Syllabus HS 05 by kLgR8TxY


									HS ‘Recent American Fiktion’ (SS2005, Di, 10-12, Raum 1003)
Course syllabus:
April 12: Introductory session, preliminaries, assignments etc.

April 19: John Barth, ‘Autobiography: A Self-Recorded Fiction’
(John Barth and postmodernism; postmodern elements in the story
Further reading: relevant essays in Waldmeir, Critical Essays on John Barth)

April 26: John Updike, ‘A&P’
(Further reading: relevant essays in Mcnaughton, Critical Essays on John Updike)

May 3: Thomas Pynchon, ‘Entropy’
(The Konzept of entropy in physics and information theory
Further reading: relevant chapter in Madsen, Postmodern Allegories of Pynchon)

May 10: J.C. Oates, ‘How I Contemplated the World from the Detroit House of Correction and
Began My Life Over Again’
(Short history and city geography of Detroit
Further reading: relevant chapter in Torborg, Isolation And Contact)

May 17: Pentecost holiday

May 24: Alice Walker, ‘Strong Horse Tea’
(Short survey of recent African American women‘s literature
Further reading: relevant chapter in Critical Essays on Alice Walker)

May 31: Paule Marshall, ‘To Da-Duh, In Memoriam’
(Further reading: relevant chapter in Pettis, Towards Wholeness)

June 7: Stephen King, ‘One for the Road’
(Short Komment on the gothic mode
Further reading: relevant chapter in Magistrale, Dark Descent)

June 14: Ursula K. Le Guin, ‘Sur’
(Further reading: relevant chapter in Barnouw, Die versuchte Realität und Moylan, Demand the

June 21: James Tiptree, Jr., ‘The Women Men Don’t See’
(Further reading: relevant chapter in Barnouw, Die versuchte Realität )

June 28: V.S. Naipaul, ‘The Baker’s Story’
(Further reading: relevant chapter in Mustafa, Naipaul)

July 5: Jamaica Kincaid, ‘Song of Roland’
(Further reading: relevant chapter in Paravisini-Gebert, Kincaid)

July 12: Final session

Requirements for a Schein: regular attendance; classroom presentation; short paper comparing three
of the stories (5 pages, due by May 24); term paper (15-20 pages)

The classroom presentations (10 min/person) should as a rule refer to the following points:
1. short biographical, cultural and literary profile of the autor
2. textual analysis: narrator, theme, characters, space, time, language, symbolism, plot
3. selected passages from the text in which the claims of your papers are demonstrated

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