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					                                                           SERVICES & SUPPLIERS 2005

     By Barb Perkins

       n today’s marketplace it is
       more critical than ever to
       make the right decision
       when it comes to the hiring process.
                                           The winning interview
                                                  had to change the opinion of others.                             action words like “manage” and “caused.”
Both companies and job candidates must               You should look for things such as the                        Avoid weak words like “try” and “fair.” Let
be well-prepared for the interview because        candidate’s ability to identify critical issues                  the interviewer know your top three ac-
the wrong decisions can result in costly          and the quality of the candidate’s answers.                      complishments and never mention nega-
mistakes for both parties.                        You want to determine if the candidate can                       tive experiences in your last position.
   Companies can increase their results of        adapt past experiences to the position. The                         When asked to name a weakness, choose
hiring the right individual by following          ability to visualize is a strong indication                      one not related to your core competency. If
some simple guidelines in their                             of success.                                            possible, avoid discussing salary and benefits
interviewing process.                                          Candidates need to follow                           in the first interview. If you must, reply
   The job description should be                            a few guidelines that will help                        that you’re flexible. (The first person that
comprehensive and include five or                            them to land the right position.                       names a dollar amount loses.) Ask when
six objectives that are S.M.A.R.T.                          For example:                                           a decision will be made. (Follow up with a
objectives (Specific, Measurable,                               Comprehensively researching                         letter and a call.)
Action-oriented, Results-based and                          the company’s products, person-                           You never get a second chance to make a
Time-bound). Interviews should                              nel, structure, financial situation,                    first impression – dress conservatively, arrive
be performance-based using few-                             strategic plans and culture will                       early and acknowledge the receptionist, both
er but more in-depth questions               Perkins        enhance your credibility and                           entering and leaving (employers often ask the
utilizing these objectives. For each                        increase your chances of getting                       receptionist their impression of you). IW
objective, ask the candidate to describe their    an offer. (Most of this information is ac-
most comparable accomplishment. Ask               cessible by Internet.)                                           Barb Perkins is VP of Harcourt & Associates
probing questions, such as, What were the            Identify how your experience and ex-                          in Edmonton. She specializes in all areas of
biggest challenges in your last position? What    pertise meet the required needs. Review                          insurance recruiting across Canada. She can
did you have to overcome? What was your           your attributes, know your value; stress                         be contacted at or through
leadership role? Give examples of when you        willingness and ability; be modest. Use                          Harcourt’s website at www.harc

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       Bob Hutton       Dan Lambert      Dave Torrance        Verne Dion      James Greenan     Matt Tollefson
     Project Manager   Project Manager   Project Manager    Project Manager   Project Manager   Asst Project Mgr                                                                                                            March 2005   Insurancewest 31
                                     SERVICES & SUPPLIERS 2005

     Western Canada’s Largest
     Provider of a Complete
     Range of Independent
     Assessments, including:

     • Certified Examiners
                                                 pays dividends
                                                          More brokerages are investing in
     • Medical/Neuropsychological/
       Psychological/Psychiatric                          sessions addressing specific areas
     • Dental                                   By Karen Rutherford                      the polished skills necessary to deliver
     • Vocational                                  & Eric Walker                         outstanding results.
     • Functional Capacity                                                                   Staff will benefit from customized inter-

                                                ll brokers have attended a great         nal training because long night classes are
     • Medical Status Examinations
                                                  training session. When they return     not required, it’s relevant to their daily lives,
     • Future Cost of Care                          to their offices full of new ideas    it’s delivered at the location of your choice
     • Injury Management                             and enthusiasm, experienced         and because individual support is offered.
       Consultants                     staff lay low and wait                                      Outsourcing customized train-
     • Medical Legal Consulting        for the glow to wear off.                                ing may initially seem like an added
                                       Soon a few weeks have                                    expense when free courses are every-
                                       passed and little has                                    where. However, non-directed time
                                       changed – which is sad,                                  away from clients is not free. If you
                                       really, when the ideas                                   use a custom approach you can build
                                       were valid.                                              curriculum meaningful to your team.
                                          Brokers have real                                     Does your brokerage need technical
                                       business needs that re-                                  training, team building, management
                                       quire staff training. For                                training, soft skills or sales training?
                                       example, is maximum                                         Create a long-term strategy so your
                                       care being exercised                 Rutherford          training dollars directly assist your
                                       to reduce errors and                                     internal plans for growth. Create a
                                       omissions? Things like cross-selling and          plan that will be appealing to customer
                                       up-selling should happen on a daily basis.        service reps, outside sales people, managers
                                       Making sure company standards are being           and executives.
                                       met and individuals are being developed for           Stop attending useless programs you
                                       the future are also concerns requiring                                  know won’t change the
                                       training.                                                               bottom line. Build an
                                          Why, then, are so few brokers able                                   internal training strat-
        Independent                    to implement meaningful changes?
                                       Ringing phones and new clients always
                                                                                                               egy and then let a skilled
                                                                                                               professional design and
          Medical                      take precedence over planning time                                      deliver training with
                                       and internal training.                                                  real results.
        Assessments                       The best way to overcome this                                           After all, it’s just good
                                       problem is by investing in customized                                   business. IW
                                       internal training. It’s a good idea for
                                       three reasons: it ensures manage-                                     Karen Rutherford is
                                       ment directives can be implemented,                Walker           an associate and Eric
                                       it holds trainers accountable for                                   Walker is a partner in
                                       outcomes and guarantees a real return on          Cookson Walker Consulting. Karen can be
                                       your investment.                                  contacted at (403) 241-6316 and Eric at
                                          More brokers are using strategic cus-          (416) 368-7990. The company website is:
                                       tomized training to ensure their team has

                                                        “Making sure company standards are
                                                    being met and individuals are being developed
                                                          for the future are also concerns…”
32   Insurancewest March 2005                                                                          
                                          SERVICES & SUPPLIERS 2005

                                                                                                chip or improper installation,” he says, “it
                                                                                                could interfere with the proper operation
                                                                                                of the air bag.”
                                                                                                   It’s also important to have the stone chip
                                                                                                repaired soon after it occurs.
                                                                                                   “In an older break there’s a better chance
                                                                                                of contamination and less chance of the
                                                                                                window repair resin bonding properly.
                                                                                                We’re not saying that windshield replace-
                                                                                                ment is a last-resort option. Just be careful
                                                                                                as to who is doing it. You want a reputable
                                                                                                   As a commitment to its “Repair First”
                                                                                                policy, Belron has partnered with a number
                                                                                                of insurers to promote its Lifetime Repair
                                                                                                Program, which sees participating carriers
                                                                                                pay for the first repair. All subsequent re-
                                                                                                pairs on the same windshield are taken care

      Windshield                                                                                of by Belron, at no charge, at any of its retail
                                                                                                glass locations in Canada operating under
                                                                                                the Standard AutoGlass, Lebeau Vitres

    repair cheaper,
                                                                                                d’auto or Duro vitres d’auto banners.
                                                                                                   There are no additional charges or claims
                                                                                                to the insurer or the policyholder. If a re-
                                                                                                placement windshield is necessary, Belron

   faster...and safer
    Done properly and by a qualified technician, repairs
                                                                                                offers its Titanium Certified Advantage
                                                                                                windshields, which also carry a “lifetime”
                                                                                                warranty on stone chip repairs as an extra
                                                                                                benefit. IW

    rather than replacement are the way to go. Experts
   say a repair is an alternative to disturbing the original
    structural seal when a replacement is unnecessary.

             ne of the most frequently asked   lent products etc. Done properly, the repair
             questions of brokers, unsur-      strengthens the windshield and prevents
             prisingly, concerns the auto      further cracking.
             windshield, an item most of us       “There are safety concerns as well,” said
only dwell upon when it’s damaged.             Robin Gatto, Belron’s manager of techni-
   By far the most common defacement           cal services.
is the “stone chip,” which quite often, left      A repair, he explained, doesn’t disturb
unrepaired, develops into a crack. And         the original structural seal between the
because the windshield is an integral part     glass and the body opening.
of a car’s structure, cracked glass has to        “If a qualified technician isn’t doing the
be replaced.                                   job, breaking that structural seal between
   Standard AutoGlass, a division of Belron    glass and body could cause leakage and/or                       Don McLellan
Canada, offers repair over replacement         structural adhesion failure if the primers              Insurancewest publishers Bill Earle
where possible – and not just because of       and/or urethane structural sealants aren’t           and Jim Bensley are pleased to announce
                                                                                                    the appointment of Don McLellan as
the obvious cost savings to insurers and       used properly.”                                      Editor.
consumers. (Many insurers will waive the          On newer vehicles the windshield ac-                 Don began his journalism career with
deductible if the client chooses repair over   counts for a major per cent of structural roof       The Vancouver Sun. His freelance work
replacement.)                                  support, Gatto says, and is a major integral         has appeared in Vancouver, Equity and
                                                                                                    Beautiful B.C. magazines.
   With Standard’s mobile units, repairs can   structural component of the vehicle itself,             Insurancewest Media Ltd. publishes
be done while customers sit at home sipping    which is critical in a roll-over situation.          the insurance trade publications
java (weather permitting). Replacement            As well, the passenger air bag, which in          Insurancewest magazine, The BC Broker
                                                                                                    magazine, British Columbia Insurance
means generally higher costs and more          most cases is situated in the upper portion          Directory and Alberta Insurance Directory.
inconvenience due to vehicle downtime.         of the dashboard, relies on the windshield
   A specialist’s ability to repair a break    as a backing board in order to support the           Insurancewest Media Ltd.
                                                                                                       661 Market Hill, Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 4B5
depends on how old it is and whether           combined impact of both the air bag and                 Tel: 604-874-1001 • Fax: 604-874-3922
or not there are any contaminants in the       occupant when the air bag deploys.
                                                                                                         w w w. i n su r a n c e w e st . c a
break, such as wax, road film, rain repel-         “If the glass has been weakened by a stone                                                                                          March 2005       Insurancewest 33
                                              providing full-service travel and claims        has been phenomenal since she’s taken over.
     Simons                                   insurance.”                                     Ruth is definitely one of the female success
     (Continued from page 9)
                                                 Although she’s a non-voting member of        stories in our business.”
10 per cent of TIC.                           the Insurance Council of B.C. and belongs          Atkinson & Terry, headquartered in the
  “My dad knew Terry Squire, the presi-       to the local branch of TEC, the international   Vancouver suburb of Delta, has used TIC
dent of Sovereign General, and I had met      association of presidents and CEOs, Simons      as its major supplier of travel insurance
him. He became another mentor. Being          prefers to avoid resumé-padding volunteer       products since the 1970s.
wholesalers, we needed a relationship with    positions. Her time, she says, is already          “Ruth has always been easy to deal with
an insurance company.” (TIC also has a        stretched thin. Outside of work she prefers     and eager to help,” said partner Don Sache.
contract with Lloyd’s.)                       to spend time with family and friends.          “She is an excellent representative of our
  Squire subsequently became CEO of              Simons’ accomplishments have not gone        industry.”
the Co-operators’ group of companies. He      unnoticed.                                         In 2003 Simons sold her TIC shares to
asked Simons to manage its travel insurance      “She’s a very unique and dynamic             Co-operators. She’s now its VP, travel insur-
operations. TIC expanded as a result and an   woman,” said Doug Edward, branch                ance as well as president and CEO of the
office was opened in Guelph, Ont.              manager and assistant VP at The Sovereign       merging TIC and Trent Health Insurance
  “We went from sales/manufacturing to        General in Vancouver. “The growth at TIC                                            Continued on page 37

                                                                                                • Agricultural Risks              • Director’s & Officer’s
                                                                                                  - Greenhouses                     Liability

                                                                                                  Hig ard
                                                                                                  - Farm Packages &               • E&O - Including

        Marketing Services
                                                                                                    Participation                   Manufacturers’ Design

                                                                                                     z ity Tr otor
                                                                                                • Amusement Parks                 • Entertainment
                                                                                                • Arenas                            - Pubs
                                                                                                • Association Business              - Night Clubs

                                                                                                  Ha bil
                                                                                                • Aviation                          - Hotels & Motels

                                                                                                  - Airport Premises Liability    • Environmental Liability

                                                                                                  - Aviation Products Liability     - First & Third Party

                                                                                                  - Hull & Liability coverage     • Film/Motion Picture

          for Brokers!                                                                            L
                                                                                                    for Private & Commercial      • Furs/Furrier

                                                                                                    Aircraft                      • Glass Contracts
                                                                                                  - Hangars                       • Hazardous Materials
                                                                                                • Builders’ Risk - C.O.C.         • High Hazard
                                                                                                  (Residential & Commercial)        Property / Crime
                                                                                                • Boiler & Machinery              • Hole-In-One

                                                                                                       Excess &
                                                                                                • Churches &                      • Homeowners, Tenants
                                                                                                  Religious Institutions            & Condo Packages
                  Commercial Property Capacity & CGL / OLT                                      • Cargo / Transportation
                                                                                                • Commercial & Mercantile
                                                                                                                                  • Host Liquor Liability
                                                                                                                                    (incl. Forcible Ejection)

                                                                                                • Contractors’ Equipment
                                                                                                  & Liability
                                                                                                                                  • Jewellers’ Block
                                                                                                                                  • Logging Risks
                                                                                                                                    - Logging Liability

                                                                                                • Contractors’ Equipment            - Logging Equipment
              s   Manufacturers                 s   Cargo / Auto                                  & Liability
                                                                                                • Convenience Store
                                                                                                                                    - Sawmills
              s   Unoccupied Buildings              Physical Damage                               Packages                          - Woodworkers

              s   Resource Industries           s   Foreign Risks
              s   E&O                           s   Bed & Breakfast                              Call Special Risk
              s   Woodworkers                   s   Jewellers Block                                for all your
              s   Builders Risk                 s   Recycling Plants                             wholesale needs.
              s   Hotel / Motel                 s   Marinas / Resorts Risks                                            Tel 604-541-9799
              s   Vacant Properties             s   Kidnap                                                              or 1-800-663-9066
                                                                                                                        Fax 604-541-9769
              s   Mortgage Impairment           s   High Value Homes                                                     Visit our website at
              s   Host Liquor Liability         s   Yachts                                                  
                                                                                                      Ray Willie
              s   Professional Liability        s   Rental / Rooming
              s   Contractor’s Equipment            Houses
              s   Legions / Veteran Halls       s   Stand Alone CGL
                                                                                                    George Willie       Thomas Willie        Megan Carelli

                                                                                                     Jessica Fryer        Will Fisher        Bob Lerpiniere

                 #100 - 1400 1st Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2R 0V8
         Tel (403) 263-4666 • Toll Free 1-888-263-5146 • Fax (403) 237-9976
                                                                                               SPECIAL RISK
                                                                                                   I N S U R A N C E B R O K E R S LT D
                                                                                                           15573 Marine Drive,
             INSURANCE UNDERWRITING PROFESSIONALS                                                       White Rock, B.C. V4B 1C9
                    Calgary (AB) • Simcoe (ON) • Toronto (ON)                                        E-mail:
                           Montreal (QC) • Bedford (QC)                                                To receive a package containing applications
                                                                                                             & products available, please call!
                                                                 LLOYD’S, LONDON, CORRESPONDENTS

                                                                                                      “For Fast, Friendly Service”

34    Insurancewest March 2005                                                                                      
                                                Buschmann has pulled up stakes and            daily e-mail news service.
                                                moved to Alberta. Buschmann, 47, is a           McCune can be reached at 604-883-1330

    Street                                      past-president of IBAS and was chair
                                                of Saskatchewan’s General Insurance
                                                Council. He’s been appointed manager of
                                                                                              or via e-mail at
                                                                                                A sellout crowd of 300 insurance-types
                                                                                              turned up at Vancouver’s Pan Pacific ball-

     Talk                                       Sheep River Agencies in Okotoks, a WFG
                                                brokerage south of Calgary. He’s one of
                                                several partners of Insurance Associates
                                                in Humboldt, a business that traces its
                                                                                              room February 17, site of the second annual
                                                                                              Robert Vickerstaff insurance industry din-
                                                                                              ner, to hear keynote speaker Frank McK-
                                                                                              enna, the former premier of New Brunswick
                                                lineage back to his grandfather Axel, who     and the new Canadian ambassador to the
                                                established an agency there in 1947.          United States. Last year’s speaker was B.C.

Promotions at                                      Thompson’s World Insurance News has
                                                a new Western Editor.
                                                                                              premier Gordon Campbell. IW

Wawanesa HQ;                                       Shane McCune, a former columnist with
                                                The Vancouver Province, takes over from Jes
                                                Odam, who will remain as editor of the
                                                                                                 Submit StreetTalk items to Ron Shorvoyce
                                                                                              at or call
                                                                                              toll-free 1-866-601-6555.
ex-IBAS prez
moves to Alta.
           here have been a number of exec-
           utive appointments at Wawanesa
           head office in Winnipeg. Paul
           Goodman has been promoted
to VP in recognition of the expanding role
of the comptroller’s office. Ken McCrea has
been moved up to VP and chief financial
officer and will be responsible for Wa-
wanesa’s entire financial operation. David
McFarlane, with over 30 years of life experi-
ence, is the new vice-president and COO of
Wawanesa Life Insurance Company.
   In addition to the Winnipeg appoint-
ments, Timothy Greer, who joined Wawa-
nesa in 1985, has been named VP Ontario
   In other news at the carrier, Catherine
Tagg has left her position in Calgary. A
marketing rep with Wawanesa for 19 years,
Tagg is getting married and re-establishing
in Edmonton.
   The Insurance Brokers Association of
Saskatchewan is working with SGI Canada
to develop an agreement that would guide
the long-term relationship with motor-
licence issuers. IBAS executive director
Ernie Gaschler says an accord laying out
the framework for handling a range of
issues, including issuer appointments, fee
negotiations, technological changes and
other concerns related to the auto fund
could be ready shortly.
   SGI’s decision to provide discounts,
ranging from two per cent to 20 per cent an-
nually to drivers with good records created
an immediate administrative quagmire for
brokerages. According to Jim MacKenzie
with Regina’s Dusyk & Barlow, shortly after
the announcement, “people were lining up
here five deep” to cancel their registrations
and move up their renewal dates to take
full advantage of the maximum annual
   Long-time Saskatchewan broker Randy                                                                                      March 2005   Insurancewest 35
                                  LAWRY SHAND ON THE OTHER HAND

                                      TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES
         nybody who has spent more than               I have both an explanation and a solu-     package is not truthful, and it sets up expec-
          a few months in this business will       tion.                                         tations that too often turn into confusion
            agree there is a whole lot of be-         Non-insurance people tend to hate          or bitter resentment in the face of a claim.
             moaning going on. Too often we        insurance people                                                        We should shred
bemoan that people seem to hate us.                because the lat-                                                        all of those all risks
   We bemoan that more than a few ano-             ter don’t tell the                                                      contract forms and
rexic fiscal years always follow a few fat fiscal    former the truth.                                                       replace them with
years and that policyholders present weird         Before the wrath of                                                     an old-fashioned
claims that are, to our chronic surprise and       insurance industry                                                      (but sensible and
amazement, actually insured under the              apologists comes                                                        truthful) specified
contracts we issue.                                crashing down on                                                        risks form. Today’s
   We bemoan that underwriting compa-              my hat, please note                                                     technology allows
nies don’t seem to understand or respect           I am not saying                                                         us to produce a
the role of the independent broker and             we lie to people.                                                       specified risks form
that independent brokers don’t seem to             Rather, we fail to tell                                                 tailored to the spe-
understand or respect the plight of the            the truth. There’s a                                                    cific needs of an
underwriter.                                       difference.                                                             individual.
   We complain that a large regulatory                For example, we                                                         We sell insur-
bureaucracy has arisen with no other pur-          sell to people (who know nothing about        ance contracts audaciously presented as
pose than to ensure we don’t conduct our           insurance) something we proudly describe      written in plain language. I’m sorry, but
business precisely as we see fit.                   as an all risks contract. The label on this   they aren’t. We should tear them up and
                                                                                                 say what we mean in a language customers
                                                                                                 can understand.
                                                                                                    We often don’t tell people the truth when
                                                                                                 we refuse to insure them. Some insurance
                                                     Canada’s source for:                        companies don’t want to insure some risks
                                                                                                 because … well, just because. Often there is
                      Recreational Sports & Athletics,                                           no truly rational explanation for declining
                                                                                                 a risk. The insurance industry is built on a
                           Fitness Trainers & Leaders,                                           foundation of discrimination, and there is
                        Leisure & Adventure Tourism,                                             nothing wrong with this particular applica-
                                                                                                 tion of discrimination providing it’s not
                           Festivals & Special Events,                                           contrary to the law of the land or common
                                                                                                 decency. That’s what risk underwriters do
                                   Club & Association                                            – discriminate among risks, sometimes
                                                                      insurances                    Our industry spokespersons should stop
                                                                                                 saying the industry isn’t making any money
                                                                                                 and let individual insurance companies
                                                                                                 speak for themselves. Why should the public
                                                                                                 care how the insurance industry at large is
                                                                                                 doing financially? Do you see competitors
     Coverages available include:
                                                                                                 in other sectors (appliance or prophylactic
     CGL • Accident • Property • Travel
     Travel Medical • Prize Indemnity
                                                                                                 manufacturers, for instance) whining about
     D&O • Host Liquor Liability                                                                 their collective results?
                                                                                                    And our industry should stop lobbying
                                                                                                 government. Lobbying government is an
     For information and
     applications please visit
                                    Sports-Can    INSURANCE CONSULTANTS LTD.
                                                                                                 icy slope littered with wins, losses, conces-
                                                                                                 sions and compromises that typically leads
                                                  •••••••••••••••••••••••••••                    to more government interference. Lobby-
     or contact us directly at:                                                                  ing government is a vulgar and generally
     Tel: 604-685-0050 • Fax: 604-669-1007 • Toll Free: 800-993-6388                             untruthful activity.
     730 - 800 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2V6 • e-mail:               And that’s the truth. IW
36   Insurancewest March 2005                                                                                 
                                                                                               companies in Canada.

                                                                                                  “I could trust Co-operators. They weren’t
                                                   (Continued from page 34)
                                                                                               going to sell the company off. It wasn’t going
                                                 (formerly John Ingle Insurance).              to be acquired by an American company. I

     to the                                         “I did well when I sold my business; I
                                                 don’t have to work. I’ll stay on as long as
                                                                                               would still have the same kind of role I had
                                                                                               before. Things haven’t really changed.”

                                                 I’m having fun. As long as I’m learning          There were eight employees when Si-
                                                 new things and being challenged. The          mons assumed the mantle at TIC in 1991.
                                                 transition was quite easy because of the      The merger with Trent Health makes TIC
                                                 values at Co-operators. They’re just really   one of the top five travel insurance providers
                                                 nice, nice people.”                           in Canada.
Jan. issue appreciated                              Maclean’s magazine agrees. In 2004 it         About 240 employees now report to the
   I’ve just received my copy of the Janu-       named Co-operators one of the country’s       girl who couldn’t wait to bust out of high
ary issue. I really enjoyed the focus on the     top 100 employers. TIC has also received      school. They include, to name just a few,
background info provided with the various        kudos. A few years ago a leading accounting   three physicians, a PhD in anthropology, a
features, particularly                           firm declared it one of the best-managed       teacher and two MBAs. IW
the stories on two
agencies from our
area. The personal
history and diverse
interests included in
the Andrew family
story were especially
   I also appreciated the great review of Judy
McCuskee’s career and family background.
Both articles feature people deserving of
special recognition.
                             Glenn McGregor
                        Wawanesa Insurance
                            Wawanesa, Man.


                                                                                With the integration of UAB's professionals
              David C. Smith                                                    into its Insurance Business Services team,
      Cromwell Restoration is pleased to                                        CGI can better provide its clients with policy
   announce that David C. Smith has                                             management, claims management, loss control,
   joined their Project Management team                                         actuarial and underwriting expertise.
   in Calgary.
      David is a graduate of Assinaboine
                                                                                Our hands-on knowledge of the insurance and
   Community College and S.A.I.T. He                                            risk management industry allows us to respond
   holds Building Technology, Journey-                                          to your needs and contribute to your success.
   man, Master Carpenter and Cabinet
                                                                                Our expertise translates into concrete results.
   Maker certificates and brings over
   twenty-five years of experience in the                                        Experience it today!
   restoration and disaster services in-                                        Contact Jay O'Hara:
                                                                                or Darlene McBride:
      Cromwell celebrates its 25th anni-
   versary this year, having grown to Can-                                      1-800-665-5661
   ada’s largest property restorer serving
   customers across Canada, the USA
   and abroad. Cromwell is a subsidiary
   of Belfor International, a provider of
   restoration services in 24 countries.                                                                                        March 2005   Insurancewest 37
                              STAN SAUERWEIN TECHWATCH
                                   CIBC debuts online
                                   quotation service
                                   New device tracks young U.K. drivers

       n January CIBC became the first               with Alberta consumers. Rest assured that if    Reviewing toolbar. But if you really want to
       Canadian bank to offer online                it is popular, more banks will soon be offer-   be sure, you can download a free add-on at
       comparison shopping for auto and             ing this broker-circumventing “service.”        rhdtool.exe and use it instead. It automati-
       property insurance in Alberta and                                 ***                        cally dumps personal info and all of the
Ontario. Though it’s hidden way down in                 There was a game I used to play on Boy      reviewing data. It also removes 30 types of
their menu bar at, custom-             Scout campouts that is a relevant example       hidden data from the document before you
ers can access a quotation tool powered by          of how another Microsoft glitch can cause       publish it. That’s information you probably
Kanetix. On a test drive of the service I got       brokers embarrassment.                          don’t even know has been stored in your
three company quotes (of the 30 companies               To pass time by the campfire we would        files, such as routing slips, e-mail headers
signed up on the quote service) with a $300         sometimes sit in a circle and whisper a         and file paths. I tried it out and found it
spread (ostensibly due to age discounts).                                                                     buggy, but it works for cleaning
One company supposedly offered online                                                                         up multiple files at once.
policy purchase. But, as a user, I had to                                                                                     ***
give permission to Kanetix to transfer my                                                                        British insurance companies
information to that carrier, which would                                                                      are using cutting-edge technol-
then, theoretically, have an agent call me.                                                                   ogy to take a Big Brother ap-
When I opted for the Call Us option, I was                                                                    proach to setting rates for home
also directed to call Kanetix.                                                                                and auto.
    CIBC says they’re offering the quote serv-                                                                   Norwich Union, Britain’s big-
ice because customers are already coming                                                                      gest insurer, has launched a
to their site for financial information and                                                                    pay-as-you-drive policy aimed at
this is a quick and easy way to compare auto                                                                  deterring young drivers from us-
and property insurance. It’s not as quick                                                                     ing their cars during peak hours
and easy as calling an independent broker                                                                     when they’re more likely to have
in my neighbourhood, of course, but CIBC                 You may be sharing more info than intended.          an accident.
doesn’t tell me that. And worse, there is no                                                                     Drivers signing up for the policy
access on the Kanetix site to a list of brokers     secret. Invariably, the phrase that began       install a tracking device in their car trunk
for the company I selected.                         the game changed by the time it reached         that uses global positioning satellite tech-
    Maurice Deslauriers, principal with AMI         the last ear in the ring.                       nology to record not just mileage but when
Insurance Services in Calgary, believes this           When we use Microsoft Word, Excel or         and where they drive. The device can even
sort of Internet utility is actually a disservice   PowerPoint, we play the same kind of game       record speed-limit breeches.
to consumers.                                       if we share the file. Every document contains       The information is transmitted to the
    “From a broker’s perspective, anything          information that remains present but hid-       insurer and Norwich Union calculates the
that goes over our head or surpasses us is          den until you remove it – or until someone      insurance cost, much like cell phone charges
not necessarily a good process for us.”             extracts it. In dealing with clients, companies are determined. The more the young driver
    Maurice likens brokers to the “main line        or lawyers, that can result in embarrassment    uses the car, the bigger the bill. On the plus
of defence” for clients.                            when you realize you may be sharing more        side, if the policyholder’s car is stolen or
    “We’re the people they come to if they          information than intended.                      in an accident, its location can easily be
have a problem. They want to talk and have             The list of hidden files can be everything    pinpointed.
a human being solve their problems.                 from deletions you’ve made in the text to re-      What’s next? Lie detectors on claims
    “Traditionally, it’s not the banks or the in-   vision marking and more. Microsoft Word         made by phone? Umm. Yes.
surance companies that do that. So anything         will track the changes you and others might        Apparently in Britain Royal & SunAl-
that would set us aside is not necessarily a        make to the documents you’ve shared if you      liance was among a group of insurers to
good thing for the consumer.”                       select Track Changes from the Tools menu.       introduce lie detectors after a pilot program
    He adds, “It’s not just a question of nuts      It’s easy to overlook the text you’ve deleted   suggested 12 per cent of household claims
and bolts. I feel it’s a question of building       if you choose to view the final version of       were in some way false.
personal rapport and trust. That’s how I            the document without also using Markup             Norwich Union and Royal & SunAlliance
buy as a consumer.”                                 from the View menu. That version could          are also using online mapping to see which
    Since the quote service was only intro-         be the one you send out.                        homeowners and businesses in England
duced to the CIBC website in mid-January,              The easy way to delete that text per-        face a risk of flooding. The companies can
it’s too early to tell how popular it will be       manently is to Accept All Changes on the        pinpoint vulnerable properties. IW
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