley
     Parsell also greeted the guests and thanked
                                                            lent job. Cooley was honored by the ABA for its         has also tripled the number of gifts. There are
     President and Dean LeDuc for his support of the
                                                            Professionalism Program. Cooley was selected to         more people giving and they are giving more.
     Alumni Association.
                                                            receive the E. Smythe Gambrell Professionalism          Robb indicated that there are lots of ways to sup-
     President and Dean Don LeDuc then gave the
                                                            Award. Furthermore, Cooley has received other           port Cooley; including the holiday wreath program,
     President’s Report relating to events since the last
                                                            awards from civic organizations in the Lansing          wine tasting event, and golf outing, where the pro-
     annual meeting of the Alumni Association. He
                                                            and Grand Rapids community indicating the con-          ceeds go to the alumni scholarship fund. The gifts
     spoke on the ABA’s acquiescence for both branches
                                                            tribution Cooley has made in the community.             that Cooley receives are used for scholarship,
     in Rochester and Grand Rapids to offer 90 credits.
                                                            President LeDuc also reported on the lobbying           externship, academic programs, moot court teams,
     He noted that Cooley placed third (74 percent) on
                                                            work he did with Cooley’s ABA problems and met          and trial practice teams. Cooley received a couple of
     the bar results from February 2006. Cooley has
                                                            with people from the U.S. House of                      $10,000 gifts from a foundation to support stu-
     launched two new joint degree programs with
                                                            Representatives and Senate. President LeDuc             dents who go on competitions around the country.
     Oakland University on their campus — Masters
                                                            appealed to all to raise more money to leverage         It has also been a good year for alumni relations.
     of Public Administration (MPA) with Juris Doctor
                                                            the money to do better things with our facilities       Currently, there are 11,143 Cooley graduates and
     (JD) and Masters of Business Administration/Juris
                                                            and programs. President LeDuc ended his report          they are located in every state in the nation and in
     Doctor (MBA/JD). Cooley is now in the final
                                                            by reiterating that Cooley had a good year and          other countries. Cooley professors have also par-
     stages in putting together the MBA/JD program
                                                            thanked the alumni for its support.                     ticipated with alumni relations by going to different
     at Western Michigan University which will join
     the existing MPA/JD program.                           Associate Dean of Development and Alumni                cities to meet with alumni and prospective and
                                                            Relations James Robb reported that Cooley               admitted students. Events have been held in New
     LeDuc said that enrollment was at a record level
                                                            received a generous donation of $500,000 from           York; Newark, N.J.; Washington, D.C.;
     this fall; and that Cooley has hit the target that
                                                            Dennis Benner (Potter Class, 1980). The court-          Philadelphia, Penn.; Charlotte, N.C.; Tampa, Fla.;
     was set up for enrollment for the three locations,
                                                            room on the fifth floor has been named the              Atlanta, Ga.; Chicago, Ill.; Dallas, Texas; Seattle,
     a total of 700 students for Rochester and Grand
                                                            Benner Family Courtroom. The school has been            Wash.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Las Vegas, Nev.; and
     Rapids and 2,900 in Lansing. The goal is to get
                                                            awarded a grant for more than a quarter million         throughout Michigan.
     1,600 students for Lansing and a total of 1,600

tasting event, and golf outing — the proceeds go to the alumni scholarship fund.”
    Dean Robb thanked and congratulated everyone.             Student Recruitment Committee Co-Chair               8.120 – that allow interns or externs to
    It used to be that the alumni job was done by a           Laurie Berner reported that the committee has        appear in court.
    handful of people, now there are eight committees         23 members in six states. The committee has
                                                                                                                   Constituent Alumni Club Committee Chair
    that do the work. Robb reminded everyone that             supported the admissions program by providing
                                                                                                                   Christine Campbell mentioned the survey that
    they do not have to be physically present to attend       alumni representation for Cooley open houses at
                                                                                                                   the committee e-mailed to the members. The
    or to join in meetings — phone conferences are            all three campuses. It has also provided alumni
                                                                                                                   members want more get-together events. There
    now being used in meetings. He encouraged                 representation at LSAC forums across the coun-
                                                                                                                   are 10 members of the committee from seven
                                                              try. Currently the committee is recruiting for
    everyone to invite one or two alumni to join the                                                               different states.
                                                              alumni representation for 10 events.
                                                              Fundraising Committee Chair Mary Ann                 Vice President Clement recognized President
    President Britt reported the highlights of the                                                                 Diane Britt as the first president of the newly
                                                              Cartwright focused on the wine tasting event in
    association actions for this year. She reported                                                                formed association. She then read the resolution
                                                              November. She thanked Development Director
    that Timisha Brooks received the Alumni                                                                        that the board adopted and presented it to
                                                              Tom Garikes for his help and hard work with the
    Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $2,475.             event. She also mentioned that there will be a       President Britt. President Britt received the
    The association granted six Distinguished Student         revamped 2007 alumni golf outing held at the         award and gave her thanks.
    Awards for this year. The annual golf outing was          Lansing Country Club.
                                                                                                                   Nominating Committee Chair Diane J. Britt
    a success and made over $13,000 for the Alumni
                                                              Membership & Outreach Committee Co-Chair             noted that the recommendations of the
    Scholarship Fund. President Britt also attended
                                                              Alecia Ruswinkle gave the committee’s report.        Nominating Committee were included in the
    the February 2006 Cooley Society award cere-              The committee sent a mailing asking alumni to        board meeting packet. The slate of officers was
    mony and accepted on behalf of the association            join the organization. There are new benefits for    included in the board meeting packet and was
    recognition for the donations that the association        alumni; one of them is that they can now keep
                                                                                                                   unanimously approved as presented. The new
    has made.                                                 their Cooley e-mail address after they graduate.
                                                                                                                   Alumni Association officers elected to one-year
    After 11 years of service, this is the last treasurer’s   The committee will be publishing articles in some
                                                                                                                   terms are: President: Julie Clement (McDonald
    report that Hank Legere will give. He reported            of the local bar magazines.
                                                                                                                   Class, 1998), Vice President: Diane M. Smith
    that there is over $130,000 in the Alumni                 Student Services Committee Chair Garry               (North Class, 1980), Secretary: Marie Templo (J.
    Memorial Scholarship Fund and made an appeal              Kregelka reported that, starting next year, Dean     Wilson Class, 2001), and Treasurer: Michelle
    for everyone to support two fund raising programs         Amy Timmer will chair the committee and Audra        Esperance (Weadock Class, 1999). The directors
    which need more support, the Holiday Wreath               Foster will be the vice-chair. He mentioned the      elected to three-year terms are Christine M.
    Program and the MBNA Royalty Program, both of             highlights of his report which included recruiting   Campbell, Judith Frank, Kristin Heyse, Larry
    which fund student organizations. For example, last       new members for the committee and a new              Kish, Garry Kregelka, Kamal Nawash, Matthew
    year the association helped alumni and students           meeting schedule. The committee also initiated       Romashko, Diane M. Smith, and Tom Rombach.
    who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. In the            the Mentor Program for new students, not just
                                                                                                                   Next year’s Annual Alumni Association meeting
    MBNA Royalty Program, the association receives            new graduates. He urged everyone to join the
                                                                                                                   has tentatively been set for Saturday, Oct. 27 at
    funds every time an alumni uses the credit card.          Mentor Program or recruit new graduates to join
                                                                                                                   the Cooley Center in Lansing.
    Past Presidents Committee Chair Virginia Allen            the program. The committee also looked at the
    indicated that the recipient for the Distinguished        new proposed changes in the court rules – MCR
    Alumni Service Award is Darryl Parsell. Chair
    Allen read the resolution and Alumni Director
    Parsell accepted the award and thanked the
    Special Events Committee Chair Aletha
    Honsowitz commented on some of the events
    that the committee is working on: The Alumni
    Night at the Lansing Symphony will be in early
    2007, and a Swearing-In Ceremony for Cooley
    Alumni before the U.S. Supreme Court is in the
    planning stage.

                                                                                                                                       BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006         33
     alumni matters

     Alumni Appreciation: Directors                                                                           Alumni Appreciation:
     Cooley alumni have generously given of their time to represent classmates as the Alumni Association’s    Career Services
     directors, by attending the spring meeting in May and the annual meeting in Lansing each October.        The Career and Professional Development
     Some members of that group have gone “above and beyond the call of duty” by giving additional            Office would like to acknowledge the following
     service on the executive committee as officers and operating committee chairs.                           graduates who generously donated their time
     The following alumni are members of the current board of directors:                                      and expertise throughout the year with pro-
                                                                                                              grams such as Alumni Access, Cooley Volunteer
     Three-Year Term of Office (Beginning October 2006)
                                                                                                              Corps, Lunch with a Lawyer, Excursions to the
     Christine M. Campbell (Potter Class, 1980), Judith Frank (Mundy Class, 1986), Kristin Heyse (Swift       Legal Community, Mock Interview Program,
     Class, 2004), Larry Kish (Marston Class, 1978), Garry Kregelka (Paterson Class, 2002), Kamal             and the Small Firm and Solo Practice Fair. We
     Nawash (Black Class, 1996), Matthew Romashko (Flannigan Class, 1999), Diane M. Smith (North              appreciate the help of our Cooley Alumni, as
     Class, 1980), and Tom Rombach (Morse Class, 1987).                                                       well as faculty and staff whose participation
     Two-Year Term of Office (Beginning October 2005)                                                         has been invaluable to our students.
                                                                                                                Daryl Wood, Law Office of Raymond A. Cassar
     Laurie Berner (Cushing Class, 2000), Sharon Ellis (North Class, 1980), Audra A. Foster (Fellows Class,
                                                                                                                Donald Frank, Meridian Law Center P.C.
     1997), Katherine S. Gardner (Blair Class, 2001), Ron Grim (Flannigan Class, 1999), Helen Haessly
                                                                                                                John K. Cooper Jr., Michigan Department of Labor
     (Cushing Class, 2000), Kathy A. Martin (Weadock Class, 1999), Lisa M. Pohl (Kuhn Class, 1995),
                                                                                                                   & Economic Growth Workers Compensation
     Alecia M. Ruswinckel (Swainson Class, 2003), Kristin M. Smith (Krinock Class, 1991), Jim Siver
                                                                                                                John M. Naber, Dickinson Wright P.L.L.C.
     (Kavanagh Class, 1981), and Stella Sorovigas (Swift Class, 2004).
                                                                                                                Hon. Louise Alderson, 54A District Court
     Three-Year Term of Office (Beginning October 2005)                                                         Kevin Schumacher, Glassen, Rhead, McLean,
                                                                                                                  Campbell & Schumacher
     Virginia P. Allen (Wing Class, 1982), M. Carol Bambery (Morell Class, 1985), George Betts (Moore
                                                                                                                Professor Chris Shafer, Cooley Law School
     Class, 1993), Larry R. Betz (Clark Class, 1979), Diane Britt (Chandler Class, 1983), Mary Ann
                                                                                                                Roy Kranz, Isabella County Prosecutor’s Office
     Cartwright (Graves Class, 1997), Julie Clement (McDonald Class, 1998), Jeff Haarer (Copeland Class,
                                                                                                                Geoffrey Seidlein, Hubbard, Fox, Thomas, White &
     1989), Henry Legere, Jr. (Carpenter Class, 1993), Darryl J. Parsell (Wiest Class, 1979), Michael J.          Bengtson, P.C.
     Pelot (Martin Class, 1988), Brenda Popplewell (Adams Class, 1997), Marie Templo (Wilson Class,             Sharon Alston Ellis, Law Office of Sharon Alston
     2001), and Charles R. Toy (Kavanagh Class, 1981).                                                            Ellis
                                                                                                                Brian R. Laxton, The Reynolds Law Firm, P.C.
     The operating committees are comprised of the following areas of responsibility:
                                                                                                                Charity A. Olson, Plunkett & Cooney, P.C.
     The Constituent Alumni Club Committee chaired by Diane Britt (Chandler Class, 1983), the Alumni            David Gregory, Kelley Cawthorne
     Fundraising Committee chaired by Mary Ann Cartwright (Graves Class, 1977), the Alumni                      Christopher P. Ambrose, Worker’s Compensation
     Membership & Outreach Committee chaired by Alecia M. Ruswinckel (Swainson Class, 2003), the Past             Board of Magistrates
     Presidents’ Committee chaired by Virginia P. Allen (Wing Class, 1982), the Special Events Committee        Karen Folks, YWCA of Greater Flint
     chaired by Aletha Honsowitz (Witherell Class, 1990) and Lisa M. Pohl (Kuhn Class, 1995), the Student       Anthony J. Garczynski, Anthony J. Garczynski,
     Recruitment Committee chaired by Larry R. Betz (Clark Class, 1979) and Laurie Berner (Cushing
                                                                                                                Linda Maloney, Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office
     Class, 2000), and the Student Services Committee chaired by Amy Timmer (Pratt Class, 1988) and
                                                                                                                Melissa A. Redmond, Law Office of Melissa A.
     Audra A. Foster (Fellows Class, 1997).
                                                                                                                  Redmond, P.L.C.
     Executive committee members and operating committee chairs meet on a monthly basis at Cooley Law           Laurie B. Schmidt, Internal Revenue Service Office
     School to transact the ongoing business of the alumni association. Further, the executive committee          of Chief Counsel

     members, committee chairs, and many directors have helped the school by planning and staffing              Kevin Thom, Assistant Attorney General,
                                                                                                                  Corrections Division
     events, including our Grand Rapids Law Day lunch, the annual Alumni Memorial Scholarship Golf
                                                                                                                Wm. Burt Burleson, Wm. Burt Burleson, P.L.L.C.
     Outing, the Cooley wine tasting fundraiser for the alumni scholarship, and the alumni reception at the
                                                                                                                Geoffrey Ehnis-Clark, Guyselman & Ehnis-Clark
     annual meeting of the State Bar of Michigan.                                                                 Attorneys at Law
     The Alumni Executive Committee members are as follows: President Julie Clement (McDonald Class,            Shannon L.W. Schlegel, Law Office of Shannon
                                                                                                                  L.W. Schlegel
     1998), Vice President Diane M. Smith (North Class, 1980), Secretary Maria Templo (J. Wilson Class,
                                                                                                                Professor Gary P. Bauer, Cooley Law School
     2001), Treasurer Michelle Esperance (Weadock Class, 1999), Executive Secretary Darryl J. Parsell
                                                                                                                Sally B. VanDenBerg, Law Office of Sally B.
     (Wiest Class, 1979), and Past President Diane Britt (Chandler Class, 1983).                                   VanDenBerg, P.C.
                                                                                                                Stacey L. Dinser, Attorney at Law

  Keith Morris, Elder Law of Michigan, Inc.
  William Milzarski, Michigan Commission on Disability
  Michelle Brya, Hubbard, Fox, Thomas, White &
    Bengtson, P.C.
  James J. Vlasic, Sommers Schwartz, P.C.
  James F. Mauro, Dickinson Wright, P.L.L.C
  John W. Ujlaky, John W. Ujlaky, J.D.
  Robert J. Alpiner, QDRO Express, L.L.C.
  Charlotte L. Allen, Charlotte L. Allen, P.L.C.
  Dr. Elie Banna
  Jeff Haarer, Michigan Department of Agriculture
                                                          Iowa                                                    Nevada
  Lee Reimann, Willingham & Coté, P.C.
                                                            Joel Walker (Swift Class, 2004)                         Catherine Cary (Jay Class, 2000)
  Lawrence Kish, Life Insurance Association of Michigan
                                                          Indiana                                                 Ohio
If you would like to volunteer for any of the               Sylvia Brown (Swainson Class, 2003)                     Brad F. Hubbell (Needham Class, 2004)
above mentioned programs, please contact the
                                                          Maryland                                                Pennsylvania
Career and Professional Development Office at
                                                            Jerry Traud (Cross Class, 2003)                         Amy Karpf (Swift Class, 2004)
(517) 371-5140 ext. 4110.
                                                          Massachusetts                                           Texas
Alumni Appreciation: Mentoring                              Joseph K. Chancellor (Wilson Class, 2001)               Brian Cook (Starr Class, 2005), Ray Gutierrez
First-Year and Traditional Alumni                         Michigan                                                  (Iredell Class, 2000)
Mentoring Programs                                          Natalie Alane (Chase Class, 2002), Vicki Armstrong    Wisconsin
Cooley now has two alumni mentoring programs.               (Swainson Class, 2003), Dana L. Cilla (Needham          Dawn N. Klockow (Chase Class, 2002), Steven R.
                                                            Class, 2004), Joseph J. Dadich (Blair Class, 2001),     McDonald (Jay Class, 2000)
The First-Year Alumni Mentor Program gives                  Paul DeCailly (Rutledge Class, 2000), Eric B.
beginning law students the advice and counsel               Dodson (Blair Class, 2001), Heather Dunbar (Blair     Traditional Alumni Mentoring Program
                                                            Class, 2001), Herbert Gaylord (Cross Class, 2004),
they need to make a good start at Cooley.                                                                         Cooley’s traditional Alumni Mentoring Program
                                                            Gordon R. Haan (Swainson Class, 2003), John T.
Mentors are solicited from the pool of recent               Haarala (Boyles Class, 2005), Dominic N. Hamden       puts senior year law students and recent gradu-
graduates. First-year mentors are:                          (Needham Class, 2004), Gary Huggins (McAllister       ates in touch with Cooley Law School alumni for
                                                            Class, 2005), Nadine Huggins (Starr Class, 2005),
                                                                                                                  networking purposes. After a student has spent
Alabama                                                     Juanita Johnson-Haynes (Cushing Class, 2000),
  James D. Patterson (Swainson Class, 2003)                 Aaron J. Kenyon (Needham Class, 2004), Garry J.       three years at Cooley, he or she can appreciate
                                                            Kregelka (Patterson Class, 2002), Denise M. LaFave    having contact with an experienced attorney in
Arizona                                                     Smith (Chase Class, 2002), Marc Lawrence (Smith
                                                            Class, 2003), Maureen T. Magras (Chase Class,         the area where the student plans to return after
  Adam K. Zickerman (Swainson Class, 2003)
                                                            2002), Bruce A. Mayrand (Boyles Class, 2005),         graduation. Traditional mentors are:
California                                                  Adam D. Mittman (Boyles Class, 2005), Keith L.
  Yvette Valencia (Iredell Class, 2001)                     Morris (Smith Class, 2003), Somchit                   Alabama
                                                            Mounsamrouath-Hart (McAllister Class, 2005),            Lawrence Boswell (Bird Class, 1995)
Colorado                                                    Mark L. Nawrocki (Boyles Class, 2005), Bethany
  Linda S. Kreusel (Chase Class, 2002)                      Pierpont (Boyles Class, 2005), Corrie Schmidt         Arkansas
                                                            (Boyles Class, 2005), Derek Scott (Swift Class,         Tim Cribb (Durant Class, 1992)
Florida                                                     2004), Steven Shelton (Boyles Class, 2005),
                                                            Jennifer Shephard (Smith Class, 2003), Stella A.      Arizona
  Jeff Cunningham (Smith Class, 2003), Debbie L. Jones
                                                            Sorovigas (Swift Class, 2004), Jeffery S. Sprys
  (Needham Class, 2004), Orlando Valle (Wilson Class,                                                               Jeremy Bogart (Iredell Class, 2001), Larry Boswell
                                                            (McAllister Class, 2005), Marcella Stewart (Boyles
  2001)                                                                                                             (Bird Class, 1994), Deborah A. Liverance (Bird
                                                            Class, 2005), Jennifer L. Thompson (Smith Class,
                                                                                                                    Class, 1995), Marc Offenhartz (Goodwin Class,
Georgia                                                     May 2003), Sherri A. Wellman (Mundy Class,
                                                                                                                    1982), Rick Poster (Black Class, 1996), David W.
  Kimani I. King (Cross Class, 2004), Sherita Strange                                                               Reichel (Black Class, 1996), Adam K. Zickerman
  Peeler (Paterson Class, 2002), Nikki S. Wright-Smith    New Jersey                                                (Swainson Class, 2003)
  (Smith Class, 2003)
                                                            Dr. Gary M. Lobel (Cushing Class, 2000), Jason        California
Illinois                                                    Schlesinger (Boyles Class, 2005)
                                                                                                                    Michael Anderson (Felch Class, 1977), Tom Borchard
  Mark Broderick (Steere Class, 1995), Bill O’Brien       New York                                                  (North Class, 1980), Lisa Edgar Dickman (Wilson
  (Starr Class, 2005), Jennifer Smith (McAllister                                                                   Class, 1990), Mitchell A. Goldman (Montgomery
                                                            Stacey Bradbury (Boyles Class, 2005), Samuel            Class, 1992), Kevin McQuillan (Chandler Class,
  Class, 2005)
                                                            Finnessey, Jr. (Cushing Class, 2000), Scott Morley      1983), Eugene Oak (Bacon Class, 1990), Scott Sachs
                                                            (Rutledge Class, 2000)                                  (Cushing Class, 2000), Evan Scheffel (Kuhn Class,
                                                                                                                    1995), Thomas Watt (Dethmers Class, 1981)

                                                                                                                                    BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006              35
     alumni matters

     Our thanks go to those that have volunteered and served as
     Colorado                                               Illinois                                                  Lipscomb (McDonald Class, 1998), Marc Ominsky
                                                                                                                      (Stone Class, 1996), Susan Polaski-Tibbs (Kuhn
       Karl Berg (Wilson Class, 1990), Alison Goldenberg      Mark Broderick (Steere Class, 1995), Angela
                                                                                                                      Class, 1995), Ernie Rafailides (Steere Class, 1995),
       (Steere Class, 1995), Sue Kokinos (Reid Class,         Brown (Bird Class, 1995), Samuel Collins (Cross
                                                                                                                      Jon Sandler (Marston Class, 1978)
       2006), Elizabeth Lindsay-Ochoa (Iredell Class,         Class, 2004), Thomas Crawford (Montgomery
       2001), Mark G. Lukehart (Kuhn Class, 1995),            Class, 1992), Richard Fonfrias (Stone Class, 1996),   Massachusetts
       Douglas Romero (Blair Class, 2001)                     Nicholas Johnson (McAllister Class, 2005), George
                                                              G. Leynaud (Chandler Class, 1983), Ryan Lynch           Richard Byers (Steere Class, 1995), Joseph
     Connecticut                                              (Cushing Class, 2000), Marcia J. Nawrocki-              Chancellor (Wilson Class, 2001), Joseph Correnti
                                                              Verburgt (Lawrence Class, 1991), John Nocita            (Green Class, 1988), Anthony A. Fatemi (Sharpe
       Claurisse A. Campanale-Orozco (Hooker Class,
                                                              (Turner Class, 1991), Christopher Nudo (Moore           Class, 1998), Murray Hershman (Kelly Class,
       1993), Christopher Dolberry (Flannigan Class,
                                                              Class, 1993), Judith Parker (Moore Class, 1993),        1978), Anthony Keck (Carr Class, 1984), Howard
       1999), Laurel Fedor (Montgomery Class, 1992),
                                                              Mary Anna Planey (Jay Class, 2000), Carlo Reyes         Lewis (Carpenter Class, 1993), Mark Lukehart
       Michael R. Hasse (Lawrence Class, 1991), Michael
                                                              (Fead Class, 1999), Adele M. Saaf (Kuhn Class,          (Kuhn Class, 1995)
       D. Quinn (Black Class, 1996)
                                                              1995), Timothy Stratton (Fead Class, 1999)
     Florida                                                                                                        Michigan
                                                            Indiana                                                   Rebecca Abraham (Cushing Class, 2000), Joann
       Manuel Alvarez (Stone Class, 1996), David
                                                              Mark D. Altenhof (Smith Class, 2003), Patrick           Vallarelli Adam (Krinock Class, 1991), Deborah A.
       Brandwein (Steere Class, 1995), Shannon Brown
                                                              Baker (Moody Class, 1996), Jeremy Braunstein            AdeOjo (T. Johnson Class, 2002), Christopher
       (Voelker Class, 1997), Bradley D. Bryant (Fead
                                                              (Cushing Class, 2000), Michelle Simmons Brown           Anderson (Blair Class, 1983), Omar Anderson
       Class, 1999), Lisa Davis (Fead Class, 1999),
                                                              (Durand Class, 1992), Dale S. Coffey (Steere            (Rutledge Class, 2000), Michael D. Blumeno
       Charles DeMaso (Fellows Class, 1997), Cassandra
                                                              Class, 1995), Donald J. Engel (Flannigan Class,         (Smith Class, 2003), Barry Brickner (Campbell
       L. Denmark (Johnson Class, 2002), Lara Edelstein
                                                              1999), William Fisher (E. Wilson Class, 1990),          Class, 1976), Terrence Bronson (Campbell Class,
       (Steere Class, 1995), Cristina Escobar (Carpenter
                                                              Linda Loepker (Manning Class, 1984), Ken                1976), William Carmody (Chandler Class, 1983),
       Class, 1993), Christopher A. Ferry (Fead Class,
                                                              Mattern (Iredell Class, 2001), Kenneth Owens            James Carolan (Miles Class, 1986), Margaret
       1999), Mitchell Fox (Manning Class, 1984),
                                                              (Witherell Class, 1990), Kimra Schleicher (Hooker       Chamberlain (Fellows Class, 1997), Matthew
       William F. Gallese (Douglass Class, 1989), George
                                                              Class, 1993), Holli Shorter-Pifer (Green Class,         Coffey (Douglass Class, 1989), Bill Colovos (Carr
       M. Gingo (Johnson Class, 1989), G. Donald
                                                              1988), Michael Smith (Douglass Class, 1989),            Class, 1984), Shari Stowers Craig (Snow Class,
       Golden (Voelker Class, 1997), Jason J. Guari
                                                              Allen Stout (Long Class, 1981), Lynne A. Taft           1998), Charles Cuzydlo (Adams Class, 1997), Ron
       (Steere Class, 1995), Edgar J. Guzman (Wilson
                                                              (Morse Class, 1987), Deborah A. Vian (Lawrence          David (Carr Class, 1984), Terry Dawes (Hooker
       Class, 2001), Sharon Hanlon (Goodwin Class,
                                                              Class, 1991), Todd Whitehurst (Swift Class,             Class, 1993), Jay Drick (Cooley Class, 1976),
       1982), Jason Helfant (Jay Class, 2000), Harvey
                                                              2004), Randi Zimmerman-Irgang (D. Johnson               Geoffrey Ehnis-Clark (Iredell Class, 2001), Michelle
       Hesse III (Moody Class, 1996), Michael Horowitz
                                                              Class, 1989)                                            Esperance (Weadock Class, 1999), John Farrell
       (Douglass Class, 1989), Bruce R. Insana (Black
                                                                                                                      (Felch Class, 1977), Gary Fineman (Pratt Class,
       Class, 1996), Luis E. Insignares (Martin Class,
       1988), Anthony Kunasek (Williams Class, 1994),       Iowa                                                      1988), Allison Folmar (Flannigan Class, 1999),
                                                                                                                      Lawrence Friedman (Carr Class, 1984), Ben K.
       Andrew Marchese (Steere Class, 1995), James            Aaron Siebrecht (McDonald Class, 1998),
                                                                                                                      Frimpong (O. Smith Class, 2003), Anthony J.
       Martino (Kuhn Class, 1995), Angela (Tyree) Miller      Cathleen Siebrecht (McDonald Class, 1998), Joel
                                                                                                                      Garczynski (Williams Class, 1994), Robert L.
       (Miles Class, 1986), David Oaks (Clark Class,          Walker (Needham Class, 2004)
                                                                                                                      Gariepy (Graves Class, 1977), Beth Gibson
       1979), Julie Parker (J. Wilson Class, 2001),
                                                            Kansas                                                    (Montgomery Class, 1992), David M. Gilbert
       Michelle Reddin (Flannigan Class, 1999), Michael
                                                                                                                      (Clark Class, 1979), Gerald R. Gray, Jr. (Campbell
       Rubin (Douglass Class, 1989), Lorna J. Scharlacken     Price Banks (Brooke Class, 1982), Yvette L.
                                                                                                                      Class, 1976), Ron Grim (Flannigan Class, 1999),
       (Black Class, 1996), Brad Sherman (Adams Class,        Wilson (Stone Class, 1996)
                                                                                                                      Kelly Harrigan (Toy Class, 2003), MaryBeth
       1997), Samantha Stevins (Rutledge Class, 2000),
                                                            Kentucky                                                  Hudgens (Fead Class, 1999), Brenda Hutson
       Victor Veschio (Sharpe Class, 1998), Steven
                                                                                                                      (Sharpe Class, 1998), Lisa Imerman (Sharpe Class,
       Waldman (Moody Class, 1996), Tod Weston                Paul Couch (Cushing Class, 2000), Mike Farmer           1998), Julie Jensen (Montgomery Class, 1992),
       (Douglass Class, 1989), Jack Wilkins (Fellows          (Wilson Class, 1990), Reid Glass (Hooker Class,         Jody Jernigan (Fead Class, 1999), Dale Kelly
       Class, 1997), Ralph Yazdiya (Adams Class, 1997)        1993), Vincent Johnson (Durand Class, 1992),            (Kavanagh Class, 1981), Charles Kleinbrook
                                                              Earl-Ray Neal (Stone Class, 1996), Stephen H.           (Grant Class, 1987), Timothy Kovach (Whipple
                                                              Poindexter (Cross Class, 2004), Leslie Howton           Class, 1985), Roy Kranz (Sharpe Class, 1998),
       Cicely Tabb Barber (Rutledge Class, 2000), Philip      Rudloff (Flannigan Class, 1999)                         Dawn LaCasse (Carpenter Class, 1993), Julie A.
       Botwinik (Williams Class, 1994), Tim Chandler
                                                                                                                      LaCost (Pratt Class, 1998), Ron Lowe (Wing
       (Black Class, 1996), Robert J. DiVito (Lawrence      Maine
                                                                                                                      Class, 1982), Ross Luxon (Lawrence Class, 1991),
       Class, 1991), Vaughn Fisher (Steere Class, 1995),      Richard Byers (Steere Class, 1995), Joseph C.           Timothy Lynch (Morrell Class, 1985), George
       Karen Fultz (McDonald Class, 1998), Brenda             Correnti (Green Class, 1988), Calien Lewis (North       Lyons (Moody Class, 1996), Marvin Marks
       Godfrey (Stone Class, 1995), L. Paul Hudgins           Class, 1980)                                            (Goodwin Class, 1982), Paul C. McDonagh
       (Montgomery Class, 1992), Jefferson Kennelly
                                                                                                                      (Adams Class, 1997), Nicholas Meier (Cushing
       (Hooker Class, 1993), Ray Lail (Ostrander Class,     Maryland
                                                                                                                      Class, 2000), Tina Meyer (Flannigan Class, 1999),
       1993), Michael Lanier (Reid Class, 2006), T. H.        Heather Camp Burns (Flannigan Class, 1999),             Sheila A. Miller (Wilson Class, 1997), Keith Moore
       Pierce (Weadock Class, 1999), Sheri Rosenthal          Anthony A. Fatemi (Sharpe Class, 1998), Rebecca         (Cushing Class, 2000), John Moritz (Wing Class,
       (Steere Class, 1995), John P. Rutkowski (Bird          L. Freeland (Williams Class, 1994), Lawrence A.         1982), William Morrison (Cushing Class, 2000),
       Class, 1995), Sherita V. Strange (Paterson Class,      Friedman (Carr Class, 1984), John Kaden                 Marjorie Nanian Mugerian (Goodwin Class, 1982),
       2002)                                                  (Carpenter Class, 1993), Loretta Kendall                Leslie M. Nye (Wing Class, 1982), Julie O’Neil (T.
                                                              (Swainson Class, 2003), Alison P. Kramer (Kuhn          Johnson Class, 2002), Brian Potestivo (Douglass
                                                              Class, 1995), Joseph R. Laumann (Fellows Class,         Class, 1989), Randy Price (Adams Class, 1997),
       Vaughn W. Fisher (Steere Class, 1995)                  1997), Jennifer Light (Lawrence Class, 1991), Chip      Steven Reed (Krinock Class, 1991), Robert

mentors to these students and recent graduates.
     Rollinger (Campbell Class, 1976), Tom Rombach           (Montgomery Class, 1992)                                Class, 1993), Ryan Mulderig (Flannigan Class,
     (Morse Class, 1987), Cheryl Ronk (Kuhn Class,                                                                   1999), Christina T. Novajosky (Stone Class, 1996),
     1995), Shannon Watkins Schlegel (Rutledge Class,      New Mexico                                                Russell J. Ressler (Stone Class, 1996), Michael S.
     2000), Sam Silverman (Moore Class, 1993),               Brian Jennings (Potter Class, 1980), Bill Keeler        Travis (Stone Class, 1996), Joseph Vaccaro
     Richard Soranno (Bushnell Class, 1980), Stella          (Voelker Class, 1997), Timothy Steider (Carpenter       (Flannigan Class, 1999), Gladys Wiles (McDonald
     Sorovigas (Swift Class, 2004), John Streby              Class, 1993)                                            Class, 1998), Jeff Wood (O’Hara Class, 1983),
     (Campbell Class, 1976), Andis Svikis (Chandler                                                                  Anthony W. Ziccardi (Stone Class, 1996)
     Class, 1983), Lynne A. Taft (Morse Class, 1987),      New York
     Debbie Taylor (Flannigan Class, 1989), Desmond                                                                Puerto Rico
                                                             Stuart Altman (Kuhn Class, 1995), Dana E. Brown
     Tibbs (Smith Class, 2003), Amy Timmer (Pratt            (Kuhn Class, 1995), Matthew Butler (Flannigan           Michael Hasse (Lawrence Class, 1991), Hector L.
     Class, 1988), Roger Treice (Carpenter Class,            Class, 1999), Claurisse Campanale (Hooker Class,        Ramos (Paterson Class, 2002)
     1993), Joseph VanderHorst (Hooker Class, 1993),         1993), Mark Carney (Champlin Class, 1987),
     Joseph P. Villarosa (Kuhn Class, 1995), Rebecca         Joseph R. Costello (Sharpe Class, 1998), James
                                                                                                                   Rhode Island
     Eaton Walsh (Lawrence Class, 1991), Stacey              DeFilippo (Sharpe Class, 1998), David Elibol (Kuhn      James Devine, Jr. (Moore Class, 1993), Steven
     Walters (McDonald Class, 1998), David Warren            Class, 1995), Samuel J. Finnessey, Jr. (Cushing         Hartford (Witherell Class, 1990), Robyn Sisti
     (Dethmers Class, 1981), R. Scott Weidenfeller           Class, 2000), Mark Gugino (Bird Class, 1995),           (Moore Class, 1993)
     (Voelker Class, 1997), Jessica Weiler (T. Johnson       Erol Gurcan (Green Class, 1988), Anthony J.
     Class, 2002), David Whipple (Butzel Class, 1979),       Hatab (Blair Class, 1983), Kolette Kresses-Piasecki   South Carolina
     Pamela Wynn-Quada (Stone Class, 1996)                   (Lawrence Class, 1991), David Martin (Sherwood          Trent Chambers (Black Class, 1996), Monty Desai
                                                             Class, 1986), Michael Metzger (Lawrence Class,          (McAllister Class, 2005), Rose M. DeVries
                                                             1991), Christian T. Novay (Fellows Class, 1997),        (Weadock Class, 1999), Tammie Hoffman
     Richard Edinger (Stone Class, 1996)                     Brandon Piasecki (Lawrence Class, 1991), Lorne          (Flannigan Class, 1999), Memminger E. Wiggins
                                                             M. Reiter (Kuhn Class, 1995), Doug Stiller              (Kuhn Class, 1995)
   Missouri                                                  (Lawrence Class, 1991), Louis P. Violante
     John E. Cozean (Sharpe Class, 1998), Robert             (Weadock Class, 1999), James E. Walsh (Stone          Tennessee
     Johnson (Mundy Class, 1985), Michelle Rine (Swift       Class, 1996), Todd J.W. Wisner (Durand Class,           Kevin James Havens (Wilson Class, 2001), Hershel
     Class, 2004), Kenneth Schwartz (Person Class,           1992)                                                   Koger (Montgomery Class, 1992), Aimee Tenaglia
     1994)                                                                                                           (Black Class, 1996)
                                                           North Carolina
   Montana                                                   Hal Berger (Voelker Class, 1997), Gregory Bokar       Texas
     Deborah (Elmore) Butler (Douglass Class, 1989)          (Steere Class, 1995), Angela Brown (Bird Class,         Chad Berry (Voelker Class, 1997), Catharine
                                                             1995), Paul Mediratta (Jay Class, 2000), Robert G.      (Caeli) Blount (Bacon Class, 1990), R. Nathan Brin
   Nevada                                                    Scott (Flannigan Class, 1999)                           (Graves Class, 1977), Jeff Garcia (Smith Class,
     George Beckingham (Durand Class, 1992), Ellen                                                                   2003), Diane M. Hamelin Given (Brooke Class,
     Bezian (Black Class, 1996), Steven Goldstein          Ohio                                                      1982), David G. Karlen (Krinock Class, 1991),
     (Voelker Class, 1997), Bob Gronauer (Moody              Patrick Baker (Rutledge Class, 2000), Robin             Stephen P. Krupp (Steere Class, 1995), N. Jude
     Class, 1996), Tracy L. Itts (Voelker Class, 1997),      Bohnert (Morse Class, 1987), David Carter               Menes (Fellows Class, 1997), Randall Reynolds
     Matthew Johnson (Moody Class, 1996), Kirk               (McDonald Class, 1998), James Garvin (Steere            (Lawrence Class, 1991), Patrick Thornton (Green
     Kaplan (Stone Class, 1996)                              Class, 1995), Judge William Harsha (Wing Class,         Class, 1988), Briar Wilcox (Needham Class,
                                                             1982), John Kahler II (Stone Class, 1996), Andrea       2004)
   New Hampshire                                             J. Kochensparger (Moore Class, 1993), Ryan W.
     Robert S. Ross (Wilson Class, 1990)                     Lynch (Cushing Class, 2000), John Martin Murphy       Utah
                                                             (Stone Class, 1996), Thomas Perotti (Steere Class,      Scott Charlier (Lawrence Class, 1991), Jessica
   New Jersey                                                1995), Jeannine Notaro Pratt (Carpenter Class,          McAuliffe (Cross Class, 2004)
     Gail Abrams-Gornstein (Person Class, 1994), Ron         1993), Scott Singer (Stone Class, 1996)
     Bar-Nadav (Black Class, 1996), Heather Blitz                                                                  Vermont
     (Montgomery Class, 1992), Christopher                 Oregon
                                                                                                                     Jeffery Tobin (Morse Class, 1987)
     Cronenwett (McDonald Class, 1998), Christopher          Ronald Guerra (Lawrence Class, 1991), David
     Garibian (Adams Class, 1997), Heather Gray              Weiss (Wilson Class, 1990)                            Virginia
     (Montgomery Class, 1992), Ted Hanratty (Voelker                                                                 Stephen P. Cook (Patterson Class, 2002), Steven
     Class, 1997), Patricia Horsting (Bird Class, 1995),   Pennsylvania
                                                                                                                     Frank (Witherell Class, 1990), John Paul Gregorio
     Robert J. Kane (Steere Class, 1995), Charles            Gail Abrams-Gornstein (Person Class, 1994), Brad        (Kuhn Class, 1996), Manolita Marmol Holadia
     Koernig (Lawrence Class, 1991), David A. Krenkel        Allen (North Class, 1980), Franklin A. Bennett III      (McGrath Class, 1992), Stephen Julias (Sharpe
     (Bird Class, 1995), Kimberley LaMountain (Bird          (Toy Class, 2003), Barry Bohmueller (Steere Class,      Class, 1998), Steven Y. Lee (Moody Class, 1996),
     Class, 1995), Siegfried Limjoco (Fellows Class,         1995), William Braslawsce (Montgomery Class,            Neil Motter (Turner Class, 1991), Shawna L.
     1997), John Marabondo (Mundy Class, 1985),              1992), Heather Camp Burns (Flannigan Class,             Pagliaro (Smith Class, 2003), Anetra Robinson
     Stephen McCurrie (Montgomery Class, 1992),              1999), Dean E. Collins (Moody Class, 1996),             (Swainson Class, 2003), Michael J. Seck (Blair
     Otto Nicholas Monaco (Flannigan Class, 1999),           Diane L. Dagger (Swainson Class, 2003), Angela          Class, 2001), Nicole Michelle Spicer (Person Class,
     Lee Perlman (Carpenter Class, 1993), Brian L.           Dobrinoff (Lawrence Class, 1991), Andrew                1994), Philip Carter Strother (Fellows Class,
     Petrequin (Fellows Class, 1997), Stephania S.           Edelberg (Person Class, 1994), Warren Hampton           1997), H. Evans Thomas (Black Class, 1996), John
     Saienni (Sharpe Class, 1998), John T. Somohano          (Douglass Class, 1989), Billy Love (Morse Class,        Wheelock (Williams Class, 1994), Daniel Zavadil
     (Cushing Class, 2000), Gerard Tamburino                 1987), Irene Lubin (Moore Class, 1993), Frank           (Montgomery Class, 1992)
     (Durand Class, 1992), Jennifer (Kovach)                 Martocci (Krinock Class, 1991), Joseph McIntosh
     VanderWiele (Hooker Class, 1993), Stephen               (Adams Class, 1997), Stephen P. Moschetta             Washington
     Vanna (Sharpe Class, 1998), Andrew Young                (Sharpe Class, 1998), Kristen Morris (Carpenter         David S. Engle (Montgomery Class, 1992), Megan

                                                                                                                                      BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006              37
     alumni matters

       Goodrick (Montgomery Class, 1992), Jason M.
       Hanson (Fead Class, 1999), John Kapuza (Kuhn
       Class, 1995), Catherine Needles-Sharpley (Fead
       Class, 1999), Richard D. Seward (Potter Class,
       1980), Asia Vue (Needham Class, 2004), Mark D.
       Walters (Steere Class, 1995)

     Washington, D.C.
       Dennis Cuevos (Ostrander Class, 1994), John
       Dodds (Sharpe Class, 1998), John J. Karasek
       (Lawrence Class, 1991), Murat Ozgu (Kuhn Class,
       1995), Jeffrey R. Sural (Williams Class, 1994)

     West Virginia
       Jeffrey Barton (Stone Class, 1996), William         Alumni Reconnect During the Michigan Bar Association’s
       Valentino (Ostrander Class, 1994)                   Annual Meeting
     Wisconsin                                             The 71st annual meeting of the State Bar of Michigan took place Sept. 14-15 in Ypsilanti. Eighty-
       Robert Dorf (Moody Class, 1996), Mary Ellen         one graduates, faculty, staff, students, and friends gathered for Thomas M. Cooley Law School’s
       Doucette-Lunstrum (Bacon Class, 1990), Michael
                                                           alumni reception in the Ypsilanti Marriot at Eagle Crest on Sept. 14. Cooley Associate Dean of
       Fitzpatrick (Ostrander Class, 1994), Peter A.
       Flessas (Krinock Class, 1991), Dawn Klocklow        Development and Legal Counsel James Robb greeted the guests and served as master of cere-
       (Chase Class, 2002), David Knaapen (Manning         monies, assisted by Alumni Relations Director Darryl Parsell (Wiest Class, 1979).
       Class, 1984), Ron Niesen (Witherell Class, 1990),
       Mark G. Pierquet (Iredell Class, 2001), Martin      Cooley Board of Directors member and Alumni Association Past President Charles R. Toy (Kavanagh
       Stein (E. Wilson Class, 1990), Rick Steinberg
                                                           Class, 1981), said, “I always feel a deep sense of camaraderie when I meet alumni and I enjoy listening
       (Adams Class, 1997), Bradley Stern (Rutledge
       Class, 2000)                                        to their interesting stories of court battles. It is nice to reminisce with students and faculty who were
                                                           at Cooley when I attended and to get to know alumni who attended Cooley before or after I attend-
                                                           ed.” Mr. Toy is also currently serving as the Secretary of the State Bar of Michigan.
       Janelle Benjamin (Starr Class, 2005), Jim
       Koumarelas (Iredell Class, 2001), George O.         Another distinguished guest, Judge Ron Lowe (Wing Class, 1982), observed that it was always a
       White (Blair Class, 2001)
                                                           joy to discover people in attendance whom he had not seen since law school and to catch up on
     Our thanks go to those that have volunteered          their lives. “That alone makes it worth attending the alumni events,” he said.
     and served as mentors to these students and
                                                           Finally, alumnus Stephen J. Gobbo (Bird Class, 1995) found the reception to be an excellent oppor-
     recent graduates. If you would like to become a
                                                           tunity to catch up with some friends and to meet new persons with a common interest in the law
     mentor, please e-mail or
                                                           profession. He said it was positive to hear an update about the recent accomplishments of Cooley
     call (800) 243-ALUM for more information.
                                                           Law School, including the ABA acquiescence of the Oakland and Grand Rapids campuses. “These
                                                           accomplishments validate the vision and ongoing collective efforts at the school,“ he said.

Thanks!                                                    This year’s guests socialized with Cooley Board Member Lawrence Nolan (Cooley Class, 1976),
                                                           former Cooley Board Member and Michigan Court of Appeals Judge Roman S. Gribbs, and
                                                           Michigan Court of Appeals Judge William Murphy. Cooley faculty and staff members at the recep-
                                                           tion included Coordinator of Student Services & Diversity Goldie Adele (Paterson Class, 2002),
                                                           Prof. Gary Bauer (Green Class, 1988), GR Library Head of Public Services and Alumni Committee
                                                           Chair Aletha Honsowitz (Witherell Class, 1990), Professor Joseph Kimble, Associate Dean of
                                                           Community Relations Helen Pratt Mickens (Bushnell Class, 1980), Associate Dean of Information
                                                           and Technology Charles Mickens, GR Campus Assistant Dean Nelson Miller, Assistant Career
                                                           Services Director Julie Mullens, Professor Daniel Ray, Alumni Relations Executive Assistant Amy
                                                           Swope, Professor Evelyn Tombers (Lawrence Class, 1991), OU Campus Assistant Dean Joan
                                                           Vestrand, and Associate Dean of International & Graduate Programs William Weiner.
                                                           The alumni guests included Austin Anderson (Chandler Class, 1983), Richard Baron (Long Class,
                                                           1981), Barry Brickner (Campbell Class, 1976), Judge William Carmody (Chandler Class, 1983),
                                                           Stacey Dinser (Jay Class, 2000), Brian Fenech (Boyles Class, 2005), Mike Fraleigh (Carr Class,
                                                           1984), Robert Gardella (Durand Class, 1992), Laura Graham (Cushing Class, 2000), Jake Gunter
                                                           (Cross Class, 2004), Maroun Hakim (Marston Class, 1978), Mark Henne (Copeland Class, 1989),

Catherine Hoort (Turner Class, 1991), Tomika Horne (Starr Class,            Cooley Law School and the Illinois Alumni Club
2005), Charles (Chip) Kleinbrook (Grant Class, 1987), David Kortering       Host December Chicago Lunch
(Moody, Jr. Class, 1996), Alumni Committee Chair Garry Kregelka
                                                                            Cooley Law School and the Illinois Alumni Club hosted an alumni lunch in
(Paterson Class, 2002), Dawn LaCasse (Blair, Jr. Class, 2001), Lew
                                                                            Chicago on Dec. 12. Twenty-five Illinois alumni, prospective students, and
Langham (Blair Class, 2001), Marc Lawrence (Smith Class, 2003),
                                                                            friends joined state alumni leaders Marcia Nawrocki-Verburgt (Lawrence
Douglas Lewis (Potter Class, 1980), Peggy MacDougall (Manning Class,
                                                                            Class, 1991), John Nocita (Turner Class, 1991) and Alumni Relations
1984), Randall Mattson (Edwards Class, 2006), Marjorie Nanian
                                                                            Director Darryl Parsell (Wiest Class, 1979) at Maggiano’s Little Italy
(Goodwin Class, 1982), Jamie O’Brien (Wilson Class, 2001), Charity
                                                                            Restaurant in downtown Chicago.
Olson (McAllister Class, 2005), Ronald Russell (Pratt Class, 1988),
                                                                            Alumni Special Events Committee Chair Aletha Honsowitz (Witherell
Thomas Rombach (Morse Class, 1987), Rhonda Sanders (Wilson Class,
                                                                            Class, 1990) was the guest of honor, traveling from Grand Rapids, Mich.,
2001), Angela Sherigan (Blair, Jr. Class, 2001), Judge Lisa Sullivan
                                                                            to discuss the work of her committee with the guests. Steven Heisler
(Williams Class, 1994), Jeff Thornburg (Smith Class, 2003), Dionne
                                                                            (Iredell Class, 2001) came even further to join the group, from his home
Webster (Edwards Class, 2006), R. Scott Weidenfeller (Voelker Class,
                                                                            base in Marine City, Mich., located north of Detroit.
1997), and Kim Winokur (Grant Class, 1987).
                                                                            The alumni guests also included Juan Baltierres (Edwards Class, 2006),
Grand Rapids Area Graduates, Staff, and Students
                                                                            David Barry (Montgomery Class, 1992), John Ekonomou (Williams
Socialize in September
                                                                            Class, 1994), Lillian Gonzalez (Edwards Class, 2006), Michelle Gonzalez
Cooley’s western Michigan alumni and current students gathered on
                                                                            (Edwards Class, 2006), Adam Ingber (Stone Class, 1996), Emily Koch
Sept. 8 at McFadden’s Restaurant & Saloon on Ionia Ave. SW in down-
                                                                            (Swift Class, 2004), Ryan Lynch (Cushing Class, 2000), Jenn MacDougall
town Grand Rapids, Mich. A large number of current students, as well as
                                                                            (Needham Class, 2004), Rashidatu Mahama (Reid Class, 2006), Natalia
faculty, staff, and alumni of the law school joined the hosts of the stu-
                                                                            Moore (Fitzgerald Class, 2006), William O’Brien (Starr Class, 2005),
dents’ Welcome Back party to start Michaelmas Term 2006 off right.
                                                                            George Oparanozie (Fitzgerald Class, 2006), Dana Palmer (Krinock
Alumni Relations Director Darryl Parsell (Wiest Class, 1979) and Alumni     Class, 1991), William Roberts (Wilson Class, 2001), Carl Lloyd Santos
Special Events Committee Chair Aletha Honsowitz (Witherell Class, 1990)     (Paterson Class, 2002), and Aaron Sumrall (Edwards Class, 2006).
assisted the faculty hosts as they welcomed the guests and awarded the
                                                                            Prospective student Michael Borsos said, “The alumni lunch in Chicago was
prizes for a scavenger hunt. It was a great evening for the newest Cooley
                                                                            both educational and exciting. Everyone went out of their way to make me
students to get to know the more senior students, faculty, and alumni.
                                                                            feel welcome and part of the event. Both the faculty and alumni reflect the
Northern Michigan Alumni Join Cooley Directors                              high ideals that make Thomas M. Cooley Law School exceptional.”
Heos and Parsell at Two Local Receptions                                    Alumni Join the Graduation Celebration for Cooley
In the midst of several days of very early winter weather, Cooley Law       Students at Oakland University
School held two northern Michigan alumni receptions in mid-October.
                                                                            Cooley Law School hosted a grand reception at Meadowbrook Hall Sept.
The first reception was on Oct. 12, and was hosted by Development
                                                                            14, 2006 celebrating the graduation of its students who attended
Director Pamela Heos.
                                                                            Cooley’s Rochester/OU campus. Thirty guests, including graduates from
Jessica Marsh (Jay Class, 2000) joined her at Vivio’s Restaurant located    the southeastern Michigan area alumni club and current students, joined
in Indian River. Marsh said that “…as far as Cooley goes, I was very        Associate Dean of the Oakland University Campus John Nussbaumer
happy to see that our rankings have gone way up and very excited to         and President Don LeDuc. The event honored the graduates of three
hear about the new acquiescence … I am glad to see it is finally gaining    classes: the Neil E. Reid Class (January 2006), the Edwards Class (May
the respect it so richly deserves.”                                         2006), and the John W. Fitzgerald Class (September 2006).
The second reception was on Oct. 13, and the host was Alumni Relations      The Cooley contingent also included professor Frank Aiello, David Berry,
Director Darryl Parsell (Wiest Class, 1979). It took place at TraVino       Karen Chadwick, Mark Cooney (Montgomery Class, 1992), Gerald Fisher,
Traverse Wine & Grille located in the Acme/Williamsburg area, and           Patrick Kruse, Ashley Lowe, Dan Matthews, Martha Moore, John Taylor, and
Darryl Johnson (Lawrence Class, 1991) and Sima Patel (Boyles Class,         Gerald Tschura. The staff members attending were: Administrative Assistant
2005) braved the elements to attend. Ms. Patel said, “I enjoyed the         Valerie Debler, Oakland Campus Director Audra Foster (Fellows Class,
Cooley reception and appreciate the effort that was put into organizing     1997), Oakland Library Head of Public Services Helen Levenson, Reference
it. It was a good way to meet other alums in the area and network.”         Librarian Marlene Coir, Oakland Campus Deputy Director Lee McNew, and
                                                                            Enrollment/Student Services Coordinator Val Schnable.

                                                                                                                          BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006         39
     alumni matters

     Cooley Law School Hosts
     November Student/Alumni Mixer
     at Oakland University
     Cooley Law School hosted an alumni reception
     and student mixer at OU’s Oakland Center on
                                                        “Every Cooley event I attend,
     Nov. 8. Thirty-one guests, including graduates     I learn firsthand (about) all of the new things
     from the southeastern Michigan area alumni         they have for students and alumni.”
     club, and current and prospective students,
     joined Associate Dean of the Oakland               Carol M. Hogan said, “It was delightful to go back    to network with Cooley alumni. As a current
     University Campus John Nussbaumer, Associate       in time by talking to a student about preparing to    student, it was exciting to hear practical stories
     Dean of Development and Alumni Relations           take the bar exam, especially since I’ve already      from Cooley alumni and to hear that they are
     James D. Robb, and Alumni Relations Director       passed it! I suggested she take advantage of all of   so successful. I am thinking about opening my
     Darryl Parsell (Wiest Class, 1979) for the         the review opportunities and she told me Cooley       own law firm down the road, and one alumnus
     evening in Rochester. Deans Nussbaumer and         has a 14-week review course. That’s great! When       stated that he opened his firm right out of
     Robb described the ABA’s acquiescence in the       I was in her situation, Cooley had just started       law school and he is swamped. That gave me
     full 90-credit program at OU and in Grand          offering a practice exam.”                            inspiration and confirmed that I am able to do
     Rapids, and gave a brief talk about the law        Hogan added, “Every Cooley event I attend,            it also. This event is highly suggested to anyone
     school’s plans. Cooley/OU Reference Librarian      I learn firsthand (about) all of the new things       interested in Cooley, currently enrolled in
     Marlene Coir talked about services available to    they have for students and alumni. Cooley             Cooley, or already graduated from Cooley, as
     alumni and then the guests introduced themselves   keeps dynamically expanding its facilities and        it provides you with insight about where the
     and reminisced about their time at Cooley.         services at OU and overall. It was uplifting to       school was and where it is headed.”
     The Cooley faculty and staff present also          hear about the diversity of the current student       James Campbell said, “Many of the alumni that
     included professor Frank Aiello, Karen             body the day after Proposal 06-2 banning affir-       I met discussed their law school experiences as
     Chadwick, Mark Cooney (Montgomery Class,           mative action programs passed.”                       well as the impact it had on their careers. It was
     1992), Patrick Kruse, and Dan Matthews; faculty    Jim Carolan noted, “It was a great opportunity        reassuring to meet many who worked full time
     secretary Valerie Debler, Oakland Campus           to meet up with area alumni and to talk with          while taking classes and had used the law school
     Director Audra Foster (Fellows Class, 1997),       current (and prospective) students about the          experience to enhance or transform their voca-
     Cooley/OU Library Head of Circulation Jie Li,      Cooley experience. The strides made by the            tions. I also enjoyed the opportunity to meet
     and Enrollment/Student Services Coordinator        school since its beginnings were evident from         the faculty in an informal setting.”
     Val Schnable.                                      the social discussion time with other alumni.         Jeffrey Cuthbertson said, “I enjoyed meeting
     The alumni guests included Tammy Asher             The sharing of information about the continued        alumni in the metro Detroit area. It was very
     (Moore Class, 1993), Elie Banna (Johnson           growth and expansion to a full law school on the      encouraging to see graduates from among the
     Class, 2002), James Carolan (Miles Class,          Oakland University campus was appreciated.”           very first classes to the most recent in atten-
     1986), Mike Cianciolo (Long Class, 1981),          Current Cooley students also attended the event,      dance. I look forward to more of these events,
     James Colbert (Campbell Class, 1976), Daniel       including James Campbell, Jeffrey Cuthbertson,        especially as an alumnus next term.”
     Finwall (Smith Class, 2003), Richard Graving       Krystal Johnson, and Barry Malone.
     (Copeland Class, 1989), Carol Hogan (Manning
                                                        Ms. Johnson said that she thought “the alumni
     Class, 1984), Carolyn Jackson (Williams Class,
                                                        event provided prospective students, current
     1994), Monika Sullivan (Edwards Class, 2006),
                                                        students, and recent graduates an opportunity
     and Chih-Chin Wang (Boyles Class, 2005).

     “This event is highly suggested to anyone interested in Cooley, currently
     enrolled in Cooley, or already graduated from Cooley, as it provides you
     with insight about where the school was and where it is headed.”

D.C. Area Alumni Join President LeDuc and Congressman                                   Letter from the Alumni President
Stupak at December Reception                                                            Greetings!
Many of Cooley’s Washington, D.C. area alumni congregated Dec. 5 with guest of          I hope this issue of Benchmark finds you happy and healthy.
honor U.S. Rep. Bart T. Stupak (Dethmers Class, 1981), President and Dean Don           As the current president of the Thomas M. Cooley Alumni
LeDuc, Associate Dean James Robb, and Director of Alumni Relations Darryl Parsell       Association, I invite you to join the organization and take an
(Wiest Class, 1979) at Sonoma Restaurant + Wine Bar in Washington, DC.                  active role in shaping the law school’s future. In addition to
Fifty-five Cooley alumni, current students, and friends attended. The reception’s       our colleagues who serve on alumni association committees,
alumni guests shared stories of their days at Cooley with the current students.         hundreds more have stepped forward to help our students
Everyone also enjoyed having a chance to get to know the other Cooley graduates         directly — through externships, mentoring, financial donations,
in the area. Dan Lundstedt (Boyles Class, 2005) said, “I had a wonderful time.          and volunteerism. It is truly amazing to see what we can do
The setting was intimate, the turnout was good, and everybody was jovial. I plan        when we work together.
to attend next year, as well.”                                                          The “new” alumni association has survived its first year, and
The alumni guests included Eric Alifo (Edwards Class, 2006), Mina Bahgat (Toy Class,    we are stronger than ever. Through the work of our Student
2003), Past Alumni President M. Carol Bambery (Morell Class, 1985) Andrea Bellaire      Services and Student Recruitment committees, we have begun
(Moody Class, 1996), Denise Bellamy (McAllister Class, 2005), David Brink (Person       inviting potential students to some of the alumni mixers, and
Class, 2004), Scott Carrington (Smith Class, 2003), James Charles (North Class,         the results are amazing. I hope you’ll be able to participate in
1980), Vanessa Chauhan (Reid Class, 2006), John Doud (Reid Class, 2006), J. Burns       one of these mixers soon.
Earle III (Montgomery Class, 1992), Benjamin Gielow (Boyles Class, 2005), Kristine      The Fundraising and Special Events committees are working
Gielow (Boyles Class, 2005), Andrew Gozinsky (Carpenter Class, 1993), Camille           hard to bring our annual Alumni Memorial Scholarship Golf
Gray (Boyles Class, 2005), Nadika Gunathunga (Swift Class, 2004), Gary Huggins          Outing up to a new level this year. We hope you’ll join us at
(McAllister Class, 2005), Nadine Huggins (Starr Class, 2005), Jordan Jackson (Reid      the Lansing Country Club on August 13. Our Membership and
Class, 2006), John Jakubowski (Smith Class, 1985), Juria Jones (Blair Class, 2001),     Outreach Committee and Constituent Alumni Club Committee
Leonard Jones (Montgomery Class, 1992), Jayad Khan (Needham Class, 2004), Scott         are working to bring even more benefits to alumni — insurance
Kilgore (Smith Class, 1985), Minyoung Kim (Cross Class, 2004), Andrew Langreich         benefits, a variety of discounts, networking opportunities, and
(McGrath Class, 1992), Christopher Malinowski (Fead Class, 1999), Ian Meyeroff          more. And finally, the Past Presidents Committee, along with
(Johnson Class, 2002), Michael Miller (Reid Class, 2006), Cindy Najhram (Starr Class,   the Executive Board, selected a wonderful recipient for the
2005), Kamal Nawash (Black Class, 1996), Dipti Nayyar (Boyles Class, 2005), Erik        2006-2007 Alumnus of the Year Award: Darryl Parsell. Who
Necciai (Fitzgerald Class, 2006), William Niner (Toy Class, 2003), Murat Ozgu (Kuhn     works harder than Darryl to support over 11,000 of us?
Class, 1995), Cyrus Picken, Jr. (Butzel Class, 1979), Jennifer Riskie (Edwards Class,
                                                                                        I hope you will take the time to read about the exciting things
2006), John Smirnow (Ostrander Class, 1994), Sandra Snapp (Hooker Class, 1993),
                                                                                        your colleagues are doing and that you’ll consider joining
Imad Soubra (Boyles Class, 2005), Jeffrey Sural (Williams Class, 1994), Megan
                                                                                        the alumni association. Together, we can achieve amazing
Wallace (Voelker Class, 1997), and Santha Walters (Starr Class, 2005).
                                                                                        things for the school and especially for our students. E-mail
The current students at the event included Jessica Leiken and Heather Page. Ms. or call (800) 243-ALUM to take part in
Leiken said, “I was very impressed and encouraged about how kind and approach-          your alumni association.
able the alumni were when they saw I was an extern and were so willing to give
                                                                                        Kind Regards,
me advice regarding the bar exam and looking for jobs. It was a really nice event
and it was great that I just happened to be in D.C. doing my externship when it
was held!”                                                                              Julie Clement
                                                                                        McDonald Class, 1998

                                                                                                                        BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006            41
     alumni matters

                                                          NYC and Newark, NJ Area Alums Meet Dean Robb and Director
                                                          Heos at October Receptions
                                                          Cooley’s New York City area alumni gathered in Manhattan on Oct. 18 for an alumni reception at Luna
                                                          Piena Ristorante Italiano, hosted by Associate Dean James Robb and Development Director Pamela
                                                          Heos. Thirty-eight Cooley graduates, friends, and prospective students joined the hosts at the reception.
                                                          Alumni guests included Aisha Alleyne (Reid Class, 2006), Omar Anderson (Rutledge Class, 2000),
                                                          Stephen Arber (Carpenter Class, 1993), Richard Borzouyé (Iredell Class, 2001), Stacey Bradbury
     1. Richard Azikiwe 2. Kortney Swanson                (Boyles Class, 2005), Brian Charles (Cross Class, 2004), Nigel Daniels (Boyles Class, 2005),
     NY and NJ Alum Scholarships                          Patrick Dunn (Blair Class, 2001), Tiffany Foskey (Smith Class, 2003), Andrew P. Gozinsky
     Granted                                              (Carpenter Class, 1993), Veronika Hoka (Edwards Class, 2006), Joseph Jones (Boyles Class,
     Cooley Alumni Association President Julie            2005), Do Kyung Kim (McAllister Class, 2005), Cheryl Liebman (Moody Jr. Class, 1996), Maurice
     Clement (McDonald Class, 1998) presented             Maitland (Toy Class, 2003), Kimberly Mossel (Starr Class, 2005), Moshood Muftau (Edwards
     the New York and New Jersey Alumni                   Class, 2006), Chris Mularadelis (Green Class, 1988), Annel-Stephan Norgaisse (Cross Class,
     Scholarships at the Honors Convocation of            2004), Charles Domenico Parisi (McGrath Class, 1992), Samanda Rene (Starr Class, 2005), Philip
     Michaelmas Term 2006. Donations from New             Roman (Wing Class, 1982), Mariusz Segal-Gebski (Boyles Class, 2005), Miguel Terc (Swainson
     York and New Jersey alumni were used to              Class, 2003), and Essienubong Udo (Wilson Class, 2001).
     found the scholarships, and preferences were         Miguel Terc noted, “I want to thank Cooley for hosting the NYC Alumni reception and for bringing
     given to applicants from those states. The stu-      both classmates and entering first termers together to share their experiences. I was so glad to see
     dents furnished a variety of information, includ-    all of my fellow classmates, regardless of graduating class, doing well, and enjoying the fruits of our
     ing résumés and financial information.               hard earned labor.”
     The New Jersey scholarship was awarded to            The second reception followed on the next day, Oct. 19, at Brasilia Grill, located in Newark, and
     current student Kortney Swanson. She cited           drew 18 alumni and prospective students. Alumni guests included Yesenia Arevalo (Reid Class,
     Dr. David Burns, who advised to “ ‘Aim for           2006), Katerina Arvanitakis (Reid Class, 2006), Jeremias Batista (Boyles Class, 2005), David
     success, not perfection. Never give up your          Bressler (Moore Class, 1993), Ivan Dodeles (McAllister Class, 2005), Andrew Gozinsky
     right to be wrong, because then you will lose        (Carpenter Class, 1993), John Havrilchak (Montgomery Class, 1992), Node Kludze (Edwards
     the ability to learn new things and move for-        Class, 2006), Kathy Martin (Weadock Class, 1999), Joseph Molinaro (Ostrander Class, 1994),
     ward with your life.’ As the recipient of the        Moshood Muftau (Edwards Class, 2006), and Samanda Rene (Starr Class, 2005).
     New Jersey Alumni Scholarship, I am confident
                                                          Alumna Kathy Martin said that the alumni event held in Newark, N.J., on Oct. 19, 2006, offered a
     it will assist me in continuing my aim for success
                                                          wonderful opportunity for seasoned Cooley alumni to exchange notes on business practice in the
     as a candidate for the Juris Doctor. I am very
                                                          northern New Jersey area, to network with recent Cooley alumni, and for prospective Cooley
     grateful and appreciative of this award.”
                                                          alumni to learn about what to expect during their years at Cooley and what it’s like to live in and
     The New York scholarship was awarded to stu-         attend law school in Lansing, Mich.
     dent Richard Azikiwe. His reaction was that
                                                          Andrew Gozinsky attended both events. “It is great to catch up with old friends and meet new
     “I’m glad I chose Thomas M. Cooley Law
                                                          friends. The meetings are designed for you to meet fellow graduates who have shared very similar
     School for my legal education because I might
                                                          experiences and how those experiences in Lansing shaped you into who you are today. I strongly
     be able to get a J.D. from any law school in the
                                                          urge each graduate to take the time and attend. I walked away from the meeting knowing that
     nation, but at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, I’m
                                                          Cooley Law School will continue to teach people what it takes to succeed in the law or any other
     earning my J.D. through hard work and a cur-
                                                          career they venture into,“ Gozinsky said.
     riculum that forces me to apply what I learn.”
                                                          Moshood Muftau also came to both the New York and New Jersey receptions. “The alumni events were
     Mr. Azikiwe and Ms. Swanson expressed their
                                                          a great way to network with other Cooley graduates who are practicing (in) different areas of law in the
     appreciation to the scholarship donors in New
                                                          New York/New Jersey area. It’s great to see Cooley alums making a difference in the legal profession in
     York and New Jersey who generously made
                                                          the New York/New Jersey area, and to hear about the older alumni experiences. It’s my belief, based
     this assistance possible. Please e-mail
                                                          on the turnout at the alumni event, that Cooley alumni will continue to have an impact in the tri-state for information on how you
                                                          area. The food was great, the atmosphere was extremely comfortable, and it was great to share and
     can support scholarship funds to assist current
                                                          hear Cooley memories. I can’t wait for next year! It was great to meet someone at the alumni event and
     Cooley students.
                                                          see him the next day in the halls of the courthouse,” Muftau said.

class notes

class notes                                                 The Benchmark encourages all graduates to contribute information
                                                            to the Class Notes. Please include graduating class name and year
                                                            when submitting your information. We encourage information about
                                                            your law practice and other accomplishments in the legal profession.
                                                            You can e-mail your Class Notes information to
                                                            The Benchmark has a policy of not printing bar passage information.

1976 Cooley Class                      tice and paralegal studies program,   Bushnell Class                          years with the company. Previous
Valkanoff, Dennis, was                 and was the founding instructor of    Downing, Daniel D., a U.S.              to Auto-Owners, she was a pre-
appointed senior vice president of     the Belding Police Reserve            Navy Reserve Commander, was             hearing attorney with the Michigan
Chromcraft Revington, Inc., in         Academy, where he teaches crimi-      recalled to active duty in              Court of Appeals, and an assistant
West Lafayette, Ind. He serves as      nal and constitutional law.           November 2005 and continues to          city attorney for Lansing, Mich.
president of CR Home Sales and                                               serve as part of Operation Iraqi
                                       Ransom Class                                                                  1981 Dethmers Class
provides overall leadership to sales                                         Freedom. He is a member of the
                                       Vlasic, James, was named                                                      Hemker, Joseph B., of
management for the company’s                                                 Judge Advocate General’s Corps,
                                       chairman of the Cranbrook                                                     Howard & Howard’s Kalamazoo,
residential businesses.                                                      assigned to the Plans Division,
                                       Educational Community Board of                                                Mich., office was named to
                                                                             Essential Services Division, and is
1977 Felch Class                       Trustees in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.                                           Michigan Super Lawyers in
                                                                             working on municipal service
Rohe, John, has been named             He is a senior shareholder, presi-                                            Mergers & Acquisitions, by a sur-
                                                                             restoration issues and plans
program director of a charitable       dent, and chairman of the execu-                                              vey of Law & Politics Media, Inc.
                                                                             throughout Iraq. He is a partner in
foundation in Pennsylvania that is     tive committee for the board of
                                                                             the firm of Downing, Glaser, and        Kavanagh Class
involved in land conservation,         directors at Sommers Schwartz,
                                                                             Eifler, Associates, P.C., in Battle     Berlin, Ross, has been named
water protection, and other envi-      P.C. He is a member of the
                                                                             Creek, Mich. In civilian life he has    to the executive team for the PGA
ronmental causes. Previously, he       Cooley Board of Directors.
                                                                             served as a city planner, develop-      Tour. Berlin was most recently the
practiced law in Petoskey, Mich.,                                            er, and policy maker.
                                       1979 Butzel                                                                   player agent for Michelle Wie
for 28 years.
                                       Sepic, Michael, has been                                                      through his affiliation with the
                                                                             Neal, Stephanie A., of the law
Graves Class                           appointed Chief Assistant                                                     William Morris Agency. Berlin’s
                                                                                                  firm Smith
Miller, Kenneth V., was elect-         Prosecuting Attorney for Berrien                                              appointment marks his return to
                                                                                                  Haughey Rice
ed vice chair of the Western           County, Mich. He served as Chief                                              the PGA Tour, which he served
                                                                                                  & Roegge, in
Michigan University Board of           Trial Attorney for the last three                                             from 1999-2005 in a variety of
                                                                                                  Grand Rapids,
Trustees for 2007. He was first        years and has been a Berrien                                                  management roles.
                                                                                                  Mich., has
appointed to the WMU board in          County Assistant Prosecutor since
                                                                                                  received a cer-    Long Class
2002, and leads the search             1988. Phone: (269) 983-7111, ext
                                                                                                  tificate of        Pahl, James B., was elected
process for the university’s next      8314.
                                                                                                  completion in      Commander-in-Chief of the
president. Mr. Miller is vice presi-                                         the areas of probate and estate
                                       Wiest Class                                                                   national organization Sons of
dent and chief operating officer of                                          planning, issued by the Institute of
                                       Gottlieb, Siri, has been elected                                              Union Veterans of the Civil War,
Havirco, a Kalamazoo investment                                              Continuing Legal Education and
                                       the 2007 president of the                                                     at the organization’s national
management firm that he’s co-                                                the Probate and Estate Planning
                                       Collaborative Law Institute of                                                encampment in Harrisburg, Penn.,
owned since 1983. He is also the                                             Section of the State Bar of
                                       Michigan, the multidisciplinary                                               in August 2006. E-mail:
owner of the Millennium                                                      Michigan. She practices in the
                                       state organization for the practice                                 
Restaurant Group. He previously                                              areas of estate planning, tax law,
                                       of collaborative law.
was director of the WMU                                                      employee benefits, medical mal-         1982 Wing Class
Foundation.                            1980 Potter Class                     practice, and professional liability.   McKeen, Brian J., a medical
                                       Reck, Susan, has retired from         She serves on the board of direc-       malpractice attorney, has been
1978 Marston Class
                                       the bench. For the last 18 years,     tors of Deaf and Hard of Hearing        named by Michigan Lawyers Weekly
McFadden, Doug, has been
                                       she has served as Livingston          Services. Phone: (616) 774-8000.        as one of the Top 10 Lawyers of the
named Chief Assistant Prosecutor
                                       County (Michigan) Probate Court                                               Year for 2006. His firm, McKeen &
for Montcalm County, Mich.                                                   North Class
                                       Judge and was the first woman                                                 Associates, was founded in 1998
Previously, he was in private prac-                                          Maisch, Gwendoline A.,
                                       elected to the bench in Livingston                                            after years of trial practice. He is a
tice in Belding, Mich., where he                                             retired from her position as vice
                                       County. Before she joined the                                                 coach for the American Association
also served as city attorney. He is                                          president and assistant general
                                       court, she was in private practice                                            for Justice’s medical negligence
an instructor in Montcalm                                                    counsel of Auto-Owners Insurance
                                       for eight years.                                                              exchange group. He lectures fre-
Community College’s criminal jus-                                            Company Jan. 1, 2007, after 23

                                                                                                                          BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006             43
     class notes

     quently on developments in medical    Stone, P.L.C., has been selected        practice on commercial and inter-       nel director for Fenton (Michigan)
     malpractice law.                      for inclusion in the environmental      national matters. Previously, he        Area Public Schools.
                                           law section of the 2007 Best            was in private practice for 18
     Goodwin Class                         Lawyers in America. He specializes      years. He was the first Arab-
                                                                                                                           Fox, Mark R., has been elected
     Smolenski, Sara, Chief Judge                                                                                                                as president of
                                           in occupational safety and health       American to be appointed to the
     of the 63rd District Court in                                                                                                               the law firm of
                                           law. He previously served as a          Michigan Civil Rights Commission,
     Michigan, was named the 2006                                                                                                                Fraser
                                           Special Assistant to the Michigan       and served two terms, 1991-1998.
     Athena Award recipient. The                                                                                                                 Trebilcock
                                           Attorney General.
     award is given annually to honor                                              Cunningham, Janice K., has                                    Davis &
     an individual who demonstrates        Lowney, Stephen J., an                  been selected as one of the top                               Dunlap, P.C.,
     leadership in her/his field and       attorney with the law firm of           family law attorneys in the state of                          with offices in
     opens doors in the community for      Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, P.C.,   Michigan by the national publica-                             Lansing and
     opportunities for women.              has been named to the 2007 Best         tion, Law & Politics, in its Michigan   Detroit. He practices in the areas
                                           Lawyers in America in the               Super Lawyers for 2006 issue. She       of commercial and intellectual prop-
     Brooke Class                          employee benefits law division.         is the only attorney chosen from        erty litigation. He was appointed by
     McCargar, Ian D., is now a
                                                                                   the mid-Michigan area for this          Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm
     member of the firm, Frey &            Morrell Class                           honor. She is a partner in the law      as legal counsel to the 2007
     McCarger, L.L.C., of Ft. Collins,     Trusock, Mark A., was sworn
                                                                                   firm of Mallory, Cunningham,            Granholm-Cherry Inaugural
     Colo. Previously he was with Frey,    in Dec. 8, 2006, as a judge in the
                                                                                   Lapka & Scott, P.L.L.C., in Lansing,    Committee. He served as legal
     Korb, Haggerty & Michaels, P.C.       17th Circuit Court in Kent County,
                                                                                   Mich. She is an adjunct professor       counsel to the Granholm for
     Phone: (970) 482-0212;                Mich. He previously was a partner
                                                                                   at Cooley.                              Governor Committee during
     e-mail:         with Lannen & Trusock since
                                                                                                                           the 2006 campaign. Phone:
                                           1985. Phone: (616) 454-5100.            Miles Class                             (517) 482-5800;
     Simon III, Charles W. (Tad),
                                                                                   Nash, Wanda, an attorney in
     was elected to a six-year term on     Whipple Class                                                                   e-mail:
                                                                                   Marshall, Mich., has had an award
     the Probate Court bench in            Johnson, Judy, was appointed
                                                                                   named in her honor by the State         Marutiak, Patrick J., was
     Montcalm County, Mich. He previ-      Support Magistrate assigned to the
                                                                                   Bar of Michigan Animal Law              named Boss of the Year by the
     ously had a law office in Stanton,    Niagara County Family Court by
                                                                                   Section. The annual award will be       Legal Secretaries of Shiawassee
     Mich.                                 the New York State Office of
                                                                                   given annually to a Michigan law        County, Mich. He was nominated
                                           Court Administration, 8th Judicial
     Stein, Sherry A., an attorney                                                 student for outstanding contribu-       by his secretary.
                                           District.She hears cases concern-
     with the law firm of Foster, Swift,                                           tions to animal law. Nash’s weekly
                                           ing paternity, and child support
                                                                                   newspaper column, Animal Scribe,
                                                                                                                           Morse Class
     Collins & Smith, P.C., has been
                                           establishment and enforcement.                                                  Love, Billy, Chief Hearing Master
     named to the 2006 Best Lawyers in                                             appears in the Marshall Chronicle.
                                           Phone: (716) 278-1890; e-mail:                                                  for the Philadelphia Municipal
     America in the area of employee
                                             Sherwood Class                          Court Emergency Domestic
     benefits law.
                                                                                   Rourke, Krystal Kay,                    Violence Unit, has been appointed
                                           Marabondo, Salvatore, has
     1984 Manning Class                                                            rejoined the Legal Division of the      as a visiting lecturer on criminal jus-
                                           relocated his offices to 921
                                                                                   Legislative Service Bureau in           tice at the Community College of
     Mengebier, David, was selected        Bergen Avenue, Suite 915, Jersey
                                                                                   Lansing, Mich., after spending          Philadelphia for a one-year term.
     to serve as the chief compliance      City, N.J. 07306. His telephone
                                                                                   seven-and-a-half years as deputy        He continues in his position with
     officer for CMS Energy in Jackson,    and fax numbers remain the same.
                                                                                   commissioner of the Office of           the court.
     Mich. He continues as senior vice     He continues to practice personal
                                                                                   Financial and Insurance Services.
     president of governmental and pub-    injury litigation, and serves as a
                                                                                   Phone: (517) 373-9425; e-mail:
                                                                                                                           1988 Martin Class
     lic affairs/community services with   court- and party-appointed media-                                               May, Berton K., was appointed
     CMS. He is also president of the      tor and arbitrator, as well. Phone:                                             to the State Bar of Michigan
     charitable foundations for CMS        (201) 792-0900; fax:                    1987 Champlin Class                     Character & Fitness Committee in
     Energy and its Michigan utility,      (201) 656-3939; e-mail:                 Davis, Elizabeth, was named             January 2007. He is also a member
     Consumers Energy.                        director of human resources for         of the State Bar Special Committee
                                                                                   Henry Ford Community College.           on Attorney Grievance. He is the
     1985 T. Smith Class                   1986 Mundy Class                        She is responsible for contract         managing partner at May & Sucher,
                         Crim,                                 Attalla, Tim
                                                                                   negotiation and administration,         P.L.L.C. in West Bloomfield, Mich.,
                         Douglas                               A., has joined
                                                                                   planning and administering profes-      specializing in commercial litigation,
                         W., a princi-                         the firm of
                                                                                   sional development programs,            personal injury, and professional lia-
                         pal in the                            Miller Canfield
                                                                                   dealing with employee and labor         bility matters. Phone:
                         Lansing office                        as a senior
                                                                                   relations issues, supervising           (248) 626-5555;
                         of Miller,                            counsel in the
                                                                                   employee benefits and human             e-mail:
                         Canfield,                             Detroit office.
                                                                                   resources policy administration.
                         Paddock &                             He focuses his
                                                                                   She most recently was the person-
                                                                                                                           1989 Douglass Class

Telgenhof, Allen, has joined             1991 Turner Class                     Williams Class                         Kuhn Class
                      the                Blanton, Derek, was named a           Martin, Todd, has been named           Covell, David P., has opened
                      Charlevoix,        Distinguished Alumnus of the Year     as a Chief Deputy Assistant State      The Law Offices of David P.
                      Mich., office of   for 2006 for Coastal Carolina         Attorney in Illinois. Martin joined    Covell, P.L.L.C., 316 Morris, Ste.
                      the law firm of    University. He is a magistrate and    the state’s attorney office in 1994.   300, Muskegon, Mich. He concen-
                      Running, Wise      municipal judge for Surfside Beach.   He prosecuted traffic, and then        trates his practice on estate plan-
                      & Ford, P.L.C.                                           felony cases before leaving to join    ning, probate matters, Medicaid
                      He was previ-      Reader, Carol Sue, was elected
                                                                               the LaSalle, Ill., law firm of         planning, elderlaw issues, and resi-
                      ously with the     to a six-year term on the district
                                                                               Herbolsheimer, Lannon, Henson,         dential real estate. Phone:
firm of Hayes, Telgenhof,                court bench in Livingston County,
                                                                               Duncan & Reagan, P.C., where he        (231) 725-2128.
Turkelson & Groat, P.C. He               Mich. She was previously in private
                                                                               focused on insurance defense and
focuses his practice on corporate        practice.                                                                    Stawiarski, Lawrence V., an
                                                                               criminal law. In his new position,
and business formation and                                                                                            associate principal with the law
                                         Lawrence Class                        Martin serves as the office manag-
litigation, municipal law and insur-                                                                                  firm of Foley, Baron & Metzger,
                                         Abood, Jerome F., is the              er and is responsible for non-drug
ance defense. He is a former                                                                                          P.L.L.C., in Farmington Hills,
                                         senior vice president of Signature    felony cases. He shares civil
Charlevoix school board president                                                                                     Mich., was appointed chair of the
                                         Associates-ONCOR International’s      responsibilities.
and city planning commissioner.                                                                                       Livingston-Washtenaw Legislative
                                         Lansing, Mich., office. Phone:
He is also the varsity baseball                                                Perfetti, Patrick A, a U.S.            League. As chair, he is responsible
                                         (517) 827-3000; e-mail:
coach for Charlevoix High School.                                              Navy Reserve Commander, was            for keeping small business owners
                                                                               recalled to active duty in             in the two communities informed
Johnson Class                            Costigan, J. Casey, has been          November 2005 and continues to         of legislation and legal rulings
Grosek, Debra B., was elected            appointed an associate judge in       serve as part of Operation Iraqi       affecting the organization, and
                     to the execu-       the 11th Judicial Circuit, in         Freedom. He is a Legal Affairs         serves as the group’s newsletter
                     tive commit-        Bloomington, Ill. He previously       Liaison Officer within the Civil       editor. He concentrates his law
                     tee of the          was in private practice in            Military Operations Directorate.       practice in the areas of complex
                     Wilkes-Barre        Bloomington since 1991, and most      He is a member of the Combined         business litigation, general corpo-
                     Law and             recently was a partner in the law     Review and Release of Detainees        rate, product liability, and intellec-
                     Library             firm of Costigan & Wolrab.            Board and the Joint Detainee           tual property matters. He also
                     Association.                                              Review Committee. He is also           serves as local and national coun-
                     She was also        Guerra, Ron G., has joined            assigned as the data analyst to the    sel throughout the United States
elected vice president of the board      Jordan Schrader, P.C., in Portland,   Internally Displaced Persons           for several multi-national corpora-
of trustees for the Marian               Ore. He focuses his practice on       Working Group. In civilian life, he    tions and has expertise in repre-
Sutherland Kirby Library in              property, contract, and employ-       is in private practice in Cortland,    senting start-up and high-tech
Mountaintop, Penn., where she            ment discrimination litigation, and   N.Y., and also works as corpora-       companies. Phone: (248) 488-
lives with her husband and two           wage, hour, and pension benefits.     tion counsel for the village of        1533; e-mail:
sons. She specializes in plaintiff’s                                           Homer, N.Y.                  
                                         1992 Montgomery Class
personal injury in northeastern
                                         Grasso, David S., of Liverpool,       1995 Bird Class                        1996 Stone Class
Pennsylvania. She can be reached
                                         N.Y., joined the law firm of          Gugino, Mark C., was married           Chalgian, Douglas G., of
through her website,
                                         Russell, Russell & Grasso, P.L.L.C.                         on Sept. 23,                           Chalgian &
                                         He focuses on civil litigation and                          2006 to Leah                           Tripp Law
1990 Wilson Class                        trial practice.                                             Glogowski, a                           Offices in
Fisher Jr., William, was elect-                                                                      registered                             Lansing,
                                         1994 Ostrander Class
ed to the bench for Decatur                                                                          nurse at                               Jackson, and
                                         Cuevas, Dennis P., was
Township Small Claims Court in                                                                       Cayuga                                 Ithaca, Mich.,
                                         appointed Consumer Protection
Marion County, Ind.                                                                                  Medical                                has authored a
                                         Project Director and Chief
                                                                                                     Center.Gugino                          book, The
Witherell Class                          Counsel at the National
                                                                               is a partner in the firm of Ravo       Michigan Medicaid Planning
Honsowitz, Aletha, Head of               Association of Attorneys General
                                                                               and Gugino in Ithaca, N.Y., where      Handbook, published by the
Public Services for the Cooley Law       (NAAG), based in Washington,
                                                                               they mainly work in the areas of       Michigan Institute of Continuing
Library at the Grand Rapids cam-         D.C. Founded in 1907, NAAG is
                                                                               personal injury, bankruptcy, family    Legal Education. The book, written
pus, was one of 11 Grand Rapids,         the association of State Attorneys
                                                                               law, and real estate. Gugino also      for attorneys and other profession-
Mich., area women nominated for          General. Before his recent
                                                                               owns a title company, is a licensed    als, is a comprehensive authority on
the 2006 Grand Rapids Athena             appointment, he was NAAG’s
                                                                               real estate broker, and a farmer.      the rules regarding Medicaid eligibili-
Award.                                   Consumer Protection Project
                                                                               E-mail:          ty for people in nursing homes and
                                         Manager and Counsel for nine
                                                                                                                      needing long-term care assistance.
                                         years. E-mail:
                                                                                                                      Phone: (517) 927-8558.

                                                                                                                           BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006              45
     class notes

     Lucido, Sebastian, was sworn            Fellows Class                            2000 Jay Class                        2001 Wilson Class
     in as judge of the 41-B District        Ross, Ken, chief of staff for the        Redick, Ronald M., a member           Lando, Shannon, has joined the
     Court in Macomb County, Mich.           Michigan Office of Financial and         of the law firm Mika Meyers           Rock Hill, S.C., law firm, the
     Previously he was president of          Insurance Services, is the new           Becket & Jones, P.L.C., in Grand      Morton & Gettys Firm, as an associ-
     Sebastian Lucido & Associates, P.C.     mayor pro tem in DeWitt, Mich.           Rapids, Mich., was reappointed for    ate. She focuses on estate, criminal
                                             He was re-elected to a second            a fifth term as chair of the Grand    law, and real estate matters.
     Tacia, John D., has been named
                                             four-year term on the DeWitt City        Haven Charter Township Planning
     Agency Services Manager for                                                                                            Blair Jr. Class
                                             Council in November 2006.                Commission. He practices primari-
     Michigan for Stewart Title                                                                                             Dunbar, Heather, joined
                                                                                      ly in the areas of municipal and
     Guaranty Co.                            1998 McDonald Class                                                            Cooley full-time as the Deputy
                                                                                      administrative law, and litigation.
                                             Winters, J. Kevin, has become                                                  Director of the Academic Resource
     Black Class
                                             a shareholder in the law firm of         Rutledge Class                        Center. She has served five years as
     Quinn, Michael D., was named
                                             Foster Zack Little Pasteur &             Habeck, Melissa K, an associ-         an instructor in Introduction to Law
     a partner in the law firm of
                                             Manning, P.C., in Okemos, Mich.          ate with Forsberg & Umlauf, in        and four years as an adjunct profes-
     Weigand, Mahon & Adelman, P.C.,
                                             His areas of practice are employ-        Washington, was selected as a         sor in Pretrial Skills.
     in Meriden, Conn. His practice
                                             ment law and litigation, real estate     Rising Star by Washington Law &
     areas include workers’ compensa-                                                                                       2002 Chase Class
                                             law and litigation, and intellectual     Politics in a survey of ‘Super
     tion, personal injury, and criminal                                                                                    Serrano, Cathy, accepted a posi-
                                             property and litigation. Phone:          Lawyers.’ She practices general
     defense. Phone: (203) 238-1010;                                                                                        tion as the human resources attor-
                                             (517) 706-5772; e-mail:       civil litigation with a focus on
     e-mail:                                                                                           ney for Allen County, Ind. She is
                                                         asbestos tort litigation, personal
                                                                                                                            also an adjunct faculty member at
     1997 Adams Class                                                                 injury, and construction defect
                                             Snow Class                               litigation.
                                                                                                                            IPFW, teaching Hospitality Law,
     Appel, Catherine, operates
                                             Catalano, A. Joseph, was                                                       and at IVY Tech, in the paralegal
     her own law practice in Wyoming,
                                             honored at the Business First            Pike, Victoria, of the Hill           studies division.
     Mich., and runs the legal franchise,
                                             Annual “Forty Under Forty.” He           Boren Law Firm in Jackson, Tenn.,     Phone: (260) 449-7455.
     We The People, in Lansing. The
                                             is a sole practitioner in the Buffalo,   has been certified as a Social
     franchise provides legal-document                                                                                      2003 Swainson Class
                                             N.Y., area focusing on criminal          Security Disability Advocate by the
     preparation for people who repre-                                                                                      Klein, Ronald D., was elected
                                             and family law.                          National Board of Trial Advocacy.
     sent themselves in simple, uncon-                                                                                      to the board of directors of
                                                                                      Certified attorneys represent their
     tested legal matters.                   1999 Flannigan Class                                                           Michigan Land Trustees, a non-prof-
                                                                                      clients at the state agency level,
     Phone: (517) 327-3240.                  Nichols, Michael J., and                                                       it organization dedicated to revital-
                                                                                      the hearing level, at the appeals
                                             Wendy M. Schiller-Nichols                                                      izing rural and urban communities
     Boer, Cindy A., has been                                                         council, and in federal court.
                                             (Rutledge Class, 2000), announce                                               by promoting responsible land use
                         named a                                                      Phone: (731) 423-3300.
                                             the opening of The Nichols Law                                                 and the development of localized
                         shareholder in
                                             Firm, P.L.L.C’s new building at          Schiller-Nichols, Wendy M.,           food and energy systems. He is
                         the law firm of
                                             3452 E. Lake Lansing Rd., East           and Michael J. Nichols (Flannigan     chair of the biotech consortium
                         Smith Haughey
                                             Lansing, Mich. Phone:                    Class, 1999), announce the open-      K-Pharm Alliance, and a solo practi-
                         Rice & Roegge,
                                             (517) 432-9000.                          ing of The Nichols Law Firm,          tioner. He was recently a guest
                         in Grand
                                                                                      P.L.L.C’s new building at 3452 E.     lecturer for the Western Michigan
                         Rapids, Mich.       Fead Class                               Lake Lansing Rd., East Lansing,       University College of Engineering
                         She practices       Czaplicki, Tatiana, now
                                                                                      Mich. Phone: (517) 432-9000.          and Applied Sciences on
     in the area of medical malpractice      works for Kolpak & Lerner in
                                                                                                                            “Intellectual Property and Patents:
     defense. Phone: (616) 774-8000.         Niles, Ill., practicing transactional    Cushing Class                         Issues of Inventorship and Property
                                             law, residential and commercial          Graham, Laura M., has joined
     Voelker Class                                                                                                          Rights.” He is also an adjunct pro-
                                             real estate, and land use and zon-       the State Bar of Michigan as pro-
     Giacomazza, Michael A.,                                                                                                fessor at Cooley.
                                             ing in Chicago and surrounding           gram manager in the justice initia-
     was lead defense counsel in a three-                                                                                   Phone: (269) 375-3073;
                                             areas. Phone: (847) 647-0336.            tives division, working on equal
     week jury trial in a Maryland state                                                                                    e-mail:
                                                                                      access issues. She most recently
     circuit court, and won a defense        Martin, P. Jeff, was married on
                                                                                      worked as a criminal defense trial    Roggenbuck, Amanda L., of
     verdict in a complex toxic tort case.   Nov. 11, 2006, to the former
                                                                                      attorney with the Washtenaw           Cass City, Mich., received a certifi-
     He practices in Baltimore City, Md.,    Angela Marie Adolphson, of
                                                                                      County Public Defender’s Office.      cate of completion in the areas of
     with Rollins, Smalkin, Richards &       Salem, Ohio. He is a registered
                                                                                                                            probate and estate planning from
     Mackie, L.L.C., where he concen-        patent attorney and partner of
     trates on the defense of medical        The McGougan Law Firm, L.L.C.,
     malpractice, toxic torts, and med-      in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.
     ical device and pharmaceutical          Phone: (843) 281-9901; e-mail:
     products liability. Phone: (410)
     472-2443; e-mail:

the Institute of Continuing Legal       Johnson, Jennifer, has joined            Edwards Class
Education and the Probate and           the law firm of Zanck, Coen &            Collins, Paul M., has joined
Estate Planning Section of the State    Wright, P.C., in Crystal Lake, Ill.,                                              Garrett, Nina Marie (Reid
                                                                                                      the law firm
Bar of Michigan. She owns and           as an associate. Her practice focus-                                              Class, 2006), passed away Sept.
                                                                                                      of Miller
operates a general law practice in      es on litigation. Previously, she was                                             29, 2006, in St. Louis, Mo.
                                                                                                      Canfield as
Cass City, practicing in the areas of   a city attorney in Chicago, in the                            an associate        Martin, Jan C. (Smith Class,
estate planning and family law.         municipal prosecutions division.                              in the firm’s       1985), 70, passed away Jan. 1,
                                                                                                      Environmental       2007 in Grand Rapids, Mich. He
Smith Class                             Webb, Margaret, has moved
                                                                                                      and Regulatory      was in private practice in Big
Heigley, Kerri Smith, and               her law practice to 1668 142nd
                                                                                                      Practice            Rapids, Mich.
her husband Brock announce the          Ave., Dorr, Mich. She specializes
                                                                                 Group, in Lansing, Mich.
birth of their first child, Brooke      in family law, including child abuse                                              Meany, Edward A., (Butzel
Madison, born on November 16,           issues, divorce, child custody, and      Poe, Laurel, has accepted a liti-        Class, 1979), 86, passed away
2006. Kerri is employed with            estate planning.                         gation position with the                 Feb. 1, 2007. He was in solo prac-
Goldberg, Persky & White, P.C.,         Phone: (616) 681-0100.                   Department of Homeland                   tice in Harbor Springs for many
in Pittsburgh, Penn.                                                             Security, Customs and Border             years before he ceased active
                                        Boyles Class
                                                                                 Patrol in Laredo, Texas. She also        practice in 1996. He received the
Henninger, Kristen, was mar-            Licari, Adam, is an attorney
                                                                                 was a winner at the first annual         State Bar of Michigan’s Pro Bono
ried on Oct. 6, 2006, to Matthew        with Colosimo, Patchin, Kearney
                                                                                 Legal Authors Award for excel-           Award in 1993. He spent his
Holland. They live in Little Egg        & Brunfelt, Ltd., in Virginia, Minn.
                                                                                 lence in writing from the Cooley         retirement writing a book on the
Harbor, N.J. Kristen is a staff         He is a general practice attorney
                                                                                 Legal Authors Society for her spy-       Second Amendment and compiling
attorney in the Family Unit at          with concentrations in family law,
                                                                                 ware article.                            other books. At the time of his
Ocean Monmouth Legal Services           real estate law, will preparation,
in Toms River, N.J.                     and elder law.                                                                    death, he was working on a novel
                                                                                 Simaytis, Brendan D., has
                                        Phone: (218) 741-4500.                                                            based on a 1968 northern
                                                                                 joined the law firm of Williams
Toy Class                                                                                                                 Michigan mass murder, which
                                                                                 Venker & Sanders, in St. Charles
Ortiviz, Ted, was named direc-          2006 Reid Class                                                                   his wife, Diane M. Smith, will
                                                                                 County, Mo., as an associate. His
tor of Housing and Human                Braem, Michael A., opened                                                         complete.
                                                                                 practice is primarily devoted to
Services in Pueblo County, Colo.        Braem Law Office, P.L.L.C., in
                                                                                 the defense of personal injury           Mills, Robert P. (Smith Class,
He previously worked in the Social      Lansing, Mich., on Oct. 1, 2006.
                                                                                 claims.                                  2003), 30, of Norton, Mass.,
Services Department.                    The practice focuses on general
                                        civil and criminal litigation.                                                    passed away Sept. 28, 2006 at
                                                                                 Sullivan, Monika L., has been
2004 Needham Class                      Phone: (517) 323-6330.                                                            home.
                                                                                 hired as an associate by the firm
Rettinghouse, Heidi, has
                                                                                 of Collins, Einhorn, Farrell &           Sartorelli, Joseph (Miles Class,
joined The Law Offices of James         Ernst, Joseph, has joined
                                                                                 Ulanoff. She concentrates her            1986), 52, Iron County (Michigan)
C. Egan, P.L.L.C., in Seattle,          Canady Law Offices in Lansing,
                                                                                 practice on the defense of               Prosecuting Attorney, passed away
Wash., as a junior associate attor-     Mich. He focuses his practice on
                                                                                 asbestos litigation, product liability   Nov. 24, 2006 from injuries sus-
ney practicing personal injury and      family law, personal injury, crimi-
                                                                                 litigation, attorney malpractice,        tained in an automobile accident.
criminal defense law.                   nal, and probate matters.
                                                                                 and trial-level briefing.
Swift Class                             Hyder, Steven, opened his own
                                                                                 Fitzgerald Class
Rossman, Todd A., has joined            law firm, Priority One Law, in
                                                                                 DeRouin, Amy, was married
the firm of Wolf Block Brach            Livingston County, Mich.
                                                                                 Aug. 12, 2006, to Timothy Bean
Eichler in New Jersey. His practice     Previously he was a paramedic
                                                                                 Simmons. She is employed by
area is business litigation.            with Livingston County.
                                                                                 Loomis, Ewert, Parsley, Davis &
2005 McAllister Class                   Wujcik, James M., has joined             Gotting, P.C.
Dodeles, Ivan, joined the Law           the law firm of Rodgers &
Firm of Patrick Patek, P.C., in         Coppola, L.L.P., in Buffalo, N.Y., as
Jersey City, NJ, as an associate        an associate in the litigation depart-
attorney. His practice includes per-    ment. His practice focuses on insur-
sonal injury, criminal defense,         ance defense. Before entering law,
workers’ compensation, and              he was a social studies teacher at
municipal defense.                      the Buffalo Academy for the Visual
Phone: (201) 656-6504;                  and Performing Arts, and was an
e-mail:               assistant baseball coach at
                                        D’Youville College in Buffalo.

                                                                                                                              BENCHMARKMICHAELMAS2006          47

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