Conversion of Negative Gearing Property into a Positive One by negative2positive


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									Conversion of Negative Gearing Property into a Positive

A friend of mine had got a new job but it was far away from his residence, so he
decided to shift there. He was planning to keep his property idle and I told him
that it is not a good idea to keep the property as a negative gearing one.

We published advertisements as well as conveyed to our known source if there
was anyone who required house on rent, but we didn’t receive a suitable one.
Later on, as suggested by one of my relative, we contacted Paul and Karen and
they helped us in finding a suitable renter.

Through the conversations that took place between us, we were fully convinced
that they will find a suitable renter for us. They did so and my friend got his
renter within a month.

My friend had shifted to his new location and is free from all worries about the
property as the above two personnel have taken complete responsibility of the
renters and he used to receive the rent amount every month without any fail.

Their support in understanding our needs has helped my friend to get renters
very soon and the property didn’t remain as a negative gearing one.

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