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     the impact
     of drought

...with rainwater harvesting.
KingspanWater is the UK & Ireland’s largest and most experienced provider of rainwater
harvesting systems. That is why we have developed a range of packaged retrofit rainwater
collection products that will conserve water for use in drought periods.

Sounds familiar?
It’s a problem that won’t wash away in the next shower and if we don’t take
steps to conserve water now we will be facing hosepipe bans early summer.
The escalating drought situation in Southern England reflects our changing relationship with water and particularly our increasing
dependency on a constant supply. On one hand, water has become a valuable commodity. On the other, rainfall patterns have
changed, leading to shorter heavier bursts that pose major risks to the drainage infrastructure.

This cycle of extremes is likely to only get worse unless we adopt a sustainable approach to water consumption and management.
Rainwater Harvesting is one of the most intelligent solutions to help tackle both these issues.

The impacts of Water Shortages:
The Home

Hosepipe Bans                   No Car Washing                 No Garden Irrigation            No Patio or Driveway Washing

The Environment and Industry
Environment                                               Infrastructure
Increased abstraction from rivers = lower levels          Reservoirs reliant on river / groundwater abstraction would be unable
= impact on nature                                        to replenish = water shortages in densely populated urban area.
Groundwater droughts triggered by lack of rainwater       Business
= longer recharge recovery period.                        Potential restrictions in water supply = impacts on production
Farming                                                   = financial impacts.
Lowered soil moisture profile = increased demand on       Wildlife
irrigation = higher water use = higher production cost.   Contracted stream network = associated loss of aquatic habitat in
Lower harvest = increased food commodity cost             the upper reaches of groundwater-fed streams and rivers.
The                                                                           Drought Pack
Complete large capacity rainwater collection products with pump
packages to make water usage easy.
                                                        Rainstore 700 Litre Garden Irrigation Tank & Pump

                                                         700 litres =70 full watering cans
                                                        A large capacity (700 Ltr) domestic
                                                        rainwater storage tank and pump for
                                                        medium sized gardens
                                                        • Model RSP700
                                                        • Available in Granite finish
                                                        • Comes complete with tap, diverter kit,
                                                          and hozelock submersible pump with
                                                          standard hozelock connection fittings
                                                                                                           Comes complete with
                                                        • Suitable for garden irrigation, small            Hozelock Pump and
                                                          vehicle washing and patio washdowns              connections

                                                        Rainstore 1000 Litre Garden Irrigation Tank & Pump

                                                        1000 litres = 5 smin loneattaernbutts
                                                                           al w k
                                                        A large capacity (1000 Ltr) domestic
                                                        rainwater storage tank and pump for
                                                        the serious water user.
                                                        • Model RSP1000
                                                        • Available in Granite finish
                                                        • Comes complete with diverter kit and
                                                          hozelock submersible pump with
                                                          standard hozelock connection fittings
                                                        • Suitable for large garden irrigation,            Comes complete with
                                                          small vehicle washing and                        Hozelock Pump and
                                                          patio washdowns                                  connections

                                                        Raintrap - Below ground rainwater storage and delivery system

                                                             2800 litres = 10 car washes
                                                        An economical rainwater harvesting system designed to make
                                                        garden watering simple. The Raintrap system comprises of a filter,
                                                        an underground storage tank and a pump.
                                                        Rainwater is stored in the underground tank from which it is pumped
                                                        at a constant pressure to a garden sprinkler or hose as required.
                                                        • Easy to install
                                                        • Simple on / off operation
                                                        • Suitable for existing and new homes
                                                        • Available in a variety of sizes from 2,800 - 4,600 litres
                                                          (Models RT2800, RT3800, RT4600)

 Rainstore Water butts
 We also offer a range of classic waterbutts that provides cost effective rainwater harvesting for the home and garden.
 • Capacities from 100 to 200 litres (Models RS100, RS190, RS200)
 • Supplied with diverter kit, lid, tap and stand
 • Suitable for small garden watering
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