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					 What is Biometrics Appointment

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Biometrics:- literally means life measurement and is associated with
utilization of distinctive physiological characteristics for identifying
individuals. Though most important application related with biometrics is
that of security, it is used as the computer interface too.A range of Biometric
applications are being used for authenticating person’s identity.

Identification method using biometric characteristics is being preferred over
conventional PIN and passwords based methods. Due to various advantages,
biometrics technology is gaining popularity. The need of physical presence at the
time of identification with these systems makes identification even more authentic.
Use of this technology also overcomes necessity of remembering passwords and
Pins. This automated technology thus makes verification and identification easier
by identifying behavioral and physiological characteristics.

History:-Chinese were the first ones to use biometrics in the 14th century. They
used to take prints of feet and hands of the newborns to differentiate them from
one another. Alphonse Bertillon introduced anthropometrical study called Bertillon
age. This was known to be initial modern step for systematically identifying people
with the use of biometrics. 11 different measurements were used by the system.
These measurements identified the individuals with assumption that two
individuals cannot be same.

Classification/Types:-Biometrics can be divided into two groups based on
purpose- verification and identification. Verification system is more popular among
the two types. These biometrics banks on the database of the approved signatures
prepared well in advance. System checks the signatures with already stored ones
in the database to verify the identity.

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