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									               PPV 3XCash
   How To Quickly, Easily Make $200 - $500 Per Day With
   PPV Using A Simple, Yet Powerful System No One Talks

                           Scott James

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  How To Earn $200 - $500 A Day FAST With PPV!

First of all I'd like to thank you for purchasing this
guide. You've made a very smart and wise decision.
Your investment will be a very rewarding one.

If you've ever bought other marketing guides in the
past, you'll know that most of them are full of
rehashed, recycled garbage.

This is NOTHING like that.

This method is something I do.    It’s simple but

I like it, and It makes me lots of money... period!
And it can for you too.

So how much money can you make using this?

I earn $200-$500 a day here with this. No Joke.

I also know a few very well known marketers (who I
won’t mention their names so as I don’t spoil it for
them) that are making as much as $1000 in a single day
using this method. Yes... a Thousand a day!

It’s simple... It’s powerful... It’s proven... It’s
tested... and it WORKS!

I will not say it’s fool proof.   Nothing is fool proof.

This system is a numbers game. Just like anything
else, you will have some losers and winners, but I will
promise you this...

The winning offers that you find... the profits from
those few will far out weight all the losing offers you
went through to find them.

Were just talking about finding a handful of winning
campaigns that can allow you to quit your job.

If you will stick with it and master this. That I can
promise you.

You may have or may not have heard of this method.

No one talks about it much or shares the full story on
how there really using it. It’s a bit underground.

I didn't invent it, nor did I come up with this method
on my own, but I did take it and made it my own by
using it...and I’m so glad I did.

Why did I name it PPV 3XCash Method?

This method when compared to other PPV strategies I’ve
used earns me 3 times more profits than any other PPV
method I’ve used.

Thus... PPV 3XCash Method.

Now let me say this...

This looks like a very simple system and it is a simple
system... but don't take that for granted.

Because it is a VERY POWERFUL system.

If used the way I describe it.

This system can be set up in just 2-3 hours... and it
can be earning you cash in just minutes after it goes
live, once you’ve set this all up.

Yes I said minutes... because the traffic with this
particular method comes at you really fast.

The work is 90% front loaded, meaning you have to set
this all up from the first.

After that, the rest of the system will run on full
auto pilot. And the traffic is dirt cheap.

This is a business asset you will be able to leverage
over and over again.

This system can make you money while your working at
your job, out playing golf, on vacation with the
family, or enjoying the evening relaxing by the pool.

What we will be doing is simply driving PPV traffic to
a squeeze page (opt-in page), then sending them to a
special landing page and then pushing offers on the

This allows us to test many offers and get testing data
and visitor data lighting fast and build ourselves a
nice list of subscribers.

List building is the best way to monetize this type of

Sounds simple I know... but don't let this fool you.

You'd make a BIG mistake!     There’s more to it.

Like I said before... It's simple... but VERY powerful.

We will get into the specifics on that in just a

Now, You will need some money for this to work. About
$120 bucks will do.

Here’s what you will need to get this to work and the
costs to start.

1.   A hosting account. ($5 bucks a month)
2.   A domain name. ($10 bucks/year)
3.   An unlimited auto responder ($1 for 30 day trial)
4.   A small deposit for PPV advertising ($100).
Let's jump right into it.

First of all, you need to have an account with a CPA
network (these are free to join).

You will also need an account with a Pay Per Vew
network (AKA CPV or Cost Per View network). These are
also free to join, but you will have to add a small
deposit to fund your account to get your ads showing in
the network.

You can get your PPV ads (campagins) showing for as
little as $100 with the PPV networks.

If your not familiar with CPA networks or PPV networks
terms and how they work, then you need to learn them

Like right now. Go and visit the sites I've listed
below. And start reading.

I'll go ahead and mention the networks I use and have
personal experience with, because I know your going to
ask me anyway, so let's get that out of the way.

(Note: I do NOT go into any specifics on signing up to
the networks).

CPA networks:

PPV networks:   ($100 deposit) ($100 deposit)

With that said lets go...
Step 1:
Choose your offer.
Before I get into what offers you need to be

I want to start off with what you DON’T need to be

1. Paid Products/services.      Infoproducts, B2B services
or life insurance offers.

2.     Nichey type offers that have low search volume.

These types of offers don’t convert very well for this
type of traffic, so we avoid these at all costs.

So, what should you BE promoting?

What you want to look for are large general interest
type markets with wide appeal for this method.

Forget about small nichey markets and stick with offers
that deal with large general interests, such as...

-    Coupons, Sweapstakes
-    Financial (debt help, credit)
-    Health and Beauty
-    Surveys and shopping
-    Making money and saving money

We want to only promote soft CPA offers that don’t
require a credit card or payment. Email submits or
short offers that only have 3-4 fields.

We are not selling anything here. We are giving stuff
away for free. This type of traffic responds best to
free offers.

Go and login and get inside your CPA network, and check
out these large wide appeal general interest type
offers that I mentioned a minute ago.

I just want you to look around and get a feel for these
types of offers.

As for picking offers... I'm not going to have you
blindly picking offers, That'd be stupid.

I know a slick 'Ninja way' that instantly short cuts
your way to finding high converting white HOT offers
without you doing any research or work.

And it's LIGHTNING FAST, and has ZERO advertising

Are you ready for it?

I want you to email or better yet CALL your affiliate
manager that was assigned to you when you opened your
CPA account and ask them what types of soft offers are
converting well from inside these large industry
markets I mentioned above.

Next, I want you to contact your PPV network and ask
your manager what soft offers are promoting well on
their network.

Most people will get hung up on what offers to start
with promoting, but you won’t.

Now I’ve given you my secret to getting hot offers
handed to you to start promoting without spending a
single dime on advertising.

But you will still have to test these offers to find
out what offers are converting best to your type of

This will give you a huge head start to finding success
quickly... It did for me.

This is one of the simplest ways of finding those hot
converting offers lightning fast without wasting your
time and spending your own money... or getting hung up
on what offers to start with.

It's worth saying now, when you call or email your
Affiliate manage with the CPA network, they may ask you
what traffic source are you using and HOW you will be
using it.

You can tell them exactly what your doing. You will be
driving PPV traffic to an opt-in page then pushing cpa
offers on the backend via email. Thats all they need.

All were basically doing here is taking massive amounts
of PPV traffic and filtering/turning it into reusable
free email traffic.

We now have full control and leverage over all the
traffic and we can email to it as many times as we want
over and over again.

This allows us to test offers to our list of
subscribers, we can now find what offers will convert
the best... and we can do it at almost ZERO cost.

We will be keeping the offers that are doing well, and
ditching the offers that are not.

Yes... you will need an auto-responder for this system
to work. I will cover the auto responder part of this
killer system a little bit further down.

Now I want you to go and get a list of offers you want
to test from your AM, we will put them into our system
and let the system weed out the money makers from the

This is so very powerful in the way this works.

On to step two....
Step 2:
Design your squeeze page.

In step number two, what your going to want to do is
design your squeeze page.

This is the page you will be driving your cost per view
visitors too.

So when ever your running your campaign on a PPV
network, people are going to see this landing page

The landing page (squeeze page) needs only to have a
few things to make it work, nothing fancy. Simple is
best here.

-   Very strong headline
-   One short paragraph
-   Email submit box
-   No spam statement
-   No images

When creating my opt-in page landers, I use no images,
they are quick and to the point and I use no fluff.
However they are hyped. I use a very strong headline.

I use only an email submit box.   I could care less
about there first name.

All I want is their email address. Nothing more.

(I have included some opt-in page examples in the BONUS
folder that came in your zip file.)

Please use them as a model and copy to build your own
squeeze pages.

We are going to use a concept called the "earn and
burn" but with a twist...
This is were we want to “earn” the email and then
“burn” it over just a few days by hammering targeted
offers to them to get them to take an action.

You also want a no spam statement to gain their trust,
and state we won't be spamming them.

What should you give or deliver to them, to get them to

Just a Big headline with a BIG, BOLD claim or promise!
And a short paragraph sentence. That’s it. You can
offer a free report if you want, but it’s not

Setting up Your Auto-Responder:

As far as auto-responders go.     I use aweber services.

You can get a free 30 day test drive for just $1 from
this special link. No limits.

Now you may be wondering if I use the double opt-in
option? I don’t use it. I use single opt in only.

Single opt-in works much better for this method.

You can easily be generating between 100-500 opt-ins
per day using this underground PPV method.

Aweber has video tutorials that show you step-by-step
how to start from scratch setting up your whole
autoresponder. It’s a breeze. So don’t sweat it.

It will only take you 5 minutes max.

Now on to step three....
Step 3:
The “Offer Wall” Page

Now... once the visitor has entered in their email
address, they are immediately delivered to a thank you

I use the thank you page url to show a special web
page I call an “offer wall” page.

What’s an “offer wall page”?

Basically an “offer wall page” is a page that you will
host on your web server that will have a few wide
appeal general interest offers on it that are closely
related to each other.

My “offer wall” page will have 5-6 banner type ads that
will redirect the prospect to a CPA offer once they are

(I have provided a few different examples of an “offer
wall page”... you can find them inside your special
BONUS folder.)

I show you examples of both, text only and image/text
type so you can see what I’m talking about.

All you really need to do here is just model and copy
from these examples.

You can find cool looking images to use in your own ads
by searching Google images.

As for writing “head turning”, “eye ball grabbing”
killer text for your ads that get clicked...

Find and rewrite other peoples ads that grab your
attention...that pulls you in... that compels you to
act (click) on them, and then just rewrite and change
them a bit and make them your own.
I find great examples just from Facebook.

That’s it.   Stupid simple easy.

How to spy and steal from other peoples PPV ads:

There is a cool site I use to find out what other PPV
marketers are promoting and how they are doing it.

It’s a site called, Here you can find
tons of opt-in pages and landing pages to copy and
model from. Try not to get side tracked. Go to ‘Whats
Poppin” and continue to hit your browzers refresh
button to see more offers. There are tons.

Next you need to grab your affiliate links for your

Open up note pad... and copy and paste those links into
a note pad file, we will need them later for our “offer
wall” page and for adding links inside our email follow
up sequence.

I create all of my “offer wall” pages myself using

It’s a piece of web design software you can download
for free. Just google it.

Hire it done for cheap:

Or... you can just hire someone on to do it
for you and create your “offer wall” page.

Just send them an example of an “offer wall” page, your
images, your ad text your rewrote and your offer links
and your good to go.

You can have your page created and all ready in a flash
for 5 bucks.
Autoresponder messages:

Next, we need to create 12-15 short teaser emails that
will be delivered over next 3-5 days to our subscriber

I would deliver a minimum of at least 2-3 emails per
day to get them to take an action for the first 3 or 4

Try and set up your auto-responder delivery times
between 7:00 am in the morning and for 7:00 pm in the

This time range seems to work best when testing my own

** I have included for you a set of 12 “ready-to-use”
emails you can just copy and paste to use in your auto-
responder sequence.

You can change them around a bit it you want. You will
find them inside your BONUS folder.

Getting your hosting:

You will need a hosting account to host your “offer
wall” page and your opt-in page.

I use, it is just easy and simple for
what we are doing here.

I’m sure most of you can upload and FTP a simple page.

If not, you can Google it or Youtube it, to find an
easy tutorial... or you go just hire someone for five
bucks to do it for you on
Step 4:
The PPV 3XCash Method Concept

Step number four.

Once they have entered and submitted their email

They are immediately redirected to my “offer wall page”
that will have 5-6 wide appeal general interest offers
for them to choose from to fill out.

Most of the time I will use image ads with text

The “offer wall” page will have a small image ad on the
left side with the text copy on the right.

Just like the Facebook type ads you see. Images draw
the eyes into your ads.

Two kinds of “offer wall” pages I use:

Now the first approach I use is... I like to match the
niche with the same niche offers.

If I’m promoting make money at home, I want my squeeze
page to be related to make money at home and I want all
my “offer wall” ads to be make money at home offers.

If we want to build a list in the health and beauty
niche... The same goes for health and beauty.

The squeeze page should be related to Health and
Beauty. And all the ads on the “offer wall” page
should be related to health and beauty.

The second approach to using an “offer wall” page...
I will add a mix of several different general interest
wide appeal offers on the same page, usually five or

I will ad a car insurance offer, a make money at home
offer, a fat loss offer, a skin care type offer. Just
to see what gets the most clicks.

Now for any of you that have been around internet
marketing for any amount of time knows that this looks
like marketing 101 material, and to a point it is.

But the difference is...

First... we are using a traffic source that delivers
extremely large amounts of volume.

Second... we are monetizing this traffic immediately
with the “offer wall page”.

Third... we are building a list of subscribers that we
can email offers too and test as many offers we want to

This creates huge leverage and a business asset you can
profit from.

What we are basically doing here is taking the whole
squeeze page concept and using it with PPV with a ninja

What usually happens most of the time when someone
fills out a squeeze page? ... they are sent to a sales

What we are giving them immediately is the “offer wall
page” that will have 5-6 offers for them to choose from
that are brain dead easy to fill out, that have 1-3

It's fast and furious, and makes me anywhere from
$200 - $500 dollars a day.
And it can for you, if you listen to what I say.

Listening to people these days talk about list
building, say "the money is in the list", sure it's in
the list, but what we could care less about here is the
size of the list.

People scream "build a big list... build a big list".
You know what?

The emails your getting here are going to go into our
“earn-em’ and burn-em” funnel, where we want to earn as
much money as fast as we can, before they opt out of
the email process.

That's it.

That's the concept and it's the critical piece to this
whole system to work.

We want them to TAKE AN ACTION and that action is to
opt-in... then the next action we want, is as soon as
they see the “offer wall” page... fill out a CPA offer.

Then we send them 2-3 emails each day for a few days to
get them to take another action step... fill out
another cpa offer.

And don’t get hung up on people un-subscribing from
your list, because we don’t want people on our list any
ways that are not going to fill out a short little form
and make us money.

On to step five....
Step 5:

How to use PPV traffic for PPV 3XCash Method

In step number five, I want to cover how to use PPV
with this method.

This step is the easiest part of this whole system.

It’s so stupid simple easy you’ll say... ”That’s it?”

This traffic is cheap and it does convert if you do it

Now there are different ways to use PPV, but this is
how I do it for this method and so should you.

Most of you know what PPV is... if you have not heard
of PPV, I give you a brief overview.

In traditional paid advertising, you usually bid on
keywords, using pay per click, but what we are doing is
paying per view, so when ever your ad shows up, your
paying for that impression.

That can cost us anywhere from a half of one cent
(0.005) to one penny per view (0.01) and higher
depending on the network.

Basically how PPV advertising works, is when someone
has downloaded a free toolbar, game, screen saver, or
software... they are asked in the terms of service that
a piece of adware will be installed on there computer
showing them third party ads in exchange for them to
get the free game or whatever it is.

This agreement allows the CPV network to deliver
various ads per day to them on their computer when they
are browsing the internet.

Of course no one ever reads the terms of service and
does not realize that a piece of adware is being
installed on there computer.

This is completely legal and works very well for these
CPV networks. They deliver advertisers ads (messages)
using pop ups or pop under ads.

You are one of those advertisers that will be paying
per view to have your ad shown.

Now here is the big key to dealing with PPV traffic
using the PPV 3XCash Method.

We are NOT going to bid on any URL's, or keywords.

We won’t be doing any keyword research or using any
keyword tools or software at all. How’s that sound to

Say what Scott?

Instead we are going to get our views for just half of
a penny (0.005). That’s right... It will just cost us
half a penny in most cases using this method.

The type of traffic we will be targeting is...

The Run of Network (RON) platform with PPV.

RON is really simple to do and is one of the easiest
campaigns to set up. It will only take you 2 minutes
to set up a new campaign. Amazing I know.

I hope your beginning to see the power in this.
Your able to generate huge volumes of cheap traffic
super fast. Millions upon millions of people.

Some call it junk traffic, but let me assure you, it
does convert if you do it right.

To set up a RON network campaign, it’s really, really
easy and it basically goes like this..

Go log inside your PPV/CPV network account...
1. click create a new campaign.

2. select your country you want your ads to show.

3. name your campaign.

4. name your ad group inside your campaign.

5. select the RON network.

6. set your daily cap ($25-$50)and bid (0.004) cents.

7. paste in your destination url.

8. click activate.

9. call your PPV manager and tell them your campaign is
now live.

That’s it... no keywords, no urls to target.   It’s
stupid simple easy.

That’s all it takes, just 2 minutes to set up one
little campaign.

This system really is that simple. Try not to over
think this too much.

If you think this is too easy and you want something
more complicated you may as well look some place else.

But if you want a tried and true system that’s been
proven to make money time and time again, then put the
PPV 3XCash Method into action.

Now I will say this... don’t just run only one campaign
and spend $10-$20 bucks and say this doesn’t work.

Like I said before you will have to go through some
losing offers and campaigns at first to find the
You may hit a few good money makers right out of the

Then again you may only hit a few that will make you a
little bit of money. But don’t get discouraged. Stick
with it. The big winning offers are there.

Just in case your wondering... out of every 10-12
offers I test, 3-4 will earn me very good money.

Once you know what offers are converting for your
subscribers and on your offer wall page you’ve got it

You will be cranking out $100 a day... then $200 a day
or more. How does that make you feel inside? Good I

And yes... you can scale it up even higher to $500 a
day or more if you want. It’s up to you.

I promise you, success is just waiting on the other
side if you will have some patience and stick to one
thing for awhile.

Lots of you will read this and never start a campaign
and go and chase the next bright shiny object that gets
held in front of you.

For those that want this bad enough and will stick with
this method and make it work... you will make money, no

Success does come with a price. So How bad do you want

Until next time. Talk to you soon.

-Scott James

P.S I almost forgot one thing.   I’ve got a surprise
bonus for you...
                Extra Surprise Bonus:
  I have created a special HotSheet for you that will
 help you profit even more with the PPV 3XCash Method

It’s really cool and I’ll email it to anyone that posts
 a reply in my WSO thread. Please leave a review or a
                   helpful question.

Then just email me with your post number and I’ll send
                 the bonus right away.

        Thanks in advance for your post - Scott


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