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									                             What Coffee Makers Can You Buy?

 According to some studies, fifty two percent of American citizens drink coffee. This translates to a
bit more than 100 million individuals who drink coffee everyday. Americans are a diverse
population and far from unanimously agreeing on what makes an excellent cup of coffee.
Fortunately, you'll find a few different styles of coffee machines available today.

Coffee lovers can select the brewing machine which best fits their preferences. Prevalent coffee
machine styles include Automatic Drip, French Press, along with Automatic Espresso. Each
machine has its pros and cons and gives some control of the final product.

Automatic drip coffee makers are the most popular selection for many Americans. They're easy to
utilize and affordable. Many operate on the same principle. Within the coffee pot is a filter basket
where a paper filter holds the coffee grounds. Cold water is poured into the reservoir where it's
heated before it is poured over the grounds. The resulting coffee flows into a carafe. The hot
surface beneath the carafe keeps the brewed coffee warm.

People who do not want to utilize automatic drip coffee machines complain that they don't make a
good cup of coffee. Keeping the coffee machine and carafe clean, using quality coffee together
with disposable paper filters will assist you in trying to ensure a better result.

French Press coffee machines are also commonly known as press pots or plunger pots. The pot is
a glass or porcelain cylinder which has a stainless, mesh plunger which works as a filter.

The user measures coffee grounds into the pot and adds nearly boiling water. The plunger is put
in place but not pushed until the coffee has steeped a few minutes. Right after steeping, the
plunger is pushed and your coffee is ready.

There may be no hot surface to maintain coffee temperature therefore the coffee must be served
immediately or put in a thermal carafe of some type.

Automatic espresso coffee machines are available in semi-automatic, fully automatic and super
automatic versions. Semi-automatic models tamp the coffee grounds, brew the coffee, fill the cup
and eject grounds. Fully automatic models additionally grind the coffee. Super models provide a
wide variety of features such as built in water filters.

Automatic Drip, French Press, and Automatic Espresso are only a few of the different kinds of
coffee makers that you may encounter while you are trying to buy a coffee maker. If you want to
educate yourself about other kinds of coffee makers or if you want to learn more about Automatic
Drip, Automatic Espresso, and French Press coffee makers, then you should continue searching
on the Internet for more info.
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