PowerPoint Presentation - National Cancer Institute by yurtgc548


									           Louis Cantolupo
      Director, Sales & Marketing

            Presenting to:
NIH Biosciences Business Interest Group
The Company

    Omnia Biologics provides process
development, manufacturing, and fill-finish
    capabilities of infectious biological
substances used in vaccine, biodefense,
     and gene therapy applications.
What we (want to) do
Process development
Manufacturing of infectious biologics
5000 vpd filling capability
 Why would I do this?

“Mom! Dad! When I grow up I wanna be a
   contract biologics manufacturer!”
The Investors
The Waters
Institutional investors
Corporate partners
It’s all about the money

Friends, Family, and Fools
Think they’re gonna get rich
Assume that you’re The Expert
Like ideas
Think they’re helping you – and they are
Assume you’ve got a grip on reality
Like ideas that lead to opportunities
PATHOLOGICALLY focused on dilution
The VC’s
Think you’ve got a long way to go
Assume nothing
Like opportunities
PATHOLOGICALLY focused on valuation
"Venture capitalists are people looking
for innovation - until they see it. If you
have an innovative idea, your chance of
getting funding is virtually zero."
                             Nolan Bushnell

                                   Quote: Business Week, Aug. 2003
So, Lou, tell me what it’s like…
Pounding the pavement
It’s more like pounding your desk
It gets REAL old after awhile
“How’s the business goin’?”
Confidence drops
It ain’t no kind of fun
Before you look for dough
Business plan
Implementation/Execution plan
A registered company
FTO, patent(s), license, etc.
A good law firm & accountant
Understand the process  REG D!
Find someone who’s done it
While looking for dough
Don’t get angry.
Look nice
Three food groups: mints, water, coffee
Baby steps & small victories
Getting to No
You still have your (day) job
You don’t have FTO or IP
You don’t have experience
You don’t have a Ben & Jerry’s model
Getting to Ye…well…hmm…
You quit your (day) job
You have an idea of FTO or IP
You found some experience
You have a Microsoft model
The Slum Lord
The Golf Pro
The Thinker
The Virgin
Jerry Maguire
The Seller
Godspeed to us all!

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