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Preventing and Troubleshoo

Best Practices Guide

Preventing and Troubleshooting Issues with
Premiere Teleconferencing
The purpose of this document is to provide solutions to issues that users of Premiere teleconferencing may encounter. The document
outlines common symptoms, how to prevent these symptoms, and a solution.

Breeze integrated call controls
Breeze Meeting allows you to control Premiere audio conference calls directly from the Breeze Meeting room. From this interface, you can
dial out to attendees, mute or unmute and hold or unhold participants’ phone lines, eject participants, and view the active speaker.

Premiere troubleshooting and prevention guide
Many of the following audio issues occur during the course of a conference call. To resolve these audio issues, contact the Premiere Global
Services Operator by pressing *0 on your telephone touchpad.

 Symptom              Cause                                 Prevention                             Remedy
 (Click the icon
 to hear the

 Hold music           Most commonly caused when a           Instruct meeting attendees to          Ask all attendees to stop talking
 heard in a           caller leaves a conference and        direct incoming calls to voice mail.   for a moment. The Who’s
 conference           instead of hanging up properly,       If they must answer an incoming        Talking indicator shows who put
                      puts the conference on hold or        call, make sure that they hang up      the call on hold. You can then
                      does not hang up properly.            correctly by ending their              either mute the attendee, or
                                                            connection to the call, rather than    remove them from the call
                                                            by putting the conference on hold.     altogether by using the Pod
                                                                                                   options menu.

 Loud pulsing         Caused by a mobile phone (GSM         Instruct meeting attendees to turn     Ask all attendees to stop talking
 noise                digital in particular) in close       off all mobile devices before          for a moment. The Who’s
                      proximity to a caller’s landline      attending, or at minimum, ask          Talking indicator shows which
                      phone.                                them to place their mobile devices     attendee is causing the pulsing
                                                            away from the phone.                   noise. You can then either mute
                                                                                                   this user, or instruct them to
                                                                                                   move their mobile device away
                                                                                                   from the dialed in phone.

Symptom           Cause                                  Prevention                          Remedy
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to hear the

Feedback or       Caused when the speech from a          Decrease the volume on the          If the feedback is persistent, ask
loud squealing    phone set to speaker is fed back       phone or use the handset if         participants to take phones off
noise             into the microphone of the same        possible. Also, avoid having too    speaker phone. Alternatively,
                  phone or another phone in close        many attendees using speaker        you can ask all attendees to
                  proximity. Sometimes this can be       phones in close proximity to each   stop talking for a moment. The
                  volume related; for instance, when     other.                              Who’s Talking indicator shows
                  a particular person speaks loudly it                                       which attendee is causing the
                  triggers the feedback, and when                                            pulsing noise. You can then
 feedbackII.mp3   they stop talking, the feedback                                            either mute this user, or instruct
                  stops.                                                                     them to move their mobile
                                                                                             device away from the dialed in

Symptom           Cause                                 Prevention                          Remedy
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Static noise      Caused by a number of sources,        Avoid using phones that are         Ask all attendees to stop talking
                  such as faulty phones; bad lines; a   known to have problems or that      for a moment. The Who’s
                  bad connection; or interference       have a handset cord that looks      Talking indicator shows which
                  from a power source, fluorescent      severely stretched or twisted.      attendee is causing the static
                  lights, or computer power             Also, avoid placing the phone too   noise. You can then either mute
                  supplies.                             close to computer power supplies.   this user, or ask them to dial in
   Fltyhset.mp3                                                                             from another phone.


Symptom           Cause                                Prevention                           Remedy
(Click the icon
to hear the

Echo              Most commonly caused by              Avoid using speaker phone near       Ask all attendees to stop talking
                  volume settings that are too loud,   other attendees who are in the       for a moment. The Who’s
                  so that when an attendee speaks,     same call. Speak clearly and         Talking indicator shows which
                  an echo occurs. Alternatively,       directly at the microphone so that   attendee is causing the echo.
                  echo can be caused when an           attendees do not have to turn the    You can then turn the volume
                  attendee has their phone set to      volume up too loud to hear you.      down in the meeting interface
    echo.mp3      speaker phone in a confined                                               for this attendee, or instruct
                  space or near other attendees in                                          them to mute their phone, to get
                  the conference.                                                           off of speaker phone, or turn
                                                                                            down their volume.

                                                                                            If a single attendee complains
                                                                                            about echo and no one else in
                                                                                            the conference hears it, instruct
                                                                                            the attendee to lower their
                                                                                            volume or mute their phone.

Symptom            Cause                                  Prevention                             Remedy

User can dial in   If an attendee can call into the       Inform attendees before the            Have the attendee check
to the             conference call number but cannot      meeting that a touch tone phone        whether their phone is set to
conference call    enter the actual conference, it is     must be used to correctly dial in to   pulse (decadic) dialing. If they
number, but        likely because they are using a non-   the conference call.                   can, have them change the
cannot enter the   touch tone phone.                                                             setting to tone (DTMF) dialing.
                   When the attendee is prompted to
                   enter the passcode and they are                                               If tone dialing is not an option,
                   using a non-touch tone phone such                                             the attendee must dial in by
                   as a rotary or pulse phone When                                               using another phone, or if you
                   they enter the passcode they are                                              are using Breeze VoIP, have
                   told the passcode is incorrect and                                            them use VoIP to participate.
                   to try again. On the third attempt
                   the user is disconnected from the
                   call. The most common cause is
                   that the user’s phone is not set to
                   tone (DTMF) dialling, but pulse
                   (decadic) dialing.

Symptom           Cause                                    Prevention                            Remedy

User can’t be     A user on the conference call            Instruct the user to speak clearly    Highlight the user’s name in the
heard well by     cannot be heard or their audio is        and directly into the microphone on   Attendee List and adjust their
the rest of the   faint for those participating on the     the equipment they are using. It is   volume by selecting the User
conference        call. This situation is usually caused   always good to have users who will    Volume button.
                  by one of the following:                 be speaking dial in early to make
                                                           sure the audio is set up correctly.
                  1) The user is too far away from the
                  microphone on the equipment they
                  are using.
                  2) The volume setting on the
                  equipment is set too low or is
                  3) Faulty equipment


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