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									How to tell real or fake photos / edits using the system properties windows xp /
windows 7

Today many fake photos circulating on the internet. How the easiest way to
detect that the photo is genuine or has been teredit or perhaps a picture is fake.
Before proceeding with this post have made a deal with friends visitors about the
photo that will be the term I use in this post. There are three categories of
pictures to be used in support of this discussion:
A. The original photo, the photo is really straight shots from a pocket camera /
digital camera or camera phone. (This image can be detected directly using file
system properties windows xp / windows seven).
2. The original photo but it teredit (photo editing), the object is located on a
pristine image, but may have been in the crop / cut some parts so different from
the original image size.
3. Fake photo is the result of modification / manipulation of the original image
using the graphics processing software like Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop, corel or
other images processing software.

In general, using the file system properties windows 7/XP we can only distinguish
two categories: original image (as meta data are still incomplete), and photo
editing (because meta data is not complete anymore). Photo editing can be a
reference to us to determine whether the image is genuine or fake. To determine
the photo is the original photo that has been teredit or 100% fake pictures still
need to do some visual analysis and analysis using advanced digital processing
software images.

In this post alone just described how the track / check images that may be
circulating on the internet that is pure 100% authentic, or the original image is the
possibility / likelihood of false please see the following figure.
A. If you are presented with sexy photos, my friends used to check the validity of
the image is not immediately believe:

Windows XP users 2.Untuk
Open windows explorer, locate the image file to be in check authenticity

3. In the Properties dialog box select the tabulation Summary
Click the Advanced button
4. Will appear as below
Because the image is genuine it will be listed attributes: Width, Height, Equipment
make: Nokia Camera Model N70-1, complete with color representation, Shutter
Speed, Aperture Lens, Flash Mode, image capture date and various other
attribute data.
It is certain that three and a modem card image above was photographed using a
camera on the Nokia N70 as listed (if the date might be wrong because I tereset
hp at the date of default due to bateray power off, before making snap a picture).
5. For users of Windows 7, the same steps as above,
a.Buka windows explorer
Next right click on any image to be in check the authenticity of her photos
In the File Properties dialog box, select Detail tabulation, the results are as shown
This photo was taken of using a digital camera Samsung Digimax A503. Images are
guaranteed 100% authentic. 10.09.2008 shooting date.
6. What if the photo has been edited or modified, then the system properties file
would look like this
Properties images that have been edited / modified the data only Width, Height,
Horizontal Resolution, Vertical Resolution, Frame count. Propertiesseperti
dwngan image above the original suspect 50% or 50% false. To test the 100% false
to do a visual analysis or advanced digital analysis.
By using the windows file system properties 7/XP least we can know in the
beginning of an outstanding photo is 1000% authentic or has teredit, without the
need to bother using the authenticity of the image detection software.
Any free software that function is similar to the system properties windows is a
JPEG Snoop, the download link can be seen below

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