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					                 This Years 5 Hottest iPhone

Wednesday, 27 June 12
                              5. Netflix

Wednesday, 27 June 12
               Netflix is a fantastic site that has only been around
               in the states since it began. But recently the Netflix
               team decided to bring the Fantastic movie site over
               to the UK and even though it hasn’t been here for
               long it popularity has risen tremendously and is
               used daily. Its App allows you to watch some great
               movies from its broad selection. A must have app
               for free!

Wednesday, 27 June 12
                        4. Nike+ Running

Wednesday, 27 June 12
               Their are many different running and fitness apps
               out their. But do they give you what you are truly
               after which is a distance and time calculator that
               keeps all of your running records so you can
               analyse your achievements but most importantly is
               it easy and simple to use. Nike+ Running app is all
               of these things and more. A must buy.

Wednesday, 27 June 12
                              3. Kindle

Wednesday, 27 June 12
               With the iPhone 4S you automatically get iBooks.
               But why not go that step further and get an
               advanced reading app that has hundreds of books
               to choose from its store. The app isnt as pretty as
               Apple’s version (nothing is) but it offers a great
               reading experience.

Wednesday, 27 June 12
                        2. Adobe Photoshop

Wednesday, 27 June 12
               If your looking for a super advanced Photoshop
               powered app then Photoshop Express isnt going to
               impress. However if your looking for a free, simple
               photo editor tool then Photoshop Express is the
               tool for you.

Wednesday, 27 June 12
                            1. Dropbox

Wednesday, 27 June 12
               Okay so this may not be everyones favourite
               choice for the hottest app of 2012. But we thought
               we’d go for an app that wasn’t so obvious. No its
               not an action packed game with tons of upgrades
               to weapons available. But its a fantastically reliable
               app that allows you to transfer documents portably
               without a USB thats handy for backing up your
               work. A well deserved winner.

Wednesday, 27 June 12
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Wednesday, 27 June 12

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