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					Dragon Naturally Speaking: Increase Productivity
If you are interested in the fine art of “Voice to Text” and you have not heard of Dragon, then you better read on…

Anyone that uses a computer can benefit from Dragon Naturally speaking. If you are a fast moving person with lots of projects going
on            at one time this very ideal for productivity. Voice recognition software allows you to multi task while conveying your
               thoughts at the same time.

         You can write any type of document or article and is much faster than typing. If you speak accurately and clearly this program
     can be extremely accurate. This program was created for people to use their voice to translate in to text, and who need it to be
precise. This software can read voice patterns and then transfers in to text data within an instant. This is key for the person with
multiple computer projects or the slow typer. It helps for them to add speed to their projects.

                                   Increase Productivity While Remaining Hands Free

This program is quite useful for anyone that may not be able to type because of a disability or anyone that suffers from dyslexia.
Regardless of the limitations or lack of, this program is efficient and will certainly increase productivity.

A fantastic tool for writers, bloggers, or marketing professionals, this allows you to update your data in real time. This program can be
used for social media updates such as Facebook and Twitter, which is quite useful for anyone that frequently uses these platforms.
Dragon is extremely fast and can also be individualized to your preferences. You must train this program to your own voice so it can
learn your speech habits and patterns.
                                                         Multitask with Class

If used accurately it can be up to five times as fast as regular typing. For all of us who spend hours of our days in front of computers,
tablets, or smart phones our eyes and fingers get tired too. This is a great way to be productive and efficient even in your most
exhausted times. This software is ideal for anyone who faces deadlines. The text can be created as fast as you talk and will allow for
you to multiply the amount of work you can do.

For example blog posts and articles begin to increase rapidly with this program and we all know the more quality work we produce,
the better. Dragon Naturally Speaking becomes your in-house assistant. It also becomes your in-house editor with efficient grammar
and spell check. This software has begun to revolutionize the industry with many of us wondering where has this been? The innovative
software allows for us computer slaves and lovers to finally get a break we need and gain some support. This software is your new best
friend, assistant, and vacation from our ultra busy life style.

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Description: A fantastic tool for writers, b loggers, or marketing professionals, this allows you to update your data in real time.