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									                   SALT SPRING ISLAND                                            Mr. {eo. Wells
                                                                                 7 Front Street
                                                                                 AYLMER (EAST)/QUEBEC
                                                                                         D-168 4-33

   Published weekly on Da It Spring Island, W. Fisher, Editor, P.O. Box 250, Ganges, B.C., Canada .Phone: 176
         Authorized as second class mail, Post Office Dept., Ottawa and postage paid at Ganges, B.C.
   Thursday, November 8, 1962                  Vol. 3 No. 34                                  10$ PER COPY.

                                                                                        The forthcoming Armistice Day
                                                                                  ceremony, to be held this coming Sun-
                                                                                  day, Nov. llth at 10:45 P.M. at the
                                                                                 Cenotaph will be the continuation of
                                                                                 a tradition that began some 40 years
                                                                                 ago. As can be seen by these pictures
                                                                                  both taken from the steps of the S»$,I.
                                                                                  Trading Co., the countryside, the
                                                                                 dress of the people and the mode of
                                                                                 transportation was different. However,
                                                                                 the solemn occasion - the remembrance
                                                                                 of fallen comrades was no more heart-
                                                                                 felt or more poignant than it is today.
                                                                                      The Honour Roll, with its wooden
                                                                                 plaques listing all the Gulf Islanders
                                                                                 who served in the armed forces, was
The Dedication Ceremony of the Gulf Islands Honour Roll                          erected in 1920. It was not until 1921
                   Spring of 1920                                                that a public meeting was called by
                                                                                 the I.O.D.E. to discuss the advisa-
The First Armistice Day Ceremony held at the Cenotaph                            bility of erecting a cenotaph, in hon-
which replaced the Honour Roil in 1922.                                          or of those who gave their lives in
                                                                                 serving their country. At this public
                                                                                 meeting, the late Mr- Edward Walter
                                                                                 was elected Chairman, Mr. LF. Speed,
                                                                                 Secretary and the late Mr. Gavin C.
                                                                                 Mouat, Treasurer. These three meif
                                                                                 headed the drive that succeeded in
                                                                                 raising the $1200 for the Cenotaph.
                                                                                      The Cenotaph was dedicated on
                                                                                 April 17, 1922. The Galiano, Mayne,
                                                                                 Pender and Saturna wooden plaques
                                                                                 from the Honour Roll were sent to the
                                                                                 various islands and the Salt Spring Is-
                                                                                 land plaque was installed in the Ma-
                                                                                 hon Hall/ where it remained for years.
                                                                                 Where it is today, is not known.

    Archdeacon G.H. Holmes, who is retiring on Novem-
                                                                of Miss Laurette Larnder, given by her sister, Miss Amy
     15th, as rector of the S.S.L Parish will be conduct-
ing his last official services this coming Sunday. As with
                                                                    Rev. Stan ley J. Leech, of Lytton Mission/ who will be
most of Archdeacon Holmes' Sundays, this will be a full
                                                                the new AnglicanRectorof S.S.I. will arrive on the Island
day, with 8:30 a.m. services at St. Mark's; Armistice Day
                                                                on Nov. 15th and will conduct his first service the foll-
ceremonies and a shortened service at St. George's at
                                                                owing Sunday. A reception for Rev. and Mrs. Leech wiI
11:30 a.m. regular services at St. Mary's at 2:30 p.m. &
                                                                be given by the Parish on Nov. 22nd in the Parish Hall at
speciaf services at St. Nicholas, Vesuvius Bay at 7:30 p.m.
                                                                8:00 p.m. All the congregations of the Parish ar« invit*rl
    At St. Nicholas, the Archdeacon will officiate at the
dedication of a new lectern in memory of Mr. Harry Min-            The Archdeacon has served the Salt Spring Island Parish
chin, given by Mrs. Minchin and family. In addition, he       for the past 21 years.
will officiate at the dedication of a clergy seat in honour
    T h u r s d a y , N o v e m b e r 8, 1962      D R I FT W O O D                         Vol.     3 No.       34 Page 2

"Dear Sir:      An ugly story     " Dear Sir: Through the med-     the Gulf Islands.      I would    CHARLES R. HOREL
going the rounds here, has       ium of your excellent little      like to bring to your atten-       NOTARY PUBLIC
it that the pressure group       paper I would like to make        tion that we of the summer          Wills - Mortgages
which, it seems, is determ-      a few comments regarding          resident group are already        Conveyancing - Documents
ined to foist an auditorium      the recent school referendum.     doing this. We are paying                P H O N E : 52
upon us willy-nilly, intends          It seems to me that quite    double taxes and are receiv-
to "have the fire-marshal I      a large group of taxpayers        ing nothing in return for the
                                                                   school taxes we pay in the
condemn Mahon Hall as a           were apparently forgotten
                                  when it was decided to hold      Gulf Islands.
                                                                                                     Dutch Boautjff
firetrap".This shows a com-
plete lack of respect for the     a referendum. This group of           I am in favour of good         SALON
integrity of the gentleman        which I am a member is com-      educational facilities as long         STEAM PERMANENT*
concerned. However, I am          prised of people who have        as the school taxes that pro-        STYLING      TINTING
sure he will not willingly        summer homes in the Gulf         vide these facilities are rea-
                                                                                                           Now open Tuesday,
permit himself to be used as      Islands and who are not per-     sonable. And apparently there
a ventriloquist's dummy.          manent residents. After the      are a large number of people          Wednesday & Thursday
     One of the school trus-       recent heavy increase in a-     living in the Gulf Islands who
tees is alleged to have sta-      ssessments this same group       think these taxes should not
ted that we shall "have an-        makes a considerable contr-     go any higher, as evidenced
other referendum at a cost         ibution to the school taxes.    by the results of the referen-
of $2500 and* if that too          When the referendum was         dum. (Signed) A.C. Robin-
produces a NO vote, then           held on a Friday itmeartt       son'
THEY wi 11 go direct to head-     that few if any of us could       Winner of the radio draw
quarters" ie; the Provincial      get over to vote. If it had      •for SSI Legion soccer was
Government. If this be true,      been held on a Saturday at        Mr. Harold Shop land.
the trustee concerned has a        least some of us would h£tve:
peculiarly distorted view of      had the privilege of casting>'
his authority and responsi-       our ballot.
bilities and should not be               In commenting in /our."
holding public office. The        editorial of October41 woUld,,
threat to "go to headquart-       say that inmyopinion,schod
ers" is of course ridiculous.     taxes prior to 1962 on Salt 1
This matter has a very sim-       Spring Island were very low
ple solution. We who deny         in comparison with city dis-
the necessity for an audit-       tricts. I would certainly a-
orium are looked upon as a        gree that the taxes
lot of penny-pinchers who         are now out of line. You in-
put money ahead of child-         timated in your editorial that
ren's welfare. To thePRO         it was time that other dist-                   TAKE OUT ORDERS
faction, $130,000 is a mere      ricts contributed something                                                       -SI
bagatelle. Fine. Then let        toward educational costs in                              Golden         Brown
the pro faction foot the en-
tire cost of an auditorium
vra THEIR taxes; I am sure
                                     P. C . M c E W A N S                          FISH
the rest of us will willingly         Phone: EV6-1622
finance any ESSENTIAL
classrooms.                                                                          50$ per order
     Many people are not
satisfied that the furore over
the auditorium stems from a         MEN'S             SHOES
genuine desire to help the                                                    6 DEEP    FRIED              DEEP F R I E D
children, but that actually                                                                                   HALF
                                        NUNN-BUSH                               OYSTERS                  SPRING CHJCKEN
Ganges wants a community
hall and chooses this devi-        Ankle fashioned Oxfords
                                                                           w i t h French Fries      ! with French Fries
ous way to go about getting
it at the expense of the en-                                                      $1 .00
tire school district. (Signed)   1447 Douglas St. Victoria
H.B. Dickens."

           W.F, THORBURN                           phone: 52 days & 131-W evening*
  T h u r s d a y , N o v e m b e r 8, 1 9 6 2    D R I F T W O'O           D               V o l . 3 N'o. 34 P a g e 3

                                   songsters as they winged up-      into special poppy funds of
                                   ward to the rising sun, wh8«      the Dominion and provincial
        Poppies bloom in all                                         commands, and hundreds of
parts of Canada every Nov-          so many soldiers desperate-
                                     ly dug life-saving trenches     Legion branches from coast
ember, despite what the                                              to coast careful ly administer
wwather may be. Proudly              toward our advancing front
                                     lines on the ridge. Here        these funds through unpaid
and reverently worn on                                               supervision.
dresses and lapels on Rem-           stands Canada's grand mem-
                                     orial to the heroic dead, the         Much morfe could be
embrance Day, their univ-                                            said, but is it necessary?
ersal use is almost wholly           Vimy monument group, on a
                                    400-acre ate deeded to Can-           Your conscience will be
due to the immortal poem,                                            the only witness of the am-
 "In Flanders Fields" written     ada.
                                                                     ounFyou put into the pop-
by Col. John ,McCrea short-             If the reader thinks that
                                                                     py fund collection boxes.
ly before his death 44 years      the lapel poppy is a senti^
                                                                      Small rectangles of green
ago. To quote only the first      mental symbol, he is abso- i
                                                                     paper can be readily folded
 lines: "In Flanders fields       lutely right. It is the sym-
                                                                      to put in the receiving slots;
the poppies blow, beneath         bol of an ineffacable sent-
                                                                     even tax-deductible cheques
the crosses, row on row.. .       iment that nourishes in the
                                                                     for which receipts will glad-
while larks, still bravely        veterans and shared by
                                                                      ly be given.      Be proud to
singing fly, scarce heard          overwhelming public senti-
                                                                     wear a poppy. . . . E.S.            drive In today for A Fall
among the guns below".             ment.
                                         But it means, and sup-                                        Changeover and be sure
      There were many other                                          BABY NEWS
                                   ports, more than sentiment.                                         youf car is ready for. life
battles before and after the                                         A boy to Mr. & Mrs. Tim
                                   It is eminently practical &                                         cold weather ahead!
capture of Vimy Ridge in                                             O'Donnell, Nov. 5th at
which Canadians took not-
able part during the two
                                   humanitarian. Through vast
                                   non-profit organization the
                                                                     Lady Minto Hospital, weight
                                                                     8lb., 3oz., brother for
world wars; but by unquest-        Canadian Legion has built         Patricia and Daniel.                    GARAGE
ioned acceptance the blood          up a network of, agencies                                              PHONE;        84
red poppy has come to sym-         which provide- means ofBv-
bolize the spirit of sacrifice      ing to war shattered and
                                    handicapped veterans of
                                                                          MOUAT BROS., LTD
which took them into battle
and even unto death. Among         Canada's wars. . . besides            WEEK-END             GROCERY          SPECIALS
the poignant memories of the       providing employment in the
still surviving veterans of         Vetcraft snaps for such other-       Peek Frean Biscuits 2 Pkgs 43$  SAVE           7<:
that 1917 battle of Vimy            wise unemployables, the              Burn's old fashion
must surely be the sightand         proceeds of the annual sale          chuckwagon dinner 24 oz tin 53$ SAVE
song of those irrepressible         of poppies are segregated            Butcher shop featuring        MILK-FED VEAL i IT


                    EUREKA-p                                                    li   VACUUM CLEANER

                                                            An easy-going, harder working vacuum cleaner than you've ever
                                                            seen before! A full power cleaner, too. The deep-reaching suction
                                                            has the force of more than 1 H.P. behind it. Power you can control.
                                                            Adjustable for drapes, upholstery, lamp shades and general dusting.
                                                            Plus a full kit of deluxe accessories to do it with. Even the trim
                                                            new size is something special. It rolls easily, turns quickly, without
                                                            tipping, carries lightly, nips into tight places without nicking, and
                                                            stores with closet space to spare! Here's more cleaning power and
                                                            convenience for less money than ever before.



      Ganges              MOUAT BROS.                                                                        Limited
       Th u           MPXegikl'L_8 • 1962
                                                    D R I F T W O O D                          Voi . 3 Noi. 34 Page 4
                                  to be brought to the next                                            EMILY S A R T A I N
        IODE NEWS                                                    Cyri I Wagg; Mrs. R. J. Young
                                  meeting. Paper-bound books                                            CALENDARS
                                                                     &Mrs.F.Agnew; Miss Man-
     November meeting of          are still being collected &                                        & DAILY REMINDERS
                                                                     ning & Mrs. A. Jobin. Second
HMS Ganges chapter IODE           sent to Canadian overseas                                                for 1963
                                                                     grdup: Mrs. A.E. Roddis &
was held in United Church         service men.                                                      GULF ISLAND FLORISTS
                                                                     Miss D. Anderson; Mr. &Mrs.
Hall with Mrs. A.G. Wil-               Mrs. H. Carl in, Educ-                                      Phone: 118       Ganges
                                                                     L. Earle; Mr. & Mrs. T.J.
kins, vice-regent in the          ational secretary, reported        Shetland; Mr. & Mrs. Peiler;
chair.                            I ODE calendars for 1963 are       Mr. & Mrs. Mac Mouat/vtr.
    Provincial Chapter bul-       now available.                     & Mrs. Fred Morris; Mr. &
                                                                                                     OLSON M O T O R S
letin, reqd by Mrs. V.C.               A talent table wiljbe         Mrs. H. Carlin; Miss Hulford
                                                                                                      SEE RAY WILLIAMS
Best, stated that IODE pro-       held at the December meet-         & Mrs. Arrowsmith; Mr. &
                                                                                                    FOR NEW & USED CARS
jects in the Arctic, McKen-       ing . Offered for sa le wi I i     Mrs. M. Gardiner; Dr. O. L
                                                                                                    Phone:EV4-l 144-Victoria
zie Territory & North Lab-        be a number of "collectors'        Stanton & H.C. Giegerich;
rador have been completed.        item" IODE cook books put          Mr. ,& Mrs. Graham Shove
Closer to home, the bulle-        out by the Ideal chapter           Mrs. A.E. Duke & Mrs. RL        SANDY'S
tin reported that a valuable      forty years ago. Tea hostesses     T. Britton; Mr. & Mrs. H. XUTO WRECKING CO. LTD.
painting, raff led by Provin-
cial Chapter in behalfof
JODE Emerson House in Van-
                                  for the afternoon were Mrs.
                                  W. M. Mouat & Miss M. Lees.
                                                                     A. Emerslund.
                                                                     The longer you are in the
couver, was won by Mrs. M.
                                       Winners of the fourth
                                  round on IODE marathon
                                                                     presence of a difficulty,       PARTS
                                                                     the less f&ely you are to                   -
Chatfield, Penticton.             bridge are as follows: First
                                                                     solve it.    Nicolle.
     A summary of <he 62nd        group: T. Mcintyre & L.                                                        in
                                  Muse low; W,M. Mouat &                                                Modal Wrack:
annual meeting of National                                                       NURSERY
                                                                                                    Foctory Rebuilt
Chapter, held at Charlotte-
                                                                        N O W !
town, P.E.I., was read by
Mrs. G.H. Holmes, World              Vogue                          FOR FALL PLANTING I            * Transmissions

Affairs convener.                                                                                  « Water Pumps
     IODE members will take                                         Trees, Bushes, Berries,        * fuel Pumps
part in Armistice Day serv-                                            Fruit Trees, etc.          * International
ices, Nov. 11. The chapter's           W E E K L Y
standard has been carried in                                          •-• p   Ec [
                                                                                 -A-L             ® Major Batteries
every local Armistice Day          PICK-UP and DELIVERY            NICE H O L L Y T R E E S        farts for All Make*
                                                                                                   Of Cer$ and Treed*
service excepting one year                                          BEST TO PLANT NOVV
when, with most of the Is-        EVERY WEDNESDAY                    Many VoH'eHe?
 land, it was "snowed in".           PHONE: 91                                                     EV 5-4478
    Mrs. G. St, Denis, Ser-                                           R. VAPAAVUORI               After Hears - Spud? irwta - EV4-5446
vices convener, appealed           FREE MOTHPROOFING                  RAINBOW ROAD               1023 WW . 6*t*w. C*ofc art Vancaiirw
for contents for ditty bags
     Adult Education art |                                                           •*'•."'
instruction class, spons-
ored by Gulf Islands
School District, is fort-                           A/OU/
unate in obtaining the
services of David J.L.
Anderson, C . P . E . , A .                                               - F R E E      F R E E
O.C.A., well known                                                        GIFT C A R D AND MAILING
Deep Cove artist, as tea-
cher. The class is held                                                A N Y W H E R E IN THE
each Monday afternoon                                                      WORLD
from 1 p. m. to 3 p „ m.
in Mahoh Hall, Ganges.
     Mr. Anderson, de-
scribed as the most com-
pletely trained graphic
artist in Canada, spent                                     STORY OF PIONEER DAYS                 By Eric A. Roberts
20 years studying art
in many forms. Follow-
ing graduation with
high honors from Ont-
ario College of Art he
did postgraduate work
at art schools in New
York, winning several
          (Cont'd to P.5)
    Thursday,       November 8 , 1962              D R I F T W O O D           V o l . 3 No.   34 P a g e 7
                                                                                     ing, can thank his lucky
FACTS, FABLES & FOIBLES                                                              stars that some people go
Pictured is Patrick Wolfe-                                                           to church. An Island man,
Milneron the left and Kelly                                                          on. his way to church last
Rylands on the right and a-                                                          Sunday, spotted a nice buck,
bout 10,000 beer bottles in                                                          and stopped and told our
between. This is the result                                                          hunter where the deer was.
of the Sea Scout bottle drive                                                        Our hero ambled over to the
on Oct. 20, when 16 vol-                                                             spot and shot the beast dead.
unteer drivers with a pair of
scouts each, covered the en-                                                        And another hunter parked
tire Island. The amount of                                                          his car 'neath a "No Hunt-
bottles is about the same as                                                        ing" sign . Upon returning,
last year, indicating there                                                         there was a note in his car
is a pretty steady market on                                                        saying something to the ef-
S.S.I, for the heady stuff.                                                         fect-how did he expect to
                                                                                    hit a deer if his eyes were
Forgot to mention, on the                                                           that bad.
front page: the original pho-                                                                **********
tos of the cenotaph were                                                            It is congratulations for Cor-
furnished through the court-                                                        poral Ken Aquilon of the lo-
esy of Mr. Jack Smith.                                                              cal gendarmes. That's right,
         **********                                                                 it is corporal, as of Nov. 1
Also, now that we have the
front page printed, the re-
ception to be he Id for the new
Anglican minister has been Nothing but fun, blue lips,
moved up one day to Nov. chattering teeth, and a cold
21, instead of Nov. 22.         sobering was had one early
                                Sunday morning at the
Save your money until Nov. Farmer's Institute log dump
30th. The Lions Club, up to recently by a couple of our
their usual tricks of having loggers who made a beer
fun and doing good, are go- hall nickel bet that one
                                                                            .Save Your Money!
ing to have a slave market      was a better log rcl ler than                Save Your Clothes!
where members of the Lions the other.
Clubwill be auctioned off to          **********
                                                                 GULF ISLANDS' CLEANERS
the highest bidder. The "mas- Miss Donna Hollings, dau-
ter" will then have the priv- ghter of a well known fam-
ilege of working the "slave" ily in Fulford is taking her
for one day at any old job grade 12 at a school at Chi-
he desires. (Non-profession- cago, Illinois. Nothingjn-
                                                                          i* FINE B A K E R Y P R O D U C T S
al job, that is. You can'tex- usual in that except that                            AVAILABLE
                              she was first in herclassin
pect to bid on Dr. Jansch                                                     AT ALL LOCAL STORES
                              U.S.A. history.
just to get your appendix re-
moved.) More about it next    One of********** truck
                                        our local                                      WEDDING CAKES
week.                         owners, who thinks Sunday                           \ ^^SN Our Specialty j
         **********           is made only for deer hunt-                 ZSZ—^S^L-. ~~~*^^
 M O R E
                                                                SOLAR HEATING
                                                                    OIL &
                          Jtlivol                                 STOVE OIL
                                                                       Prompt Metered Service
                                      A FAST
                t                                                  H.A. HOREL
                                                                    ft SONS
 iMargret Wells, Prop.                          Phone: 86        PHONE:' 259 - DAYS; 137-Y - NIGHTS
          T h u r s d a y , N o v e m b e r 8 , 1962     D R I F T W O O D                             Vo'l . 3 N o . 34 P a g e 8

        SMORGASBORD                                                      members of the Branch.                 ning service at St. George's
                                      O.A.P.O. Branch 32 held
      The Swedes have a name         their annual Bazaar Sat.,               Mrs. Joan Hayward was              Church last Sunday asti
 for it - Smorgasbord - and it                                           in charge of the draw, won             tribute to Archdeacon G.H.
                                      Nov. 3rd in St. George's
 must mean mighty good food,                                             by Noani Nelson, a Sani-               Holmes who is retiring from
                                     Parish Hall. The affair was
 if the well-fed, happy 200                                              can cverf bwing with canned            the active ministry next
                                     opened by McJ.W. Mac-
 people who partook of the           intosh (the oldest charter          goods. Mrs. B. Krebs was               week.
 smorgasbord provided by the         member).                            the lucky one for the free
 Ladies of the United Church              There was a good sup-          cleaning - kindness of the             CRAWFORD
 last Monday.evening are an                                              Island Cleaners. Mr. Cyril
                                     ply of goods on display.
                                         The stalls were in charge       Robb was at the door with
      The feast which had to         of: Fancy work - Mrs. P.            tea tickets.
 be served in three sittings to      Gunterman. Home cooking                 Mr. Fred Goddard, Pjces-             &AILY DELIVERY'
 handle the huge crowd, fea-         - Mrs. S. Kitchener end             ident, received the guests.
 tured everything, literally         Mrs. Dewhurst. Used goods           Mrs. Elsie Thacker, Sec.-
 from soup to nuts.                  Mrs. Pearl Parkes. Xmas             Treas. was general conven-                     OVER   4%
      Piano, accordion and or-       Fancies -Mrs. E. Thacker.           or. The results raised more                    BUTTERFAT
 gan music was provided to                 The tea tables were           than $220.00
 entertain the hungry ones as        tastefully decorated and in
 they awaited their turn to be       charge of Mrs, B. Krebs                  Dr. Norah Hughes, pas-
 seated.                             assisted by Mrs. W. West-            tor, Ganges United Church,                 PHONE: 67-M
                                     cott, Mrs. Joan Hayward &            and a large number of her
  Mrs. J. Cheperdak, David           a number of the gentlemen            congregation, attended eve-
  and Shirley who have been
  visiting Mrs. Cheperdak'j
  parents, Mr. & Mrs. W. T. D.
  Jones for the past two mo-
  nths I eft November 2nd for
  Cold Lake Alberta, to join
  her husband who is with the
  R.C.A.F. station there.
                                                        in messy
The volley rolled across the plain                     winter weather...
Memory sad and filled with pain
Mother's sons in valour lay
Remembered on this November day.

Soldier shot and laying dead
Sailor down, down deep in the ocean bed.
Airmen high in a blazing sky
Some, like they, in war must die.
                                                        dry clothes
To those now left this day we honour.                   electrically!
In silence, "God" we pray in sorrow.
No more we hope to have war's horror
That youth may live, not die tomorrow.
                           Tom Power.

        Q U E S N E L ' S
                                                        Even when winter is at its worst—cold, windy, wet—you can dry loads of
           LfiUnoeR£TT                                  clothes inside the comfort of your own home, with a marvelous electric clothes
                                                           With an electric clothes dryer, you eliminate the wearisome lugging of bas-
                                                        kets of wet clothes ... stretching to hang out and take down clothes from the
          COIN OPERATED                                 clothesline.
              O P E N                                      And you add the special benefits of an electric clothes dryer—clothes come
        8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.                         out soft, fresh, better than sunshine-dried. Your electric clothes dryer is safe,
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                                                           See your electric dealer about an electric-clothes dryer—another way to live
     Washers 25<r-Dryers 10<*                           better, electrically.
    Behind Dutch Beauty Salon
                                                                            B.C. Hydro Authority
                                                       ELECTRICITY.. .best buy for better living
       Thursday,      N o v e m b e r 8, 1 9 6 2       D R I F T W O O D                              V o l . 3 No . 34 P a g e 9

BROOMSTICKS & GOBBLE-              of hospital for several weeks.    at a Press Club (CWPC)
UJ>IS . . .by Bea Hamilton             About 7:30 p.m. on Thur-      tea in the Empress Hotel
FULFORD: The Gobble-uns            sday night, a large salmon        on Wednesday. Such go-                                  ALECS
 & Witches paraded on their        was heard jumping out of the      ings on 1
                                                                                                                            MEAT MARKET
broomsticks in full force in       water close to shore and other
                                   salmon have been spotted the                                                 On Jackson Ave.
the Fulford Hall on Hallow-                                                  SOCCER
                                   last few days.                                                            IS
e'en night when about 50                                                The Ganges school soc-                 | Government Inspected
     ildren arrived for a night                                     cer team gave a very good                                  Meat
      frolic & fun. Thirty-sev-      Dozens of little Towhees       account of themselves when
 en costumed children enter         arrived at the Shows farm       they went down to narrow
 ed the competition & were           last week, so Miss Cree        defeats by a highly-rated                            Chuck Steaks
 judged by Mrs. L. Hanke,           says - they were picking        Hope, B.C. team in a dou-                                49$
Mrs. H. Skuce and Mr.E.              up seeds under the apple       ble header played last Sun-                         fresh Farm Brown
 Faure. Winning prizes were          trees . . . . . the perky      day . The morning match was
 the following: Best original-       little Juncos have been        lost in the last two minutes
 Steven Coopsie, first; Rose-        here for some weeks-and        of play when Hope scored
 mary Brigden, second; Kerry         several people reported        their 3rd goal to win by a
 Akerman & Patty O'Donnell           seeing wild geese flying       score of 3-2. The S.S.I,
 third. Best Ha 11 owe'en-Doug-      south.                         team was shut out in the aft-
 las Stewait, first; Sharon Ste-          The 500 card party at     ernoon game and lost by the                HAYWARD'S
 wart, second; Garry Mou I ton       the Beaver Point Hall on       score of 2-0.                                  B.C. FUNERAL CO. LTD.
 third. Best comic-Danny War-       -Saturday night resulted in
                                                                                                              "•Serving Since 1867"
 ren, first; Mary Lou & Jose-        the ladies prize going to
 phine Roland, second; Laura         Mrs. G. Ruckle, while           James Crawford, son of Mr.
                                                                                                               i DIGNIFIED SERVICE
 Pal lot, third. This party was       Mrs. E. Parsons of Ganges      & Mrs. William Crawford,
                                                                                                                WITHIN-THE MEANS
 sponsored by the mothers, &        won the gentleman's prize.       a graduate student, has re-
                                                                                                                 OF EVERY FAMILY
 the children played games &        Mr. L. Reynolds won the          rently been awarded a $200
 were served refreshments.          consolation. Supper was          scholarship from Lion Oil
    Mrs. R. Lee, who phoned in      werved by Mrs. Betty Drurrr      Company.                                  EV 6 - 3 5 0 5
 the news, said a vote of thanks    mond.                                                                    734   f>

 was due to all who helped to             The W.I. meeting will
 make the party so successful.      be held on Nov. 8 at the
 A few firework were seen           home of Mrs. R. Lee, 200
 shooting skyward from the          p .m .
 Coopsies across the harbour              The latest news regard-
  & the Hattie Stewart's place      ing the Fulford Hall isthat
                                                                                           «r ^ ^^^» ^^^K ^^^B AUTOMATIC v OIL *.
                                                                                                                  v*e*Ff ~ * * v/
 which was about the only           Western Floor Co. of Vict-
  excitement outside the party
  in the Hall. Oh yes, some-
                                    oria are now on contract
                                    to lay a maple floor cov-
                                                                                           VffCO FURNACES
                                                                                                                   GIVE QUIET,
 one got funny with a couple        ered with a plastic finish                                                     DEPENDABLE
  of mail boxes & pushed them       - and it is expected to                                                           HEAT
  over which the owners did-        resume the roller skating                                                      Trouble-free and whis-
                                    sessions in about three                                                        per-quiet-that's Airco.
  n't think was funny at all                                                                                       Good for years of heat-
  but all was otherwise quiet       weeks, so things should be                                                     Ing comfort, because
  on the Fulford front.             rolling again -shortly.                                                        Airco furnaces contain
                                                                                                                   the finest parts and
        Mrs. Tyre!I, who has              This week, Miss Bea                                                      controls. And every
   been in the St. Joseph's Hos-    Hamilton has buzzed off                                                        part is laboratory test-
                                    to attend the CWPC meet-                                                       ed to ensure quiet,
   pital for some time, is ex-                                                                                     economical operation.
   pected home this week. Mr.       ing in Victoria and also                                                       There's more too -
                                    a meeting of the W. I.                                                         attractive styling that
   Al House is home from a re-'                                                                                    adds to the appear-
   cent hospitalization & Mr.        District Board, Monday                                                        ance of your home, and
                                    and Tuesday, and ends up                                                       a guarantee on all
k H. Townsend has been out                                                                                         parts.
                                                                                                                   For heating comfort
                                                                                                                   you can take for grant-
                                                                                                                   ed, contact our office.
                                                                                                                   A trained heating man
                                                                                                                   Will advise you on the
                                                                                                                   proper size and style
                                                                                                                   of ( furnace for your
           ALSO                                                                                                    CaU without obligation
     ROAD GRAVEL FILL                                                      Airco Hi-Boy Illustrated

     BACKHOE WORK                                                                                 A WESTERN CANADIAN MOOUCT

      MOLLISON                                                           EARL KAYEPH.248
       Thursday, November                 8,   1962         D R I F T W O O D                        V o l . 3 No.     34 P a g e 10

S O M E T H I N G TO R E M E M B E R , by Bea Hamilton
         To help a s p l e n d i d cause " S a v e the
 Children F u n d " , the members of local W.
                                                                               SSI TRADING CO
                                                                                 GROCERIES - MEATS - GENERAL MERCHANDISE
 I . s p o n s o r e d a n e x h i b i t i o n o f s o m e out-
 s t a n d i n g p a i n t i n g s f r o m o u r o w n l o c a l art-
 i s t , Mr. H . B . D i c k e n s , at the Mahon Hall
 In G a n g e s on Saturday a f t e r n o o n and eve-
 ning, Mr. D i c k e n s , who has e x h i b i t e d and
 sold many w o r k s of art in Montreal, Ottawa,
 T o r o n t o , London and V i c t o r i a , is n o t e d in
 the Archives of the National G a l l e r y .
      He not only showed the a Guatemala woman was the                                                                  approximately
                                                                               FAMILY ECONOMY
beauty of bndscapepaintings              favourite of a visitor who                                                       10 DOZEN
but threw m a touch of hum-              said he had been in that
our with happy results. I can-            countryand he appreciated
not pretend to judge paint-               the excellent likeness.              ALL ORDERS FOR DELIVERY MUST BE IN BY NOON
ings. I only know that the                      A notice regarding the
portrait display, done in al-
                                           pictures was posted below
phabetical order, from Aus-
                                           some of the paintings and                                 BAZAAR NIVAL
trea to Zululand, all 26of
                                           this was written in no less                                                  MAHON HALL
them, seemed to ^e speaking
                                           than seven languages and
to one. You bughed with the
                                           ended i n a language a 11 the
                                                                                                    DECEMBERS, 1962
boy with the big grin. He                                                                                                  7 to 11 P.M.
                                           Artist's own - Key Pyur
was a 12year old camel dri-                                                                           F U N ! !
                                           Dammanzoff! it said (Just
ver from Jehol. You stared
                                           say it and you'll get. the
 back at the sultry looking                                                                                   BARGAINS! !
                                           message). Anyway those
 beauty from Morocco and the
                                           who stayed home missed                                                EXCITEMENT ! !I
 caravan guide from Libya
                                           out on a rare treat &a good
 who all but winks at one.Nb
                                           cup of tea. This was a II'for
 one would want to meet HIM
                                           a good cause as the pro-
 on a dark night. You looked                                                 A CHANGE OF JUNGLES                       by Miles Smeeton
                                           ceeds are to go to the Save
 at the Hawaiian girl and in                                                     Salt Spring Islanders who thrilled to Brig. Smeeton's
                                           the Children Fund". They
 fancy heard the sweet throb-                                               account of his voyage in "Once is Enough" will enjoy
                                           made about $38.00 & Mt
 bing strains of the guitar as                                              this latest effort which takes him from the jungles of Ind-
                                            Dickens is pleased that his
 she flirted with her dark eyes.                                             ia and Burma during the last war to the "jungles" of Mus-
                                           paintings were used to help
 In the face of the old man                                                 grave's Landing on Salt Spring Island. He gives an engag-
                                           raise this. A vote of thanks
 from Nepal lay the wisdom                                                  ing account of trying to reclaim a farm in the wilds of
                                           goes to the ladies who put
 of the Ages. You felt that                                                 British Columbia from a jungle of neglect and disuse, and
                                           time & trouble into the day
 he knew what the future held                                               learning to cope with vagaries of drunken pigs and an am-
                                           & a sincere salute to the
 and that he had learned the                                                orous cow, to say nothing of their very hospitable, if no
                                           artist who allowed us to have
 blessed understanding of a                                                 less independent neighbours.
                                           a peep into his world of
 sublime spirit. All the faces                                                 available at DRIFTWOOD BOOKSTORE
                                           beauty, told by the colour-
 were vitally alive with the                                                                         $5.50
                                           ful language of his paint-
 personality of their respect-
                                           brush .
  ive countries. Only a Mas-                                                                                is being held on Friday, Nov.
                                                                              South Pender Island Church,
  ter Painter could have por-                                                                                16 at 1:00 p.m. when app-
                                              HOSPITAL NEWS FOR               Mr. F. L Jackson, Mr. Loos-
  trayed such messages from                                                                                 licants for the position of
                                              OCTOBER                        more, Mrs. Krebs, Beaver
  a paint brush. It was well                                                                                administrator will be inter-
 worth seeing. One of the                         There were 55 patients      Point Community, Mrs. Sho-
                                                                             re, Mr. C. Bean, Mr. Fle-      viewed.
  highlights of the showwos                  undercareduring the mon-
 a clever step-by-step eff-                  the of October; of these 8      tcher, Mr. Pelzer, Miss G.
 ort in the painting of a nat-               came from Fulford, 6 from       Mouat, Mr. Mollison, Mrs.
                                                                              Davis, St. Mary's Church,
  ive woman's face. This por-                Galiano, 1 from Saturna &
  trait had a comic ending &                 1 from Pender Islands. Pati-    Mrs. Parry, Pender Is. Chu-         VILLADSEN
  had to be seen to be appre-               ent days for Adults &child-      rch, M. Patchett, Mrs. R.
                                             ren were 365 and for new-       Lee.
  ciated. Sufficient to say
  that this display brought a                born 31. Two major and 30             Our thanks are again
  smile to every face. My                   minor operations were per-      tendered to the Royal Cana-
  favorite painting is of a                 formed, 92 X-ray f i lms*were   dian Legion and in particu-
  scene in a Funga Toungo                   examined, 17 Electrocard-       lar to Harry Loosmore for
  market called Market Gos-                 iograms and 2 BMR's were        tending their part of the
  sip. The two young natives                carried out. There were 5       garden, and also to Bucker-                    ;'ve changed
  in this were outstanding.                 blood transfusions. The fol-    fields Ltd. for donating fer-            "our phone number
  Bodiam Castle by Moonlight                lowing made donations which     tilizer.
  was lovely. The picture of                are gratefully acknowledged          The next Board meeting

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