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					      Tree Root Colonisation Trials Y2010
                                                       If you have tree root

                                                       We have solutions

Eucalypt dies unexpectedly after 7 years in the park

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    We can (must?) act                                      Planted
                                                            too deep
  decisively to stop these                                  Roots
    disheartening quality                                   growing
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problems that degrade us all                                down


                      Specify Direct sown tree seedlings with
                      unpruned radicles (tap roots) 180 mm or
                      more deep in cylindrical pots with air
                      root-pruning floor and walls (3D air root
                      pruning) or equivalent
  The following unfunded preliminary research work proves that
  this specification works. Please consider using the specification
  Your comment or help is welcome -
                    Rocket® Rack
                 A Portable Nursery System

                                 Excellent resale value

Seventh annual trial – Y2010
   Day 90 from seeding
     Tree Root Colonisation Trials Y2010
                      Overview of the 90 day trial
• 2000 1.5 litre RocketCells and qty 500 8 litre RocketPots were sown with multiple
seeds on Dec 22 2009
• The pots were arranged in two rows of ten RocketRacks so that they can be
immersed in water for 10 days to bog germinate.
• The stale tank water is sanitised before use with a two part chlorine dioxide
treatment. The bog water is treated with hydrogen peroxide and traces of
peroxyacetic acid to protect against pathogens The oxygen rich environment
appears to enhance germination.
• The seedlings are watered by hand during the bog and until their radicles are
established well enough for flood and drain watering.
• The hotter the weather the faster the roots grow in this “root incubator”
• During the trials we measured:
     • Pot weight to determine when to water and water consumption
     • Water salinity, diluting feed water if conductivity ever exceeds 1.3 Ms
     • Germination success –re-sowing after 4 to 8 weeks depending on species

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2. Simple direct sowing works well

     Filling      Sowing

 Covering          Watering

  Day 22

50 x 8 litre - 100% germination        200 x 1.5 litre RocketCells 97% success

                             Skewers mark late seedlings
    Eucalypts grow very quickly in this root incubator.
  Radicles extend 1cm per day to air root-prune at 18 cm.
Day 22

 Stem height 50 mm   5 sown – cull 4          Magnified laterals

            Air jet exposure made 22 days from seeding
        Day 28    Corymbia citriodora
  Same seed, sowing date, water and nutrients

                                            C = 0.5
C = 1.2
               C = 1.0          C = 1.0

  RocketCell   150 mm pot   Forestry tube   Cell Tray
       Day 40 from seed
             Corymbia maculata

  8 litre                     1.5 litre
RocketPots                  RocketCells

Day 50 – Corymbia maculata -

 8 litre RocketPots        1.5 litre RocketCells
Typical Calliper 3mm      Typical Calliper 2 mm

We recommend to sow direct to the pot size you will sell

                                        4 mm
      3 mm                              caliper
                Sown same day in same mix

Day 67                                              11
Day 77

   Corymbia maculata have fully colonised the RocketCells
   and are near to colonising the 8 litre RocketPots        12
The Y2010 trial proves again that it is possible to grow
landscape trees

•   In the open on hot windy sites (Portable)
•   Ready to plant out in three months (Less stock)
•   With very low water use (Extremely water- wise system)
•   With low investment (Low cost nursery sites)
•   Trees produced have root power (Now being tested - below)

                                A successful outcome
    Corymbia maculata
   Calliper 6.8 Height 630
         Age 91 days

          •Procedure notes
• Sow several seeds direct and
cull the least viable seedlings Air
root-prune the radicle at 180 mm
for better calliper, uniform root
array and better inter-node
•Propagate to achieve a calliper of
at least 1% of height. Strive for
more calliper – not height .
Reduce nutrients as necessary
 Rocket®Rack flood & drain tray to mass produce quality roots

                                        Warm water can circulate
                                        under the crop during frosts
                                                   Racks are fitted with a
                                                   mezzanine floor for drainage
                                                   and aeration
                          Overflow to

One RocketRack holds
200 1.5 litre Rocket Cells or
50 8 litre RocketPots

      Flood and Drain Rack Model F250
           Holds 100 RocketCells
Easy to move no matter how you approach it
          Water storage ideas that work

                                          A 2000- litre sump
Holding                                   receives any
 tank                                     overflow from the
                                          racks when they
                                          are full.
                                          No water touches
                                          the soil.
                                          Rain collects in
                                          the sump.
                                          A submersible
                                          pump in the sump
                                          raises the water to
 Sump                                     a 20,000+ litre
                       Gravel pad or      holding tank for
                                          storage and
                       Concrete slab      sanitation

How much space is needed?
How many crops a year?
How many culls from direct sown crops

• As an example, a tennis court will hold 80 of
  the F500 RocketRacks and two 45,000 litre
  water tanks This is enough to sow 16,000
  1.5 l or 4000 8 l pots
• If the trees are grown under contract and
  can be delivered on time it should be
  possible to grow more than two crops a year
• Culling depends on species and many other
  factors. Provide for a significant quantity of
  culls to maintain excellent quality . We
  expect to sell 75% of seedlings sown

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