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Everson vs


									        Everson                    Supreme Court
 The statute passed              The taxes taken were for a
  authorized the state to take     public purpose of educating
  money from some people           children.
  and give it to others.          Providing transportation is
 Violated the Due Process         similar to police protection,
  Clause of the Fourteenth         everyone is entitled to it, so
  Amendment.                       it should not be taken away
 Support of religious             because of religion.
  education-violated First
 Case was heard November 20th, 1946.
   Taxpayer Arch R. Everson argued that granting parents of
    parochial school students aid was in violation of the New
    Jersey Constitution and the First Amendment.
 The case was decided on February 10th 1947.
   The 5-4 decision ruled against the plaintiff.

   Decided that the state bill was constitutionally legitimate.
 Justice Hugo Jackson, with the help of the Supreme
 Court ruled that the New Jersey Statute was
 constitutionally right.
    Helped educate children, whether parochial or public school,
     this tax helped all families that used public transportation for
     their children.
    This case is significant because it helped
      the public understand the use of government
      financing to help our younger generations with
      their educations.

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