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					27 August 2007
IAWA Executive Meeting, Conference Call notes

Kay Edge, K.C. Arceneaux, Gail McMillan (ex-officio) , Marilyn Casto, Kristen Tucket TA, Nichole
Shiaris TA, Donna Dunay, Milka Bliznakov (visitor, founder) Kristine K. Fallon, Marcia Feuerstein

IAWA Executive Meeting 8-27-07
12 Noon EST
Dean's Conference Room Collegiate Square
Conference calls: K. Fallon: Chicago; M. Feuerstein: Alexandria, VA

Donna Dunay opened the meeting at Noon. All present introduced themselves. Prof Dunay will be
using the draft agenda, sent to executive board on 24 August, which is included at the end of
these minutes.

1. IAWA Annual meeting October 28
       Will attend: KC Arceneau, L. Gottlieb, Gail McMillan, M Feuerstein, Kristine Fallon, Donna
       MAY attend: Barbara Nadel and Gerri Schaad.
       Will NOT attend: Kay Edge and Marilyn Casto
       Visitors: Milka Bliznakov, Anna Sokolia
       Invitations to non-voting advisors and others will go out soon
Advisor Reports should include future plans
Same schedule as last year
                Talks by visiting advisors and honorary advisors
                Saturday working meeting
                Sunday Annual Meeting followed by first meeting,
                Tour of archive between the two meetings.
       Lodging: Library will provide two rooms for out of town guests. Other advisors will be
housed in faculty homes
Budget: review last year’s budget in working meeting on Saturday (Kay Edge)

2. Annual meeting/ UIFA Meeting in Romania in October
         Bucharest Meeting, first two weeks in October
         IAWA unofficial meeting there with IAWA advisors in attendance there
3. IAWA Charter
         The Charter has been accepted by the Provost
         Donna be making advisor packets for continuing and new stakeholders
4. Rupp bequest - D.Dunay
         University Counsel resolution in California – IAWA is not a nonprofit stand alone
organization and will not be receiving the bequest. Donna asked the VT attorney for information
explaining this decision, which will be provided to the IAWA stakeholders and board advisors. She
is also requesting guidance regarding specific wording of bequests from Kevin Sullivan for the
5. Newsletter - K.Edge
         Prof Edge has a rough draft but still missing two articles before it can go forward. Cost not
known. Gail McMillan asked that the IAWA Archivist be notified when Print Shop is ready to print
the addresses on the newsletters from the mailing list (i.e., labels from DLA spreadsheet). The
IAWA newsletters should not be sent to the library until the mailing has been completed. Return
address for card inserts and newsletter will be discussed by Donna, Kay, and Gail. Number of
print run will be decided once mailing list is reviewed. Unclear where additional boxes of
newsletters should be sent. Font size discussed.
6. Timeline and Collections Map - D. Dunay, K. Edge
        Timeline : working document being developed by Rachael and Nicole
        Collections Map: Kristine, Milka and Kay working on this to consider future collection as
well as the relation between the pioneers and who they touched. Kristine discussed this in relation
to Chicago architects. Milka noted that the archive should focus on collecting because it’s
impossible to know future research subjects. She distributed list to the Advisors in Blacksburg:
[Gail scanned them for these minutes. They are included as a separate PDF file.]
o Appendix A, "Standard Series and Subseries with Examples," from Standard series for
architecture and landscape design records : a tool for the arrangement and description of archival
collections / by Kelcy Shepherd and Waverly Lowell. [Berkeley, Calif.] : Environmental Design
Archives, University of California, Berkeley, [2000?]
o List of Chicago Architects
o HABS women
o Names of Future Donors to IAWA, compiled by Milka Bliznakov [Gail annotated this with
information from the IAWA Guide to Collections.]

7. 25th year Celebration(1985-2010): not discussed, will be presented at next meeting
8. other items
        a. Voting: Kristine Fallon requested status of election. Marcia Feuerstein reported that 5
Ballots have been returned, that ballots are due 15 September. Donna will ask Jackie Woodard to
send a reminder to all advisors return ballots ASAP.
        b. Special Collections: Gail McMillan reported on Search for new Head of Special
Collections. A number of candidates were interviewed but no announcement has been made
regarding the outcome of the search.
9. Meeting dates for this year are included at the end of the agenda below.

Meeting ended at 1:00 PM. Meeting notes respectfully submitted by Marcia Feuerstein.

Attachment: Agenda, meeting dates list, Milka Bliznakov Handout (separate PDF file).

IAWA Executive Meeting 8-27-07
12 Noon EST
Dean's Conference Room
Collegiate Square

1. IAWA Annual meeting October 28
2. Annual meeting/ UIFA Meeting in Romania in October
3. IAWA Charter
4. Rupp bequest - D.Dunay
5. Newsletter - K.Edge
6. Timeline and Collections Map - D.Dunay, K. Edge
7. 25th year Celebration(1985-2010)
8. others?

Meeting Dates: 2nd and 4th Mondays:
             Lunch Discussion     Noon Meeting
August                            27
September    10                   24
October      15(3rd Monday)       22
November     12                   26
December     10
January      14                   28
February     11                   25
March        10                   24
April        14                   28
May          5
                         Names of Future Donors to IAWA
                          (compiled by Milka Bliznakov)
        Annotated from the IAWA Guide to Collections by Gail McMillan, Aug. 28, 2007

Dorothee Stelzer King, 46 West 84th St. NY, NY 10024 (Tel: 212/362-5479)

Audry Brians, AIA, 302 Mission St., San Antonio, TX 78210 (Tel: 210/225-6863)
       BRIANS, AUDREY, PAPERS. 0.1 cu. ft. Principal and President of Brians and
       Associates/Architects, Inc., of Panama City, Florida. Materials include four brochures - one
       describes her firm and includes a curriculum vitae, and three detail her designs. Also includes a
       12-page memoir, "Confessions of an Irreverent Iconoclast" written in 2002. Ms2000-019

Linda Coen, Liebleitnergasse 28, Modling 2340, Austria (Tel: 2236-247962)

Angela Danadjieva, P.O. Box 939, Tiburon, CA 94920 (Tel: 415/435-6141)

Fani Danadjieva-Hansen, F.A.I.A., P.O. Box 868, Tiburon, CA 94920 (Tel: 415/435-5767)
       HANSEN, FANI DANADJIEVA, RÉSUMÉ AND PAPERS, 1982-1988. 0.1 cu. ft. General Partner,
       Hansen Associates, Tiburon, California. Received Award of Honor (1980) for Design Excellence
       and first place for Energy Conservation Competition (1981). The collection includes a resume,
       Hansen Architects firm project sheets, audio interview, and information about and photographs of
       the Pittsburgh Civic Center. Inventory available online. Ms2001-061

Jane Hasting, 900 University St. Apt. AU, Seattle, WA 98101-1778 (Tel: 206/382-3296)
       HASTINGS, L. JANE, ARCHITECTURAL PAPERS, 1951-2003 10.5 cu. ft. Architect in Seattle,
       founder and owner of The Hastings Group - Architects. Papers include drawings, presentation
       boards, photographs, and printed material relating to Hastings' professional and design activities.
       Partial finding aid is available online. Additional drawings for about 20 more projects and slides
       showing 39 projects were added in 2005 and 2006. Ms2004-004

Aneta Bulant-Kamen, Fleischmarkt 16/3/38, Vienna 1010, Austria
       BULANT KAMENOVA, ANETA, BROCHURE, 1987-1999. 0.1 cu. ft. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria.
       Practiced in Sofia and Vienna. Her firm's brochure, "Emerging Architecture," features three
       residential projects, a carpenter's shop, and a bank designed by Bulant & Wailzer. Inventory
       available online. Ms2002-016

Marie Laleyan, 726 Bush St. Apt. 403, San Francisco, CA 94108 (Tel: 415/392-5398)

Elizabeth Chu Richter, F.A.I.A., 1386 Sandpiper, Corpus Christi, TX 78412 (Tel: 512/992-3631), 201
South Upper Broadway, Corpus Christi, 78401 (361/882-1288) (office)
       RICHTER, ELIZABETH CHU, PRINTED MATERIALS, 1995-97. 0.1 cu. ft. Architect of Corpus
       Christi, Texas, born in Hong Kong. Materials include copies of articles written by Richter for the
       Corpus Christi Caller-Times; literature about her firm Richter Associates Architects, Inc.; a copy of
       Texas Architect that had information about a design which received the 1997 Texas Society of
       Architects Design Award; and a copy of Letters for Our Children: Fifty Americans Share Lessons
       in Living, edited by Erica Goode, which includes an entry by Richter. Inventory available online.

Helga Schmidt-Thomsen, Eichkatzweg 75, 14055 Berlin, Germany (Tel: 49-30-2314934)
       Born 1938. Architect of Berlin, Germany, and former member of the IAWA Board of Advisors.
       Papers consist of twenty-nine architectural drawings for three designs done while a student in the
       1960s at the Technical University of Berlin, where she earned her architecture degree. The
        projects include a design for the Goethe Institute in Berlin; the Pflanzenhaus and Palmengarten,
        or botanical garden, in Frankfurt; and a student competition for a playground building in which she
        won first prize. Also includes a presentation, "The Collaboration of Couples in Architecture," given
        by Schmidt-Thomsen in San Francisco in 1987, and biographical information. Ms95-017

Anne Vytlacil, 1511, 33rd St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20007-2723 (Tel: 202/338-7291)
        VYTLACIL, ANNE BOZENA, RÉSUMÉ. 0.1 cu. ft. Born 1936. Practiced in Washington, D.C.

Solange d'Herbez de la Tour, 14 Rue Dumont D'U~ille,7 51 16 Paris, France
       Solange will donate her personal work and the archive of the International Union of Women

This list does not include any architects who have donated a few of their projects, but expect to donate the
rest of their work in the belief that their archives should be completed.

In the future, several of our former students intend to donate their work as they approach retirement age.

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