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                        Lake Tapps, WA 98391       253-273-2105

                                 DIRECTOR / MANAGER - OPERATIONS
P&L / Sales & Profit Growth / Multi-Sites / Cost Control / Client Management / Startup Operations
 Performance & Productivity Improvements / Operating & Capital Budgets / Unions-Non-Unions
Improving sales and profits, I directed one of the most profitable regional organizations for a national company in a
highly competitive industry. I implemented multiple initiatives to cut costs, improve management and sales force
performance, and expand operations to new geographic markets and industries.

       Managing successful $50M company as well as small, startup companies in B2B services
       Selecting and opening new sites for rapid startup and profitability
       Streamlining and upgrading operations and processes to improve efficiency/productivity
       Building management teams to achieve aggressive sales and profit goals
       Turning department rivalries into cooperative teams to achieve common objectives
Known for my organizational planning, leadership, and flexibility, I solve problems quickly, developing alternatives
to achieve top and bottom line objectives. Systematic and orderly in my approach to improving operations, I set
high standards of performance and gain satisfaction from a job well done. I am also an effective communicator.

                                        HIGHLIGHTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS
Developed management system, consistently ranking in Top Five nationwide. Selected by PACCAR Dealer
Development to assist in tailoring Louis Allen Management Program to fit heavy duty truck industry. Included all
managers in program. Set up monthly training sessions over 18 months. Created common goals/tools. Turned two
Kenworth branches from loss to 2-5% profit. Increased sales 5-10% and parts/services’ margins 1-2%.
Designed/implemented management incentive compensation plan. Needed to increase emphasis among
Kenworth managers on exceeding standards/profit goals. Involved senior management in creating incentives with
difficult but measureable/attainable goals to reward achievement above the goal. Ensured development of strong
annual business plans. Cut operating expenses 2% while contributing to profitability in all five branches.
Opened new branch, driving profitability in first year. As heavy duty trucks moved towards becoming a
commodity, service was needed to maintain Kenworth’s market share. Needed to make it easier to do business
with dealership by opening new site, providing increased access. Researched/identified best market to open new
branch, choosing area with only one other dealership. By selecting right market, generated profit in first year.
Reduced reliance on single industry, setting sales records. Logging industry represented 50+% of Kenworth’s
business. Recognizing flaw in dealership’s marketing strategy, changed focus to industries where company had not
been competitive. Focused on new line of trucks, and trucks with improved fuel economy. Conducted direct mail
campaign and informational sales blitzes as well as aggressive customer sales calls. When wood industry
collapsed, avoided sales declines and set unit sales records, exceeding previous record by 10%.
Utilized new assessment system to improve hiring/retention. Kenworth General Manager recommended use of
assessment tool in dealership. Collaborated with industrial psychologist on utilizing new personnel assessment tool.
Put dealership management and sales teams through testing and trained on interpretation. Used tool to identify
optimal fit between employee and job. Eliminated costly hiring mistakes. Cut management turnover 15%.
Developed policy, employee, and compensation plans. Company was growing and needed policies and
employee manuals, as well as compensation plan with job descriptions and salaries for non-union workers.
Working with consultant and Dealer Development group, created all three, becoming first Kenworth dealer to
develop these three plans. Established clear guidelines for management hiring and eliminated wage discrepancies.
Prepared mission statement and upgraded systems, improving customer service. Needed to improve Booth
Glass customer responsiveness. Created mission statement to communicate focus and roadmap to employees.
Revised/designed new documentation, upgraded computer HW/SW, and developed visual tracking system for
ordering and installation. Ensured all team members could track WIP, enabling immediate response to inquiries.
Installed GPS system to improve tracking time. All workers at Booth Glass documented their time manually at
the end of the day, spending 30 minutes to catch up. Conceived of using cell phones with GPS for workers to track
time throughout the day. Identified software that enabled cell phone entries including location. Cut tracking time 80-
90% while enhancing ability to identify worker’s location and dispatch the closest worker, saving three hours/week.
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                                                     CAREER HISTORY

District Parts Manager, North American Trucks (Mack & Volvo), 2011 – 2012. As a District Parts Manager (DPM), I was
responsible for implementing sales and marketing programs to increase Volvo/Mack parts sales and profits for both the
company and dealer within the district assignment. This position supports dealers with training, sales and marketing
assistance, planning and operational advice designed to increase sales, margins and insure customer satisfaction. I worked
as a consultant to the parts manager and dealer principal within the assigned territory, communicating company developed
sales and marketing programs, inventory management directives and dealer operating standards. Additionally, I
communicated best practices supporting improved dealer profitability, increasing dealer revenue and supporting the dealer in
maximizing productivity.

Cascadia International, $30M medium and heavy duty truck dealership.

    Commercial Sales Representative, 2008-2010. Asked to remain with company in a sales capacity because management
    had previously decided to operate without Branch Manager. Secured new accounts and maintained customer satisfaction
    among existing accounts. Served as on site branch management advisor.

    Acting Branch Manager/ Cascadia International, 2007. Retained as consultant to manage transition following purchase by
    Cascadia of International truck dealership in Yakima, WA.
       Prepared 15 staff to operate without a Branch Manager.
       Renewed morale and enthusiasm among employees.
       Evaluated personnel, recommending means to optimize their contribution.

General Manager, Booth Glass Company, 2003 – 2006. Managed all operations/finance for commercial and residential flat
glass fabrication/installation shop with eight employees. Met tight deadlines and strict specifications for fabrication and
installation of all types of commercial and residential products.
          Upgraded business systems and procedures, and computerized all functions including payroll, job costing, billing and
          Added GPS capability to all cell phones, improving accuracy and reducing processing time 50%.
          Cut customer inquiry response times.

Managing Partner, Clearwater Productions, 1999 – 2001. Directed operations for recording studio. Involved in all aspects of
recording, mixing, and producing. Assisted new artists in producing their first CDs.
        Installed computerized management system, streamlining operations and improving accuracy of data entry, scheduling
         and management information.
        Added digital recording equipment to stay current with technology.
        Opened additional studio with state-of-the-art digital multi-track recording, mixing, and mastering.

Kenworth Northwest, Inc. Rapidly promoted from administrative positions to President. Successfully sold company.

    President, 1981-1997. Held P&L responsibility for $50M heavy duty truck dealership group with five branches, one of the
    most profitable/respected Kenworth dealerships in US. Set policies and evaluated performance.

       Directed truck sales, leasing and rental, parts and services, HR, accounting/finance, and IT.
       Recognized as Regional Dealer of the Year multiple times.
       Built/maintained accounts with Boeing, USAF, Cities of Seattle and Tacoma, King and Pierce Counties.
       Reviewed/approved operating and capital budgets and unbudgeted expenditures.
       Managed all salary and wage administration functions.
       Established long-range objectives, working closely with senior management team to achieve goals.
       Led site selection, land acquisition, and opening of new full service branch to increase sales/profits.
       Reduced dependence on wood products industry, ensuring stability when industry reduced demand 60%.
       Created/implemented policies to comply with EEO, Affirmative Action, OSHA and WISHA regulations.
       Maintained excellent safety and environmental record.
       Worked closely with labor consultant, shop stewards, and union business representatives during contract negotiations
        and disputes with Machinists and Teamsters unions.
       Teamed up with PACCAR dealer development to create custom management system for PACCAR dealers. Program
        was rolled out nationally due to success with Kenworth Northwest.

    Earlier: Promoted several times starting from Administration, Administrative Manager & Vice President, to VP, Assistant
    General Manager and VP, General Manager, and finally to Executive Vice President before promotion to President. In each
    position, improved overall performance in sales and profits.

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