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      Oh Noooooo

   We are going to look at
What it used to be like 150 years ago
What you think it might have been like
50 years ago
What it is like now
How it might change
And also how what we buy has changed

Lets look at Rhayader 150 years

 Taken around 1900 the Lewis family and their
shop staff have lined up. The shop was a bakers
    and confectionery business in Rhayader

Some of the trades in Rhayader

Trades in

     How has it changed?
What did they have that we don’t?
What do we have that they didn’t?
How was this town different do you think
from a town in England – say nearer

Rhayader today

What do think it was like 50 years
 What was different?
 What has changed?
 The things people bought
 Where the goods came from?

       About 45 years ago
If I wanted sweets I went to the village shop
and post office – it was about 20 minutes walk
or 1 mile or 1.6km – it was were I went to my
first school
But if we needed bread, or meat or groceries
it was 30 minutes walk or 1.5 miles or 2.5 km to
the next village where we would visit the
butcher (there were 2) or the bakers or the
But if you had a telephone and could wait, you
could always ring up and order meat or
groceries and bread was delivered 3 times a
Milk came everyday from the dairy farm just
down the road
       About 45 years ago
That village also had a bigger
post office which sold more
things and also a proper         PS Just checked the
sweet shop with the sweets          website and the
lined up in jars – called Mrs     buses that used to
                                   run still do – and
Pobgies.                         the route of one has
And there was a doctor           been extended – so
there as well a garage and       if I still lived there,
taxi service                     I could now catch a
                                     bus to the big
By the way there was not a               village!
bus either way so you walked!

       About 45 years ago
If we wanted more expensive things, like
carpets or clothes or furniture, then we had to
go 5 miles or 8km in one direction or 7 miles or
11 km in the other direction.
There were buses about every hour to both
towns, as not many people had cars
There were lots more shops in the towns, like
Sainsbury’s but not as you know it!
Supermarkets had not got here from America.
There were fish and chip shops but Indian and
Chinese food had not arrived
      What is it like now?
Both villages still have a school
The bigger village still has a post office,
general store and also one butcher
The baker is still baking but has moved onto
another larger place and shut down their
original shop
Both villages have a pub but the smaller one
has a hotel above theirs
Interesting: the small village has a weekly
farmers market where they can get fresh
meat, fish, vegetables as well as bread and
cakes and other things besides
What was it like when my daughter
  was a bit younger than you?
We lives on the edge of a small town
The sweetshop and paper shop was only about
200m away
But the main town was about 800 metres
(about 10minutes walk)
There you could go to 2 supermarkets, but
there was still 4 butchers, 2 green grocers, as
well as a chemists, 2 clothes shops, 2 small
electrical shops, a cinema, several fish and chip
shops and takeaways, a carpet shop, a small
furniture store
But to get anything large, we needed to go 20
miles to big town
 What has happened since?
There is no green grocers and only 2 butchers.
The supermarkets provide a much greater
variety of things
There are still quite a variety shops but the
cinema has gone
The big town now had 3 big out of town
centres with mega stores in each
The middle of the big town is a bit run down
but it has a lot of the well known names still
But all the best shopping is on the outside
Where do you do most of your
If you wanted to get a newspaper or sweets or
a bottle of milk – how far would you go?
How would you get there?
What about the main family food shop – do you
get most of it in the supermarket? Or do you
go to different shops for different things?
How far to you go? How do you get there?
Could you go by public transport – or isn’t
there any?

       Now the future …
What do you think it will be like in
another 50 years?
Think about carbon footprint.
Will we be buying as much?
How will we buy it?

What I would like you to do is ..
 Find out from AT LEAST 2 people about
 shopping when they were young
 of which at least one was a child about
 40 + years ago
 What questions do you think you could
 ask them?

  This is what I want you to fill in
             When you were little – what decade?
                       How far   What shop   How get there
To buy a bottle of
milk or sweets?
To buy
Fruit & Veg
To buy something
big, like clothes or
Then there is another one the same except
                it say Now               19

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