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									Study found that humans can follow the ants to solve the traffic congestion problems According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported that the number of ants are the largest animals on earth, but they are in their own territories but would never happen "traffic jam." German scientists found that ants the ability to deal with traffic problems should be far more than humans, this new discovery will contribute to people's future to solve urban traffic congestion. Ants are the largest number of animals on the planet, but also the largest number of brain cells of insects. Ant's brain from about 250,000 cells. Ant communities through long-term observation and research, University of Dresden, Germany swarm intelligence experts, Dirk - Dr. Hellbing recently released on the ants swarm intelligence research progress and latest achievements. Hellbing believes that the ants indepth study of this insect can help mankind solve modern life, many of the problems encountered, such as traffic congestion problems. Dr. Hellbing research team placed first in the nests of some ants like to eat vicinity of the candy, and then for the ants between the nest and candy to build two dedicated channels of varying widths. Sure enough, sweet candy to attract a large number of ants came to handling, narrow crossing point soon began crowding. The researchers found that by observing that if an ant on the back channel just a crowded nest and were met by another companion ready to go, it will make every effort to bring newcomers to an alternative route; and if ant roads Nazhi Return did not encounter congestion problem, it will not lead to change the direction of the newcomers. The result is the shortest passage on that before the resulting congestion, the new Sheung ants will be redirected to another channel and, therefore, can never form a traffic jam. The researchers then also set up a more complex computer models to simulate different lengths and different widths of ants road network. The researchers found that through the model, even if changing the route may take longer, ants are still able to quickly and efficiently transporting food. The researchers found that this is a surprising skill, ants through decentralization and individual ants decided to allow the efficient allocation of limited resources. Hellbing believe how discrete, separate decisions on effective allocation of limited resources, is still in many networked systems in an open challenge. "Road traffic order, the problem is one of one of the most challenging problems." One can certainly hope that through some sort of traffic control in order to avoid collisions between opposite traffic or cause traffic congestion. In fact, the best way is to allow the same between them, like ants, can communicate and exchange. Hellbing idea is mandatory for all vehicles must tell the oncoming vehicle traveling in the opposite direction that they may encounter traffic conditions. In this way, then we could take timely measures to avoid traffic congestion. Of course, in reality, you can not use a car collided with other vehicles to change direction, but you can allow them to communicate with each other. Hellbing method is to let cars on the road in one direction to the

oncoming car to tell them that the traffic conditions encountered, so that the latter option to be diverted.

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