Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence

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					                       Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence = Trust in Your Own Skills & Judgement. Here are some of the tips for becoming
more confident.

      Improve your Dressing Sense & Hairstyle
      Go to the Gym & Make your Body fit
      Develop Powerful Walking Style.
      Take Some Space for you while sitting, Standing
      Compliment others. This shows your generosity. And when someone compliments you
       say “Thank You”
      Sit in the Front Row in Social Gatherings & Meetings
      Be Vocal. Be the first to Start Speaking.
      Maintain Eye contact with others. This will help you to improve your communication
       skills also.
      Focus on Others
      Do involve yourself in Charity work. This improves your leadership skills.
      Help one Person a Day
      Smile always.
      Don’t Compare yourself with Others
      Have a passion and follow your passion.
      Label yourself Positively

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