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					                      STRATEGIC LEGAL FUND
                          for refugee children and young people

                           Funded by The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund
                               Delivered in partnership with Trust for London
                                      Managed by MigrationWork CIC

                                      Pre-registration form
                 This form is for organisations that want to pre-register their interest in
                  applying to the Strategic Legal Fund (SLF) to facilitate the speed of the
                  decision making process on applications they may later make for funding
                  for a particular case or issue.
                 Please refer to the Guidance Notes for Applicants.
                 Organisations that have not pre-registered their interest in the scheme
                  and have a potential case for which they want to make an immediate
                  application to the SLF, do not need to complete this form, but should
                  complete all relevant sections of the application form which can be found

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 1. Organisation details

 Name of organisation

 Organisation’s address

 2. Your details

 Your name

 Your position

 Your email address

 Your phone number

 3. Public liability and professional indemnity insurance
 Please note applicants must have public liability and professional indemnity insurance to meet eligibility
 requirements for the SLF and we may ask you to produce evidence of this.

            Tick this box if you have public liability insurance

            Tick this box if you have professional indemnity insurance

 4. Supporting documents
 Please send the documents listed in this section with this completed form to The Strategic Legal Fund
 for Refugee Children and Young People, MigrationWork CIC, 13 Dorset Road, London SW8 1EF

   i.       A signed copy of the organisation’s governing document to demonstrate that it is legally
            registered and non-profit making OR

   ii.      If the organisation is a firm of solicitors:

                Provide your SRA number:

                Tick this box to confirm you hold a legal aid contract from the Legal Service Commission

                Provide the constitutional/set up documentation of the company/partnership.

        i   A signed copy of your most recent annual accounts AND

        ii The most recent financial reports available for the organisation (i.e. those presented to the most
        recent meeting of trustees, management committee or sub-committee concerned with finance or, for
        firms of solicitors, considered by partners) OR

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     iii If the organisation is a firm of solicitors

          -Your most recent annual accounts/latest financial statements,

          -The latest summary of your financial position showing summary/total balances for all income
          streams and expenditure, and net profit AND

          -Summary balance sheet prepared from the trial balance, to include creditors and debtors and
          any capital reserves (including retained profits) AND

          -Confirmation from the LSC indicating that your account is reconciled and they have no

 C. Most recent original Bank statement (for solicitors this should be for any firm/office account, i.e. not
     for client account)

 D. Your child protection policy (NB if your organisation does no direct with children or with information
     about identifiable children we will not require this).

 Please note, when you make an application to the SLF
     to undertake work in the asylum and immigration field, we require:
            not-for-profit organisations regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services
               Commissioner to demonstrate that staff who will lead on the proposed work are
               accredited at OISC Level 3, Advocacy and Representation in the relevant category;
            firms of solicitors to demonstrate that staff who will lead on the proposed work are
               accredited with the Law Society Immigration and Asylum Scheme at Level 2, Senior
               Caseworker, or
               Level 3, Advanced Caseworker.
     to undertake work in another area of law eligible for SLF funding outwith
       asylum/immigration, we require
            that applicants state any relevant accreditation held by the individual or team who would
               conduct the work.
     for all applications, we need applicants to provide
            evidence of their skills, experience and expertise;
            details of two individuals who have agreed to act as independent referees for staff
               leading on proposed work, and who can attest to their ability to conduct strategic legal
               work in relation to refugee children and young people;
            if an application includes the need to work directly with children, or with information about
               identifiable children, confirmation that staff who would undertake the proposed work have
               standard or enhanced criminal Records Bureau checks as appropriate (NB we generally
               require enhanced CRB checks). .

                                                                                             Tick to

 I have read and completed all the relevant sections in this form

 I have posted copies of the supporting documents in Section 4

                   For any queries please contact Fran Smith on 0207 091 0539 or

                Thank you for pre-registering with the Strategic Legal Fund for
                            Refugee Children and Young People

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