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					                                                A Q U A R I U S : THE wave backwas h
            HIGH    END PRODUCT COLLECTION                                                                        N AUTILUS ’ F EATURES :        TAILORED ON         Y OUR      NEEDS
A high end product is an object that matches design                                                             A QUARIUS    W AVE   has    been   developed         to    match       and
and performances intended in their wider meanings and                                                           upgrade the highest standards of performance actually
is then able to provide important benefits to the owner                                                         available on the market.
that reflects into important economic returns.                                                                  Equipped with the Wave Massage System on the whole
                                                                                                                chair (Massage model only) to provide a massage that
Design, performances and benefits are the key concepts
                                                                                                                replicates the one of a real masseur, with the XL flat
in the contemporary world since they bring pleasure,
                                                                                                                chair   to   host    comfortably       customer      with       different
appreciation, loyalty, and then incomes.
                                                                                                                sizes, with the electronic footrest (Massage model
A beautiful environment gives the idea of class and
                                                                                                                only) to supply a better comfort, Aquarius’ functions
professionalism, product with good performances make
                                                                                                                are managed by a sophisticated but reliable PC Unit.
the   hairdressers’     job    easier    and   more   enjoyable,
                                                                                                                The simple remote, high density chair foam, synthetic
relevant benefits make the customers feel comfortable,
                                                                                                                material     and     free   standing        column        and    the    XL
looked after and hugged.
                                                                                                                professional basin complete the product’s features to
Service, care and a skilful job: value for money.                                                               make it a U SER F RIENDLY AND P ROFESSIONAL product.

                              Benefits                                Visualizing the features                                               6,7
The Wave massage, producing real massage feelings, makes the          1) Electric   footrest   and   electro-
customer more relaxed and strong and let him enjoy the time              mechanic piston.
spent at the wash point. The XL flat chair hosts with satisfactory    2) Full chair length Wave massage
comfort people with different sizes and together with the                                                                                    2
                                                                         (also 2a, 2b).
electric footrest, that permit to find a better position, increases                                                                                     3
                                                                      3) XL flat chair in long lasting hard
the customer’ s satisfaction and then retention. The reliable pc
unit reduces the service expenses, the synthetic mateial self                                                                                          2a
                                                                      4) Synthetic and self standing body
standing column does reduces to zero the possible damages of
water leaking, the XL basin makes the stylist’ s job easier and       5) Control PC unit
                                                                      6) Professional basin
                                                                                                                             4                                              2b
more efficient, the high density foam improves the lifetime of
the unit and help to keep the quality standards of the unit for a     7) Aluminium tilting movement                                                5
much longer period of time.
Direct benefits for the salon customer and undirect for the Salon owner

                                                                       XL   chair       and   electric   footrest:   The     seat    of   High density chair foam: the material in which
                                                                       Aquarius is of XL dimension and has a flat                         the seat, back, footrest and sides of the unit’s
                                                                       design      to    host    the     greatest    part    of     the   chair are produced is high density foam.
                                                                       customers        comfortably.      The   footrest     can    be    A DVANTAGE: this kind of foam is very resistant to
                                                                       electrically adjusted in any position to complete                  stress and then maintains its elastic memory,
                                                                       the best possible comfort.                                         absorbing power and its comfort with no limit of time.
                                                                       A DVANTAGE: The greatest part of the customer base of              The comfort of the customer sitting on it is much
                                                                       the salon can sit comfortably even if the chair is not             improved and the lifetime of the products as well.
                                                                       adjustable. The footrest is essential in this situation            This means a higher customer satisfaction and lower
                                                                       since it support the customers’ legs so to permit them             maintenance costs. And the possibility to change the
                                                                       to find the best possible position during the                      products only when You will decide it and not because
                                                                       treatments at the backwash                                         it has lost its characteristics.
                             Adjustable footrest scheme

                                                                                          Direct advantages for the salon owner and staff
                          Full length Wave Massage System: the Wave
                          Massage is a new solution in the field of the                                                     XL Basin: The basin, designed and developed according to
                          seat massages. It permits to the lovers of true                                                   the requests of the hairdressers for dimensions and inner
                          massage to please their customers with the                                                        shape, is deeper and larger then the standard .
                          feelings of a real massage thanks to the 16                                                       A DVANTAGE: A comfortable basin improves the comfort of work of
                          solenoids that hit the chair with adjustable                                                      the stylist and then the results of treatments and the quality of
                          power, speed and combinations.                                                                    work and life into the salon.
                          A DVANTAGE: Making the customer feel looked after,
                          relaxed and pleased becomes quite essential in a                                      Aluminium Tilt: Aquarius Wave is equipped with the AgvGroup
                          place that is 100% connected with beauty and well                                     Industries aluminium tilt.
                          being. And a happy customer becomes quickly a                                         A DVANTAGE: The tilting movement is, with the body, the weakest part of a
                          loyal customer that means a safe and constant                                         unit since it is exposed to water leakage. The aluminium tilt, that’s also
                          income.                                                                               stronger then the metal one, prevent the risk of rust and damages.

            Electro-mechanic piston: it is the device that actually permits                                             Synthetic material and self standing body: The body of
            to adjust the chair position. There are two in the Aquarius                                                 Aquarius is made of a synthetic resin that is very resistant
            Wave.                                                                                                       to stress and does not need any metal frame
            A DVANTAGE: it is a device very reliable that comes from the medical                                        A DVANTAGE: the whole structure is lighter then the other units’
            industry. It does not require any sort of maintenance and has proven                                        ones. The use of synthetic materials prevents any risk of damages
            to be 100% reliable thus reducing heavily the maintenance costs and                                         caused by rust, that is normally common on backwashes. The wash
            time. And this means to improve the salon profitability.                                                    unit is much more reliable and maintenance much lower.

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