How To Hide Important Files on Computer

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					How To Hide Important Files on Computer

How To Hide Important Files on Your Computer. Every person has a particular file you want kept secret,
one way to do this is to create a hidden file in the system. So if you want to do that, here are two
important files in How to Hide Computer from viewers.

1.Membuat Invisible Folder
This works fine on Windows XP and Vista, but do not yet know with other windows versions. The folder
will only be visible when you try to highlight it. If you want to make sure that no one will find it, you can
put a hidden place

How to make invisible folder?

   Create a new folder
   Rename: Highlight the folder and press F2. Hold down the Alt key and type 0160, press Enter. You
must use the Numpad to enter numbers - numbers
   Changing Icon: Right-click on the folder - Properties - Customize - Change - the icon - Select the blank
icon - Ok

2. Hiding the Folder / File in pictures

  First compress the file using a compression program
  Move files and images you want to use to hide the file to a folder of your choice
  Open the Windows command prompt: "Start - Run - cmd"
  Navigate to the folder, if you are not familiar with command line commands. You can type the folder
where the CD is located, then type CD Nama_folder
  If you already enter the command: COPY / B + Nama_image.jpg image_baru.jpg

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