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					          Wonder Women Orientation Checklist
Complete the following tasks after attending your Orientation Workshop. Once
you have completed all 8 tasks, return this checklist to me to receive your prize!

____1. Schedule and hold your Business Debut in the next 2-3 weeks.
           _____a. The date is: ___________
           _____b. Make your guest list
           _____c. Send invitations by mail/ email (1-2 weeks ahead)
           _____d. Make RSVP calls (2-3 days before the date) to confirm
           the number of guests to expect (When15 guests attend you earn a
           special gift!)

____ 2. Listen to the Inventory cd and decide on an inventory level. Call your
      Director to discuss your decision…. then place your inventory order.

       Your 15th day is: _____________

____3. Book your Perfect Start(15 faces) or Power Start(30 faces)!
           You can always grow the 15 to 30 as you go

____4. . Complete the FIRST STEPS program on the Intouch website.
            ~Enroll 15 Customers to receive a MK catalogue from you..FREE
            ~Order or make your business cards. (MK Connections)
            ~Make a decision about purchasing a Mary Kay web site ($25 for
              the first year)

____5. Open a separate checking account for your Mary Kay business with a
       debit card, & set up your Propay account on
____6. Observe an actual class with your director & complete observation form

____7. Write the next conference call training dates in your planner. See
       Jo Ellen for the current schedule. You will want to be sure to complete all
        4 sessions.
____8. Review the Business Basics and Product Knowledge guide that comes in
       your starter kit.

  By completing the tasks listed above within 30 days, you can
                              earn a
   FREE microdermabrasion set for yourself & your business!
Name ______________________________________________date ________________


                   MARY KAY COSMETICS
                New Consultant Training Packet

                   National Sales Director:
                  Karen Piro – Diamond Area
                      1704 Cliffview Drive
                       Plano, TX 75093

                Elite Executive Senior Director:
                         Connie Russo

                Executive Senior Sales Director:
                         Marge Means

                   Independent Sales Director:
                      Jo Ellen Weaverling
                       102 Berwick Drive
                      Boalsburg, PA 16827
             Business-814-466-2365 Cell-814-883-7203


                  Unit Hotline- 16462220092 (great resource on this site is LearnMK)

           Consultant Contact Center 1-800-272-9333

                Medical Relations (972) 687-5577

Welcome to Mary Kay Cosmetics and our Wonder Women unit!! You are on the
threshold of an opportunity equal to your ambitions. The next few weeks are so
important for your career. This study and practice time will lay the foundation of your
new business. If you find yourself feeling nervous, it’s normal!! I want to help!!

In the next 4 weeks you will be completing your training via conference call.
               Business management (paperwork) Workshop
               Booking Workshop
               Behind the Scenes of a Skin Care Class Workshop
               Recruiting Workshop

The trainings will provide you with the working skills to:
               ~ Build a solid base of customers
               ~ Generate income in your new retails sales business
               ~ Grow a team of women to work with you as you advance up the Mary
               Kay Career Path.

Once you complete all four trainings, you will earn an invitation to the next Red Power Hour with
Jo Ellen and the Star Recruiters in our unit!

One of the best ways to grow your business is taking part in our Pizza
                        & Pampering Nights!

Guests always get special treatment as we pamper them with our #1 selling brand of Mary Kay
products. This is also a great place for guests to hear the MK opportunity in a fun, inspiring way!
This provides on-going training and motivation for you; and a place to bring guests, book your
apts. and easily earn some extra cash! Please take this as a most serious part of your business.
Schedule meeting nights in your calendar; be on time.

                                        OUR SCHEDULE:
                            (See our newsletter for specific details each month.)
Tuesday & Thursday evenings = Pizza & Pampering at Windmere Hall from 6:30-
8:30pm. Cost $4 for consultants. Guests are FREE. Attire is business.
Last Wednesday of the month = Casual Night at my home. Cost $1 and attire is
something comfortable!!

    1. Tell everyone what you are doing—share the products and the
    2. Bring guests to Mary Kay functions…. they will get pampered!
    3. Do not buy products from another consultant – the company
       discourages trading, borrowing, or loaning products to each other. You’ll
       want to stock your shelves to meet the specific needs of your preferred
    4. You may sell product to anyone at your class; however, if she already
       has a Mary Kay consultant, you do not retain her in your customer file.
    5. Work your business consistently. Consistent daily activity is the real
       key to success.
    6. Learn to overbook. Mary Kay parties are looked at as “extras“ in many
       hostesses’ eyes. Do not take cancellations personally. They provide you
       with the opportunity to grow in perseverance!
    7. Don’t touch customers’ faces…you may be violating your state’s strict
       cosmetologist licensing laws and the customer will be more confident if
       she learns to apply the product herself.

                               Mary Kay Image Checklist

Grooming~    Hair…neat, professionally styled, clean
             Face…wear the product!! You must have credibility as a consultant. Do not go to an
             appointment or meeting without touching up.
             Nails…neat and polished.

Clothing~    Wear a Dress or skirted business suit to all Mary Kay functions. This includes
             meetings, trainings, interviews, classes/parties etc.—no pants, unless your director has
             specified that pants are okay. Your appearance is your business; it’s essential you look
             *We do have one casual SUCCESS NIGHT a month.

             Shoes should be clean and stylish with heels in good condition. They should be closed
             toed and comfortable. (Boots should not be worn to Mary Kay functions unless it is a
             fashion boot)

             Wear your Mary Kay pin.

Car ~        It is your office on wheels…keep it clean.

Etiquette~   No smoking at Mary Kay functions.
             You should consume no alcoholic beverages at MK events.
             Keep your words positive and professional at all times.

Time Wise is a breakthrough skin care system that provides visible anti-aging
benefits. Used together (Cleanser, Moisturizer, and foundation), it will give
customers the look and feel they want. The CLEANSER not only cleans the skin,
but also masks and freshens. It consists of antioxidants of Vitamin E. It
smoothes the skin with microbeads and firms with Retinyl Palmitate (a vitamin A
derivative). The freshening effect is botanicals. The age-fighting MOISTURIZER
brings visible anti-aging benefits in an oil free lotion. It firms and brightens as it
reduces the appearance of fine lines. Also contains Vitamin E and botanicals.
Hydrates the skin for up to ten hours. It quickly absorbs into the skin infusing it
with a hydrating formula to leave it feeling soft and supple.

Mary Kay is the best selling brand of facial skin care and color cosmetics in the
U.S. One of the reasons that Mary Kay is so EXCEPTIONAL and so well liked is
because we teach our customers how to use it correctly. If we “break the basic”
the customer will be disappointed with the product before she even starts to use
it all together. Then if someone asks her how she liked Mary Kay, she’ll shrug
and say, “It’s no different than anything else.” Or worse yet, “I don’t like it!” And
the truth will be that she hasn’t even been using it properly. Remember that we
have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee…but that guarantee is
meaningless unless the customer is using the products as instructed. It is our
obligation as consultants to teach a well-put together skin care program so that
the guests at the class will understand why the products are used together and,
therefore, sold together. Remember, every woman is coming to the skin care
class for fun, education, and hopefully going to be leaving with her new and
perhaps first skin care program. We want them to be happy and get the results
we know they are looking for. It is our responsibility to ourselves and to Mary
Kay Cosmetics that these women are using the Skin Care Program correctly and

       Never break the Basic skin care set for a new customer (TimeWise
       or Velocity, 3 piece set).
       It is required that you set up a second facial for all Basics sold.
       Usually the customer will have a class. This is the lifeline of your business.
       Two-fold reason is to check on the products to make sure they are
       working properly and to meet new people.
       Take good care of your Basic customers. Call Basic customers back
               -2 days to check on progress
               -2 weeks to see them for a second facial
               -2-3 months to check on their progress and see if they need
       anything (Use the Preferred Customer Program)

                      JEWELS OF SHARING!!
     All Consultants can earn their very own set when you share the MK
                       opportunity in the next 30 days!

   Earrings: Hold 3 practice interviews with your director in a two week period. (Interviews can be 3-
   way calls, guests that stay for marketing after any event or schedule a Career Coffee (1 on 1) with
   your director.)

   Necklace: Hold 3 more practice interviews with your director in the following two weeks.
      (Interviews can be 3-way calls, guests that stay for marketing after any even or schedule a
                              Career Coffee (1 on 1) with your director.)

                    Ring: Sponsor 1 New Active Team Member in the next 30 days!

                Track your interviews as you hold them
                First Two weeks                      Second Two Weeks
         Name                   Date           Name                   Date
                             CHALLENGES AND AWARDS
*New Team Member: _______________________ Datesheets need to be turned in via
  Weekly/Monthly – from your Director*Accomplishment
                                                     of agreement: ________________
      Mary Kay Ash believed in praising women to success &
       providing “Cinderella” prizes for accomplishments!
You will earn prizes as your work your Mary Kay business. Just remember to turn in your
weekly accomplishment sheets via Intouch or a hard copy to receive your prizes!

Monthly-Given by Jo Ellen each month-Check the newsletter for info.
          Monthly incentives –ask Jo Ellen for the current incentive sheet/contest
          Ribbons are given out at for your sales accomplishments
          Friday Check and/or Grand Day Drawing

Quarterly – from the Company and your Director
           Star consultant ladder pin and gemstone based on your wholesale orders:
                      $1800 = Sapphire
                      $2400 = Ruby
                      $3000 = Diamond
                      $3600 = Emerald
            Various prizes from the company based on your star consultant level
            Recognition in newsletter and at meetings
            FREE Dinner at our STAR CONSLUTLANT DINNER held at end of each
             Quarter at the PENN STATER
            Recognition in Applause magazine

Yearly – from the Company and your Director (year runs from July 1 until June 30)
             * Ask Jo Ellen to see the specific Prizes for this seminar year!
            Order $36,000 retail ($18,000 wholesale) –National Court of Sales –
               choice of diamond rings or other fabulous prizes from the Company
            Order $20,000 retail ($10,000 wholesale) – Piro Court of Sales – fabulous
               year-end prize from your Director
            Order $10,000 retail ($5,000 wholesale) – Weaverling Court of Sales –
               special year-end prize from your Director
            Get 24 qualified recruits (order minimum $600) – National Court of
               Sharing – diamond bee pin from the company
            Get 10 qualified recruits – Piro Court of Sharing – fabulous year-end prize
               from your Director
            Get 5 qualified recruits – Weaverling Court of Sharing – special year end
               prize from your Director
                                Your Business Debut
Invite 50-75 guests to your debut to ensure that you get 20-15 there! You can use
the post card invite enclosed…or make your own.
Your debut is a great way to kick start your business! Your Director and recruiter BOTH come to
help you Sell, Book and Recruit. Remember; working the business FULL CIRCLE is the key to
success!! At your debut your guests will get to try some products (Satin hands, satin lips…etc..)
and they will get to Preview Our entire product line. This is not an actual facial appointment OR
an Open House. Please invite them to come for the debut and stay for the entire two hours.

You earn a special gift if you have 15 guests present (guests must 18+).
              Write on the front of your invitation in Red: I’m counting on you coming –I need
               your support!!
              Make 50-75 copies and mail all of them/ is a great online invitation
                        Follow up with a phone call to all your guests to confirm they are
                        coming and let your director know 24 hours ahead of time how many
                        Yes’s have confirmed! OR LET JO ELLEN MAKE THE RSVP CALLS 2-
                        3 DAYS AHEAD FOR YOU!!!!

Script for answering machine:
Hi Sue, it’s Mary. I’m counting on you coming to my Business Debut on Saturday –I’d love to
have your support as I kick off my new Mary Kay Business!! You are more than welcome to bring
a friend! I’ll tell you what; just call me if you can’t come!! I can’t wait to see you!!
Script for personal call:
Hi Sue, this is Mary. I’m calling you about Saturday. I’m so excited to introduce you to the Number 1 Skin
care brand in the USA.…you can come, can’t you?
If she cannot come:
That’s okay—you can still help me though. I need to practice on 30 faces in 30 days to finish my training.
Can I use your pretty face to practice color on? (Set a date)

The day of the debut: You have 1 job …booking your guests!! Get that Power Start
director and recruiter will take care of the rest of the program.
Find a friend/family member to serve the food.

Things you’ll need:
Pens, Satin hands demo, books, sales slips, and profile cards (one for each guest), Date book,
Light refreshments, Calculator and change. You can display your beauty case and your roll up
closing bag.

We call A Small Debut a Kick Off Class & usually have 6-10 guests attend.
Results of a Business Debut or Kick Off Class?
    1. You get your first Sales…most likely your first basic customers.
    2. You get bookings…your Recruiter/Director will talk to each person there about helping
       you start your business by booking their own skin care class.
    3. ALL of your guests hear the MK marketing information from your Recruiter/Director. So
       you’ll be on your way to growing your team!

             Let’s make a list now, of 50-75 people that you know
                   so that you can invite them to your debut!

 F              R                   A                  N                 C
(Friends)   (Relatives)      (Acquaintances)       (Neighbors)      (Co-Workers)
         Perfect/Power Start Checklist


                        FIRST…a perfect start
 _______1. Schedule 5-8 classes with dates and times (see tracking sheet attached) to
 be held in a 2-week period. Start this challenge after you hold your debut!

 _______2. Hold at least 5 of the above scheduled 8 classes (or do 15 faces in 15 days)
 in the 2-week period. CALL YOUR DIRECTOR AFTER EACH CLASS!!

 Turn in your face page to receive your PERFECT START PIN!!

                     NEXT…a power start
 _______3. Turn your Perfect Start into a POWER START by Doing #1 and #2 (your
 Perfect Start) again…. (or do 30 faces in 30 days). You will then receive the CRYSTAL

 Turn in your Face page and trade your PERFECT START PIN for your
                  30 faces in 30 days!
                        Track them here!





                                                    = 30

    Mark the date and name of the face! Keep track of the basic
                      skin care sets you sell!
       15 faces in 15 days = Perfect start pin 
30 FACES in 30 days =Power start Pin + P. S. Unit Prize! 

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