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									                        Martinez Bocce Federation
                      Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                                      March 3, 2009

CALLTO ORDER: Gene called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm.

ROLL CALL: D. Allen, M. Anselmo, D. Bagno, S. Francis,
               S. Harbrecht, T. Herndon, D. Keary, B. Mann,
               T. Reich, G. Rittburg, L. Romo, M. Romo, A. Surges
               Absent: Jeremy Calhoon, B. Kintana

GUESTS: Morello Park Elementary PTA Representatives, April Largent and Amber
Cole, requested to use the courts August 15, 9 to 3 pm for a fundraiser tournament. $50
check received. Doreen will send a confirmation e-mail.

MINUTES: Motion: L. Romo/S. Harbrecht: to approve the February general meeting
minutes as presented. 11 ayes, 1 abstention. Carried. Motion: Steve/Lydia: to approve the
board meeting minutes. 11 ayes, 1 abstention. Carried.

TREASURE’S REPORT: Report presented by S. Harbrecht (D. Keary/Anselmo) to
approve report as presented. Carried.

CORRESPONDENCE: Calendar up-date 2009 – Request from Amanda Tamo for
April 18 – Leukemia Foundation- decline, too early. Jane Pechanti –send check back,
courts busy on 4/13. Los Gatos Tournament 4/18, 2009 announced.

      Web site/Alternate: We need to have an alternate for Donna when she is unavailable. Mike
       Anselmo will be designated alternate.
      Portable bathroom: Diane Davis is working on it.
      Fence: Gene reported that he sent a letter regarding the fence to the City of Martinez. Final
       question presented: why is approval required from the city when it does not require a permit?
       We pay the city $2000 for the use of the bocce courts for water, garbage and lights per a long
       standing agreement. Didn’t receive a bill for 2008 so we didn’t pay one. They did invoice us
       for $2000 but it only says “use of bocce courts.” Doreen will send check with a letter to the
       City citing the long-standing agreement.
      Dinner Dance: April 25th at the Moose Lodge - $20 per person.

     Scheduling Committee: Steve Francis reported, bocce begins on 4/19 and
      finishes 9/21. Some teams in A didn’t want to play in B and some teams in B
      didn’t want to play in A. We acquiesced to their wishes. Carlos has agreed to
      be score keeper, Steve Francis will discuss back up with him. Bob Mann will
      help with backup as necessary. No team plays on the same court more than
      two times. One team complained that they did not play as many rounds as
      others. All Sunday teams will play a double header on June 24th. C team does
           not have a Sunday league so they have a few extra teams in the playoffs.
           Motion: (T. Reich/D. Keary) to approve the schedule as presented. 11 ayes, 1
           nay. Motion carries. Motion: (B. Mann/D. Keary) to approve two schedule
           books per team (172 teams). Carried unanimously.
          MBF Tournament Dates, July 4th and NORCAL: Bill Kintana will do July 4.
           Ray Martelacci is doing NORCAL with Donna as assistant on August 1.
          Rules Committee: Al Surges- starting time changes: begin and start at 6:30, no
           later and matches will begin with two players as stated in Section II of the
           Rules Team capos are responsible for the behavior of their players and
           spectators as stated in Section XVI. of the Rules. Motion: (A. Surges/D.
           Keary) to approve start at 6:30 – 2 nays, 10 ayes. Carried.
          Court Maintenance: Motion: (A. Surges/L. Romo) to pay to have the courts
           maintained. 1 nay, 11 ayes. Carried. We require bids and presence at April
           14th meeting.
          Opening & Closing – save for 4/14 meeting
          Thank You letter, Fred Garcia- thank you for years of service on board. We
           welcome his work with seniors. Motion: (D. Keary/S. Francis): to send a
           thank you. Carried unanimously.

    Porte potty
    Bocce Bash
    Opening and closing

     Delores/Sue – thanks to scheduling committee
     Al – Mom is on B league (Sue)
     Lydia – good job
     Steve: thanks to Mike and Al
     Tina: no power cord needed!
     Gene: thanks to all

TIME & DATE NEXT MEETING: April 14, 2009 @ 6PM

ADJOURNMENT: Motion: (T. Reich/L. Romo) to adjourn at 8:48. Carried

Respectfully Submitted,

Tina Reich, Secretary

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