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April 10, 2009

Mr. Alfred Widget
Greensboro Widget Makers Inc.

RE: Consulting Services

Dear Mr. Widget:

Thank you for your interest in our building inspection and evaluation services. Pursuant
to your telephone call on the above date we submit a bid of $2000 to perform the
property condition assessment including the cost projections you requested. This fee
includes the site inspection, interviews and written report with photographs of the site
and building elevations as well as immediate needs deficiencies or items that are too
difficult to explain. This cost is based on a building size of 20,000 ft.² and approximately
20 years of age.

As we understand the proposed scope of work, this inspection is to be a projection of
major component life expectancies and costs to repair/replace for a building the
Greensboro Widget Makers owns. This is not a pre-acquisition inspection or use-
change feasibility study.

Our site review will encompass the main components of the buildings including the roof,
exterior, drainage, paving, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, interior common areas and
a representative sampling of office suites. We will also address items that, in our
opinion, may be a safety (liability) hazard. Our report will list items needing immediate
attention as well as projected costs over the 10 to 12 year term you requested. We will
furnish a spreadsheet of the projected cost with an allowance for annual inflation. The
written report and physical site review will generally follow the ASTM E2018-99
standard and will be available within 10 business days provided the signed inspection
agreement and retainer fee have been received.

This inspection will not include any construction document design review, intrusive or
exhaustive examination (electrical, mechanical, roofing, etc.), inspection for hazardous
materials, infrared moisture survey or inspection for wood destroying organisms.
However, these services can be arranged at an additional fee.

We appreciate the opportunity to submit this proposal. Should you wish to go forward
with this property condition assessment, or you have any questions, please do not
hesitate to call.


Robert E. McCoy Jr., PE

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