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					                              Lord of the Flies
                              Project Idea List

The following are project ideas for Lord of the Flies. You will have to do two
100 point projects. The first project is due _______________________,
and the second is due ___________________. (You may do any
combination of the following as long as the total equals 100 points.) Those
projects marked with a * sign can only be done after we have completed the
reading of the novel. If you have another idea for a project, run it by me

100 point projects
    Write and perform an original song or rap based on the novel. *
    Create a front page of a newspaper containing articles pertaining to
      scenes in your novel. *
    Create an itinerary or travel brochure of the setting.
    Create a diary for one of the minor characters in the novel. (10
      entries minimum)
    Create a scrapbook for one of your characters; include poems,
      artwork, awards, newspaper articles, pictures, etc. (5 pages minimum)

80 point projects
    Write a newspaper article over a major incident from the novel,
      following proper newspaper format.
    Write a resume for a character.
    Create a comic strip or storyboard of an important scene.
    Write a poem. (15 lines minimum)
    Draw or create a 3-D map of important places – explain importance.
    Create a model of something from the novel.

60 point projects
    Create a mural of the overall story. *
    Create a collage of the overall story. *
    Write a “Dear Abby” letter and response
    Write a magazine interview with a character or the author. *
    Create a time line for the plot with at least one picture for each
      chapter. *
40 point projects
    Create a mobile – 5 items minimum.
    Create a crossword puzzle (with an answer key)
    Write a magazine review of the novel. *
    Choose 3 songs and relate them to your novel (needs to be very clear
      and school appropriate) *
    Write a character sketch of a character. (2 paragraph minimum,
      include how they’ve changes throughout the novel.)

20 point projects
    Write a letter to a friend recommending or not recommending this
      book. *
    Create an original book cover, including a jacket synopsis.
    Create a timeline of the plot. *
    Write a letter to the author with proper format.
    Create a movie poster or promo T-shirt.

5 point projects
    Write an acronym poem for a character in the novel. (3 poem

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