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DSIJ SEO Case Study


DSIJ SEO Case Study

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									                             Improving SEO for DSIJ.IN – A Case Study

     •   Keyword performance & ranking           •   How web pages ranks in search engines for desired search terms
     •   Organic search traffic                  •   How to attract Unique visitors who arrive at from search engines
     •   Branded Vs. non branded traffic         •   How to increase organic search traffic includes brand- non-branded related keywords
     •   Unique search terms drive traffic           and generic keywords
     •   Conversion rate from organic            •   List of search phrases that visitors use to find site
         search                                  •   Visitors who arrived at site through organic search and became a lead

                                   My thought process towards strategic SEO

                                                     Establish Benchmarking
                 What percentage of DSIJ.In website traffic comes from organic search?
                 The conversion rate of DSIJ.In organic traffic into leads & customers
                 Which non-branded keyword phrases drive the most organic traffic to DSIJ.In Website?
                 DSIJ.In listing position IN the search engine Results pages (SERPs) for Keyword phrases for which we
                 want to rank

                                                         Core Mechanics:
I have found which search terms have driven the most qualified traffic to DSIJ.IN website (product or service related traffic that converts into
  leads and customers) & Traffic that visit to consume the free content. With this information, I have focused SEO efforts on creating
                     content and generating inbound links around search terms that drive real results for our business.
I have generated new long-tail variations from our highest-performing keyword phrases and target them in our content
creation and link building efforts. (How I have been split down strategic content matrix Ref-
strategy.html )

  When adding new keyword phrases to our arsenal, I have made sure to maintain a healthy balance of competitive and non-competitive terms. Our
  keyword strategy has included keyword phrases with high search volume and high competitiveness as well as terms that require less content. This
  balance allows us to steadily increase the amount of traffic we have generate from organic search month over month while I have also put efforts into
  ranking for more difficult search terms.

   Consumption Metrics Content -             Sharing Metrics Content -Keywords           Lead Generation Metrics Content -     Sales Metrics Content -
   Keywords                                                                              Keywords                              Keywords
   good stock market investments             best option strategy for nifty              stock market book                     Best PMS
   capital infusion in public sector banks   best book for stock market beginners        best mid cap stocks                   BTST Tips
   share market game online                  best small cap stocks for 2012              online equity research course         investment magazine
   muthoot finance ncd                       top 10 profit making companies in India     best equity research reports          best intraday tips
   large cap companies                       BSE Top Gainers Today                       Online stock market game              Stock Market Newsletter

Keyword Performance & Rankings:

   I have analysed which search terms have driven the most qualified traffic to our website - in other words, traffic that converts into leads and
   customers. With this information, I have focused on SEO efforts on creating content and generating inbound links around search terms (non
   cash keywords - After penguin effect) that drive real results for our business.

  Competitors Keywords                           Brand Keywords                        Product (Cash Keywords)               Fat Head Keywords
  anand rathi stock tips                         Dalal Street                          Investment Magazine                   Top (Embrace Long Tail Keywords)
  aditya birla money stock tips                  Dalal Street Tips                     PMS for NRIs                          Best (Embrace Long Tail Keywords)
  Motilal Oswal Stock Recommendations            Dalal Street Recommendations          Share market course                   List (Embrace Long Tail Keywords)
  ShareKhan Stock Recommendations                Dalal Street Download                 Stock market newsletter               Recommendations
  karvy stock tips                               Dalal Street Magazine                 Best option tips                      Tips (Embrace Long Tail Keywords)
  •   The rise in organic search traffic on by 80 % since May 2011
  •   Total number of indexed pages in Google increased by 22% (32k to 44k)
  •   Google cached - every after 4 hours (Initially it was 2 days)
  •   In the month of Feb 2012 we launched brand new website of DSIJ.IN (Smooth navigation, Clean unclutter design, Exclusive
      Content etc.)
  • Has started DSIJ Blog in the month of March 2012
             Introduce user generated content (external blogger-readers opinion), Sector wise analysis, Micro & Macro economic analysis etc.

           22 % increase in
          online conversion
          (online Sales) and
            traffic revenue

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