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Global Health Connections Committee (GHCC) of the IH Section
Conference call at Noon (east coast time)
on Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1. Welcome
Gopal Sankaran (Chair) welcomed the participants. Co-chairs Hala Azzam and Padmini Murthy
had scheduling conflicts and would not be on the conference call today.

2. Introductions and Announcements
All participants introduced themselves.

3. WFPHA 12th World Congress on Public Health, Istanbul, Turkey (April 27-May 1, 2009)
Gopal congratulated and thanked Morgan Taylor (APHA) and Vina HuLamm (APHA) for all their
efforts in organizing the World Congress as well as extending help to participants. He
mentioned that a number of colleagues from the International Health section presented papers
and these sessions were well attended. APHA was well represented in the Congress both in
terms of organization and participation. Morgan mentioned that opportunities for
participants/attendees to offer their feedback about the event would be made available
shortly. In the meantime, Vina and she requested that feedback about the Congress be sent to
them (morgan.taylor@apha.org or VHuLamm@wfpha.org).

Morgan indicated that the 13th World Congress would be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. While
the dates for the Congress have not been finalized, it is likely to be held in May 2012. The
Ethiopian Public Health Association has already started preparations for hosting the Congress.
Call for Abstracts would go out sooner and more reviewers would be needed for the 13 th World

4. International Health Section Mid-Year Meeting
The IH Section Mid-Year meeting will be held on Thursday, May 28, 12.45pm-2.15pm, at Omni
Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D.C. All are invited to attend. The meeting will be held in
conjunction with the 36th Annual International Conference on Global Health Council (see

At this meeting, usually each committee of IH Section offers a progress report on its plan of
action for the year as well as what activities are planned for the rest of the year. This meeting
provides an excellent opportunity to network with people from IH Section and the Global
Health Council.

5. Progress on our Plan of Action
Gopal mentioned that we are a little behind in sending out the needs assessment survey to our
colleagues overseas. The sub-committee comprising of Jaya Prakash (Kaplan University),
Michele Dyne (Mayo Clinic), Len Novilla (Brigham Young University) and Gopal will be working
closely with Morgan and Vina to develop and distribute the survey soon.

Gopal will be sending out today the invitation to all chairpersons of various Sections, SPIGs,
Caucuses and Forums within APHA to appoint/reappoint a liaison to the IH Section. Lately a
number of E-mail messages have been bouncing back indicating that some of the liaisons from
before have moved on and are not receiving communication from us.

Thanks to the efforts of all members of GHCC, Dr. Georges Benjamin, Executive Director, APHA
has agreed that there would be a separate Welcome Counter in the Registration area for
overseas participants at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia in November. Gopal would request
members at a later conference call to volunteer to staff the Welcome Counter.

APHA could not accommodate our request for reduced registration for overseas members from
developing nations to participate in the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. This is due to the
financial crisis that we are in now. However, this issue will be considered by APHA for future
years. GHCC will continue to advocate and work with APHA on this matter.

Morgan informed the participants that APHA is now interested in developing a mechanism by
which all units within APHA would be able to come together and advocate for
international/global health issues. At present, GHCC (housed within IH Section), is facilitating
this process. APHA would like to see this institutionalized for a variety of reasons. Currently, IH
Section is the only section that receives staff support from APHA.

Jalal Ghaemghami (Boston) indicated that we still have a long way to go to facilitate joint
programming with overseas members (particularly from resource poor settings) in the areas of
research, publication/presentation, training and education. Annual Meetings provide an
opportunity for participants to network with colleagues from other units within APHA, but such
opportunities are limited and occur only once a year. A way to make such opportunities
available throughout the year is essential. Another area that needs consideration is to fundraise
(including from exhibitors at the APHA Annual Meeting and businesses) to subsidize joint
programming expenses. He asked what plans APHA has to further such efforts. Morgan replied
that these excellent ideas would be considered in future deliberations as APHA tries to
institutionalize international/global health activities.

6. Other Business

Gopal thanked the members for participating in the conference call. The call ended at

Dates to note!

Thursday, May 28, 2009         12.45pm-2.15pm
                               International Health Section Mid-Year Meeting
                               Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009        Noon-1.00pm
                               GHCC Conference Call

Wednesday, September 9, 2009   Noon-1.00pm
                               GHCC Conference Call

Sunday, November 8, 2009       11.00am-Noon
                               GHCC Business Meeting
                               APHA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA


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