Sight Word Phrases by yurtgc548


									Sight Word
a few
a little bit
a lot
a new house
after all
all day long
all in all
an old man
an open door
another time
any day
any of them
are there any
are you ready
are you there
as I said
be good
be quiet
because I can
before and after
behind you
better be going
better than
both of us
but I don’t
by the way
by your side
call again
call back later
call me back
can I come
can we use
can you play
can you see
can’t help it
come again
come back
come in
come over
come with me
could have
cut it out
did you read
do it over
do you mind
doing well
don’t ask
don’t say that
don’t tell me
enough for now
every time
excuse me
feel good
first of all
for sure
forget about it
found out
from then on
get a ride
get along with
get in line
get out
get there first
give me some
go ahead
go away
go on
go over
go this way
go to bed
going to
good enough
good for you
good job
good luck
good night
good work
got lost
guess what
half an hour
have fun
he and I
have some more
have to go
have you heard
haven’t been there
haven’t seen you
him and her
hold on
hope not
hope so
how are you
how can I
how come
how is
how many times
hurry up
I also have
I am
I asked for
I can’t say
I don’t know
I don’t think
I guess not
I guess so
I had to
I like
I love
I made it
I’m busy
I’m not done
I’m sorry
in a minute
in a while
in between
in the end
into the house
isn’t easy
it’s different than
it’s time for
it’s used for
just kidding
keep it up
keep out
kind of
last year
leave me alone
let’s go
live together
look at that
look out
look up
lost and found
make it up
many people
may I please
may we
might as well
More often than
more or less
most people
much better
my name is
neither of us
never again
never mind
nice job
no problem
no way
No, thank you
not again
Not anymore
not bad
not right now
nothing to it
now and then
of course
on our own
once more
one more time
one or two
one, two, three
only one left
open the door
other than that
our old car
out of
People say
put that down
ready for
ride a bike
ride the train
right away
right there
run around
run away
same place
say hello
see you around
see you later
see you soon
see you then
set it up
she has
she said so
she thought about
should have
since then
sit down
so do I
so what if
some of us
some other time
speak too soon
speak up
still here
still there
Such as
sure thing
take a walk
take away
take care of
take it easy
take off
take your time
that is his
that was it
that was when
that way
that’s all
that’s right
the first time
the last word
the long way
their mom
then again
there were some
there you go
those are my
they came over
they did it
this is from
this is her
this or that
this way
these people
three men
through the water
time to go
to and from
too bad
too many people
too much
too small
too soon
try again
two of us
under the sea
until next time
until then
up and down
up to you
very good
very big
want to know
way to go
we have always
we have not
we saw them
well done
went away
what about
what could we
what happened
what I mean
what if
what number is
what they said
what time is
what you say
what’s going on
what’s up
what’s wrong
when did you
when does he
when you can
where are the
where were you
which way
who is it
who is that
who knows
who said
who’s there
why don’t you
why not
will you give
would you like
write to me

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